The Christmas Wish

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Disclaimer: All incidents in this story are truly fictional any. Names have been changes to protect the real people involved.


It as started around December of 2000. My girlfriend at the time Jamie asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I jokingly said a threesome with her and another girl, knowing it was would never happen. She said well I will work on that, is there anything else you wanted. So I gave her the usual list of CDs and DVDs that had come out that I would like to add to my collection.

Well, a few days went by and I was over at her parent’s house with her and her mom told me that she heard about the gift idea that I wanted. We all started laughing, I said I was joking. But I also wondered why she told her mom. Anyway we discussed different stuff we had seen that we would have liked to have and I took notes and everyone wish lists.

Let me stop her and describe Jamie, she is about 5’2″ around 130 lbs with long auburn hair. 34B tits with a cute little ass. We had fooled around a few times before so I knew she didn’t shave, but kept her pussy nice and trimmed. Her mom her name is Susan and she is around the same height but only weighed about 120lbs with long curly blond hair. And I would be guessing here but she looks like she has about the same bust size if not smaller. And just smokin’ hot.

I went shopping with them a few times to make sure I wasn’t getting them the same gifts. Jamie and I talked and she said that they would be exchanging gifts on the 24th so they could go see her grandparents on Christmas Day. I said ok. Then she said I hope you like what I got you, it wasn’t on your list but when I saw it I thought of you. I said I am sure if you picked it out I will like it. When we got back to their house, Susan told he me to be there 3pm and the 24th. I said ok see you then. I got hope and wrapped all the gifts.

The morning of the 24th came and I got myself ready and the truck loaded and headed over to Jamie’s. When I got there Jamie and Susan were in the kitchen fixing dinner, so I took a seat on the couch to watch some TV. Jamie came in and set with me and cuddled up to me. Were like that when her mom came in about an hour later and asked if we wanted to rent a movie off pat per view. We said sure. So we said you pick. She started going through the channel and to me surprise stopped on adult film. She asked if that was ok. We said yea.

Well about twenty minutes into the movie Jamie asked if anyone else was warm and Susan said yes. So, Jamie illegal bahis went to turn up the air. While she was gone I noticed that Susan had her hand down her pants and was moving her fingers over her mound. I couldn’t believe it her I was at my girlfriend’s house and her mom was playing with herself right in front of me. The scene on the screen was a young couple making out in a kitchen and in the background and older woman was watching. Pretty soon I could tell Susan’s breathing had changed. It was now a little faster and heavier.

Then Jamie came back and set down next to me again, but I could take my eyes off Susan. I guess Jamie noticed I wasn’t watching the movie, but her mom. Then she noticed what her mom was doing. Then without warning I felt a hand on my semi-hard cock. I looked down and Jamie is playing with me in front on her mom, although Susan eyes never left the TV I knew she had to see.

Then like nothing was happening Susan stood up and announced she had to take a restroom break and while she was up could she get anyone a drink? We said no and she left the room. While she was gone Jamie asked if I like the movie I said yea. The n she asked how about my mom. All I could say was “WOW. Did you see your mom she was playing with herself right here in front of us.” Then without warning she unzipped my jeans and released my rock hard cock. I looked at her said “What are you doing?” “What if you mom comes back?” Jamie said, “Then she will get a good show.” And with that started stroking my cock. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. Then I felt her slide my cock between her soft wet lips as she began to suck me.

In the background I heard the toilet flush and I came back from my trance and told Jamie we shouldn’t be doing this and that her mom would be back any minute. Then we heard “I am back.” Jamie released my cock from her warm embrace and I turned my head at the same time. My mouth dropped to the floor, there was Susan standing there completely nude. First I noticed the nice tits on her chest, yes they were a little smaller then Jamie, then I noticed the completely shaven mound between her legs. Then I looked at Jamie she was smiling and looking back at me. And with those ever so soft lips she said. “Are you ready for you Christmas present.” I couldn’t believe it I was about to get my ultimate fantasy.

Susan walked up to us and told Jamie that she would take over awhile she got undressed. With that Jamie stood up and traded places with her mom. Feeling the illegal bahis siteleri hardness and the heat from my cock she turned to Jamie and said “I think will be more a present for us than him.” Then they both laughed. While Susan began stroking me I looked over at Jamie, man she was beautiful. I watched her as she stripped and nearly came right there. Then I looked down at Susan on her knees between my legs with my cock in her hand. I thought if I died now I would be a satisfied man.

Soon we were all naked on the living room floor. They asked me since this was my present what would I like to see or do first. I told them I have always wanted to see a mother and daughter eat each other out. So I instructed then to position themselves with Susan on her back with her legs spread. I then told Jamie to spread her pussy over her mom’s face and begin eating her mom out while Susan eats her out too. I was sitting back enjoying the moans and gasps when Jamie raised her head up and said “I need your dick in me.” So I told them to stay in their spots and I positioned myself behind Jamie and slowly inserted my cock into her pussy while Susan sucked on her clit. At this point Jamie was moaning and I was thinking to myself, is this really happening? As I was fucking Jamie I felt hands massaging my balls. I looked down and there was Susan rubbing her soft hands all over my balls. Then she slowly made her way up to my shaft. I then allowed her to take a hold of my cock and remove it from Jamie’s wet pussy. Susan put my dick in her mouth and ever so slowly began sucking the juices from her daughter’s pussy from my dick. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I came so hard in Susan’s mouth. She drank every last drop.

So at this point I figured this is the end of my present. I said “Wow. That was some present Jamie. How did you ever get your mom to agree to this?” That’s when Susan said, “We are not finish big boy. While you get your strength back Jamie and I are going to entertain you.” So I got back on the couch and got ready for the show. It was great to say the least. It started out with Susan eating Jamie out until she came. Then it was Susan’s turn for a great orgasm. All the while my dick was growing inch by inch at the spectacle in front of me. Jamie noticed it first and whispered something to her mother. Jamie moved away from her mother’s pussy and Susan said “Hey stud I want some of that dick you gave Jamie earlier.” I said “Why some you can have it all.” I made my way to her on the floor and Jamie and canlı bahis siteleri I switched places. I got down between Susan’s legs and said, “Before I fuck you I want to taste that sweet looking pussy first.” She said, “Go ahead.”

So I begin with a lick along the inside of both lips. Then I make my way to her hot love tunnel and the juices started flowing. Man she tasted so sweet. It is amazing how much mother and daughter taste alike. Susan started gyrating her hips to help me get further into her snatch, like I needed any help, but I gladly took it. I then made my way to her clit where I found it to be erect like a small penis. I began to suck on it and she went wild. She was bucking and humping the air. I knew she was close to cumming so I kept up the rhythm I has started and in no time she was cumming. It was like a fountain went off. There was pussy juice everywhere. I sucked up as much as I could. I looked over at Jamie and she was fingering herself, and from the look on her face was just about ready cum as well. Susan must have seen noticed it too cause she got up and went over to help her daughter out. When Jamie came she drenched her mom’s face with her pussy juice.

Susan then turned back to me and said; “Now I need a big cock in me.” So I got down on the floor and laid on my back. Susan then straddled me and lowered herself down on to me throbbing cock. Boy her tits sure looked good at this angle. Anyway she slowly lowered herself onto me. Taking my cock inch by inch. She finally had it all the way in and she paused for moment allowing her pussy to get use to such a large object. Once her pussy got use to it she started slowly moving up and down my shaft. The she upped the speed and pretty soon she was riding like a bronco. She was moaning with every stroke. I looked over at Jamie and she was fingering herself watching her mom ride her boyfriend. Pretty soon I could feel myself getting ready to cum. I guess Susan could feel it too cause she kept saying “a little longer big boy, a little longer.” Finally I was at the point of no return when Susan climbed off and motioned for Jamie to join her at my cock. Which she gladly did. They switched off, both blowing me and then giving it to the other. Then I said “Here it cums!” As I came I sprayed both of them right across the face. I fell back onto the floor to catch my breath. When I looked up they were cleaning my cum off each other with their tongues.

As I regained my strength I looked at both of them and said, “This is the best Christmas so far.” Susan the said ” Wait until next year.” We spent the rest of the day curled up on the couch watching TV. I left them that night and driving back to my house I got to thinking. Wow! Christmas really is the season of giving.

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