The Dark Stone Pt. 04

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This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don’t worry, they’re fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters are 18 years or older. Enjoy.

Friday night was awkward in the Higgins house. Earlier that day, Sam’s mom, Joyce, had put Sam’s thing inside her again. She’d sworn she wasn’t going to do that. She looked at her Husband, Paul, sitting across the dinner table, and felt her cheeks flush with guilt.

Sam and his older sister, Bex, seemed to be having a hard time too. Joyce had overheard them having a fight shortly after Bex got home. They were upstairs and Bex had yelled at Sam, “I don’t care. It’ll never happen again. Got it?” And she’d slammed a door. Now, they weren’t making any eye contact and they both glumly poked at their food. Joyce thought it better not to intervene. Let them sort it out.

Paul was oblivious to it all. He regaled them with tales from poker nights past. Tomorrow was his monthly poker night with the guys, and he was excited. Joyce smiled and nodded at his stories.

Bex interrupted her father. “I need to get out of the house this weekend. I’m going to spend tonight and tomorrow night at Sarah’s.”

“That’s fine, honey.” Joyce tried her best warm smile, but it wasn’t as bright as usual. “How about you, Sam? Are you getting out of the house this weekend?”

“Well, actually.” Sam looked up from his plate of food. “I have a date tonight. Can I stay out late?”

That broadened Joyce’s smile.

“That’s great, sport. Who’s the lucky girl?” Paul said between mouthfuls.

“Ashley. She’s in my class.” Sam poked around his food again.

Bex rolled her eyes at Sam.

“Well, your mother and I want you home by eleven.” Paul winked at Joyce. He was such a dummy sometimes.

“Thanks, dad,” Sam said. “That’ll be great.”

“Have fun you kids.” Paul smiled at his family.

Joyce’s smile faded. She had faith in Sam, but he really needed to make it work with this girl. She thought about might happen if he didn’t. She fought off the frown that tried to form.

Both kids pushed off from the table and carried their plates into the kitchen. “I guess that means dinner’s over,” Joyce said. “Have fun you two.”

The kids grumbled back their affirmation. Paul kept on happily eating his chicken.


The next day, Sam spent the morning at the library studying. He stopped by a friend’s house for some video games and got home in the late afternoon. He wandered around the house, but couldn’t find anyone. He walked out into the back garden and found Joyce pruning the flowers. “Hi, mom.”

“Hi, honey.” Joyce looked up, she was on her knees in the flower bed, pruners in hand. “Have a good day?”

“Yeah.” Sam walked over to where she was working and leaned on the old wood fence.

“How was last night?” Joyce stood up. Her jeans were covered in dirt. Sweat stained her Harvard t-shirt. She wiped off her brow with the back of her hand. Her hair frizzed in the humidity and was generally a mess. To Sam, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. He took in the outline of her bra straps and the swell of her boobs that her frumpy t-shirt couldn’t hide.

“It went well.” Sam offered a sheepish smile. Should he be guilty telling his mom about a date? “I took it real slow. But she laughed at my jokes and she was fun to talk to. I think she’ll want to see me again.”

“That’s great, Sammy.” Joyce lowered her voice so the neighbors wouldn’t hear. “How slow did you take it?” A positive date was a good start, but she needed more than that. She needed to stop helping her son with his thing. She needed things to go back to normal.

“Slow.” Sam shrugged. “I gave her a goodnight kiss.” He lowered his voice too. “She seemed to like it.”

“Okay, honey. Well, that’s a start.” Joyce brushed off her jeans. She was filthy.

“Where’s dad?” Sam offered the phrase with complete nonchalance.

“Well.” Joyce’s eyes narrowed at her son. “He left early for his poker game.”

“And Bex?”

“She’s still at Sarah’s.” She shook her head. “I see where you’re going with this. Weekend rules apply, young man. I’m going to go take a shower and make us some dinner. I won’t help you with your thing on the weekends.”

“But I could really use some help.” Sam straightened and picked up the basket of flower clippings. Eager to help in any way. “My penis hurts, and I did good with Ashley, right?”

“Shhhhh.” Joyce stepped over to Sam and dropped the shears in the basket. “You cannot talk about this where someone might hear you,” she whispered. She looked around the fence line.

“Come on, mom.” Sam nodded toward the house. “Please?”

Joyce put her hands on her hips. She looked him up and down and sighed. “Fine. But first I need a shower.” She turned and walked toward the house.

“I don’t care about that.” Sam followed her. Clutching tightly to the basket. His eyes fixed themselves on her round butt.

“Listen to my words.” Joyce said over her shoulder.

“Yes, mom.” Sam followed her inside and into the laundry room.

Joyce güvenilir bahis unbuttoned her jeans and started to shimmy out of them. Once they were about halfway she looked up to the doorway.

Sam stood, the basket still in his hands, jaw hanging open.

“Give me some privacy, Sammy.”

“Okay, mom.” Sam didn’t move.

“I mean it, Sam Higgins. Only your father sees me naked.” She furrowed her brow. Her deep, brown eyes fierce. She was still bent over, hands on the waistband of her jeans midway down her legs.

“Okay mom.” Sam didn’t move.

“Sammy, you can’t keep pushing me like this.” She pulled the dirty jeans the rest of the way off and tossed them into the hamper. She straightened and looked at her son. His mouth agape. His bulge more than obvious in his pants. She shook her head. “What am I going to do with you, Sammy?” She reached down and pulled off her shirt and tossed it in the hamper.

“You’re so beautiful, mom.” Sam couldn’t believe his luck. There were so many soft curves to look at that Sam didn’t know where his gaze should go. Her boobs, her hips, her tummy. All perfect.

“Thank you, sweetie.” Joyce looked down at the checkered linoleum floor. Was she really doing this? “Really, I’m dirty. Go wait in your room.”

Sam nodded but didn’t move.

Joyce reached behind her and undid her bra. It dropped to the floor.

It was the second time Sam had seen Joyce’s boobs. And they were every bit as magical as he remembered. They hung down in two breath-stopping tear drops. Her areola so large and enticing. “Can I touch them?” Sam dropped the basket, and the flower clipping spread across the floor. He unbuttoned, unzipped, and stepped out of his pants. He pulled his briefs off and his dick sprung free.

“Oh, my.” Joyce looked down at his monster. “Oh … oh … kay,” she stuttered.

Sam stepped up to her and reached up. He cupped each boob and hefted them up. They were indeed heavy as he’d guessed. “I love you, mom.” He massaged them gently, feeling the swells of flesh under his fingers.

“Ohhhh. I love you too, sweetie.” Joyce was crazy for doing this with Sam. “She reached down with her left hand and stroked the head of his thing.” The glitter of diamonds on her wedding ring reminded her of her husband. “We … oohhhhh … need to go up to your room and lock the door. Your father could come home.”

“Wow, mom.” Sam couldn’t resist any longer. He lowered his mouth to her right boob and sucked it in. She smelled of sweat, and dirt, and of life itself.

“Ohhhhh, no, Sammy.” She instinctively cradled the back of his head. “We need one of your condoms, sweetie.”

Sam reached his hands down to her hips and tried to lift her onto the washing machine right behind her. She was too heavy. “Mom, could you?”

“We need a condom.” But instead of rushing for one his condoms upstairs, she pulled off her soaked panties and hopped back onto the washing machine. Sitting there, looking down at Sam, she spread her legs.

Sam looked down at the triangle of brown hair. He stood up on his toes to put his dick level with her pussy. He dropped his mouth to her left boob and licked and sucked.

“Ooohhhh,” Joyce cradled his head with her right hand and grabbed his thing with her left. “What would your father do if he found us?”

Sam lifted his face from her boob. “He’d probably murder me, mom.”

“Oh my gosh. He would.” She guided that monster into her vagina. “Don’t ever let him catch us, Sammy.”

Sam was too busy sucking to respond. Once inside her, his hips moved back and forth.

“Oh, it’s … uh … uh … happening already. I’m going to …” And with that, Joyce’s whole body shook in a massive orgasm.

Sam placed his hands on the curve of her hips. He thrust in and out.

A few minutes later, “Ohhhh … again.” Joyce spasmed on his thing.

“Oh, mom” Sam alternated his sucking between her boobs. They were so heavy and full.

Twenty minutes later, Sam looked up into her brown eyes. “I’m … gonna … I’m … gonna …”

Joyce’s eyes shot wide. She wiggled her hips to dislodge him. “Not … uh … in me … uh …”

“Mom …” Sam pulled free and sprayed her belly and boobs with his hot sticky mess. “Ah … ah … ah … aaahhhhhh …”

“Saammmmmmyyyyyy.” So much of it. And the smell was intoxicating and overpowering. Once he was done, Joyce reached down with her right hand and wiped up some of his stuff off her left boob. She put it in her mouth. So hot and salty. It tasted delicious. She looked down. Sam was fighting to catch his breath, his thing still hard. “That’s enough for now, honey. I’m going to go take that shower. I’ll have dinner ready in a little while.” She jumped down off the washing machine and sprinted out of the laundry room, hopping over the spilled basket. She didn’t like running naked, covered in sperm, through her house. But she didn’t want Sam to catch her for round two.

“Okay,” Sam said. He watched her bounce and wobble out of sight. What a view. He bent down, picked up his mom’s panties, and tossed them in the türkçe bahis hamper. “Wow,” he said to no one.


Dinner that night was just Joyce and Sam. Joyce took small bites of salmon and cauliflower.

“This fish is so good. How’d you cook it?” Sam shoveled his food into his face.

Joyce thought about telling him to slow down, but she was happy Sam liked the meal. “I baked it.”

“Well, it’s really good.”

“Thank you, sweetie.” Joyce took a long gulp of red wine. She had a lot on her mind, and the wine helped unload some of it.

“I was thinking.” Sam put down his fork and looked over at his mom. His big, brown eyes were earnest and sincere. “I don’t want to ruin it with Ashley. We had fun the other night.”

“Mmhmm?” She swallowed another large sip of wine.

“Anyway, I don’t want to scare her off with my dick.” Sam nodded for emphasis, like this was a normal sort of conversation that any mother and son could have.

“Your penis, Sammy. Or you can call it your thing.” Joyce’s wide-set eyes were so striking in the low light of their dining room.

“Well, my thing can be a little scary. Right?”


“I’d like to keep seeing Ashley, but to help me out with my … needs … well, I need an older girlfriend.” He sipped at his water. “A more mature woman that knows more about sex.”

“I will not be your girlfriend.” Joyce shook her head slowly. “All this stuff we’re doing stops very soon.”

“I know.” Sam smiled. “I didn’t mean you.”

“Oh?” Joyce picked up the wine bottle and refilled her glass.

“I was thinking you could help me to date one of your friends.” Sam’s smile widened.

“You’re crazy, Sam Higgins,” Joyce said. “Most of my friends are married. And regardless, I’d never put one of them in your bed.”

“Please, mom. It’d take a lot of pressure off. I’m sure things would go back to normal with us.” Sam knew they wouldn’t.

“No way. I’m putting my foot down on this.” Joyce drank half the glass in one swallow.

“Well, just think about.” Sam stood and carried his plate into the kitchen. “Thanks for dinner, mom. That was great. Now can we go up to my room?”

“Again?” Joyce looked at the swelling in Sam’s pants.

“Dad won’t be home for a while,” Sam said.

Joyce finished of the glass of wine. “Okay.” She stood and took Sam’s hand. She’d clear the table later. “But, let’s be quick. And you’re wearing a condom.”

“Okay, mom.” Sam felt the pleasant warmth of her hand in his. He let her lead him upstairs.

They did it in Sam’s room, with the door locked, and she never removed her blouse. Small victories. What was now the status quo, Sam plowing her vagina with his enormous thing, would have been a tremendous defeat just a little while ago. At least he was wearing a condom.

The problem was it felt so good. She’d never felt anything like it. And Joyce began to worry about what life would be like when this was all over. Would Paul really be able to give her all that she needed?

Joyce came five times riding her son. And when it was time, she dismounted him, pulled off the condom, and finished him in her mouth. She swallowed almost all of it.

Things were slipping out of control. But she was clean, showered, and ready for Paul when he got home.

There had to be a solution that would put things right again in her household. Joyce would do anything to ease the pressure with Sam.


The birds sang outside the kitchen window. The sun worked its way over the horizon. Paul was already off to his Sunday golf outing. He and the guys were getting an early start for a busy day. Joyce sat at the kitchen table wearing a conservative, blue dress. Her hands wrapped around a warm mug of coffee. Across the table, Lakshmi gossiped about the neighborhood. Steam from her own mug rose and drifted past her soft, dark eyes. Upstairs, Sam slept in.

“… and that’s what she said, if you can believe it,” Lakshmi said. She was a pretty little thing. A small nose and a wide curving mouth. Her skin was a very dark brown and flawless. Her yoga attire left a lot of skin to see. Joyce eyed her bare arms. They were thin, but toned.

“I can hardly.” Joyce’s finger tapped on her mug. A nervous tick. “Can I talk to you about something personal?”

“Of course, Joyce. What is it?” Lakshmi smiled; warm, friendly, and helpful. Her teeth very white.

“Well … It’s kind of embarrassing.” Joyce’s face flushed. “I’ve been having fantasies lately. Sex … sex fantasies.”

“Oh, girl, we all do. That’s okay.” Lakshmi waved her hand dismissively.

“They’re about a younger man. With a very big … you … know … what.”

“Well, young men have all that mythical virility. And our bodies still send us signals that we’re supposed to be making babies. I’m sure it’s normal. Anyway, after years of marriage things can get a little stale.” The steam continued to rise and twirl in front of Lakshmi. “Have you tried to spice it up with Paul?”

“That’s just it. We’ve never had more sex. Lately, it’s just been about every night,” Joyce said.

“Well, güvenilir bahis siteleri I’m jealous.” Lakshmi’s cheeks darkened just a bit. With her skin, it was hard to tell when she was blushing. “It’s been a little slow for Raj and me lately.” She sipped at her coffee. “Who am I kidding, it’s been a slow decade. We do it a couple times a month, maybe.”

“Really?” Joyce watched her friend closely. Was this really about to happen? This was even more crazy than usual, but something had to done about Sam. And it might actually be good for Lakshmi. “Well, Sam found something that might turn it around for you and Raj.”

“Sam?” Lakshmi crinkled her nose in confusion. “What are you talking about?”

“Here, I’ll show you.” Joyce stood, walked to the counter, opened a drawer, and pulled out the rock. It was incredibly black, and the red veins glowed faintly in the morning light. The telltale warmth spread from the rock, through her hand and up her arm. It felt very, very good. She closed the drawer, walked back to the table, and sat down. “Have a look at this.” Joyce held out the rock to her friend in the palm of her hand.

Lakshmi looked at it. “I don’t get it.”

“Take it.” Joyce leaned across the table. “Don’t be shy.”

“I really don’t …” Lakshmi reached out and lifted it out of her friend’s hand. “It feels weird.” She held it up and looked closer at the rock. “I feel a little strange, Joyce.”

“That’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” Joyce sat up straight in her chair and wrapped her hands around her mug again. “So, while my sex life has been great. Poor Sammy hasn’t been able to find himself a girlfriend.”

“What?” Lakshmi lowered her hand to the table, holding the rock in her palm. She didn’t take her eyes off it. “He should talk to Arjun. That boy goes from one girl to the next. There’re so many, I can never keep them straight.”

“Sammy and Arjun are very different boys.”

“That’s … true.”

“And Sammy is sort of a special case.” Joyce stood up and stepped around the table.

“How so?” Lakshmi looked away from the rock for the first time in what seemed like ages. Her gaze roved its way up Joyce’s body. Her friend was so tall and pale and … and … and busty. Lakshmi hadn’t given it too much thought before, but Joyce really had some big ones.

“Come on.” Joyce reached down with her left hand.

Lakshmi took Joyce’s hand with her own left hand, still holding the rock in her right. She didn’t want to let go of either the hand or the rock.

“Don’t worry, you can take the rock with us.” Joyce gently lifted her by the hand out of her chair.

“Where are we going?”


They walked upstairs and Joyce led Lakshmi to Sam’s room. They opened the door and stepped inside. Lakshmi watched her friend lock the door behind them. This was beyond strange.

“Sam, sweetie. Time to wake up. Sammy?” Joyce pulled Lakshmi over to Sam’s bed.

Lakshmi looked around the room. A wizard-cat-thing poster hung on the wall. Next to it was a solar system poster. And over in that corner, a Star Wars poster. Or was that Star Trek? She could never keep them straight. No wonder Sam was having trouble with girls. Sam slept in a t-shirt and briefs on top of the covers. He was on his stomach, with his pillow off to the side. He was so thin. So unlike her strong, muscular Arjun.

“Mom?” Sam rolled over. “What is it?”

“Oh, my God.” Lakshmi released Joyce’s hand and put her hand to her mouth. Inside Sam’s briefs, and stretching up under his Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt, was the most enormous morning wood bulge she’d ever seen. And she could see the outline of his balls too. The boy’s genitals were totally, horrifically, out of proportioned with the rest of him. She squeezed the rock tight in her right hand.

“We have a guest,” Joyce said.

Sam looked up at his mom, bleary eyed. And then over to Lakshmi. He smiled. “Oh, cool.” His brown hair stuck out in all different directions. “Hi, Mrs. Singh.”

“Like you asked for, Sammy.” Joyce stepped behind Lakshmi. “I thought this was best.”

“Wow, thanks mom.” Sam sat up in bed and pulled off his briefs. His penis bounced out of its confines.

It was a monstrosity in more ways than one. Such a dark, purple head. Veins that stood out and pulsed. The whole thing throbbed. Jesus, Lakshmi could see his heart beat in that thing. Danger messages flashed all throughout her brain, but her feet remained fixed to the carpet.

“Sammy needs lots of help.” Joyce’s breathing quickened. Why was she so confident in this craziness? Why was she even participating in this craziness? “His thing hurts him. He needs a woman to help him take the edge off. So he can concentrate. College is on the line, you understand. Right, Lakshmi?” She gave Lakshmi a gentle nudge in the back.

Lakshmi took a step forward.

“Could you take your top off, Mrs. Singh?” Sam scooted to the edge of the bed and put his feet on the floor.

“Good God, no. Are you kidding me?” Lakshmi shook her head, but she didn’t run. Why wasn’t she running? A warmth had spread from the rock up her arm. She could feel it pulsing to the same beat as Sam’s monster. She reached down with her hand, grabbed the bottom of her top, and wiggled out of it. She dropped it next to her on the floor.

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