The Cline’s Conquer Time Ch. 06

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(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author’s consent. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. This series of stories feature some light sci-fi elements, but for the most part, they are in the background. If stuff like that isn’t your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading it. And finally, I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)


“Life is full of choices. Each choice can decide the rest of your life. Life can go in infinite directions. Different permutations, different outcomes. You can literally end up anywhere in life… with anyone. But I honestly feel, from the bottom of my heart, that in each and every one of these different outcomes, different destinies, I would have ended up with you.”


(Timeline F: Helena Cline Conquers Time)

Helena exhaled, blowing out a heated gasp of air.

“So close.” she whispered. She had felt something, a feeling she couldn’t describe. The world had trembled but held strong. Her mind had left her for a few precious moments. She had felt something incredible she had never felt before, but that feeling slipped away, slipping through her fingers.

The world returned to her as she fell to the bed, gasping for air. It had been the best cum of her life, bar none. But it was not good enough. She needed more.

Derek exhaled as he relaxed, his balls now empty and his body drained of energy. She had lied. There was no great epiphany. There was no great ascension of the mind. He had just cum. Sure, it was the best cum of his life, but it was not worth the guilt. He had cheated on his wife, his love, his soul-mate, with her grandmother. It was just so fucked-up. Sure, his wife’s grandmother could fuck like crazy, she was an incredible lay. But it wasn’t worth it, right? It wasn’t worth this guilt he felt. The guilt weighed heavily on his heart. He just hoped he would be able to move beyond it. He needed to get away. He needed to get to Heather.

Derek’s muscles felt like jello when he tried to move. His limbs were heavy as he rolled away from the recovering Helena. He couldn’t look at Helena anymore. She was a reminder of what he had done. Derek sat up and let his feet hit the cool floor. Derek gathered what remaining strength Helena had left him with and tried to stand.

Derek’s legs gave out and he fell hard to the floor. It was only now, as the sex endorphins began to filter out that he realized how sore and bruised his thighs were. They were practically numb and asleep, so walking was not an option just yet. Derek looked over, and saw Heather ahead of him, still passed out on the floor. So, he began to crawl.

Derek was a well-built young man, so his strong arms were able to effectively pull himself forward. Slowly but surely, he dragged his sweat and sex-juice soaked body forward. He knew if he could just get to his wife, if he could just touch her soft skin, then everything would be okay. He got closer and closer, and as he reached out to touch her smooth skin.

“Oh, no no no!” A smug voice said from behind him. He felt a strong, feminine hand wrap around his ankle. Before Derek could react, he was being dragged backwards, back towards the bed. Derek tried to reach out to Heather, but she just eluded his grasp. His fingers dragged along the floor, trying to stop himself from being dragged away, but it was a losing battle. If he had long nails, they would have left gouge marks in the floor. He was desperate to get to heather, but he couldn’t fight the unstoppable force behind him.

Derek flipped around to see a nude Helena dragging him towards the bed.

“What are you doing? You had your fun! It didn’t work!” Derek called out.

“That’s because we didn’t go far enough.” Helena said confidently. “Didn’t you feel it? I know I did. We’re flirting with it. Our limits… our barriers. For a second, I was somewhere else. I can’t remember where, but it’s right there. We’re so close! Didn’t you feel it?”

Derek’s mind flashed images in his heads, images of what felt like a dream, but he knew deep down were something else. He had seen himself, on this bed. But not with Helena. And not Heather. He had seen himself with other women. His mind filled with that déjà vu sensation. Could it be true? Could it be that he had seen something he wasn’t supposed to see? Did he see another timeline?

Derek felt a lead weight in his stomach as he was filled with a sense of dread. He began to sit up.

“Helena!” Derek cried out. “This is wrong! We are messing with forces we can’t comprehend. This could do damage.”

Derek didn’t know why, but he suddenly knew he had broken the rules. He had seen beyond the veil. And this scared the young man. There were clearly forces out there greater than him, and Derek had no doubt these forces keçiören escort would not be happy with the rules being broken. And one simple hiccup in time could ripple deeply. It could propagate throughout, doing immeasurable damage to time and space. Derek had to stop fucking his wife’s grandmother. Although he could be exaggerating, it was possible that the whole universe was at stake!

“So… you did feel it!” Helena said smugly. “You saw something you’re not supposed to see! You felt that feeling of wrongness deep inside you. That déjà vu. I felt it just like you did. I live for that feeling.”

“Helena… please! We could do serious damage!” Derek cried.

“Mmmmm, I love causing damage. I love making the world quiver in fear. What you felt tells me that our plan is working!” Helena said. “I want the world to cry, and we can make it happen. We can do it. We won’t destroy the universe. We will conquer it. Time and space will do our bidding. We will see the strings. We will be the puppeteers. Don’t you see? We just need to get even nastier for it to work. We’ve got to take this to a new level of depravity. We have got to make this nastier, filthier, even more brutal and disgusting.”

“Please.” Derek begged. Could she be right? Could her insane plan actually be working?

“And most importantly…” Helena began. In a smooth motion, Helen a reached down, pulled Derek to his feet, and threw him back onto the bed, the hefty mattress bouncing under him. “You have got to let yourself go. You’ve got to lose yourself in the pleasure. Take pleasure in my perfect form. Free yourself from Heather, and take the world as your bitch instead.”

Derek pulled from his back and moved against the headboard, trying to stay as far from Helena as possible as she joined him on the bed.

“What are you doing?” he asked. She looked at him appraisingly from on her knees before turning away from him and bending forward, pressing her breasts against the bed, going head down, ass-up. Her ass was now pointed directly at Derek a few feet away. He was again able to marvel at its unparalleled perfection. The cheeks were so round, and perky and prominent, like a shelf on her rear. It was quite simply perfect. An ass-man’s dream on a grandmother’s body. It was madness. She reached back with her free arms, grabbed a full, round ass-cheek in each hand, and peeled the ripe cheeks apart.

“I’m simply taking this to the next level, dear.” Helena said. Derek looked between her ass-cheeks, at her mature ass crack, and the tight, clean pink asshole nestled in there. Derek gulped, his fears for the stability of the universe forgotten with the sight of his wife’s grandmother’s asshole. His concerns descended from a universal to an emotional one.

“No, Helena. God, no.” Derek said, trying to move away, trying to move towards the side of the bed.

“Too bad.” Helena said, facing away from him. Before Derek could react, Helena reached from between and took Derek’s wrists in her hands. Before he realized what had happened, she pulled his arms, dragging him forward.

“Hey!” Derek called out in surprise as he was pulled forward roughly. Helena pulled his arms forward, dragging them under her as she pulled him forward. Derek had suddenly found his face directly behind Helena’s ass. After attempting to run from her imposing ass, Derek had now been dragged within a foot of it. And, as Helena increased the pressure on his wrists, pulling him forward, Derek realized what was about to happen.

“NO! No, Helena! Don’t!” Derek called out, trying to pull away, but unable to do so thanks to Helena’s iron grip. Derek’s face got closer and closer to Helena’s mature ass. What was previously a foot was now centimeters. Centimeters became millimeters.

“No Helena! No, no, no, no, no, nnnnmpphhggg.” Derek groaned before his face was pulled in between Helena’s ass-cheeks, his mouth making unwanted contact with her ass crack. Helena felt his mouth squirming, trying to avoid contact with her tight asshole.

“Derek, the sooner you realize you have to go along with this is the sooner it will be over.” Helena called out. He kept squirming as she wrenched his arm forward. “Derek, notice how I was able to wrestle you down, not only onto the bed, but in between my ass-cheeks. You’re a big, strong man, yet when it was all said and done, I was the one walking and you were the one crawling. So if you think you’re gonna be able to sneak away from me, you’d better reconsider.” she added firmly.

Derek paused and looked up at Helena. He was a fairly strong young man, yet he had been fucked into defeat. He couldn’t walk when she was done with him. She had used her judo or whatever to pull his face into her ass. She was a spider, and Derek was trapped in her web. Helena noticed his hesitation and went in for the kill.

“Heather is lying there unconscious, unaware of what her hubby is doing. It would be an awful shame to have to wake her.” Helena said, looking back and raising her eyebrow pointedly. Derek was frozen, keçiören escort bayan face deep in her ass-crack. “All you need to do is go along, become an active participant in the proceedings, then this will go so much smoother. We’ve already had sex, Derek. You’ve already had sex with your wife’s grandmother. It won’t hurt to do it a few more times, get it completely out of your system. And I promise, if I am wrong, my theory is wrong, then I won’t force the issue again. If you give me your best, and it becomes clear we can’t quite get there together, that we can’t quite conquer the forces of fate and time, then this will be done and you can go on living a happy, healthy life with your wife. If that’s what you truly desire. But, if you keep fighting this, this will go on far longer than it should, and my dear granddaughter will no doubt find out the truth about her handsome husband. And when she does, it will destroy her. So, you have to decide who’s biting the bullet here, you or your wife? And what kind of husband would you be to actively play a part in destroying your wife?”

Derek paused, not moving. Helena studied his face, and she saw the slow realization that he was powerless. He couldn’t shake Helena off, and he couldn’t destroy Heather. He would have to go along with this. He would have to give Helena what she wanted.

Helena smirked when she saw Derek come to that realization. She turned away from him arrogantly.

“Just open that handsome mouth of yours, and give my asshole a nice, long lick.” Helena suggested. There was a pause, a long pregnant pause, before she felt Derek’s tongue tentative lick at her tight asshole.

Helena’s eyes lidded at Derek’s submission. His tongue against her ass certainly contributed to that pleasure. Not finding the taste unobjectionable, she felt his tongue slide against her asshole again. And again. And again. And each lick got less tentative and more assertive. Clearly, he was starting to enjoy the salacious act.

Helena looked forward, now noticing the large mirror on the opposite wall. She studied her reflection. She was on her knees and elbows, her massive, creamy breasts hanging like udders under her, her rock-hard nipples pointing down. Her face still looked elegant and gorgeous, no sign of the athletic sex she just had. Behind her, her ass was pointed up, presenting a delectable sight, each round cheek highlighted behind her. And in between those round cheeks was her granddaughter’s husband, licking away at her sexy asshole.

“We make quite the pair.” Helena said aloud. “While you’re busy at my asshole, I want you to think about how people would react to us. How people would react to the sight of us together. That little hotel clerk slut knew the score. She knows what we’re doing. Jocelyn and Jackie know what’s up as well. And Audrey, my friend I introduced you to, she knew what I was after. People know we are having sex Derek. People will know you’ve had sex with your wife’s grandmother. People will know what you really are. I want you to think about that.”

Derek froze for a few minutes. She was right, he realized. She was right. Helena looked through the mirror at his reflected gaze, willing him to get back to work. His tongue swiped her asshole again.

“That’s it, Derek. Lick my asshole, and imagine what those others think.”


Kaitlyn lied back, now clad only in her thong, which was peeled away from her dripping cunt. And she was dripping. There was a puddle under her on the soaked bed sheet.

How could this old lady be this hot!? Kaitlyn was baffled by Helena and her hot body. She had watched the grandmother systematically seduce, strip, suck and fuck the young man into oblivion. Attack his mind, body, and soul. She had watched their mutual world-shaking orgasms. She had watched Helena’s impossibly firm, enormous tits bouncing. She had watched the old lady’s unyielding, full ass flexing and bouncing with every fucking bounce. She watched the gorgeous grandmother spill pure filth from her mouth.

Helena was fucking awesome.

Was it possible for a twenty something woman to be jealous of a grandmother’s hot body? Was it possible for an intrepid young slut to envy the skills of this sexy, mature woman? To be in awe of her? Was it possible that this old lady was a master seductress? Clearly, all of this was the case.

Kaitlyn’s true feelings were coming to the surface. Her jealousy, her admiration of this older woman, this goddess… this queen. Kaitlyn couldn’t explain it. She didn’t know whether she simply had a girl-crush on this stacked grandmother, or whether this was simply admiration at watching a master at work. It was probably both, because as she watched this old lady fuck, she couldn’t take her eyes off of her. Helena was truly a master at sex. Her skills were unparalleled. Kaitlyn wanted to watch this old woman and learn from her. Take notes. Even if Helena were to never even acknowledge her, Kaitlyn would still dream of living in her shadow. She would try to learn escort keçiören everything she could from the older woman.

Kaitlyn was beginning to acknowledge the truth, to acknowledge the facts she had been running from since first meeting the hot older woman: Kaitlyn was attracted to Helena in a serious way. Not necessarily an attraction in a ‘she wants to have sex with her’ kind of way. Her crush was one of admiration. Hero worship. Kaitlyn was beginning to acknowledge that Helena was the sexiest creature she had ever seen, man or woman. And, as shocking as it may seem, the young slut was beginning to let Helena enter her twisted fantasies. Fantasies of Helena displaying her superiority by fucking the men she desired right in front of her, teaching her the tricks of the trade. Allowing her just a glimpse of her supreme skills. Nothing sounded hotter to the young slut at the moment.

Kaitlyn watched the images on-screen eagerly as her fingers played with her dripping slit. Her cunt had never been this wet. It dripped in sexual pleasure. It dripped in worship of the master seductress on the screen. Kaitlyn fell back, keeping one eye on the screen as she used her other hand to pinch her diamond hard nipples.

The greatest sex that had ever happened was going on at that moment, in this hotel. The greatest porno ever filmed. Someone had to bear witness. Someone had to witness this tableau of sex, this work of art. Someone had to watch this. Someone had to record this.

Someone had to cum to this.


Audrey Clarke sipped her drink angrily at the hotel bar. This night had not gone as planned. Not at all. She was furious at this. The only joy she had this whole night was running into her old ‘friend’ Abby Cline and promptly scaring her off with knowledge of her various trysts with her ex-husband. But other than that, the night had been a miraculous failure. And to top it all off, Helena Cline, that old slut, had walked away with the prize.

How the fuck had she lost to that old lady? This could not happen again. First, there was Nina, who always seemed to win, to land the hottest of guys, even over a gorgeous young slut like her. And now Helena? Why did she keep losing to old ladies? She wasn’t one of those loser girls, was she? No, not possible! Audrey was no loser. Audrey was no pathetic woman. She was not a woman who lost out on a man. She was not a woman who cried as her man fucked another woman. No, Audrey was the woman who got fucked. She was on that side of the equation.

The old guard refused to relent their grip on the hottest guys. Audrey had to change that. Audrey had to change the status quo. She had to trample those old ladies underfoot and take her place on the throne.

Audrey promptly gulped down the rest of her drink, slammed the glass to the bar, and sashayed out of there. She knew where Helena was. She knew the marriage suite was being put to good use. But what would happen if Audrey showed up, and showed the young man her hot young body. He would choose that over Helena’s old lady body, right?

Her heels clicked on the hard floor as she walked towards the elevator. This night was not over yet.


“I still can’t believe this?” Jackie started, blowing smoke from her sexy mouth. “He chose Grandma?”

“I know dear.” Jocelyn said angrily, lighting up her cigarette.

Both Cline women were in the room next to the wedding suite. They had heard everything. Everything. They had retreated to the balcony to avoid the noise of the headboard hitting the wall and Helena’s moans of pleasure.

“I mean, yes, okay, Grandma’s still hot, for an old lady. Why wouldn’t he choose someone hot and young?” Jackie asserted.

“Well, he needs someone hot, but not someone as old as her. And not someone as young as you. He needs to seek out the sweet spot, right in the middle.” Jocelyn argued.

“Ha… as if.” Jackie said, rolling her eyes at her skanky mother.

“But, he’s fucking my mom. My mom. It’s just… gross.” Jocelyn said angrily.

“I know. I mean, all of her moves are probably outdated at this point. She’s an old lady! What could she possibly know that I don’t?” Jackie asked.

“Like you know anything.” Jocelyn sneered. “You haven’t fucked a tenth of the guys I have. I know some shit they can’t teach.”

“Uh, face the facts, Mommy… you’re an old lady too.” Jackie said with a laugh.

“An old lady who’s fucked most of your boy toys.” Jocelyn replied.

“What?” Jackie asked.

“Hun, once they sampled some finely aged slut like myself, I think they stopped calling you up for booty calls.” Jocelyn replied.

“Ha. You don’t think I’ve fucked most of your boyfriends? They want young, prime slut. Not gross, expired, worn out tramp.” Jackie sneered.

Jocelyn rolled her eyes and sipped her drink. Helena’s moans of pleasure echoed out the window.

“So fucking gross.” Jackie muttered.

“I know.” Jocelyn replied.

Neither would admit their disgust was simply a façade, a front they were putting to maintain their pride. Both women had rock hard nipples on each of their big, fat tits. Each Cline women’s thong was soaked with their juices. Hearing Helena having sex was hotter than either realized. And despite their ‘disgust’, both sluts were listening intently to the action next door.

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