The Experiment

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I had been out clubbing these last few weeks, trying to screw my name into the record books after the break-up of my marriage. I had been lucky on this last occasion and had met twin sisters. They were both extremely beautiful, 5’4″ tall and exuded an air of permanent sexuality. Claire was the youngest by about six minutes, she was a real tearaway and, seemingly up for anything. Rachel however, although extremely pleasant, was much more demure, the professional type with her head securely on her shoulders.

I am a professional sound recording engineer with liberal opportunity to use the sound studios free of charge. My hobby however is hypnotism and for months now I’d been cooking up a very interesting idea that I really wanted to try out. Hypnotism, through ‘Subliminal Message Transference’. The whole idea was that I could suggest things to a person deeply enough that they would obey my instructions implicitly, all at the use of a trigger word that I’d implant into their subconscious mind.

The twins seemed to be the perfect opportunity for me to try out my little ‘experiment’. During some free time at the studio I began to hatch my little plot. Firstly I recorded my voice in a smooth baritone, gently laying the instruction that whomsoever was listening to the music on this tape would love it so much that the subject, would need to have a copy of their own. I continued to lie this deeply into their minds, changing the way that they were told but always imprinting the same message. Next I lay some very catchy trance music over the top of my voice so that only the music could be heard by the conscious mind. The message however would, I hoped bury itself deeply into their subconscious. I repeated the process using the same music but this time, the subliminal messaging was far more explicit. It instructed the listener to obey my voice whenever I used a trigger word. I made several copies of each and returned home, ready to try out my plan of action.

I’d already invited the twins over that evening for a home cooked meal and drinks. They knew that I’d been mixing some music tapes and I’d told them that I’d appreciate their input and critique. They arrived promptly at eight and I played the first tape immediately as background music, knowing that the longer they listened, the more likely it would be that the subliminal messaging would take effect.

After dinner, I poured us all some drinks and played the tape again but louder, asking them both to listen carefully and make any comments afterwards.

The sincan escort first tape worked wonderfully and both girls asked me if they could have copies to take with them. I agreed readily, handing them both the second tapes with the order to obey me subliminally working on them.

They left about midnight, promising to return for another evening of drinks and cards the following week. I knew that they’d be listening to the tapes throughout the week that followed and hoped intently that my trigger would work the next time that we all met.

The next weekend.

True to their word, the girls returned the following Saturday evening and we chatted inanely about all and nothing. The trigger word that I’d implanted was ‘Poker’ and sure enough, as soon as I suggested we play it, they both seemed to get a far away look in their eyes. They seemed to return to normal, yet each was eager to agree that we played. I wasn’t sure if the trigger had worked so, I suggested that we make the game interesting and play strip poker rather than the ordinary type. Once again at the mention of the word poker, they both seemed to glaze over a bit and, once again they agreed readily. Still unsure of myself, I decided to try a little auto suggestion to see if they would obey my instructions. I made a vague comment about it being very warm in the flat and wouldn’t they feel more comfortable if they stripped to their underwear?

Much to my glee and excitement, both girls stood up and stripped of their outer layer of clothing. I was certain now that my trigger had worked and decided to have a little fun.

We began by playing strip poker, as agreed, but no matter what cards I held, the girls always believed that I had won. Slowly but surely, I watched as they peeled off item after item of clothing until both were naked as the day they were born. Having reached this point in the game, I suggested that we continue to play but that if the girls lost again, they would have to accept a forfeit of my choice. Without hesitation, both girls agreed and giggled at the thought of what they might be gambling away. I decided to lose a few hands, just to make myself more comfortable and soon I was sitting in just a t-shirt and my boxer shorts.

Claire, being the most receptive and open minded of the two in everyday life, was the girl I chose to lose first. She looked over at me questioningly and said, “So, what’s it to be then?” My mind was agog with possibilities but, at this early stage, I decided not sincan escort bayan to push things along too quickly.

“Put my tape on, would you? Then you can do an erotic dance for us both to enjoy. Your first forfeit will last for five minutes.” I said to her, sounding more confident than I felt. Immediately and without argument, Clair started playing the tape and the rhythmic dance beat of my compilation filled the air. As if she were a professional lap dancer, her lithe body began its sensual movements as she swayed and rocked her limbs in front of us. Graceful and yet erotic moves burgeoned from her torso, as she began to bump and grind her body. Her hands started to caress her skin, starting at her neck and moving slowly down over her pert breasts. Her nipples reacted suddenly, rapidly becoming erect and tensile. She continued her caress, lowering her hands until they were tickling her inner thighs. She bent in front of me as she did so, her pussy only inches from my face. I could see her lips beginning to glisten as her fingers brushed over them. A faint whiff of her juices reached my nose, tempting my olfactory senses teasingly. Without a word, she knelt right in front of me, bending backwards and arching her back, exposing her delicious mons to me. Her fingers eased her lips apart and… she stopped. “That’s my five minutes. Let’s play another hand.” Throbbing deliciously, my member strained against the material of my boxers as we sat to play the next hand. I decided to turn my attention to Rachel this time and, sure enough, she lost the next round. “I suppose that means that it’s my turn to forfeit.” She commented coolly. “You’ll have to give me a chance to top my sister’s performance though.” She said brazenly, as she stared right into my eyes.

“Okay Rachel, then your performance will be to masturbate for us. Right here on the lounge floor and again, for a full five minutes. The challenge though, will be to see if you can make yourself orgasm within that time.”

Rachel didn’t even bat an eyelid, as she lay herself on the floor in front of us. She began by caressing her entire body, sending frissons and shivers down her spine. They in turn made her jump in little jerks as she reached down to start working her pussy for us. Her digits worked expertly on her ever moistening mons. Gently at first, waking the sleeping monster that lay within. Gradually she began to insert her fingers, one at a time, pumping in time to the music. Quicker and more energetically as she escort sincan progressed, until she was thumping four fingers in and out of herself, ferociously beckoning her orgasm to come. Just as her time was nearly up, she bucked violently, moaning and grunting with passion. Release came in the form of a scream as her pussy juices flowed freely over her hand. She gasped and drew in breath as if she were drowning. Gradually allowing herself to return to her calm and peaceful self. “How did I do?” was all she said, as she grinned up at me happily.

“Very well, my sweet.” Was my reply. I turned to the two girls and said, “How about one more hand, but this time winner takes all. Whoever has the highest hand gets the other two as their sex slaves for the night?” I needn’t have worried as the affirmative response I got was both immediate and sincere. We played the hand out and, of course I beat them both. “Well then girls, I think we should start with the two of you putting on a little show for Me.” Moving the furniture from the middle of the room, I continued, “I would like you both to make love to each other while I watch. Be sure to make each other cum and once you have, we’ll take it from there.”

No sooner had I uttered my last word but that Rachel leaned forward and planted a long, deep French kiss onto her twin sister Claire’s inviting mouth. Claire responded passionately and grabbing Rachel by the hand, she led her to the middle of the room, laying her gently onto the shag pile carpet. Pressing her boobs into Rachel’s flesh she proceeded to massage her body in that way whilst, all the while kissing and licking other areas that were afforded her. Rachel responded by manoeuvring her face between her sibling’s thighs. She nipped, bit, licked and nibbled until her mouth found Claire’s moist honey pot.

The instant that her nose plunged into this treasure trove, she redoubled her efforts as her tongue went into overdrive. Claire was caught by the ferocity of this attention and, in no time at all she was bucking like a bronco on her twin’s face. She exploded as her orgasms fired through her body. Six, eight, twelve times her cunt exploded with sheer ecstasy. As she began to recover, she started her own onslaught on her sister’s mound. No more delicate teasing, there was a score to be settled.

I watched in awe as Claire found each and every hot spot in Rachel’s vagina. She pulled, she tongued, and she fingered her twin for all she was worth until, as she nipped on the throbbing clit that was there in her mouth, Rachel finally succumbed. Their goal achieved, the girls stopped their performance and hugged each other closely. As if one they both looked up into my eyes, simultaneously cracking a sexy, cheeky grin. Together they purred up at me. “Did you like the show?”

To be continued…

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