The Day Hell Froze Over Ch. 02

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All grown up- 2004

Over the years they formed some sort of unspoken truce. He acknowledged the fact that she wanted him and she acknowledged the fact that he wouldn’t give in. They made up, of course, because they did love each other and they were family. There wasn’t anything stated to signal this make-up, they just followed the other’s lead.

However, things did change, more so as she became older and more confident in her own sexuality. When in public she behaved like the normal loving sister she should have been and he responded the same. When they were alone, however, which wasn’t often, Cyn’s whole manner changed, she became like a cat in heat, very flirtatious and very touchy feely. With time he adapted and accepted. There were times he would look at her as if she were crazy, other times he would look at her in a totally different manner. It was that difference that became her motivation.

Remember Janet? Well that first date wasn’t the last, but 3 years later they broke up. Two years after that he walked into a bar and there was his first love, Denise, having an after work drink. They started talking and all the old feelings came rushing back. They were dating again and he was entertaining the idea of marriage. He obtained his master’s degree and after a few years at the Kid’s Town center he decided to open his own practice. His clientele were children under the age of 18. He still wanted to make a difference and help change lives for the better.

Cynthia went to college and obtained a journalism degree, concentrating in public relations. She was now an executive agent with one of Chicago’s top public relations firm.

Oddly enough, Michael and Cyn became unusually close. It was if the secret they shared and the feelings behind them that bonded them. They actually became comfortable with one another and could address any topic that came along. The one topic never discussed, however, was their relationship as anything other than that of family. But as boys entered her life, and men left it, it was Michael she went to for advice and for that shoulder to lean on. It was Michael who brought her her first package of condoms and showed her how to use it, on a cucumber, of course. And she was the one he asked to come with him to pick out Denise’s engagement ring. A task that left her crying for hours afterward, but she hid her emotions well, for which he was grateful.

The ring she helped him pick out was exquisite. She watched it twinkle in its little velvet box as they left the diamond store. She touched it. It depressed her. It scared her.

“When do you plan on asking her?” she asked softly.

He turned away from the road and saw her holding the box as if it was priceless. She just stared, enthralled with the light that got caught in its design. Glancing quickly to the road and back to her, he asked if she was okay. She said yes and repeated the question.

“I don’t know. Well… that’s not true, her birthday is coming up and I was thinking then, after dinner.”

“Okay… hey, what are you doing tonight?”


“Let’s celebrate. I mean this may be one of the biggest decisions of your life, so why don’t we have fun with it. She is still visiting her mother in Georgia, right? So why don’t you and I go out and have fun?”

He smiled at her excitement. Stopping at a red light he turned to look at her fully. Her eyes were open and honest. There didn’t appear to be any hidden agenda, so nodding, he agreed.

“Where you wanna go?”

“Leave that to me. Just be ready to pick me up around eight. We’ll get something to eat and then go have a little fun.”

“I’m not going to regret this am I?”

“Nah. When have I ever let you down?”

“Hmmm,” he responded with no small amount of apprehension.

And that was the end of it.


She took him to the Three Way, a strip club. But it wasn’t just any strip club it was a unisex strip club, which meant both men and women danced on the stage for everyone’s entertainment. It wasn’t uncommon for customers to request a private table or back room with their significant other for 15 minutes or so after multiple lap-dances. The same rules applied at the Three Way as they would at any strip club. If you want a table you must buy a drink, no drinking then no table, and there was a two-drink minimum. Under no circumstances were you allowed to touch any of the strippers or the attendants of the night, but they were allowed to touch you.

Three Way was a very popular club and finding parking around the establishment was very hard to do. But Cyn, having visited on several occasions, knew just the perfect spot. It was on a side street behind a building directly across the street from the club. It was a small space, not normally used for parking, but it wouldn’t be illegal to do so. The location was close enough that one didn’t have to go far to reach it and best of all it was free. The only negative part about it was that you had to walk through a shadowed canlı bahis alleyway to get to it. Michael addressed that concern, but she blew it off. She said she knew how to take care of herself and the alleyway wasn’t that big. Michael still didn’t like the idea, but he didn’t bother to argue. Her denial was just another example of her stubbornness and he knew it was something she could argue about all night long.

The club was set up in a very big building. There were three levels. The first level had only female dancers for entertainment, the third level had only male dancers and the second level catered to both sexes, with male and female dancers alternating. It was the second level that was the biggest and most popular. This was the level mostly occupied by couples. This was the level she took him to. It was “Who wants to be a stripper?” night, an amateur stripper contest for each of the sexes. The winner from both sex groups won free drinks and lap dances for the rest of the night as well as a $100 cash prize.

“Cyn? Why are we here?”

“I told you,” she replied, laughing robustly, “We’re celebrating your potential engagement. Now drink the damn beer, get your dollar bills out, shut the fuck up, and enjoy the show! Woooooo whoooooo! Shake it baby! Move that ass you sexy bitch!” Cyn jumped from her seat and applauded the professional female dancer on stage.

Michael laughed and decided to follow her advice. Six beers and 34 single bills later, the contest began with the men taking the lead. Cyn did her very best to get Michael entered. She said she never took part in the contest herself, but maybe they could do it for the first time together, but he refused. As result, a 40 year old balding accountant from New Jersey won and that was mostly because he looked so ridiculous in his fireman’s hat, shaking what mother nature had apparent forgotten to give him, that he had the drunken crowd on their knees in laughter. When it was the ladies’ turn to sign up, Cyn had no hesitation. She was selected to go in fourth place. She was last.

Some of the women were actually pretty decent dancers. They ranged in ages and sizes and had something unique about each of them to gain attention. When it was Cyn’s turn he found himself suddenly nervous. He knew his baby sister, and he had no doubt in his mind that she would take advantage of this situation to make him hard and aching. He wasn’t wrong.

The moment she stepped on stage she took his breath away. She instantly had everyone’s attention. It was like something out of Flash Dance, an 80’s dance movie that took the box office by storm. The music had a high tempo with a wicked beat and she was in tune to each.

Like all the contestants before her, her entry was done in the shadows. Instead of stripping right away like some of the others, she decided to use the sensual movements of her body to capture attention. It was the way she moved her body that made everyone think of sex. The arch of her back, the curves of her ass, the clear defined tips of her nipples– large and hard, profiled by the spotlighted background.

Michael was breathless. Watching his baby sister demonstrate just how much of a woman she had become was too much for him. His eyes never left her and he watched as the lighting intensified. She walked to the pole in the center of the stage and with a moved that would have equaled that of any seasoned pro, she swirled around the top with her legs and arms as her single support. Her dark hair freed itself from the lose bun to cascade around her soft, silky shoulders.

Her eyes were sex. Her lips were sex. Her body was sex. One by one, pieces of cloth would peels its way off of her body and find its way into the crowd, teasing and tantalizing with each move. However, it was when she stepped off the stage that the crowd went wild. She made the audience part of the act. Climbing on to a chair she stood on a table and continued her dance of eroticism. Just when you thought the occupant (usually male) was about to lose it and gave in to the urge to touch, she moved on to the next table. Table by table she worked her way across the room and though her body constantly staked new territory, her eyes told a different story. From the moment she stepped on stage, all eyes were on her, she, on the other hand, only had eyes for him.

She worked her way to Michael. Despite all the encouraging, not to mention horny, voyeurs who spurred her on, all she heard was the beating of her heart, all she saw was the heat in his eyes, all she smelled was his scent beckoning her closer, and all she felt was the lust raging through her body. She was wet.

She paused at their table. Her movements became even more sensual. It was the emotion behind it all that made this section of the dance different; this dance had a purpose. And as she moved in front of him she was left in two pieces, her bra, and her panties. Turning, she presented him with her back. Her bare ass was like two round cantaloupes. He wanted a bite. The bahis siteleri thong panty had to be the greatest invention added to women’s undergarments. The crimson red color enhanced her natural skin tone.

Her silky, black hair caressed her skin as he longed to do. Her arms crisscrossed over her breasts and came around to her back as she found the fasteners that held her Victoria Secret bra together. Unhooking the prong, she slowly leaned forward as the material left her skin. Bending at the waist with her knees locked, she presented him with the most perfect view of her moist pussy. The fabric of the thong was so wet, it clanged to her, almost appearing to have disappeared in the pink flesh. There was a pucker, as if her pussy was slightly sucking in the fabric. He knew the signs- her pussy wanted to be filled.

The bra continued downward, until it left her arms. She paused. Noticing her lack of movement, he looked down between her thighs and connected with her eyes. She let the bra go. She covered her golden mounts with her hands and slowly stood upright. Then suddenly her ass dipped down and hovered over his lap. Her ass slowly dipped down further, making contact with his knees and slowly he felt her slid her ass up his thighs. He watched as the round globes caressed his pants, their peachy coloring standing out sharply against his dark denim. He felt her as slide back and forth on him, rising up until they found the hardness, her ass dancing on top of him, stroking him with each bounce and slid. It was a slow type of torture he didn’t think he could endure, then just as suddenly as she engulfed him with her heat, she left him.

Swaying to the music she stood upright and turned and faced him. Again their eyes locked. Desire was everywhere. Tilting her head back, closing her eyes, and spreading her legs, she slid down to her knees. Crisscrossed arms slowly revealed taut flesh as they moved downward until they cupped her soft bouncy breasts. Tilting her tips up she presented them in invitation, displaying herself for his pleasure and all those who watched. Beat by beat the music died away and there she remained in her pose. She was the ultimate vision of femininity and sexual sacrifice. The applause was defeating.

Michael couldn’t move. His hands gripped the arms of the chair until they were white. His nails bit into the wood. His cock was a stick and visible in this pants. The point was so define you would have though he was without undergarments, but that wasn’t the case.


Opening her eyes she lifted her head and stared into his chocolate brown ones.


He was cut off. The contest administrator’s voice broke through the air, asking for all four contestants to step onto the stage. One by one, he approached the women and in an action quite similar to the judging on Showtime at the Apollo, he introduced the women by their new stage names. Titful Tina was quite the audience favorite; her particular talent was making her breasts dance while barely moving her body, an unusual feat indeed, especially since she appeared to be a D cup. Ass-a-luscious Ashley knew her best feature. What she lacked in the breast department she made up for in the rear. She too was clearly a favorite, mostly among the ass men. Next was Tempting Tenesha. Tenesha, unfortunately, wasn’t a hit. She was subconscious of her body and it showed itself as she took center stage. It was clear that she wasn’t enjoying herself, and therefore the audience was unable to enjoy her. Finally they moved to Cynthia.

“Last, but certainly not least we have the lovely, Sexual S-I-N—Sin!”

With her tits standing at attention, she smiled as the crowd rose to their feet. She got a standing ovation. Turning to retrieve her “crown,” the administrator pulled out a diamond studded, cone-shaped bra, made socially famous by the musical seductress, Madonna, in the 90’s. Cynthia had won.

Laughing his delight, he rose to his feet with the rest and applauded her, as she deserved to be. The joy on her face was apparent to all, never more so was the sexual arousal that danced through her more apparent as she grazed upon him.

She donned the bra with pride. After redressing in just her skirt to accompany the bra, she found her top and walked through the room of catcalls and whistles and rejoined him at the table. The smile that he wore was so wide and strong, it consumed his whole face.

“You never cease to surprise me. Sexual Sin is it? I like it. The ultimate temptation. That is how I’ll think of you whenever you are a bad girl.”

She leaned close, across the small table. Her face was inches from his. She raised her left arm, calling for attention.

“You know what I want?” she asked him seductively.

“Yes, Sin. I know exactly what you want.”

She laughed, replying that he should not deny her wish then. The waitress came over and Sin requested a lap dance, in the backroom. The waitress told them room 5 was reserved for women contest winners. Once there she bahis şirketleri could order what she wanted. Rising from table, she turned to him.


Confused, he looked at her. Not sure what to say. Not sure what she was asking. Then she made it clear.

“I want you to watch.”

He exhaled slowly. He wasn’t completely certain he wanted to watch another man “dance” for her, but he rose anyway and followed her into the back.

He took a seat on the leather couch in the center of the room. In front of the couch was a black satin covered table. It was there for the containment of any props that maybe desired. There were two similar end tables next to the couch, for drinks and such. Sin stayed behind to make the final arrangements.

The bouncer for the backrooms was a big Italian with a Mohawk and a diamond earring in his left ear. He wore a dirty t-shirt with two pictures. On one side there was a woman naked from the waist down with a caption stating “Good Bush,” on the other side was a picture of president George Bush with the caption “Bad Bush.”

He stood at the entranceway looking very intimidating as they sat and waited from him to give his speech.

“Two rules- 1. You don’t touch her without her permission. Rule 2. No sexual intercourse with the stripper and no anal intercourse with the stripper. That means your cock.” He pointed to Michael. “Does not go inside the entertainer’s pussy or ass, anytime throughout the selection. If you break these rules I break you. Is that clear?”

Sin and Michael looked at each other with apprehension. Then looking at the bouncer, they simply nodded. It was clear words weren’t necessary.

“Good. We’ll be watching.” He pointed to the top corners of the room as well as the spot directly above their heads. Following his finger they saw the cameras located in each of the positions, including right over the couch they sat on. Then he left the room. Sin giggled and jumped from her seat beside Michael and proceeded to pull off her panties.

“What are you doing?” he asked in surprise.

“Preparing for the show. If we can’t touch them then I would rather touch myself.” Pausing, she looked at him. “Or you, Michael. Would you let me touch you?”

The silence was a tense one. Looking deep into her lust filled eyes, he answered. “Yes.”

Just then the door on the other side of the room opened. A woman in a sequenced black dress entered. Her breasts were spilling over the velvet like fabric. They looked to be somewhere between a DD and an F cup. Huge. Music began to filter into the room—soft, seductive music. She said one thing before she began to dance.

“My name is Jessie.” Then she proceeded to move. The sway of her hips was hypnotic. She found the beat and moved to it as she danced in front of them. There was no doubt about it—she was a pro, but somehow she didn’t seem to be able to entice him as much as Sin did earlier. Sin looked over at Michael. His glazed was fixed on the stripper, but he looked completely uninterested. That wasn’t her intent. Taking advantage of the permission he gave her a few seconds before Jessie had entered the room, Sin moved closer to him. He saw this and turned to watch her. She smiled that smile that always seemed to tell him when he was in trouble.

Leaning in close, she buried her face in his neck and inhaled. Raising her arm, she presented him with the panties she had taken off. They were red thongs, apparently from Victoria Secret also. He watched as she let them go and they fell to the floor. Then he felt her wet tongue begin to slide against his neck. Her hand moved across the couch and found his thigh.

Jessie was closer now. Her hands reached behind her and undid the clasp holding up her dress. The top half fell.

Sin hands traveled upward, along the clean lines of his muscled thighs. They stopped at the lump that appeared to grow with each passing moment as her fingers continued to dance. Moving higher she found the button that held his pants together and loosened it. Then finding the zipper, she began to pull…

The black dress fell to the ground and Jessie promptly stepped out of it. Then doing a move he only seen cheerleaders do, she fell to the ground in a split and then leaned forward, brushing her breasts against the ground. Pausing, she looked into Michael’s eyes and smiled.

The rasp of the metal wasn’t heard over the music filling the room. Her small hand reached inside and pulled out his hard cock to all watching, in the room and out of it.

Jessie moved forward on the floor. The friction it caused made her strapless bra moved down and off of her breasts, so by the time she rose up, her nipples were bare. Turning quickly in a swirl of long golden locks she moved across the floor and quickly rose to her feet.

Sin sat there mesmerized by the sight of him. A sight she hasn’t seen since that fateful night, 10 years ago. Wrapping her hands around him, she slowly began to stroke.

Reaching up to catch the sides of her bra, Jessie began to slide the bra down her body, over her hips and down her legs. Stepping out of them, she began to moved her hands all over her body, starting from her thighs and rising to her breasts…

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