The Countess Ch. 26

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Big Tits

“Thawack” Was the satisfying noise of my driver hitting the small white ball. I watched the flight and was pleased that it flew straight and landed just beyond the three-hundred-yard sign. I teed up another ball from the pile beside me. “Thawack” The ball sailed off toward to the left as I sliced it. I was at a public driving range practicing, I escaped the house full of 10 to 13-year-olds as Sara, Bret and Paula were schooling them in proper etiquette at a dinner table. I thought that George would come with me, but he canceled, while I was driving to the range.

“Thawack” I launched another ball, this time it flew straight and true again getting by the three-hundred-yard sign. I hit several more and was pleased that most of them flew straight. I really needed to work on distance, I have tried different drivers and training aids, but I was stuck at three hundred to three-fifty. The pile of balls at my feet was growing smaller. I looked down from my last shot and found another bucket of balls next to my initial pile.

“Hello Mr. Rogers,” said a woman that I took a few seconds to recognize.

Debra Perry from Sara’s office was standing beside me holding her golf bag.

“I got two buckets of balls, but I only need one, you can use the second one sir.”

“Are you on a secret mission for my wife?” I said a little too accusatory.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” said Ms. Perry.

“That came out the wrong way, I’m sorry, I guess I should be glad that you’re here, since William is at home making sure that things are quiet at Red Rock Road.”

“I know, my 13-year-old daughter is one of the guests. I hope she behaves herself. Let’s see you send another one and hit it like your frustrated with Sara.”

I hit another one this time concentrating on putting all of my strength into the club. I sent the ball on a diagonal course to the left. “Well that didn’t work,” I said.

Debra took the space next to me and started hitting drives that consistently sailed close to four hundred yards. I stood and watched her swing that was easy but still launched the ball a tremendous distance. I went back to working on my shot and concentrated on hitting the ball straight. I changed clubs and started working on my short game.

Debra looked over at me and made some comments as I hit. She went back to working on her game and I was amazed at how easily she stroked the ball. We were both interrupted by a man dressed in shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, large cigar stuck in his mouth, and carrying an enormous golf bag.

“Hey Rogers, try to muzzle that bitch of a wife of yours. It might help your career,” said the man.

God I’ve heard that before, I enjoy that Sara pisses off the Hollywood elite, and I seem to have work. The man took several steps toward me and then he stopped when he saw Debra and William standing close to me. I was surprised to see William I thought that he was at the house making sure Sara and others were secure.

“How much did she take you for sir, I hope in the millions we can use the money,” I said.

“Rogers you just think that you have work, I will watch it all dry up and laugh,” said the man.

I picked up my driver and took another shot and was pleased that the ball landed on the other side of the 400yd. sign. The jerk took the hint and moved down the line and found another position. I continued hitting until I finished the second bucket of balls provided by Ms. Perry. I tried to pay her, but she said no. I finally put my clubs away in my bag and started to carry them when William lifted the bag from me, and we walked to my car. Ms. Perry walked up next to me wished me a good evening.

“Is your daughter still at the house or does she have other transportation?” I asked

“It is the ex’s weekend and he should have picked her up,” said Perry.

William assured her that her daughter was picked up, and that she was a delight.

Not that it is any of my business, but how long have you been divorced?”

“About five years, I found him in bed with my friend and that ended my marriage and my friendship. But we get along well enough that we share custody of Cody, she is a beautiful girl.”

“Does she have an agent yet?” I asked with a laugh.

“No but I am thinking about it, but she has other interests.”

William stored my clubs in my car and handed me the key. “Her Grace is at Mario’s sir and would like you join her.”

I bid Ms. Perry goodbye and thanked her for the tips. I got in the car and started to the meeting place. I was soon there and after I handed the car off to the parking lot attendants, I entered the restaurant and looked for Sara. She was at the table that we usually occupied. Sitting beside her was Bret so I guess we were going to debrief the day’s event. Sara waited until I kissed her, that accomplished I air kissed Bret and sat across from the two women.

“What do you think Bret, shall we forgive him for bailing on us today?”

“If you would have asked, I would have stayed aydınlı escort it looked like you had things under control,” I said a little exasperated.

“Darling everything went fine. I even tried to get Paula to join us, but she begged off. The kids were great, and everyone had a good time,” said Sara.

Bret finished the soft drink she was nursing, stood and bid us a goodbye. She said that George picked up John Robert and Maeve, allowing her to go out with Sara.

“Do you need dinner, Paul?” asked Sara

“I can get something to go if you want to leave?”

“I can drink a cocktail and watch you eat. I may get desert,” said Sara.

A waiter came over and I ordered dinner, Sara ordered a single malt whiskey with a cube of ice. I asked for lemon aide.

“No wine Paul?”

I’m driving.”

“So, did you practice well?” asked Sara.

“Ms. Perry was there also and give me some tips. She said that her daughter was one of the guests.”

“Yes, a lovely young lady, that does her mother proud,” said Sara.

“The girl’s father is a bit of a cad from what she told me but seems to have reformed,” I said.

“Darling will you tell me what you will do to me when we get home?” asked Sara.

“Lady Sara I plan to take all of your clothes off and tie your hands to the bed and perform oral sex on you for hours. Only then will I give you my cock while I suck on your tits until they are red. I will then kiss you while I ram my cock in and out of your pussy. Is that descriptive enough?”

“A little to descriptive several people got up and moved away while you were talking,” said Sara with a laugh.

“Sara your beauty drives me crazy and I am so glad that we are together, other than work all I think about is how many different ways I can make love to you,” I said as I ate my dinner.

“Well at least I know what to expect. I don’t think that you can do it, but I can dream,” she said.

We finished and I picked up the check. I held the door for Sara and got in the driving position. Sara’s hand occupied my crotch and I had a hard time keeping my concentration. I pulled into the driveway and went around to hold the door for Sara.

“You are being too nice darling,” said Sara.

William appeared to take charge of the SUV, and I took Sara’s hand and walked her into the house. I looked around the great room and was amazed that it was fairly clean despite the fifteen young teenagers that occupied the area earlier. Sara and I walked up the stairs to our bedroom and I kissed her when the door was closed.

“Darling why am I always waiting on you,” said Sara, echoing her comment from the trip to New York.

I quickly pulled my clothes off and watched as Sara first took the loops off of her ears and then pulled her blouse off. I moved to her and kissed her, pulled on her nipples and watched her tits become aroused. All I wanted to do was sink my cock in her lovely pussy. Sara dropped her slacks, stepped out of her shoes, and lay back on the bed. I moved between her legs; her fingers were manipulating my cock bringing on a raging erection. She directed me into her warm silky pussy. I moved to her mouth and kissed her. With a free hand she tapped my flanks and I picked up my pace. Fucking my wife was one of the wonders of the world. My mouth found hers, and I explored her with my tongue.

Sara started to move indicating that I needed move my cock in and out of her pussy. I slipped out before I erupted, and my mouth latched on to her pussy lips. Sara instinctively closed her legs keeping me position. My hands reached up and massaged her breasts. My tongue licked her vulva and found her clit. Sara moved every time I brushed it. I stood and brought my cock back to her pussy and slipped in. I kissed Sara at the moment that I shot. We held each other until I fell out of her. I moved off of her and relaxed, but I still manipulated her breasts, just to irritate Sara.

“Darling, if you don’t stop, I will take you in my mouth and you will not like what happens after that,” said Sara.

“Do you promise?”

Faster than I have ever seen her move before, Sara sprang like a tigress, and was on top of me. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and would not give it back. She finally relented but was still on top of me.

“See I told you so.”

“But I liked it, Sara. You can do that anytime.”

She moved down to my crotch and took my penis in her mouth. There were a few tiny bites as she sucked on my tool, but it felt good. I was ready again and she moved up and kissed me. Her free hand directed my cock into her pussy.

“Now I have you where I want you, darling. You will not cum until I give you permission,” said Sara.

She rose placed my hands on her breasts and then jogged up and down on my shaft. It felt so good to be making love to Sara. Or was she making love to me. Sara came down and we kissed.

“Darling you are free for a few days let’s get out of town go up bağdat caddesi escort north to Monterrey, play Pebble Beach,” said Sara.

“When did you make these plans Sara?”

“I think it was after we got back from New York, I didn’t want to bother you but if I don’t make these kinds of plans nothing gets done. You do not take care of yourself sir and I am here to do that,” said Sara.

Sara’s hand was not idle, and she kept working on my cock while she talked. Almost as fast as before she sprang and had my cock in her mouth. I found this ironic as I was the one who promised never ending oral sex. Sara had me erect again and I moved over her and my cock slipped into her warm pussy. My mouth settled on one of her breasts and I sucked the nipple hard, while I fucked her hard also.

“I continued to move my cock in and out of Sara’s cunt and with one thrust I shot my wad and relaxed.

The next thing I knew there was a knock on our door, and I was in the bed by myself.

“Mr. Rogers, I have breakfast for you,” said Mrs. Kelly

I looked on the clock and noticed that it was eight-thirty. We played hard but it wasn’t that hard. I announced I was awake and would be down soon. I took a quick shower and dressed so I could meet the world.

“Ms. Solsbery is by the pool Mr. Rogers, I will serve you there,” said Mrs. Kelly.

I walked out and found Sara sitting at one of the tables. I leaned down and attempted to kiss her, but she put her hand in my way. I knew I was in some kind of a doghouse, and I would be the last to know what my transgression was.

“Ok Sara what did I do to piss you off?”

“I could not get you to wake up, I could not get the service that I desire. What is with you sir?” said Sara.

“I have had a long stressful month, madam. I guess my need for sleep just prevailed this morning.”

“You see Paul I am right you do need a short trip; we are leaving at noon today. There are no excuses William is packing your bag as we speak. I am doing this because I love you,” said Sara.

I knew that arguments were over, and we were heading north. I leaned over and kissed Sara this time she let me. At about this time Paula came out carrying our breakfast. She left after serving us, but we called her back. We had her pull up a chair and sit while Sara and I discussed her job in the year she has been with us. We ended the arrangement with the agency she was with and she started to work directly for us. Overall, we gave her a grade of “A” there were a few shortcomings we asked her to work on. I proposed a twenty percent salary increase. Sara said I was nuts and proposed twenty-five. Paula shook her head.

“Look you two figure it out and tell me. I will take anything you offer. I am not going anywhere. I enjoy working for crazy people like you,” said Paula as she stood and walked toward the kitchen.

“So, we are crazy people?”

“Yes, Paul and I am the crazier of the two of us. But remember how much I love you,” said Sara.

I started to put some figures on a napkin and passed it to Sara and we both agreed to a raise of twenty percent. Our budget could handle it and we would ask that the cleaning people come twice a week.

We called Paula back out and informed her of our decision. We told her that she would need to supervise the cleaning crew twice a week. I also told her that the Wednesday of our return we would be having a dinner party for ten people. Even Sara didn’t know about this. Rene´ and a crew will be here Monday to hang Sara’s portrait. Wednesday night will be the unveiling.

“Lots of Martinis and Champagne Paula,” I said.

“What is my budget, sir?”

“Nothing over twenty thousand, just kidding keep it in reason,” I said, as Sara recoiled in horror.

“I still don’t know how much the painting cost, Paul?”

“Sara, it is a gift and how much did our trip cost?”

Sara was silent and Paula said that it would be a good party but not extravagant. She walked back to the house and I noticed that William was carrying bags out to the garage. I guess we were going.

“Paul, William will be with us as I have ruffled a few more feathers and Father wants him near me. But he will not travel with us. You are driving us sir.”

“Darling are you ready to go now?” I asked.

“Yes, Paul but I need a kiss just to reassure me that you still love me,” said Sara with a smile.

That was an easy task for me to perform as I love kissing my wife. I brought her to her feet and embraced her. I kissed her and used my tongue to explore her mouth. Sara’s hand was busy inspecting my privates.

“Just checking Paul to see if you are still interested,” said Sara.

“Darling that goes without saying,” I replied.

I held the door for her as she got in the passenger seat. I moved to the driving position and backed out of the driveway and got on the road. The navigation system came alive and gave me directions to the freeway. bostancı escort We eventually got on US 101 and headed north toward Monterey. William was taking a helicopter from L.A. to Monterey and would meet us there. The system directed us to a large private house. Where else would Sara go for a long weekend.

“It is a little small, but I think we handle it Paul,”

Small, I think that it was larger than our house, I thought. Several people approached our SUV and I opened the back allowing them to get our luggage. Sara’s door was open, and I got out and went over to take her hand. I wanted to let the staff know that I was the husband, not the driver.

“Madam, your security guard has arrived, we welcome you both to Mr. William’s House. He has told us to show you both the best,” said the man who I thought was the manager. Sara told me, Mr. Williams was a friend of her father’s, and Sara arranged for us to rent the “cottage” and staff for a few days.

“Two Martinis by the pool please sir,” said Sara in the aristocratic tone that she has perfected.

Sara grasp my hand and we followed one of the staff to the pool area. Standing waiting for us was a waiter with two cocktails on a tray.

“Madam, I will get used to this level of service,” I said after I sipped the martini.

“Don’t drink too much, I want you to really make love to me,” said Sara.

“Sara show me to the bedroom, and I will do whatever you want,” I said.

Sara finished her drink and took me by the arm and directed me to a door. We walked into a room that was the size of our bedroom. There was a bed in the center, and I embraced Sara and through her blouse I unhitched her bra. I then unbuttoned her top and removed it and the bra. Sara’s breasts were so inviting that I kissed first one then the other. I spun her around and kissed her neck. My hands worked on her slacks and soon they and her panties were at her ankles. Sara sat on the bed and I slipped first one shoe and the other shoe off. I wished that Sara’s portrait was a nude because she was beautiful without clothes. She is beautiful when dressed, but unbelievable in the nude.

“Paul why am I always waiting on you,” said Sara and then laughed.

I got between her legs and my tongue began to trace her pussy. The odor of her pussy was an aphrodisiac. I stood and dropped my pants and underwear and stepped out of my shoes. My hard cock slipped into her pussy. It felt good and the memory of that feeling was what kept my attention during the drive up to Monterey. I took my shirt off and lay on top of Sara. Her breasts felt great against my bare skin. I was still in her pussy and I was moving my cock in and out sometimes slowly sometimes fast and hard. I was kissing Sara and manipulating her breasts.

“I love Sara Jane Solsbery, and don’t care who knows it,” I said.

I felt Sara stiffen and hold her breath, and then release, I continued to fuck my lovely wife. I kissed her while my cock moved in and out of her pussy. Her arms embraced me, and she whispered that she loved me also.

“Sir will you please cum,” said Sara.

“No, I don’t think I will. I enjoy fucking you too much,” I said.

My brain had other ideas and with one thrust I felt my cock released a wad of cum in the lovely pussy of my wife.

“See I knew you couldn’t hold out. You can be a wuss sometimes,” said Sara as she kissed me.

I lay next to her and played with her breasts. She slid on top and kissed me. She moved down and took my cock in her mouth and tried to trigger another erection. Sucking on my balls and a finger probing the dark side did not cause any growth.

“Sara, relax let me catch a breath. We have been traveling for four hours and the stress might be causing my non-reaction.”

“I will not allow you to nap on me, sir, I am invoking the “Wifely Service” clause in our relationship,” said Sara as she laughed.

Sara encouraged me to flip over and I felt fingers working on my back tweaking different areas. After she finished, I flipped over and was showing signs of being ready to make love again. Sara moved down and took my cock in her mouth and tugging on my balls and I showed interest and became hard enough to have her mount me. She took my hands and brought them to her breasts.

“Mr. Rogers, I wish I could talk to your mother about your fascination with female breasts. Either she fed you too much or not enough, but every chance you get you are latched on to one of my tits. What will you do when I have to feed our baby?”

“Madam, when it comes to your tits, I regress into the mind of a twelve-year-old boy who discovers his first nudie magazine. If and when you nurse our baby I will enjoy sitting and watching, you feed him or her. Because that would be a beautiful sight,” I responded.

Sara began to jog up and down my pole, sometimes bringing herself down to kiss me. I put my arms around her back to hold her to my mouth. The feeling of her nipples on my skin drove me to cum with a large wad.

I passed out and woke later alone in the bedroom. I heard my phone play Sara’s ring tone and I dived into my pants to get the phone. I finally stroked the answer button and lifted the phone to my ear.

“So, you are alive darling. Get dressed and come to the pool. I am having a very good glass of Champagne and want you to join me. We have a party to attend,” said Sara.

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