The Dam Within

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I was still breathing hard, still hearing my heartbeat pounding with frightening sound between my ears, and I suddenly felt empty and incomplete as he withdrew from me. “What a vision…” he commented quietly, a tone of respect mixed with amusement in his voice.

Unfortunately, I could not see him. I was blindfolded, and my wrists were bound to either end of the sturdy iron headboard. My nipples still ached from when he had bitten them fiercely during our foreplay, and even though he was not touching me at that very moment, my clit was demonstrating body memory, twitching as if he was again laving it with his tongue.

“So beautiful…”

I wondered if he was talking about me, or about the fact that his cum was leaking from me. Deep inside, I wanted to please him even more, even beyond letting him use me to satiate his sexual needs, and I instinctively squeezed and pushed, causing even more of his cum to emerge from my body and sully the bed.

I still felt hot and flushed. I licked my lips, feeling dehydrated, and tugged once more at my bonds. My breathing had finally begun to slow, and my heartbeat no longer sounded quite so loud in my ears.

“I love you so much…”

He only ever said it after he was done fucking me. Actually, I take that back. He sometimes would say that once I was naked and bound and before he was pounding me with the power of a jackhammer.

I felt him moving on the bed again, then he was laying beside me, a hand squeezing a breast, his breath warm on my cheek just before it received an appreciative kiss. I honestly didn’t know if he truly loved me, but in moments like this, I honestly didn’t care.

That was when Rob took the book from my hands, placed it on the bedside table, and returned to me, rolling me to my back and kissing me directly between my naked breasts. “I hope you know that I love you,” he whispered, “very, very much.”

“I know,” I replied with a smile, wrapping my arms around him as he kissed his way up my chest and neck, over my chin, and finally to my lips. He had been slowly masturbating as I read to him, so I was not surprised to feel his lengthy, thick, incredibly hard shaft against me as we kissed.

Nor was I surprised to feel a hand squeezing a breast. Ever since my breasts had begun to develop, Rob had shown great interest in my breasts in particular, and in breasts in general. While I generally lamented having relatively small breasts, he never made me feel like they were inadequate, he never seemed to wish that they were larger. I had long suspected that he felt that way because he was my older brother, but more recently, as our relationship grew and flourished, I truly began to believe that he preferred smaller breasts, and that made me happy, because it was another way in which I could please him and put a smile on his face.

Gently, I nudged his head away and looked up to him with a desire which few could ever truly understand. He gazed back at me in the same way, squeezing my breast again and smiling at my soft sound of delight. “You just love me for my chest,” I joked with a wink.

“Can you blame me?” he countered. “It’s cute, just like you.”

It was a long-standing joke between us, which made us both laugh softly before sharing another kiss.

“I’m more than my chest, you know.”

“I know. I’ll take care of your pussy shortly.”

“Good, because otherwise I might have to throw you out.”

“Out of my own apartment?”

“Well, no, but definitely out of your own bed.”

“Not if I tie you down first!”

Just that promise alone made my heart beat a little faster. I enjoyed spending the night at Rob’s place in part because he would often restrain me, something I could not have done to in the dorms without the possibility of my roommate walking in or a friend dropping by wanting to chat or go out for a bit.

“Please?” I begged softly.

He smiled again, and after one more squeeze of my breast, he finally got up and went to the walk-in closet, his solid erection bobbing with his movements. I could hear him rummaging through his box of BDSM supplies, and just knowing that he was looking in that box was enough to make me masturbate slowly while I awaited his return.

This was the night, I had decided, when I would give him one more part of me. He already had my heart. He was the one who had taken my virginity. Rob even had one of my favorite thongs – washed, of course – hanging on the wall above the bed, proudly displayed like a prize trophy. But there was one more thing which I truly wanted give him, and I had decided that this would be the night.

My brother returned at last, laughing softly when he saw that I was slowly fingering myself. “Couldn’t wait?”

“Sorry…” I mumbled, retracting my wet fingertips over my clit and my mons before resting my hand on my stomach.

“I’ve gotta teach you not to play with yourself unless you have permission,” Rob said, more to himself than to me I think.

“Oh? Should I turn over so you can spank me?” I knew he enjoyed spanking me, kızılay escort especially while he pulled on my hair with enough force to make me arch my back.

“You’re starting to get bratty, sis,” he informed me in a slightly threatening tone. “And no, a spanking won’t quite fit the bill here.”

I watched in polite silence as Rob set the various items on the bed. He took his time, going to each bedpost to attach the nearest ankle or wrist, and soon I was helplessly bound to his sturdy bed. I was also quite wet, the feel of the leather encasing my wrists and my ankles quite sensual and promising yet another wonderful sexual adventure at the hands of my older brother.

“It’s been… what? Three nights? Four nights?”

“Four nights?” I asked.

“Since you were last here and secured to the bedposts.”

“Oh. Yeah. That was fun…” Four nights earlier, Rob had pussywhipped me for the first time, hurting me in a way I had never even imagined yet turning us both on beyond our wildest dreams. When he had finally released my ankle cuffs and bent me in half, the forcefulness of his fucking combined with the pain I had just endured in such a sensitive area of the body was overwhelming, and I had to truly fight to keep from making too much noise and alerting the neighbors that a pair of siblings were having rather kinky sex on the other side of the wall from them.

“This will be fun as well,” my brother promised. “Initially, at least.”

That was cryptic, but I could not dwell on it, because he bent over me, kissing me once more, a hand again moving across my chest. I whimpered into his mouth, and when he lifted his head away, he was smiling.

“I’ll hear more than just whimpers when I’m done with you,” he promised.

“Good!” I responded with a grin. “I’ll be quiet enough though.”

“Yes you will,” he threatened, “or else I’ll get the duct tape.”

He had once used duct tape to gag me, and I hated it, both because it hampered my voice and because when he ripped it off at the end, it truly hurt, and not in a good way. Just the threat of being gagged with duct tape was enough to ensure that I remained quiet enough despite the relatively thick walls separating the apartments.

For a long, long time, Rob toyed with me. He kissed me. He touched me. He licked me. He nibbled me. He tugged my hair. He fingered my pussy. He laved my clit. He scratched my inner thighs. He nibbled my nipples. He sucked my toes.

“Oh Rob… Please stop teasing me…”

Yet I knew that there was more, for I had seen the blindfold and the vibrating bullets when he had emerged from the closet. And probably because I had asked him to stop, he picked up the blindfold and leaned over me. Moments later, I saw nothing but darkness, so I just kept my eyes closed and luxuriated in the feel of the fake fur against my eyelids.

My brother certainly knew how to play me like a cherished musical instrument, the sounds of my growing lust filling the bedroom. He always made me feel so feminine, and this was no exception. Using only his fingers, he brought me twice toward the brink of orgasm before pulling me back despite my protests, leaving me rather frustrated and thoroughly wet.

I was almost ashamed at just how wet I had become, but that was good because it allowed Rob to easily slip each of the bullets inside me. They did not remain inert for very long, and when they came to life within me, they rumbled at a low setting, more than enough for me to notice their presence but definitely not enough to trigger an orgasm.

I settled myself, relaxing as much as I possibly could while bound spread-eagle to a bed. He was beside me, stroking my face, whispering his observations on how wonderful it was for him to see me so helpless and vulnerable. More than anything else, it was his words which furthered my arousal in that moment, knowing that my “damsel in distress” status was so appealing to him. I had always wanted to please my older brother, but especially since he also was my secret brother-with-benefits and ideally even more, I was willing to do absolutely anything which might make him smile, and I could hear the smile in his voice as he whispered his observations to me.

I was squirming, writhing on the bed and tugging at the restraints. It was in part due to the vibrating bullets inside me, but it was in part because I enjoyed the feeling of helplessness and the knowledge that Rob was the one to witness this “damsel in distress” moment. Only after he commented on it did I realize that I was making little sounds, and I smiled for him while consciously whimpering.

He kissed me while squeezing a breast. He swallowed my next whimper, then moved away from me, completely leaving the bed.

I lost track of him. Since I was blindfolded, of course I could not see him, but even though the lack of sight had heightened my sense of hearing, I also could not hear him. If he was moving around the bedroom, he was being very, very quiet about it. I kept instinctively writhing on the bed and kızılay escort bayan tugging at the bonds, reveling in the constant arousal, only slightly embarrassed at how much of my wetness was dripping into the bed. He was definitely still with me, because I could feel his eyes raking my skin, trailing the cords from the control box to where they disappeared inside me, massaging my arms and legs as they strained against the tethered cuffs, moving over my lips as if his eyes could kiss me…

Without warning, the power to the bullets inside me was increased. It was not a significant increase, but I definitely took note. The sensations were stronger, causing the bullets to clank against each other a little harder inside me. I humped the air, blushing a little at my instinctive reaction to the increased pleasure, but despite the brief moment of shame, I was exactly where I wanted to be, and I was with the person who meant the most to me on so many levels.

I felt Rob mount the bed again, then I felt him mounting me, straddling me. I could only imagine how I must have looked to him at that moment: wrists bound to either end of the headboard, blindfolded, lips parted, chest and neck and face slightly flushed, nipples noticeably erect, squirming beneath him…

I could feel a motion of some kind, but I did not recognize it. My older brother was doing something, but he was being amazingly quiet and slow with his actions.

“You look so, so naughty right now…” he said softly, the amusement quite evident in his voice.

“You make me want to be naughty,” I countered with a smile. It was true, for whenever I was around him, even if we were both fully clothed and out in public together, my body yearned to please him, even if it was only by being naked so he could simply look at me. Just being in my older brother’s presence was enough to make me immediately wet, and feeling his touch, even just a chaste touch such as his hand on my shoulder, could make me go from zero to horny in less than a second.

His left hand caressed my right cheek, then trailed down my face and neck and over my collarbone to my right breast. I had to believe that he was masturbating over me, but then I lost that thought as he pinched my right nipple rather harshly, pulling upward, causing me to instinctively arch my back to lessen the tension and the discomfort even as I groaned and felt a rush of sensation zipping down to my clit. He kept touching me, occasionally squeezing a breast or pinching a nipple, but always with his left hand, and almost always on the right side of my body.

My brother’s ability to remain absolutely silent made it quite a shock when I felt the warmth of his cum splattering me. Even though I had suspected that he was masturbating over me, it was a shock to actually feel his copious orgasm, and I cried out in surprise, naturally pulling harder against the restraints. He kept adding new lines of cum to my face and neck, only making a single sound, a satisfied groan, when he was finished.

“Oh my goodness…” I whispered. “That was so sexy…”

He dismounted me, gave my clit a quick flick, and dismounted the bed. I heard him go into the adjoining bathroom to clean himself, then heard him return. He once again increased the power to the bullets inside me, then seemed to be walking away, the bedroom door creaking as it was opened.

I lost track of time. It seemed like an eternity being bound to the bed, my own brother’s cum drying on me, the bullets continuing to clank together inside me. My arousal was definitely growing from the pleasure in my loins, from the vulnerability, from the feeling of having been used. I kept making little sounds of arousal, kept squirming, kept pulling at the restraints. A few times, I even whispered a plea for something more, but those pleas went unanswered as I heard Rob coming and going somewhat often.

He returned to the bedroom, sitting beside me and bending down to kiss me. “Please…” I begged when he sat up again and caressed my face.

“Please what, sis?”

“Please let me cum…” I knew my voice had a whine to it, and I knew that he did not particularly like that tone, but I was too horny to care.

“I’ll think about it,” Rob said with a note of finality. Despite myself, I pouted, but only for a moment before the power to the bullets inside me was increased again.

Another lengthy period of my brother coming and going. Another kiss. Another ignored plea. Another increase to the power of the rumbling inside me.

Another lengthy period of my brother coming and going. Another kiss. Another ignored plea. Another increase to the power of the rumbling inside me.

Another lengthy period of my brother coming and going. Another kiss. Another ignored plea. Another increase to the power of the rumbling inside me.

The pattern was becoming maddening. I had no idea just how much time had passed, but I would not be surprised if it had been an hour or more. I was so wet and so horny. My entire body was in constant motion, giving escort kızlay the tethers a good workout. The power to the bullets was so strong that if I remained silent for a moment, I could faintly hear them clanking together inside me.

He returned, but this time he increased the power yet again before perching between my legs and slowly licking my clitoris. My body naturally attempted to force itself into his mouth, and my loud gasp shocked even me as I struggled in the bonds, thwarted from my desire to seize my brother’s head and hold it firmly in place. “Oh fuck!” I spewed, which prompted him to lift his face away and laugh.

“No fucking,” he noted gleefully, “just teasing.”

“Stop teasing me!” I pleaded just before a fingertip along my clit caused my entire body to shudder.

Between the vibrating bullets and his attention to my clit, I was brought infuriatingly close to the edge of orgasm, but then I was held there, as if I had suddenly become a statue: unable to move in any direction, and equally unable to enjoy the moment. I was extremely frustrated, and for the first time, I even began to hate him for what he was doing to me.

I let him know that, spitting several obscenities at him.

Turning his head, Rob bit my inner left thigh, stealing my voice from the pain of his teeth boring into my flesh. I could feel the tears being absorbed by the fake fur covering my eyes. The desire to escape the unexpected pain had me truly fighting the restraints which in turn made the bed protect somewhat significantly, and as the haze of the pain faded, I became aware of something a bit unexpected:

He was laughing lowly at me as he rose from the bed, increased the power to the bullets, and once again left me alone.

I was panting, slowly dehydrating, distracted by the pain in my inner thigh, and growing more desperate for an orgasm. Rob knew – firsthand – that I adored sex, especially kinky sex, and he knew that it was almost impossible for me to go a single day without an orgasm, so he had to know that this super-lengthy period of teasing was practically killing me.

Unfortunately, I suspected that he enjoyed this torment. He simply had to be enjoying my sexual distress.

He definitely was enjoying it, for I heard him return and felt him kneel beside me. This time, he did not attempt to be quiet as he masturbated. It really made my desperation all the more consuming to hear him enjoying sexual pleasure with the near-certainty that he would enjoy an orgasm while I was quite literally stuck in place unless and until he decided to provide maximum power to the bullets or toy with my clit for more than just a few seconds.

Even though I was expecting it, I still flinched when I felt his cum land across my chest. The way he grunted semi-loudly made me picture him like a primal beast rutting into an available female and inseminating her, but that mental image only added to my carnal frustration.

He left the bedroom and did not return, adding to my feeling of being used. While I generally enjoyed it when he simply used me and walked away, it was typically after a good, long reaming so that, even if I had not been blessed with an orgasm, my need to have my body filled had been satisfied for a while. My body was definitely filled by the pair of vibrating bullets, but bullets were not cock, and what I truly needed was cock.

…and an orgasm. The frustration was growing almost exponentially, and my sounds reflected that, even to my own ears. Even I thought that I sounded like a wanton whore, even when I was not begging, and when I did beg…

At last, Rob returned. He was completely silent for a moment as I continued to writhe and twist on the bed while I pleaded yet again in a whining voice for just one orgasm.

The sound of the shutter was unmistakable, and it broke me.

I sobbed. I fought even harder against the tethered cuffs. I made the bed really protest somewhat loudly, and I did not stop until I had practically worn myself out, yet even in my exhaustion, even as I was panting like a hot dog, even with the thin layer of sweat already coating my skin, my body kept clenching around the continually-clanking bullets within me and kept writhing and twisting and humping the air.

“You’ve stopped begging,” my brother observed. “Good girl. Now you seem to be learning.”

“May I cum please?”

He sighed loudly. “Or perhaps you haven’t learned a thing yet.”

For perhaps a second, the bullets leaped to full power inside me, making me yelp aloud and causing me to practically launch into the air from the shock of the sudden intensity, but then the bullets went completely inert inside me. Even though the bullets had fallen utterly silent and still, my body kept moving, still attempting to achieve the orgasm I craved, and I began to sob again.

He tugged on the cords to remove the bullets, leaving me feeling both used and empty. I hoped the emptiness meant that a certain part of his masculine anatomy would fill me, but it was not to be, not even as I begged him somewhat loudly to just fuck the shit out of me. As he released my ankle cuffs, I thought that he just might do it – I truly hoped that he would just push my legs back with my knees practically in my chest and take me, even if he was the only one of us to enjoy an orgasm, his third of the evening.

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