The Divorcee and the Yard Boy Ch. 05

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Gloria leaned forward a bit as she watched herself put on lipstick in her bathroom mirror. She was wearing a white V-neck shirt that showed off her big tits and a short denim skirt. Her cheeks were rosy, and she felt good. Two days into her summer as a sex slave, and she was already feeling satisfied.

She had agreed to be a total slut for her yard boy, Danny, and his friend Brian, as long as they put on a show for her first. She had cum hard as she watched them go down on each other, and then again as the boys went to work on her as soon as their time was up.

Brian had let himself in early the next day on his way to a summer course he was taking at the local junior college. She had been wearing just a lacy red bra and a matching set of tight-fitting, high-cut shorts as she finished getting ready for work. Brian had given a low whistle and fondled her ass and breasts. Then he told her to take off her bra, get down on her knees, and suck his cock.

He had visited again that night, this time taking her suggestion to bend her over in front of her full-length mirror. He had made her strip down to her panties. Then he made her grab the edges of the frame while he pulled the lacy red shorts down to her knees and pushed his dick into her. He had thrust back and forth, watching her 36C breasts sway and jiggle in the mirror, until he came with a shout. Then he made her lie on the bed and use a vibrator on herself until she had an orgasm while he took a photo with his cell phone.

The summer was off to a good start, and it promised to get better.

It was nine in the evening, but Danny had called about half an hour ago and told her to get ready for him. He had specified the skirt and the top, but told her to wear something sexy underneath. The boys had really taken to her comment about her lingerie obsession.

She heard a knock at the door and went to answer it. Danny was standing there, wearing a green sweater and blue jeans. He looked her up and down and smiled.

“I gave you a key, Danny,” she said.

“Yeah, but I wanted to see you as you opened the door.”

He came inside, tucked a finger under her chin, and leaned down to give her a deep kiss. She responded eagerly, moving her tongue against his and sliding her hands up his chest and around his neck.

“Let’s go to the couch,” he said.

They sat down on the couch, she making sure to not smooth out the skirt so it would ride up her thighs. He put his arm around her, pulled her closer, and kissed her again.

In a way, she was surprised. She had expected just straight-out sex, but she was enjoying this foreplay. They continued to make out. He ran his fingers through her black curls, and she put her hands into his short-cropped sandy hair. Her body was responding to his caresses and the kisses he placed down her neck all the way down to the neckline of her shirt.

“Mmm, Danny, you’re feeling awfully amorous tonight,” she said as the passion began to consume her.

“I was out with Molly tonight,” he said. “I thought you and I could have a date that ended the way I wanted.”

Molly Fisher, Danny’s girlfriend, was a classic tease. She was happy to make out with Danny, but she pushed his hands away whenever they strayed too far into a private area. Sex was out of the question, of course. Before, when making out with Molly, Danny must have gone home and jerked himself off, but now he had a different outlet for his frustrations.

“Of course, Danny,” she said, and kissed him again.

His hand slid up to cup her left breast, and she moaned against his mouth as he began to knead the flesh through the shirt. He leaned forward and she leaned back until they were lying on the couch. Her skirt had crept up, and she spread her legs and lifted one knee to help hike the fabric up her thigh. He cupped his hand around her ass, breathing hard as she slid her fingers kozyatağı escort up under his shirt.

“Mmm, your hand feels good, Danny. Keep rubbing me. Please keep rubbing me.” Her voice lifted a little bit. She was refraining from going into slut speak; Danny seemed to want the “good little girl” fantasy for the moment.

The two continued to make out on her couch. Danny’s hands moved all along her body as he kissed her.

“Let me see your chest, Danny. Let me run my hands over you.”

He lifted himself up, grinned, and took off his sweater and the T-Shirt he was wearing underneath. She whimpered a little as he came back down to her and she felt the hard muscles under her hand.

By now his hand was up under her shirt, but he was obviously confused by what he was feeling.

“That seems interesting,” he said. She gave a little laugh and kissed him again.

“Stand up,” he said. She disentangled herself from him and stood up, facing him. Her skirt was still high up her legs, revealing a good amount of her pink panties. Her shirt was untucked.

“Let’s see what sexy outfit you’ve got on under there,” he said as he shifted until he was sitting, looking at her.

She unbuttoned her skirt and began to inch it down her legs, a little to the left, a little to the right. Before long, she had revealed a pink silk thong with a little line of bows going down the front. She turned around as she bent over to finish removing her skirt.

“Do you like it?” she asked.

“Oh yeah,” he said, “but I want to see the rest.”

She lifted her shirt up over her head and stood in front of him in just her underwear. Under her shirt, she had a short, laced-up bustier that just covered her breasts and her torso, leaving a few inches of stomach above her thong.

“Very nice, Gloria,” he said. “Why don’t you come kiss me again?”

She walked over to him and leaned forward to kiss him, giving him a good look at her breasts as she bent over. Then she climbed onto his lap, straddling his legs with her own. She kissed him again as his hands resumed their exploration.

Her pussy was nice and wet already, and she kissed him deeply as she imagined his cock in her. His hands were squeezing her tits, and she leaned into him to try and get him to squeeze harder.

He pushed back a little, and she leaned back.

“Let me watch you take that top piece off, Gloria,” he said, leaving his hands on her thighs, high up by her crotch.

She undid the bow at the top on the back side and tugged at the two halves to loosen the lacing. She unlaced a bit, pulled apart a bit, and unlaced a bit more until her hands were holding it loosely against her breasts.

“I don’t think you need that anymore, Gloria,” Danny said. She pulled it open and tossed it off to the side. Danny reached his hands up to her naked breasts and squeezed them. He pushed on her gently, and she slid off his lap and down on to the couch. He moved between her spread legs and began sucking on her nipples, drawing each of her tits far into his mouth as his tongue coursed over the skin. He came back up for a deep kiss, and she could feel his hard cock pressed against her thigh.

She reached her hand down between them and rubbed his hard-on a bit. Then she started fumbling with the button as she continued to kiss him. He moved his own hand down and finished with the button and then unzipped his jeans. She slid her hands over the bulging dick and groaned.

“I want you, Danny. I want you so much. Take me, please,” she said between kisses. Her body was warm and her pussy was wet.

He paused when kissing her and stood up. He pushed his jeans a bit and they slid down his legs. He lifted one foot and then another to pull them off. She let her eyes travel over his strong body, spending extra time looking at the küçükyalı escort long, hard shape under his boxer briefs.

He slid between her spread legs again and kissed her for a few minutes. Then he slid his hand down to her pink panties. He hooked the waistband on one side and began to pull down. Gloria lifted her body and felt the flimsy garment slide over her ass and down her legs as Danny tugged it off.

She lay there, her breasts pooling to the side and her legs spread wide, while Danny admired her.

“I love your shaved pussy,” he said. “It’s so smooth and soft.” He ran his fingers down over her pussy lips and she let out a little gasp as his hand skittered across her lit.

“Oh, you like it there, do you?” He stroked her with his thumb, and she nodded. He stroked her a bit more and her breath quickened. Then he slid a finger into her, pushing it in and pulling it out.

“How about that? Do you like that?”

She nodded again but said, “But I can barely feel one finger.” Danny smiled and slid a second one in. She let out a little sigh as he moved the two fingers together and continued to stroke her clit with his thumb. She leaned her head back against the couch and let him push his fingers in and out.

Soon, a third finger joined the other two. She gasped as her body quivered: Not a full orgasm, just the first tremor. She looked up at him as he worked her body with his hand. He was looking down at his fingers, seemingly surprised at what he was doing, even though he knew he could do anything to her.

He shifted his hand, and then all four fingers were inside of her as his thumb continued circling her clit. She was breathing hard as another little tremor hit her.

“Oh, Danny, that feels so good. Mmm, keep going. Keep going.”

He was pushing his hand in all the way to where her pelvis hit the base of his thumb. He stroked a bit more, and she felt herself start to go.

“Oh, Danny. Oh, Danny. I’m coming.” She moaned loudly as the orgasm hit her. God, that felt good. Her body shook as the feeling washed over her and her pussy squeezed around his hand. She could feel herself shaking as his hand continued to slide in and out.

She sighed as it finished. “You can stop now, Danny,” she said as she panted.

“Oh, I’m not quite ready to stop yet,” he said. She moaned. Her clit was super-sensitive after the orgasm, and she squirmed as his thumb kept stroking it. Oh, it felt too good.

Within another minute, she had orgasmed again. And a few minutes later, she orgasmed again. She was moaning loudly, breathing hard, and sweating. Finally, Danny pulled his hand out. She let out a heavy sigh, partly out of relief and partly out of disappointment.

Danny lifted his hand up to her face. “Be a good girl,” he said. She grabbed his hand and brought it to her mouth, licking and sucking her juices from each of his fingers.

When she finished, he slid back on top of her and kissed her tits for a bit longer. She recovered a bit from her multiple orgasms and slid her hands down to his cock again. This time she snagged his waistband and pulled his underwear down. His dick was hard and long and pressed against her pussy. He pulled his underwear down a bit more and then slid his cock into her. She cried out as he pushed far inside of her. He pulled and pushed, in and out, as she ran her fingers along his back and grabbed his ass.

He grunted as he kissed her some more and made love to her. His smooth shaft was making her swoon a bit as it slid back and forth.

Given the teasing Molly had given him and the foreplay on their end, she was surprised he was holding on to his orgasm so long. He had been fucking her solidly for probably ten minutes before she felt him tense. She pulled him in as far as he could go: She could feel his balls on her ass. mutlukent escort And then she moaned as his hot cum shot high into her body.

He lay on top of her, spent, and she kept her arms around him and played with his hair. Sometimes simple missionary position was nice, she thought. Especially after making out on the couch like they were both teenagers.

He kissed her breasts a bit longer and then slid his cock out of her. She sighed as she felt her now empty pussy. He sat up a bit.

“Has Brian visited you yet?” he asked.

“He did. Twice, yesterday.”

“Tell me about it.”

She told him about the day before. She told him about the lacy red lingerie, the morning suck, and the evening fuck. She told him about the mirror, the vibrator, and even the cell phone. He moved his hand down to his cock and began stroking it.

“I like those ideas,” he said. “Maybe I’ll use them myself. And I think I want to see that lingerie set soon.”

“I could go put it on now,” she said. His smooth teenage dick was already beginning to revive.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. But why don’t you sit up for a second?”

She adjusted herself until she was sitting next to him on the couch. They were in the same position they had been in earlier, except they were both naked and well fucked.

“Why don’t you play with your tits for a bit?” She moved her hands up to her large breasts, now tender from his attention, and began to push them together and pull on the nipples. He watched her, continuing to stroke himself to hardness.

After a minute, he got up and faced her. His semi-hard cock poked out in front of him, and he resettled on the couch, this time with his knees around her legs and the rest of his body standing up straight.

“Be a good girl,” he said again. The tip of his dick was a little low for her mouth, so she scooted down a bit and dipped her head. He moaned as her wet, warm mouth engulfed him. She could taste their combined juices on the shaft, and she licked and sucked as best she could from her angle. Then he started lifting himself as her mouth descended on him. His cock filled her mouth, the tip sliding up along her tongue as her lips embraced it.

“Oh, yeah,” he gasped. “Suck it, Gloria. Suck it as deep as you can.” She pushed herself down his dick even further, but the angle made deepthroating him impossible.

She pulled her mouth off briefly. “Do you want to feel your cock down my throat,” she asked. He nodded and began to tug her head down.

“Then let me readjust to give you the best angle.” He pulled back and stood up. She lay back down on the couch, except this time she arched her back over the armrest so that her head was facing backwards.

“Come and fuck my face, Danny,” she said. She licked her lips gently and then puckered them into an O.

Danny didn’t waste any time. He stood on the side of the couch and pushed his dick in. She focused on breathing through her nose and relaxing her throat. He pulled out and pushed in, a little further. Then he pulled back again and pushed in as hard as he could. She put her hands up behind him and pulled him in even further, until his nuts were laying across her face and her lips had touched his stomach.

He pulled and pushed again and again. Minutes passed as he felt the pleasure of sliding himself straight down her throat. A few times, he stopped when he was all the way in, just to feel her mouth closing in on him. He was muttering the words “fuck yes” over and over again.

“Keep playing with those big tits,” he said between thrusts. She put her hands up to her breasts and began working them over again. On a few deep pushes she gagged, but that just impelled Danny to push faster. “Good little girl” time was clearly over.

Finally she felt his balls and cock tense, and he drove in deep as he came. She held onto his ass and let the cum fill her mouth. He pulled out and she closed her mouth quickly. Her lipstick was probably a mess, she thought.

Then she sat up and faced him. He looked down at her, and, before he could say anything, she opened her mouth to show him the pool of cum still sitting there. Then she snapped her mouth shut and swallowed loudly.

She’d be sorry when summer ended.

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