The Complete Submission Ch. 01

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A special thanks to Estragon for all his editing help. (Re-edited: March 2011)

Of course, all participants are 18 years or older.


Since turning 16 (I am 19 now), my relationship with my mother had strained to its breaking point. We argued about everything, including how much I was on the phone, my grade point average, and the clothes I wore. But as teenagers often do, I disobeyed my mother and bought many revealing outfits, like sundresses, short skirts, push-up bras, thongs, and stay-up stockings. I figured that since I had a job at a clothing store and I earned my own money, I should be able to buy my own clothes, especially since I got a sweet employee discount.

I should explain that I come from an upper class family. My mother was all about keeping up the image. To my mother, image is everything. She is head of the PTA, involved in the Neighbourhood Watch and any number of other volunteer groups. Of course, for her image to remain perfect, both of us (my 21 year old brother and I) had to be, in my mother’s mind, the perfect children. This meant we had a very structured life. I was not allowed to date and my curfew was midnight on weekends (when I was not grounded). My Mom always wore conservative clothing, a mid-calf length skirt and pantyhose. I had never seen her wear jeans. She prohibited me from wearing jeans till high school and finally succumbed when my friend Carla convinced her.

Carla is another story, my best friend since grade one. She is very, very pretty, petite (only 4’10”) with hypnotic green eyes and flaming red hair. In truth, she attracts more girls than guys. She has all the lezzies under her spell (and skirt) and they will do anything to have the privilege of eating from her box. She has over a dozen teen college lesbians to use and manipulate as she pleases including the SRC president, the school treasurer, three cheerleaders, a few jocks, a couple of nerds, a mary jane, and a canteen worker. The president is handy to use to get Carla’s input imposed on all college school activities; the school treasurer always fudges the numbers when Carla needs some extra cash; the cheerleaders and jocks are handy to get invites to all the best parties, and are great sideshow entertainment. Carla and I have had the cheerleaders do dirty dance numbers, touch themselves in front of the fans and go panty-less wearing stay-up stockings instead of pantyhose. (That got them a week’s suspension) We ordered the jocks not to wear bras during a couple of games, which led to numerous accidental flashes and great nipple shots. The nerds are handy, as they did all Carla’s homework; in truth, she had not done a lick of homework all year (pardon the pun). Tammy, the mary jane, was used to get us invited to upper class functions with politicians and other useful people. The canteen worker, Mary, always gave us free food and drinks. Although no one really knew it, we controlled a large portion of the college.

On top of the teen lesbos, there were also adults begging to lick her cunt. Her soccer coach, a beautifully toned university student, got her and me fake id’s in exchange for a taste of Carla’s delicacy. Carla’s next-door neighbor, a mother of four, craved Carla’s juices so badly she would lend Carla her Porsche whenever she wanted it. Of course, because Carla wanted nice clothes, she used her talents to seduce an older sales-woman at one of the classiest clothing stores in town. The woman was in her mid-forties, and after one teasing taste she was hooked and offered Carla free clothes in return for the privilege of surrendering to Carla’s delicious box. Most entertaining, though, was our mail carrier. She was a chubby woman in her 30s, but quite pretty. One day we invited her in during a rainstorm and before we knew it she was fucking herself with a cucumber in front of us. We then had her fuck her ass with it and then eat it. Because she was rather overweight she seemed to try even harder than most and ended up fucking her tight cunt with a wine bottle while I pounded her ass with a strap-on. Now once a month or so we invite her over for fun.

Lastly, Carla’s math professor, Miss Walters, had given Carla an A in the class even though Carla had not handed in an assignment or written a test all semester, because all Carla had to do was spread her legs on her professor’s desk and enjoy the young professor’s tongue eagerly lapping her pussy.

Forgive the digressions, but simply put Carla has a gift, maybe it’s her masculine personality that intimidates guys and attracts girls. Not that she is a lesbian either, its just that she says guys are generally bad fucks, while girls, young and old, are eager to please.

I guess I should note that the first time Carla offered her cunt to me, on my 18th birthday, I went down on her without hesitation and loved every second güvenilir bahis of it. I should note I am not gay either; I have screwed a few guys and I love cock way too much. I am also quite attractive, if I do say so myself. I have the girl-next-door look, you know the one, looks innocent as pie, but deep down isn’t so innocent. I have black hair, hazel eyes, firm perky breasts, a tight ass and perfect toned legs. I am 5’5 and tower over Carla. While Carla exudes sexuality, mine is more hidden, but is raging to be let loose at full speed.

Carla had been trying to get my mother to succumb to her for the last six months. My mother is very pretty, I’d say actually gorgeous. She looks almost identical to 50s movie star Rita Hayworth, which I thought was such a waste since she acted more like June Cleaver. Now this had started as a dare, a joke, by me, as I figured it would be fun to watch Carla finally fail, but to my surprise her flirtatious side was slowly wooing my mother, or so it seemed. Nothing major, just simple changes. For example, my mother always complimented Carla’s outfits, which were very slutty and revealing. Her latest outfit, which she wore yesterday, was an orange tank top, no bra, so you could see her nipples clearly through the thin fabric, a skimpy skirt that was four inches above the knee and white stay up stockings which were in clear view. My mother said she looked good in it and liked that she wore whatever she felt like it. I thought that was painfully ironic, given how I was treated. My Mom also seemed to stare at Carla’s legs. Carla would occasionally flash her naked pussy to my mother, who would stare and then quickly turn her head away after realizing she was staring. Just before that, Carla had started giving my Mom kisses when she arrived and left our house. They began as pecks on the cheek, then on the lips. Then this past week, she began kissing her every time my Mom did something for her. Bring her lemonade-kiss; say she looked good-kiss; hold the door open-kiss. It also seemed my Mom liked these as she was doing more for her. Yesterday, Carla kissed my Mom 8 times and the last time, when she left, was a full 3 seconds long, her hand on my Mom’s ass the whole time. I figured my Mom, just maybe, was not the prude she portrayed to the world.

Then today happened and the dam broke. I came home from school a couple hours early because I felt a bit tired. I heard moans of joy, of fucking, in the kitchen. I quietly moved to where the sounds were coming from and peeked into the kitchen. I saw a man’s naked ass, and a pair of legs sticking high up in the air as the man fucked someone on our kitchen table. At first, I could not see their faces, but the man looked familiar. Then I heard a voice I knew was my mother’s scream “That’s it Danny, fuck my ass, don’t stop baby.” I couldn’t believe it, my mother was fucking my uncle, her brother. Now I know incest was more common than advertised, as Carla told me of stories of people she had been with and their taboos. In case you’re curious, she told me about a mother who seduced her daughter, two sisters who experimented on each other, a father who trained his daughter to be his own personal slut and a grandmother who had fucked both her sons, her daughter and all 4 grandchildren (3 boys and a girl). Anyhow, my mother was saying things I would never in a million years think I would ever hear her say “That’s it, bang my shithole”, “Oh yeah, fuck me with your massive cock” and “Harder, make me cum.” Eventually, it was clear my mother came, soon after she dropped to her knees and quickly took his stiff rod in her mouth. She sucked with reckless abandonment, oblivious to the fact the fuck stick was just in her ass. Soon my uncle was cumming and moaned, “Take my cum slut.” My mother, miss prim and proper, obeyed taking every last drop. I stood there, waiting for my mother to see me. My mother got up, after tenderly licking the shrinking cock, and went to kiss her brother when she saw me. Oh, if I had a tape for the look on her face it would have been worth a million bucks! She quickly tried to cover herself up saying “Mandi, I am so sorry. Please don’t tell anyone.”

My uncle stood there still completely naked, his generous seven inch cock sagging. He made no attempt to hide his impressive cock, but did not speak. I did notice it was rising again. When I did not respond to her first statement, she begged, “Please don’t tell your father. I’m so sorry you had to see this.” Instead of responding, I decided to be all dramatic, and walked out of the room.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on my door, I assumed it was my mother, but it was uncle, dressed now. He smiled and came in and sat on my bed. After a bit of a silence he handed me a 100 dollar bill. I took the bill. “Deal,” he said.

I smiled and shrugged, “Sure.”

He chuckled, “If you türkçe bahis keep your silence, you could earn more money. We could use a lookout.”

“Does Mom know about this…bribe?”

“No, but she’s a practical woman who realizes the situation.”

“She’ll never go for it.”

“Oh she will. Just be nice to her. Don’t make her feel bad about it. Fucking is natural and we have been doing this for over 20 years. She won’t stop fucking me for anything, she can’t. She has tried to stop before, but she always comes begging back.” He adjusted his cock as he said this.

“Begging?” I queried.

“You don’t know your Mom.”

Just as I was about to ask more and maybe tease his cock, Mom came in.

My uncle smiled at my mother and said, “Don’t worry sis, your daughter and I made an arrangement.”

My mother blushed a red I did not know existed and whispered “Thanks Mandi.” Her brother grabbed her hand and left the room. Just as uncle left, he turned and winked to me. I winked back, pondering how I could profit from this situation. I called Carla and told her I had big news. She told me to come over to her house right now as she was busy and had a surprise for me too. As I hung up, I heard Carla say “Keep licking slut.” I wondered who was lucky enough to be between her legs. I quickly changed, putting on silk beige crotchless pantyhose and a skimpy sundress. Carla had a nylon fetish and made every woman who wanted to taste her wear them. Her tastes ran to garters, nylon or silk stockings, stay ups (also known as thigh highs) and pantyhose, preferably crotchless. Since I often tasted my best friend’s nectar, I had come accustomed to wearing the sexy silk and enjoyed wearing them.

I jumped in my car and cruised to Carla’s house, both excited and horny about what had just transpired. I got to Carla’s house and walked in as I usually did. It seemed her parents were never home. I went upstairs and into Carla’s room. A woman, mid 30s, was handcuffed to Carla’s bed, naked from the waist down, except for red thigh highs, but clearly wearing a police uniform. Carla was also naked except for black thigh highs and a lace bra. She smiled and said “Hi Mandi. This is Officer Martin, she pulled me over for speeding earlier today. Officer Martin, say hi to Mandi.”

The woman, obviously humiliated, shyly said, “Hi Mandi.”

Carla continued, “Instead of writing me a ticket, I offered her my pussy. Do you think she deserves it?”

I looked at the rather attractive brunette handcuffed to the bed and said, “Oh she can wait awhile, I need to tell you something.” I grabbed a vibrator from the drawer and placed it at the entrance of her pussy and whispered, “Stay horny slut.”

The cop moaned and Carla turned and said, “What’s the news?”

As moaning echoed around the room, I told her the story, every little detail.

Of course, Carla was ecstatic. “I will have your mother eating my pussy by the end of the week.” We spent the next few minutes planning the details of her plan. We envisioned how we would make her our pussy slave. How we would humiliate her. The discussion and the hot cop had me horny as hell and I needed to get off. Carla, noticing this, said, “You have to get off, don’t you?” I moaned in reply. Carla went to her drawer and pulled out a thick black cock, which I soon realized was a strap-on. Now I had eaten Carla hundreds of times and she me several times, but she had never fucked me. Carla put it on her perfect body and demanded “Mandi, get naked.”

I did not hesitate as I slid off my sundress and said, “Yes mistress.”

“Get on top of Officer Martin you whore.” As I straddled the older woman, I looked into the brunette’s dark brown eyes and smiled as I felt the thick toy penetrate my craving drenched cunt. In one deep trust the plastic cock filled me deep and I moaned loud; I then lowered my mouth to the officer and stuck my tongue in her sweet lips. She returned the kiss and our tongues danced as my best friend rammed my cunt. I don’t know if it was the fucking, the situation or the day, but I orgasmed the hardest I ever had in a couple of minutes. I collapsed on the 30 something tramp and tried to regain my senses. The cock still was inside me when I finally looked in the mirror and smiled at Carla. Carla returned the smile and slid the cock out of me. She took it off and kissed me, just inches away from her prisoner. I got up and realized I had to pee badly. After I said this, Carla got another devilish smile and said, “You don’t need to go to the bathroom, Officer Martin will take your pee won’t you slave?”

Officer Martin began to object but Carla interrupted. “After you take my friends’ piss, you may have my pussy. Now beg for Mandi to piss in your mouth.”

Officer Martin, handcuffed and obviously beaten, begged weakly, “Please Mandi, let me taste your piss.”

I güvenilir bahis siteleri figured fuck it and straddled the woman. In seconds, a yellow stream shot out of me and on the officer’s face. After a few splashes, she opened her mouth and took it in. It seemed after a brief reluctance she actually enjoyed the pee. She swallowed all she could and continued to keep her mouth open as wide as she could. After my piss slowed down to a trickle, the slut officer put her tongue out to catch the last few drops. I lowered my cunt onto her tongue and she eagerly lapped the remaining piss residue. Since she continued to lick, I figured I might as well orgasm again and said, ‘That’s it, lick my clit, suck it, make me cum.” She continued to pleasure me, in truth she was very good and I came in a short amount of time. I go up, looked into her eyes and said, “Thanks, that was fun.” I lowered my head, kissed her, tasting both my pussy juices and my piss.

I then got up and Carla said, “Fuck that was hot.” She looked at the officer and said , ‘OK, one last thing and you can lick my pussy.”

The officer eager to taste more pussy, especially Carla’s, said, ‘Anything you please mistress.”

Carla asked, “Tell us the dirtiest, sluttiest, thing you have done.” I looked and saw the camera was on. Carla always taped her sessions. Great for blackmail, if need be, but I don’t think she had ever used them for that.

The officer considered the question and said, “Well when I was a teenager I lost my virginity to my guidance councilor in his room at school; in university I got really drunk and ended up fucking my boyfriend and all four of his friends, including my first double penetration, triple if you include the cock in my mouth. The first woman I was with was a professor who seduced me in my last year of college and then got me into an elite group of kinky girl orgy parties. And I am still a part of that group. We have many rich and powerful women in our city and quite a few celebrities in the group. The parties include domination, 50 people orgies, humiliation and a lot of other crazy things. Since becoming a member of the group, I have fucked very few guys. I did bust a guy for robbery and since he was hot, actually the sexiest man I had ever seen, I fucked the shit out of him and then shoved my billy-stick up his ass. I then made him suck the stick clean and let him go. Besides that, not much kinky. I have screwed a few cocks when I needed a cock, but nothing special.”

Both Carla and I were intrigued by the elite party. Carla asked, “Any college girls in this group?”

“Not many,” she replied, “A couple of rich bitches. Usually the rules are at least 21, unless approved by the 5 member council.”

Carla smiled and said, “Would I get accepted?”

The Officer replied, “I imagine so. I am very picky with who I am with, but you, you had me in your control in seconds and I believe you would have them too.”

“Good, I want you to arrange that.”

Carla says, “Well that was even more detail then I could have imagined.” Carla then straddles the still handcuffed cop and lowers her cunt onto her face. I get up and dive into the cop’s pussy and not surprisingly, she tastes amazing. I lick her pussy and finger her ass until she orgasms hard. Carla orgasms as well and gives the officer some going away instructions. “If you want to taste me again and I know you do, here are my expectations. I want you to get me invited to one of these parties. I want Mandi invited too. Also, you must always wear nylons for me…always,. By the way,” she points to the red light, ‘This whole thing has been taped. Tell the camera what a big whore you are.”

The officer is shocked, but realizes after the past two hours, she has been much more humiliated than this and says, “I am a slutty cop, who loves to taste young pussy. I will do anything for Mistress Carla including taking a cock up the ass, seducing my female sergeant, forcing criminals to be filmed fucking and sucking. I am a whore for Carla, a tramp for Mandi and will do anything, I mean anything, to please them.” It is clear she is getting turned on thinking of ways to please us. With that she turns to Carla and says, “I am yours, I will obey your every request.”

Carla completely happy with the slut’s complete submission says, “That is amazing slut, you may have me again when I am invited to your elite party. You may go.”

“Yes mistress Carla,” she said and bowed and then turned to me and said “Goodbye Mistress Mandi.”

After watching that, I laughed and said, “Wow that was intense; today a cop, tomorrow my mother.”

Carla smiled and said, “Today was nothing wait till you see me seduce your mother. Tomorrow your Mom will be begging to eat my pussy.” After that, Carla gave me some instructions, demanded I lick her pussy on more time, which of course I did, and then I headed home.

As I went downstairs, I realized her Mom was home. I quickly said, “Hi Mrs. Mathews” and scurried out the door. As I headed home, I wondered how long she had been home and what she had heard.

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