The Clan Ch. 17

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Best Friend

Chapter 17 – Max

The drive home and the following night was uneventful for Max and his mother Linda, because he saw no signs and was too afraid to take the lead. Just before he want to bed a little dejected, Linda told her son that they would be visiting her parents the next day – Saturday. Max knew this would be an all day thing, as it always was and knew Saturday would be a write-off in trying to seduce his mother. So as he lay in bed trying to fall asleep he cursed going to his grandparents, because he had built up his resolve to act on any signs his mother may give him and he didn’t want any space between his build up and acting on it.

Max had always thought his mother was special, although he realized most of the guys thought this way toward their mums. But for Max there was something special about Linda, and he had known it all his life. He so wanted to fuck her, it sometimes hurt. Although he was always thankful she had never dated, or even had men over to the house. No, Linda was special and Max had always felt she had treated him differently from other mothers and sons, more like her best friend.

Linda too was thinking and couldn’t sleep. She had seen something in her son’s eyes she hadn’t seen in him before, but she had seen it before somewhere else, and now she was wondered where. Then it cam to her; she had seen that look in men who lusted after her over the years. Her son was lusting after her, she told herself with a smile. ‘About time’, she thought and turned over to find sleep a lot easier now.

Linda had been waiting for this from her son, so now she had to decide how to proceed because she wanted Max. She thought about how she could indicate her desire to him, so he would understand and yet not be frightened off. Linda would sleep on it, as she did with most of her problems.

The next morning brought nothing out of the ordinary for mother and son, and after breakfast Linda drove them the twenty kilometres to her parents’ house. Within no time they were warmly welcomed in their house and ensconced in their usual seats. Grandma and grandpa sat next to each other on their couch, while Linda sat in an arm chair to their left because that was grandma’s good side and Max opposite his mother at the far end of the very low coffee table.

Linda had decided now was the time to see if her son was ready to enter a whole new relationship with her, and Max was waiting for his mother to make the moves first. He was more than ready to follow his mother, and Linda wanted her son so much. She devised in her mind a serious of actions to first grab her son’s attention, and then to up the ante until the inevitable. Linda watched her son and knew now was the time, hoping Max would respond positively.

Max sat bored after the obligatory small talk that involved everything he may have been interested in, until the conversation steered inevitably to the distant relatives. After about ten minutes and the conversation had moved to some of the more obscure relatives, Linda looked down the coffee table at her son. Jason gave his mother a gentle smile and raised his eyebrows at his grandparents, and Linda gave her son a ‘thank-you’ smile and mouthed a kiss at him. Max mouthed a kiss back, much to his mother’s surprise as he had never returned her overt shows of affection before.

As her parents continued to talk about their relatives, Linda blushed just the slightest of red at her son’s response, which was not lost on Max. She also felt a little daring now, so she poked her tongue out just a tiny bit. Max was quick to respond when her poked his tongue out a little further, and then waggled it as if her were licking something from side to side, and then grinned at her.

Now Linda canlı bahis blushed even more, but felt herself becoming aroused by her son’s action. He had been responsible for arousing his mother in the past, but it was unbeknown to him. Linda felt very daring now, even in front of her parents, but than again that just heightened her arousal. Would she do what she wanted to do with her son, and in front of her parents — oh the thrill of it.

Linda gave a wink at Max and then glanced down at her lap and he followed her eyes, to where he saw his mother spreading her legs a little so he could see up her little skirt. However, he couldn’t see to her panties. Max was both thrilled and crest fallen, because of what his mother had indicated to him and yet he couldn’t see the one thing he wanted to. So he looked at Linda as she glanced away from her father who was speaking, and cocked his eyebrow at her and shrugged to ask ‘what am I looking at?’ Linda guessed her son’s questioning look and smiled at him.

She turned her left foot on its side, so her outside ankle was flat on the floor; then stood her right foot on the inside left ankle. This elevated her right leg about five inches off the floor, five inches higher then her left, opening up her legs. Then she slowly swung her right knee outward, opening her legs even further. As she did she slowly exposed her panties to her son, and she watched out of the corner of her eye to she her son gasp quietly as he watched the beautiful show unfold.

Max looked up at his mother who glanced at him and mouthed ‘thank-you’, as he could see his mother’s yellow panties tightly enclosed around her bulging pussy. Linda felt so wicked exposing her panties to her son, and in front of her parents — who were totally oblivious as they talked away. Because Linda had been so slow in her movements, and both she and Max were careful as they communicated, her parents saw and heard nothing of the exchange between their daughter and her son.

Linda had made her moves while still talking to her parents, and as they were slow moves they had not attracted the attention of her parents. While Max’s focus on what his mother was slowly showing him was covered from his grandparents, as they were focused on his mother and had their backs turned slightly to him. So now mother and son could share this most intimate of moments in front of the older couple without their knowledge. It was a case of taking advantage of a situation, which both mother and son were enjoying to its fullest.

With a clear view of his mother’s bulging panties Max waited for her to sneak him a look, and when she did he meaningfully grabbed and squeezed his crotch — doing his best Michael Jackson impersonation. He wanted to leave his mother in no doubt that he was up for whatever she wanted, and he knew she wanted him now. As soon as Max grabbed himself and Linda saw him, she blushed even deeper and felt her pussy respond to her son. She had to do something.

“Mum, let’s make a cuppa?” she suggested and her mother nodded.

“Good, I could do with a break,” her father said, and they all knew he meant a toilet break — old man syndrome.

As Linda rose to follow her mother onto the kitchen she looked at her son and asked,

“Coming to help Max?”

Max nodded, but was curious as his mother used such times in the kitchen with her mother for ‘girl talk’. He seemed to understand something else was implied in his mother’s invitation, and it had something to do with her display. Enthusiastically Max followed his mother into the kitchen, and as he did Linda lifted the back of her skirt for him to see her yellow panty covered butt; and although a little big as it was, he was really aroused. Max took further bahis siteleri courage from his mother’s action and grabbed a handful of her butt, and Linda pushed back a little.

Max released his mother just as they entered the kitchen, but Linda was determined that she was not finished with her son just yet. As the three generations of the one family busied themselves with the teas and coffees, mother and son played a secret game of show and feel. Every time Linda could see her mother was blind-spotted she flashed her panties, and Max would quickly feel-up his mother, by caressing her panties as she flashed them. Max could feel his mother had very little pubic hair beneath her panties.

He couldn’t believe what was happening, it had had happened so quickly, but then again when two people lust for each other that’s usually the case. Max now wanted to look and feel inside his mother’s panties, and have her hand and mouth around his dick. The odd thing was he felt no nagging guilt or revulsion toward what he wanted to do with his mother, and it was fairly obvious Linda felt the same.

Grandpa came back to the lounge room as grandma, Linda and Max finished with the morning tea. The four family members sat once again around the low coffee table, but this time Max was given a complete and continual view up his mother’s skirt. So every time he looked, he could see her yellow panties bulging between her legs. He continued to give his mother the crotch grab, hoping she understood his dick was hers — anytime she wanted. However, Max’s dick had been achingly hard for more than fifteen minutes now and he wanted relief, so he excused himself to go to the toilet. He intended to wank himself to ease the pressure as it were. Unbeknown to him his mother followed him a few seconds after him, leaving her parents to chat aimlessly to each other. Linda knew she could count on her parents not to come looking for them.

Yet, Linda needed a reason to follow her son, knowing what he needed to do.

“I need to talk to Max. You know a mother and son talk. He needs to be told a few home truths.”

Her parents nodded knowingly believing their daughter needed to discipline her son about something.

As Max entered the bathroom that housed the toilet, his mother pushed against the door and entered as he was about to close it. Max looked her and could see her intention in her eyes, so he backed away to let her in. Linda took no time for any preliminaries as she shut the door behind her, then turned and pulled her son’s jeans and boxers down and dropped to her knees. Her sigh to see her son’s dick spring from its imprisonment thrilled Max no end.

As a woman starved, Linda greedily engulfed her son’s dick and sucked him deep into her mouth, sucked strongly on his whole manhood for a few times and then drew back. The sensation for Max was unbelievable, as it was for his mother. They both found themselves caught up their lust for the other.

Linda now sucked on her son’s knob like it was an all-day-sucker, savouring the taste of her Max. For his part, it was a dream come true for Max. He had been fantasizing about his mother. However, it didn’t last long enough for either, as Max was so highly charged sexually he blew his load of cum into his mother’s mouth within only a couple of minutes. Max tried hard to keep as quiet as possible as he climaxed like he never had before. ‘This sure beats my hand’, he told himself, as he watched his mother swallow all his cum down.

Yet, Linda didn’t ease up and continued to slurp away on her son’s semi hard dick, which soon became hard once more. Now that he was rock hard again, she took him deep into her mouth and to the back of her throat, but Max had other ideas. He bahis şirketleri wanted to see what was in his mother’s panties, so he reached down and lifted her by the arms to stand in front of him. Linda seemed to know what he wanted and raised her skirt, to show him her yellow panties in their entirety. They were close fitting as Linda liked, but large which Max thought odd.

No sooner had Max looked down at his mother’s panties, then he took hold of their wide sides and pulled them down in one swift movement. Linda stepped out of them and then sat on the vanity bench, spreading her legs and opening her shaved swollen pussy for her son. Max feasted his eyes on his mother’s beautiful lips and folds, as Linda began to fondle herself. She caressed her clit first and then using her own pussy juices she slid her fingers over her lips and then into her love tunnel. Max was mesmerized as he watched his mother masturbate. Subconsciously he began to slide his hand up and down his dick, as he moved between his mother’s open and inviting legs.

Linda reached for and took hold of her son’s hard dick, gently pulling it to the entrance of her love tunnel. His knob touched her pussy, pushed passed her lips and began to slide into her love tunnel, and Linda let out another long sigh. It just felt so good she couldn’t help but tell him.

“Oh yeah Max, that’s it, that’s it, just like that, nice and so, deep and slow Max, deep and slow.”

Of course Max did as his mother told him, because he wanted to please her and also learn from her. He put his hands on her hips and pushed deep into her, then pulled back a little and thrust slowly deep into his mother again. Linda was watching her son the whole time and reached for him, pulling him into her arms where their lips met in a soft kiss. However, their kiss soon developed into a passionate, mouth open, tongues exploring kiss that no mother and son should do. The whole time Max kept up his thrusting into his mother, and Linda could feel her orgasm build by her son’s slow and tender fucking technique.

Suddenly, Linda felt herself come to the brink of her orgasm. She released Max’s mouth and pulled him into a tight hug, as she pulled him deep into her love tunnel, as deep as she could have him. There he felt her flood his dick with her love juices as she came, hugging him tighter and screaming her sexual fulfilment into his shoulder. Linda’s body shuddered and convulsed as her climax literally rocked her world. When she was beginning to come down Max began to thrust quickly into her, and her juices began to pour out of her pussy. Max wanted to come again and within seconds did so, as his mother continued to hold him close. He shot his cum a second time into his mother, but couldn’t decide if it was better then in her mouth.

Once mother and son finished their orgasms Max slid his dick out of his mother’s pussy, and they both watched as their cum oozed out from between her pussy lips and dripped onto the bench and then the floor. They looked at each other and giggled. Linda hopped off the bench and she and Max cleaned themselves, the bench and floor before replacing their clothes. Once they were sure all was right in her parent’s bathroom they returned to the lounge room.

“You two took your time,” grandma observed.

“Yes, Max and I had a few things to sort out, didn’t we?” Linda asked Max for confirmation and he nodded with a grin.

Mother and son resumed their seats with Linda resumed to expose herself to her son, and to Max’s delight Linda had pulled her panties to one side so he could see her pussy the rest of the day. Life had changed for both Linda and Max, and neither would have it any other way. That day Max thought of Jeremy and smiled. He had followed his mother and found what he was looking for in life, although it would be some years for him to realise this. Mother and son had found that special person in each other, something they would never had thought.

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