The Boss Pt. 03

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


Debbie was the sweetest, cutest, prettiest girl, I had ever seen working at the office. She’d started yesterday as an intern on a month’s contract to learn all about media. I’d met her yesterday when I did her training with the other new interns, one of which was her high school crush, another eighteen-year-old first-year college fresher.

She was slim, beautiful with long flowing hair and those tiny petite, yet perfectly cute breasts teenagers have. The moment I saw her I imagined her stretched out over the bosses desk with a red ball-gag in her mouth and a cute little fluffy anal-plug in her ass. One of those cutesy animal ones, all furry and fluffy that would make the bosses cock go wild at her innocence and youth.

When Debbie had admitted to me that, although she and her boyfriend, Jack, had been together for over a year, yet they still hadn’t done any kind of sex acts with each other, I was in a pretty deep state of shock! A gorgeous young thing like that and still a virgin. Impossible! I thought.

Today she was wearing the shortest little tight jean shorts which hugged her ass so much I was surprised she could even breathe. They were those ripped shorts the teens were wearing these days which allowed everyone to see the panties she was wearing. And to the excitement of all the other randy office guys, she was wearing bright pink flowery things that would make any guy just strip her ass naked and plough their penis in her pussy no matter if she wanted it or not!

With a body and looks like hers, it was a mystery how she had been able to keep herself sweet and pure up to the age of eighteen.

But hey. She was here now, and by the end of her shift today, I was gonna make sure that tight pussy of hers was gonna be opened up by the boss. But more than that, her even tighter ass, would not only have made home to the aforementioned butt-plug, that I had been dreaming about ever since seeing yesterday. But I would also make sure Bosses hard thick cock would have her asshole too.

Hell! It was all in a days work.

Last night I’d been shopping and bought a fantastic red ball-gag for her pretty mouth. I couldn’t wait to see her pretty thin youthful lips curled around it as she gagged for breath. Not to mention seeing her naked, all subdued and innocent. The butt-plug I had chosen was a real hot cute one perfect for a teen girl. It was a real fluffy bushy one that would stand out against her slim perfect body. I really couldn’t wait to see her naked and everything fitting nicely inside her rear, and ready for Boss to have his wicked way with her. And of course, best of all, her boyfriend was going to be today’s cuckold.

“Sorry kid, I’m gonna have to fire you already, after just one day. You’re just not cut out for this kind of work honey,” Boss told her after I’d called her into his office.

I kind of felt sorry for her of course, but she was going to grow up today and she be grateful to me one day, without knowing it of course, I was sure.

“But what did I do sir?” She sobbed begging from the chair in front of Bosses desk.

Wow! She looked so hot when she cried, her face full of tears, many of them dripping down onto her cute red top, leaning through to her bra beneath. I’d never in my life been attracted to women, but right now, I could have fucked her myself. In fact, maybe I would.

Just looking at her made my mouth water. I didn’t think I had ever been so innocent in all my life myself. Even when I was a teen I was aware of guys and sex to some extent. But sweet little princess Debbie here, was truly unaware of the carnal pleasures that would soon be filling her pretty little ass up with hot white cum. Boss cum. The best kind of cum, I thought, with a little chuckle.

“I’m sorry kid,” he said now putting a consoling hand on her shoulder. “I wish I could do something for you I really wish I do, but you screwed up so bad it’s out of even my hands,” he lied.

What an utter douchebag boss was. He had every means to do whatever he wanted to anyone he wanted. And right now, he wanted this girls virginities. Both her regular one and the one in her ass. And there was no way in hell he wasn’t going to get it now.

“Surely there’s something I can do sir,” she sobbed. Oh, those tears were the prettiest thing I’d ever seen in my entire life, I wanted to kiss and lick them all off of her right there and then. How I resisted, I’ll never know.

“Oh honey,” I said, walking over to her, and taking her head in my hand comforting her like a mother would her daughter.

“There’s always something you can do,” I beamed, my hand running down the back of her head to her pretty naked shoulders, her crop top, a pretty strapless number then begged me to just gently roll it down over her beautiful petite breasts.

“Oh thanks, Mrs Morehole, what should I do? I can do anything,” the young girl almost begged through her tears. perabet My hand now gently descended down her back, running over her bra strap and all the way down to her perfect little round ass. It was crazy how much I wanted to see Boss inside it. Resting on her hot little ass, I began to comfort her by patting it gently. One of those feeling pats that would cleverly search around, wanting to feel, to touch, every part of the young girls wonderful little creation.

“What do you think you can do Debbie?” I asked her. “Your office work clearly isn’t up to standard. In fact, it’s a long way from even the most basic needs. What do you think you might be Able to do for the boss that will keep you here until the end of the month when your internship runs out? So that you can leave here with a smile on that pretty little face of yours honey? Do you have any ideas?” I asked, my hand running up to her waist, pulling her close to me, I wanted to feel her close against my body. Twisting her a little as I did, her breasts gently sliding up against the side of my legs, her pretty, tiny nipples shocking me as they seemed to caress my leg. Well, that was a surprise, it seemed something had awoken in the young innocent! Was her body telling her something she herself didn’t know?

“Boss is a very, very busy man,” I said, now I took a look at Bosses face, he was impressed, he hadn’t expected this from me, that was for sure.

“He has so many stresses and strains every day you know. His job isn’t as was as he makes it look, that just highlights how good he is at it you know. That’s why, as part of my job, I provide him with some of the best stress relief tools available. That’s why I am so good at my job you know Debbie.” I said, my mind thinking back to this morning when bosses cock was deep in my ass after a tough business call that hadn’t gone the way he’d hoped. Shit, he fucked my ass so hard I thought he was gonna ruin it forever.

“Really?” Debbie asked, her eyes now full of innocent hope.

“Yes Debbie,” I said comforting her, hugging her, pulling her breasts closer to me, my hands now slipped back down to her beautiful ass, her breasts crushed into my midsection. Her head, her pretty lips, pushed into my ample breasts like a mother, or a lover.

“You know, in my job I make a lot of sacrifices too. I didn’t just get here by doing all the things I love and having a good time every day. I make sacrifices Debbie. Big sacrifices. Sacrifices that some people would be ashamed to make you know.” I said patting her on her head, looking down at her pretty little doe eyes, and perfectly thin, beautiful, kissable lips. Imagining those wonderful lips with the red ball-gag in, that I had prepped for her in my handbag. Oh, she was going to look delightful with it in her mouth. And the pretty pink ribbons I had bought to tie around her ankles were going to be the hottest sexiest touch imaginable. And the black high heeled shoes she wore every day, were the perfect sexy touch.

“What sacrifices Mrs Morehole?” She asked.

“Call me Sussie,” I smiled, “I want us to be the best of friends Debbie, let’s be on first name terms. You’re not like the others here you know. You’re special. I want you to fight through this and for it to make you stronger. Just like me,” I beamed. I was desperate to kiss her lips now, yet still, I stayed strong. Instead, I gently ran a finger over them, touching them, feeling them, enjoying them, tempting myself. Her eyes embarrassed at my touch, yet she didn’t pull away. Quite to the contrary, at my touch, instead, she seemed to press closer against me. Did she want me as I wanted her? Curious! I thought.

“Sussie,” Boss said, now cutting the atmosphere wide open. Almost forgetting he was there, entranced by the pretty little thing beneath me, he realised what was happening. I was ready to take away the offering I had been preparing for him, for myself. “Thank you very much for explaining the situation to young Debbie here,” he said, now I feared that all my good work might be undone by bosses brash rudeness.

Debbie was a sweet little innocent, clearly in awe of my gentle feminine touches. I was now concerned that bosses careless mean manliness would scare her off for good. If he treated her with the inconsiderateness that he treated me and the other women he’d had, he might make poor little Debbie run for her life. It seemed she was the kind of girl that needed a woman touch to feel comfortable with a man. She had been with her boyfriend for so long already and they hadn’t even kissed! Yet here she was, my hand on her ass, my fingers caressing her lips, her tiny teen nipples and breasts pressed up against me, almost gagging for me to undress her and make her mine.

Maybe I should just have her for myself and let the boss have her after he had watched us together. Surely then she would be in a better position for me to convince her how much she needed to allow him to have his way with her.

“There is a certain need a man has perabet giriş Debbie, a certain man-stress you could definitely help to relieve,” he said, eyeing her up and down, clearly eager to pounce on her, to have her himself, to carelessly split open the gentle prize I had so carefully caught without his brutish man moves.

“As I mentioned, before Mrs Morehole interrupted,” he began. What an asshole, throwing away everything I had smoothed out for him. “You are absolutely terrible at your job and there is absolutely nothing that can be down to repair that. You will probably never in your life be able to attain the skills you will need to do the job you so desperately dream of doing,” he calmly assured her. Now Debbie’s eyes burst into tears once again, this time like an ocean, where before they had been just a river.

Jeez, he was a brutal asshole without any kind of tact or diplomacy.

“The only way you are ever going to get anywhere in your career and in life is by one means and one means only,” he told her, now taking her chin in his own had and forcing her to look at him. Her watery eyes now meeting his, my prize ripped out of my hands, stolen from me, my hopes dashed by his unceasing thoughtless. Without even realising it, his massive fat, glistening cock was out of his pants, erect and staring the poor innocent girl in her face.

“Do you understand Debbie?” He asked her, almost without a care for her response.

“Yes, sir,” she replied, dejected, seemingly aware of, and resigned to her fate. Bosses cock now dripping wet, almost without even thinking, Debbie had taken his huge member deep into her tiny, pretty little mouth and did her best to please him as best as he could. By her initial actions, it was clear she had never done anything like this before, and possibly never even thought she ever would. Perhaps she thought she would lead the life of a fairytale princess for the rest of her life, and never have to.

“Debbie, you’ll have to do better than that if you’re going to last until the end of the month,” Boss demanded, clearly unamused by her inexperience. Grabbing onto her beautiful blonde hair from behind, boss proceeded to thrust her petite mouth deeper and harder onto his bulging wet shaft. Almost dragging her on and off his thick veinous cock, her eyes rolling back into her head as she gagged on the mighty monster in her mouth.

“If you wanna stop Debbie, just let me know,” Boss asked pulling her off his monster shaft to let her catch her breath.

“No sir, I’ll do my best to make it better, I promise,” she begged, after nodding her head, before gulping on air.

“Good!” He said as he slammed her face back down on his cock.

“This is probably going to take some while Sussie. I think you’re going to have a lot of time to put all the girly shit you bought, on her, and make her all nice and pretty for you.” Boss snapped as the young teen did her best to satisfy him, yet clearly, she was still far from his expectations.

“Yes sir!” I said, and hurried over to my bag to collect everything I had prepared. Hell, Boss was so bad he was good! After all my talking, all he needed to do was take out his massive dripping cock and show it to her, before she let him slam it deep inside her mouth.

As Boss face fucked Debbie’s pretty little mouth, I proceeded to tie the sweet and sexy little pink ribbons I had bought for her, around her ankles. Wow! She look so hot when I was done? And I didn’t want to wait for Boss to strip her naked, I wanted to do that myself. As she chugged on bosses cock, I rolled her sexy top down over her sweet little breast, all the way over her pretty ass, down around her ankles, where she helpfully lifted her high-heeled shoes to let me toss it off to the side. She wouldn’t be seeing that for a while.

Next, I unhooked her bra and finally got a peek at the wondrously pretty breasts she had been hiding from the rest of humanity for so long. Girl were they gorgeous. Next, I unbuttoned her jean shorts and pulled them down her legs too, throwing them to the side after she stepped out of them, before returning for the final quest, her pretty pink panties. Now, totally naked, I looked on in awe, at the most amazing teenage body I’d ever seen in my life. Oh, how I wanted it for myself.

Watching Boss face-fucking Debbie, now totally naked, the saliva dripping from her mouth along his thick shaft, was exquisite. The shape of her body was fantastic, petite breasts, her body amazingly thin and cute, her pink nipples, slim waist and rounded teen ass. Her long blonde hair reaching down to the middle of her back, which, when dropped at her front, would just about cover her breasts up to her nipples, revealing the gentle curves of her breasts below.

Now it was clear boss wasn’t satisfied with face-fucking the innocent inexperienced teen. Removing his cock from her mouth he lifted her tiny body up onto his desk. It was clear he was ready to fuck her now. Bye-bye virginity.

As Boss perabet güvenilir mi slid his hard wet cock into her exquisitely tight vagina, she didn’t even try to reject him. So secure in his power, he already had her totally under his control, even though her deprived long-term boyfriend was at his own desk outside in the office. Little did he know that while de did his work, his pretty innocent girlfriend was losing her innocence at this very moment.

Boss was fully inside her warm hole and she clearly wanted him there, her hands roaming around to his ass as he started to drill her, spread out on his desk. Wow, she looked so hot as her pretty little breasts bounced with his fucking motions. She looked like pure heaven right now. Oh but something was missing, I replied as I watched her beautiful, now free mouth, ripple with Bosses motions. Her thin pretty wet, glistening lips, her saliva and the bosses pre-cum visible all over her mouth and chin.

As boss widened the virgin lips of her vagina, I added an extra little touch to her prettiness. Gently opening up her tiny mouth I gently eased the red ball-gag I had caringly purchased for her, and filled her now empty mouth with it, tying the black strings around the back of her head as she lifted herself up, balancing herself on her elbows as I did so.

All finished, it was clear that Boss thought the touch an excellent thought too, as he smiled when she was ready and continued pounding her with even more vigour than before.

“Oh, fuck Sussie, she does look so much hotter with that rammed in her mouth,” he said, his hands around her waist, trying his best to control her bodies’ movements, so that he could get as deep inside her as possible.

“Maybe you should buy one for all the women in the office,” Boss smiled sinisterly.

Now he flipped things up, allowing both of us to get an even better view of Debbies wonderful body, and also allowing me to add my final touches to my beautiful work of pristine teenage art. Pulling himself out of her, he flipped her around, now climbing on the desk himself, he pulled her up atop him. Her beautiful breasts juggling over him, as she sat astride him, her ass free and ready for me to supervise. Was that what he had intended?

As she rode him as best she could, with her limited teenage power, I took advantage of my chance to indulge a little myself. Stroking her beautiful blonde hair. I slowly allowed myself to move my hand down her back, enjoying the touch of her skin as my hand flowed downwards, I finally arrived just where I wanted to be. My hand resting on her rounded ass, moving with the rhythm of Bosses powerful penetration, and Debbies own, cowgirl movements on his erect cock.

Enjoying her ass for a while, feeling her skin on my hand, touching her as she writhed in her own ecstasy, I then proceeded to squeeze the lubricant that I had prepared onto my middle finger. Coming around to her side, so that I could watch her expression as the new sensation took over, I gently circled the opening of her ass before slowly, gently, sliding my finger past her sphincter and down inside her.

As my finger slowly entered her tight anal lips, the amazing sensation she felt, was clear in her eyes. Her eyes closing as she winced, taking in the full pleasure and initial slight pain of this new feeling, she was divine. Her body a wave on Bosses hard cock, and now on my slender finger, I slowly began to finger her tight virgin ass as sensually as I could. All the while Boss pounded her tight virgin vagina with the unsettle brutishness the was so common in all men, yet at its height in him.

It was clear that not only did she like the strange sensation of being anally penetrated, but she seemed to be especially pleased that it was my finger deep in her ass. Lost in the wonderful sensation of the double penetration, her pretty, gag-ball covering lips, reached out to mine, clearly wanting me to kiss them.

Untying the strings that secured the ball in her mouth to enjoy my prize, the red ball dropped out of her mouth into my hand, covered in her wet saliva, we reached out our mouths to each other rand found ourselves lost in the most passionate and sexual of kisses.

Boss pounded her vagina from beneath her, my finger slid inside her ass, the both of us enjoying each other, my mature lips kissing Debbies youthful teenage lips, our tongues reached out to each other and lustily we were lost deeper in ourselves.

Now my finger played with her ass harder and deeper as I lost myself in her and forgot her innocence. Wishing too make her mine as soon as possible and rush her through her gentle learning curve and all the way to the hard love I wanted to give her. WE wanted to give her. I reminded myself, glancing down at Bosses cock beneath us, as his pounding split her open even wider.

Releasing both my finger from her ass and my tongue and lips from her mouth in unison, I reminded myself of the need to prepare Debbies innocent ass for the full power of bosses cock. For both pleasure and the intense pain, it would bring her, and the intense satisfaction it would inevitably bring him. My slim finger was a gentle friendly bee buzzing in her delicate pristine ass. But now I needed to prep her for the Big Boss!

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