The Cheryl Cummings Story: Early Years Ch. 03

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** Cheryl’s First Night Home **

It was a large room as far as bedrooms go. The house Cheryl’s mom and step dad had moved into from their old apartment was a spacious four bedroom house.

The wall between two of those rooms had been knocked down to produce this one. It had an enormous walk-in closet and its own bathroom with both sunken tub and large glass enclosed shower stall.

In one corner was the loft bed and under it a full-sized bed. There was a tall stepladder at the side, leading up to the loft bed. There were also two dressers and a desk arranged neatly in the room.

Tawnee lay on her back on her loft bed reading a book. Her hair was loose and thick and long and spread out all around her as she sprawled back, legs spread, one hand behind her back and the other holding the book above her.

She wore cotton, string bikini jockey shorts and a tank top. Because of the air-conditioning, her nipples pushed out against the thin top.

Cheryl sat at the desk, carefully typing on her laptop computer. She had her long, thick hair tightly pulled back from her forehead. She was ready for bed, wearing a small white nightshirt and panties.

Both of the young women had pretty blue eyes, small noses, beautiful features, flowing blonde hair, rather small frames, accentuated by unusually large breasts.

“Could you turn off the air-conditioning?” Tawnee asked.

“If you’d put some clothes on, Tawnee, you wouldn’t be so cold,” Cheryl replied.

“Up yours Cheryl,” Tawnee replied. She gazed across the room at the other girl, then smiled.

“You don’t need to be lazy.”

“Stop being so bossy.”

“I’m the oldest.”

“Oh, Puuhhleeeasse. After that wrestling demonstration in the backyard with Karen, I think we proved that being the oldest doesn’t always carry all that much weight!”

“That was with Karen, this is with YOU! Now if you want the AC turned off, get up and do it yourself! “

“Fine!” replied Tawnee, getting up to turn off the cold air.

Cheryl sighed and turned back to her computer. She had been working on writing a poem for her new friend Chris for the last several days and was close to wrapping it up.

Tawnee, on the other hand, was a bit different than her sister. Poetry was not so much her thing. For the most part, these days, her thing was mostly sports.

Her success with gymnastics had really done a lot to bolster her confidence. And now, she was getting more and more into wrestling. Though being fairly small, she was a natural athlete.

As for Cheryl, sitting punching at her computer keys, though she loved her sister dearly, she could get on her nerves as often as not. She deplored Tawnee’s crudeness, jocks being low on her list.

Cheryl ‘s world was math and science. She had no hobbies or real interests outside school, and now she poured herself into her work. She spent most of her time studying when she was in school. She had always been a straight A student with a high A average.

Tawnee tended to be more of a B student.

Cheryl saved her file and turned off the computer, getting up and stretching her back, then yawning as she walked across to her bed.

She pulled back her covers and got in, snapping off the light beside her bed as she pulled the covers over herself.

“Are you going to bed, already?” Tawnee asked from above her on the bed.

“It’s late and I have a big day tomorrow. Chris is coming over and swimming with me. If you don’t mind, could you give us some time alone?” replied Cheryl.

Tawnee grumbled to herself, then got up and padded over to the restroom. Cheryl could hear her brushing her teeth as she tried to get comfortable in her bed.

Tawnee came back into the room, approached her step-ladder. She bent over and skimmed off her panties, then gripped her tank top cross armed and lifted it up and off with a single fluid motion, tossing it onto the floor besider her discarded panties.

Naked, she climbed up the ladder at the side of the loft and half somersaulted onto the bed above. She pulled the sheets around herself as Cheryl turned off the last light and the room was plunged into darkness.

Cheryl couldn’t help canlı bahis but be surprised at how bold her sister had become since she had been away at school.

When she left, Tawnee was a slightly timid, young cheerleader hopeful. Now it seemed she had become a bit of an outspoken, almost showoff, jock-type.

This was not at all the little Tawnee she remembered! Not to mention that Tawnee was also starting to develop into an attractive young woman. Since she had started working out, her muscle tone was unmistakable.

Her hips had begun to take on the curve of a young woman, and her breasts looked almost identical to her own now…if not a little larger even.

Gone were the days of the training bra, Cheryl was certain that she must be at least very close to being in a D cup by the way she looked.

In addition, as Tawnee climbed up the ladder directly in front of her, Cheryl couldn’t help but notice the newly grown sparse of brown hair between Tawnee’s legs that had also been absent the last time Cheryl had seen her naked. My, my, little sis sure seemed to be growing up quickly all at once!

At the same time Tawnee was really surprised at the recent turn of events with Cheryl. Her big sister, the one she always looked up to as a symbol of authority and stability had really been humbled considerably today.

Not long ago, Tawnee never would have considered that anyone could question that stern authority. Cheryl had always made up rules, and Tawnee had always pretty much followed them without question.

But today, watching Karen completely take her apart, easily wrestle her down, then make her pretty much beg for mercy — this had done something to Tawnee’s perception of her big sister. It had altered it forever.

But then, there was also something a little bit more to the whole experience. For some reason Tawnee got very excited watching Karen dominate her big sister.

At the time she had tried to play it off in her mind, but laying here in the darkness thinking about it, was bringing it all back to her, and she could feel herself becoming more and more aroused.

She could feeling that familiar excitement tingling between her legs and had to work real hard to keep her breathing under control so that Cheryl would not notice as she silently slid her right hand under the sheets.

If Cheryl had hoped to get to sleep quickly, she was to be disappointed. For a soft sound soon began to float gently through the quiet night air.

It was the sound of hushed but labored breathing, stifled little gasps and pants, all of which grew slightly louder as the seconds passed. She opened her eyes and scowled fiercely up at the top of the loft above her.

“Shit,” she whispered to herself.

On the bottom bed, Cheryl looked up at the movements of the mattress above her and the sounds of arousal and pleasure above her and smiled gently.

Meanwhile on the top bunk, Tawnee’s hand crept down between her legs and slid in to cup her soft pussy mound. She then began to rub her hand up and down very lightly. She pressed harder with her middle finger, forcing it down between her pussy lips, moving it up and down her fleshy pink cleft.

She closed her eyes briefly as a wave of pleasure washed through her. Her finger continued to slide up and down her slit, rubbing against her clit as her body began to pulse and throb with sexual excitement.

Her other hand slid up and down her torso, stroking herself through the thin, silky sheet. She could feel her hard nipples through the material, and slid her hand under the sheet to squeeze her bare breasts.

She placed her fingers around a nipple, then squeezed gently, twisting it slowly, then pulling it out and away from her body. After she did this, the hard nipple stayed protruding away from her breast, as it completely hardened from her arousal.

A soft whimper escaped her tightly closed lips as her body flared with passion. She felt her skin tingling and her crotch burning.

Tawnee continued to play with her breasts as she began to also play with her clit. Before long, she was rubbing it franticly, her eyes tightly closed.

“Ohhh Mmmmmmm – ” Tawnee groaned, desperately bahis siteleri attempting to keep quiet as her excitement grew.

There was no way she could stay quiet enough that Cheryl would not hear her. Since Cheryl had been gone, Tawnee had gotten into the habit of taking care of her needs at night when she first got into bed.

She had gotten to the point where she really looked forward to it, and there was no way she was going to be able to deny herself tonight — regardless of her sisters presence in the room! Especially after what had happened earlier in the day between Karen and Cheryl!

“You are being so obnoxious Tawnee!” Cheryl giggled.

Now she had been caught for sure. “Good,” thought Tawnee to herself. Now she began to grunt more audibly, alternating with desperate panting breaths. This caused Cheryl to chuckle all the more to herself.

If she hadn’t been so excited Tawnee would have laughed along with her sister. However, at the moment she was lost in bringing alive the delicious pleasure in her body that came from that tight, snug, wet little slit between her legs.

She lay on her back on the top loft, sheets pulled slightly aside, legs spread so her feet stuck out over the edge of the mattress.

She wiggled on the bed, her left hand massaging, squeezing and caressing her breasts, her right down between her thighs, two fingers pumping in her pussy as she ground her thumb down over her clit.

Lately Tawnee was becoming less and less of a shy girl. As her confidence had been building through her athletic successes and new friendships, she was becoming more and more boastful and outgoing, tending to be louder in good-natured way.

Around her sister, especially after yesterday, she was feeling even less timid, hiding nothing of her thoughts or her body.

“Uhnnnngghhhhh!” she gasped, forcing a third finger into her tight little pussy as she continued to rub at her enlarged clitoris.

She pumped her fingers back and forth in her pussy as she wiggled and groaned in pleasure.

Cheryl looked up and saw her sister’s right foot sticking out over the side of the bed and smiled again. Her sister’s masturbation, in and of itself did not annoy her, though she had really hoped to get to sleep early tonight so that she would be fresh and awake when Chris came over to visit tomorrow.

Tawnee rolled over onto her belly, her face mashing into the pillow as she pumped her fingers into her cunt. She had four fingers of one hand inside her now, and her other hand rubbed her clit.

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” she grunted, her mouth drooling into the pillow as she wriggled and moaned and humped down against her fingers.

Cheryl did not miss many of the sounds coming from the bed above her. She shook her head and closed her eyes in resignation, not really blaming Tawnee, who was as natural with her feelings as anyone could be.

And yet, a side of her felt only disgust for the crude, vulgar jock sister, who didn’t care who saw or heard what she was doing.

She only wished that she would hurry up and finish so she could get some sleep, or at least have the courtesy to jerk off quietly.

She had to admit though, that the sounds of her sister groaning and moaning were interesting. In fact, they were actually getting to be a bit arousing.

Despite her dignified attitude, she had the same genes as her sister with all of the same needs and desires.

Cheryl heard a sudden moan from above and felt her face begin to flush with excitement. In spite of herself, she found her own hand creeping between her legs, sliding the nightshirt upwards and moving beneath.

She lay on her side, her two middle fingers carefully rubbing across her clit, her eyes closed as she softly stroked her enlarged clitoris. She curled up in her bed, pulling her head and shoulders inwards as she rubbed steadily at her clit, trying to be as quiet as possible.

Cheryl breathed quickly but quietly, her body warming as she felt her pussy warming up with the show above her as well as her own attention she began paying to it.

Cheryl continued to pump her fingers ever so gently and quietly into her bahis şirketleri pussy as she listened to her sister doing the same above her.

As she rubbed across her enlarged clit, she couldn’t help but allow a light moan to escape her lips. She prayed that her sister had not heard it, or she may never hear the end of it!

Tawnee was now at the point of no return. She was masturbating very loudly above her sister, no longer caring who hear her! She lifted her ass up off the bed, as she shoved her fingers deep into her pussy as a beutiful, wonderful orgasm overtook her.

Cheryl heard her sisters climax above, and it simply added fuel to her own masturbation.

Just as she was rubbing her hard clit…on the verge of her own wonderful orgasm –

There was a slight delay after Tawnee jerked the covers back, a delay before she noticed her sister standing triumphantly over her bed, watching her humping against her fingers, her body bowed back, her nightshirt up around her hips, her fingers digging into her pussy.

Tawnee was standing over her, a knowing laugh in her eyes, watching her push herself over the edge into orgasm!

Yet even as she noticed this terrible joke her sister was playing on her, she did nothing. She was simply too far-gone at this moment and nothing was more important to her at this time than the pleasure roaring through her body.

She ignored Tawnee’s giggles as she humped furiously against her fingers. This was going to be a huge one.

She let out a series of muffled squeals “ahh ahh ahh ahh ooooooohhhhhhh!!!” as the orgasm overtook her body.

She came so much it actually dribbled from her pussy, down the crack of her ass, to the bed, completely soaking the sheet (as Cheryl often did when she made herself cum).

Then she groaned and her movements eased. She closed her eyes briefly, hoping that she had simply imagined her sisters actions, and then opened them. Sure enough, Tawnee was still standing there laughing at her.

She could see that Tawnee was simply becoming more confident with every second. It was beginning to become a bit un-nerving. Suddenly Cheryl reached up and snatched the sheet out of Tawnee’s hand, uttering an angry curse.

“Uh, uh, uh, naughty, naughty,” Tawnee grinned, wagging a finger down at her older sister. “Mustn’t say bad words and play with your sweet little pussy, Cheryl .”

“You are so… so…obnoxious!” Cheryl cried, glaring up at her naked sister, she could feel tears forming in her eyes.

“Why are you so embarrassed that I know you play with yourself? It’s not like I wasn’t doing the EXACT SAME THING! Everybody does it. You, me, our friends, everyone. It’s no big thing,” said Tawnee, now trying to comfort her sister after sensing that she had pushed her too far. Suddenly she actually felt a small twinge of guilt for tormenting her sister so much.

“Everybody goes to the bathroom too but we still don’t do it in front of other people! Or we don’t go running in on people when they are in the middle of it, invading their privacy!”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about, Cheryl ,” Tawnee replied. “Not around me. I’m your sister. Nothing you do will ever make me stop loving you.”

“Well, that might be Tawnee, but what you did to me was still pretty mean,” she said, frowning.

“You were just plain mean to do something like that. You knew it would embarrass me. Didn’t you?” demanded Cheryl.

“Well, you kinda deserved it,” Tawnee pouted, not used to being taken to task by her sister.

“Acting all stuck up and ordering me around and everything. Plus you said stuff to ME when you knew I was playing with myself — remember?”

“Yeah, well YOU could have just been a little bit quieter about it all and not made this big old ordeal out of it. You knew that would embarrass me too though, didn’t you?”

“Godddd, I’m sorry already!” Tawnee sighed. She climbed up the ladder and flung herself into her bed, feeling terrible for what she had done.

Tawnee settled back into her pillow and Cheryl clutched her sheets tightly around herself, jerking her nightshirt down over her ass, her skin still blushing in the near darkness.

As darkness overtook the room Tawnee couldn’t resist: “Man, that was one hell of a cum you had there sis!”

Both girls began giggling, and all was forgiven for another day.

“Go to sleep ya dork” answered Cheryl.

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