The Face-Painter Ch. 11

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“Oh fuck, Mom, I can’t believe you can swallow the whole thing like that,” I uttered as I looked down at my mother lying between my spread thighs. A luxurious warm feeling had roused me from my sleep, only to find my sexy stacked mother nestled snugly between my legs, with over 10″ of my rock-hard prick buried deep in her massaging throat, her soft lips nibbling hungrily around the shaved base.

“Mmmmmm,” she purred as she wiggled her head gently from side to side, the silky tissues lining her throat sending exquisitely titillating sensations right through me. In the warm amber glow from the bedside table lamp we’d left on, I watched her as she slowly drew back, her succulent red lips pursed forward as she sucked on my engorged love muscle, her saliva leaving a glistening trail on the gnarled veiny surface of my pulsing erection as she retreated.

My eyes flicked quickly over to the clock next to the bed: 6:33am. I knew after our wild night of incestuous debauchery, or more like incestuous enlightenment, we had finally fallen asleep shortly after 2:00am. I didn’t remember a thing after my mother nestled her body next to mine, those warm soft breasts of hers pressed against my side. I had fallen into an exhausted dreamless sleep, until just moments ago.

“Oh God, Connor, I love your cock,” she cooed lustily as her mouth came off the broad flared crown, a wickedly teasing strand of saliva bridging the gap between the dark enflamed head and her soft red lips. She looked blissfully happy and yet rapturously hungry at the same time. Still dressed in the gorgeously accentuating singlet and white thigh highs, she looked sexy as hell; even more so since I knew it was my own mother lying between my legs, slavishly eager to continue sucking my cock.

“How… long have you……”

“Long enough,” she interrupted, her warm tongue sliding forth and licking up the underside of the broad thick shaft. “I woke up and let my fingers do a little exploring. Fortunately I found my favorite new toy was about half-hard and seemed to be begging for me to play with it. I eased myself between your legs and I’ve been sucking on it for about twenty minutes now. I would have been content to just stay there all night if you hadn’t woken up.”

“Twenty minutes!” I burst out, totally exasperated. “No wonder I feel like I’m about to cum already.”

“Yeah, it didn’t take long for this beautiful monster to get like this again. I can’t believe how hard you get. I love the feel of it sliding down my throat when it’s like this.” She paused with one hand wrapped around my near-to-bursting fuck-stick and gently stroked it towards her waiting mouth. “You’ve been feeding me a steady flow of pre-cum for a while now. If you feel like you’re close to cumming, just let it go. I’m ready for it anytime.” My mother’s illicitly nasty words sent a shiver of desire right through me. It sounded like my silky pre-cum had only whetted her appetite for more. She had that hungry look in her eyes again and I knew she was as eager as I was to have me fill that pretty mouth of hers.

“Well, you better get back to work then,” I said with a coy smile on my face as I reached down, put my fingers on the back of her head and pulled her mouth back towards my engorged needy cock. It was so hard that it looked angry and menacing, more like a bludgeoning weapon than a smooth cylinder of love-meat. She didn’t need any coaxing from me and eagerly opened her lips into a nice inviting “O” before slipping them back over the flared contours of the bulbous knob and quickly sinking downwards. I watched as she tilted her head in the way she’d done earlier, allowing her to let the long thick shaft disappear inch by inch into the hot buttery confines of her enveloping throat. I felt her take one of her hands and pull gently on my large nuts, her slim fingers eager to coax as much of my precious seed out of my rejuvenated balls as she could get.

As she started to bob smoothly up and down over the full length of my surging erection, I laid back and closed my eyes, my mind for some reason going to the little encounter I’d had with my mother’s sister, Aunt Julia, just before our date tonight. As I thought about how sexy she’d looked in that little golf outfit of hers, I pictured how sinfully wonderful it would be to have both of them in the same bed with me, two sets of lips worshipping my beefy prick, or their similar sisterly faces lying side by side, eagerly waiting for me to do a thorough job of painting both of them. As I thought about kneeling over them and stroking my thrusting prick towards their sweet mature faces, that teasing image was all it took to send me right over the edge, especially after the twenty slumberous minutes of sucking my mother had already subjected me to.

“OH FUCK, MOM……I’M GONNA CUM,” I groaned as the exquisite tingling contractions started to twist through my midsection. I looked down through slitted eyes as she bobbed her head a couple of times more and then brought her mouth back until her stretched red lips sincan escort were locked just beyond the thick ropey band of my corona, the massive crimson crown locked within her vacuuming mouth. As the boiling cum rushed up the throbbing shaft, I looked down at her as I felt that first thick rope burst forth powerfully, pasting itself forcefully against the hot wet tissues deep inside her sucking mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned in bliss as I started to flood her hot wet mouth. I shot again…….and then again as I continued to unload, her mouth filling with my thick milky cum. I noticed she had slipped one hand between her legs to pleasure herself and I could see her trembling in ecstasy, her own orgasm overtaking her as she continued to suck ravenously on my spitting prick.

“Oh fuck….that feels so fucking good,” I groaned as I surrendered myself to the exquisite sensations her hot wet mouth was providing me. I shot and shot, wondering if I’d ever stop, but never wanting it to end as she sucked and licked at the sensitive enflamed cock-head. I could see little trickles of silvery cum leaking from the corners of her succulent red lips as I absolutely flooded my sexy mother’s hot oral cavity. She swallowed, and I heard her moan in delight as the silky nectar slid smoothly down her throat….and then she swallowed again as I filled her mouth once more, my viscous cream finding a happy home deep in the pit of her stomach. I pictured her sharing that mouthful with Aunt Julia, the two of them swapping my milky semen back and forth in a snowballing exhibition that I knew I would love to see. I thought of their lips pressed wetly against each other’s, my creamy seed moving from one loving mouth to the other while gobs of my silvery love clung to their red lips wetly, nastily, with each one of them wanting more. With that vivid image in my head, another delicious pulse went through me and I fed my mother a few more shots before I felt the final tingling twinges go through me as the last shots of creamy cum shot forth, eagerly vacuumed up by her sucking mouth. Oh man, what a way to be woken up.

“Oh God, I love the taste of that,” she said as she withdrew her mouth from my spent prick and gave it a last loving kiss on the tip. I watched in an ecstasy-riddled daze as she circled her tongue around her red lips, gathering in the rest of my pearly cum that had leaked from the corners of her mouth and was clinging erotically to her chin. “Now, I think we both need a little more sleep.” She crawled up next to me and snuggled in, that gorgeous lush body pressed to me once more. Within seconds, I felt myself drifting off…….

The next time I woke up, I was stirred by another warm delicious feeling on my cock. My eyes flicked open and I looked down to see my mother once more, still clad in the snug white singlet and thigh-highs, this time sitting cross-legged between my legs with her two hands working on me. “What the fuck?” I asked as I pushed myself up onto my elbows.

“Hey Sleepyhead; somebody sure is a sound sleeper. What’s wrong, did Mama wear you out last night?” she asked teasingly, a devilish twinkle in her eye as she continued to slowly slide her gripping hands up and down my brick-hard erection. I could see her hands and my prick were shining with lube, and that wonderful smell hit my nostrils, turning me on immediately. I looked beside her and saw an open jar of Vaseline: Baby-Fresh Scent, my all-time favorite lubricant of choice. I had used that whenever I jerked off for what seemed like forever, and the delicate powdery scent never failed to set my libido aflame. And now here was my sexy mother, using it on me herself, where up to now I’d been the one using it on myself while she’d been the object of my fantasies and jerk-off sessions. Fuck, how much better could my life get!

“Wha………what time is it?” I asked sleepily as I tried to shake the cobwebs out of my head.

“It’s just past 10:30. You’ve been sleeping like a log. You just looked so sweet, I didn’t want to wake my little baby,” she said as she gave me a little smile.

“Little?” I asked as I flexed my groin muscles, making my thrusting prick push against her stroking hands.

“Mmmmmm, I guess ‘little’ baby was a bad description,” she said as her slick hands continued to move insistently up and down.

“So how long have you been doing this?” I asked curiously, happy to sit back and let her use her magical hands on me as I slowly came back to the living from a wonderfully sound sleep.

“Well, I woke up and had to pee really bad. I thought I’d just come back and get some more sleep. But when I came back you’d rolled onto your back, and there was this big tent-like structure in the middle of my bed.” She looked at me and made an innocent face, showing me those big doe-like blue eyes of hers. “I wondered what could make such a thing, so I figured I’d better investigate; after all, I wanted to make sure my baby boy was okay. So, I slowly drew the sheet down off of you, and lo and sincan escort bayan behold, guess what I found?”

“Why don’t you tell me, Mom?” I said, playing along with her.

“Well, I found this beautiful thing,” she replied, punctuating her words by leaning forward and giving my steel-like cock a kiss on the tip. “I just sat for a minute and watched it, slowly bobbing up and down with each beat of your heart. It seemed to be asking for some attention, so I couldn’t just leave it alone like that, bobbing up and down, beckoning me to reach out and touch it.”

“Oh, I see.”

“So I thought, how can I make this even nicer for my baby boy? And then I remembered when I’d watched you, and how much you loved the feel of this Vaseline as you stroked yourself; up and down…..just like this.” She moved her gripping hands teasingly along my pulsing rod, adding a slow torturous corkscrew twist as she moved her glistening hands all the way down to the base and then started back up again.

“Oh fuck,” I gasped, her delicate hands feeling absolutely fantastic as she slowly pumped away at my thrusting erection. I looked down at her shiny hands working their magic as she stroked insistently, teasingly, back and forth along the full length of my ten hard inches.

“So, in answer to your question, I’ve quietly been doing this for about fifteen minutes now. I just took it nice and slow so I wouldn’t wake you up. Do you like it nice and slow like this, sweetie?”

“Oh fuck, Mom, I love it,” I confessed as I fell back against the pillows beneath me, once again surrendering myself to the exquisite pleasure she was bringing me. Her slowly stroking hands felt amazing, but I still felt a little bit guilty that I wasn’t doing anything for her. I reached towards her. “Mom, how about I take care of you at the same time?”

“Not this time, Slugger,” she said with a slow shake of her head. “I just want to keep doing this. I love the feel of it in my hands. It’s so hard…..and so big….I love it. Plus, I want to see it shoot. So don’t you worry about me, I’ll make sure I get my fill……if you know what I mean.” We both gave a little chuckle at that, and then I slowly receded back into the peaceful comfort of the soft pillows beneath me and threw my arms over my eyes, letting her do whatever she pleased. “That’s a good boy, just lie there and let Mama do what she wants.”

So I did. I lay there while I felt her hands work their slow torturous magic on me. She was amazing, and knew absolutely what to do with a rock-hard cock in her slick hands. One minute she’d be slowly using both hands in that merciless corkscrew motion, and then she’d switch to something else, like pushing all the way down from the tip to the very base with one hand, and then immediately follow that up with the second hand as soon as the first hand pressed down around the hilt. And then she’d do something else, slowly drawing hand over hand from the base all the way off the tip, in what I like to call ‘pulling the boat to shore’. She did each different motion slowly, teasingly, with the perfect amount of gripping pressure and mercilessly heightening friction; keeping my boner absolutely rock hard while she tortured me with those slow consistent strokes. And then she surprised me by almost stopping completely with just one hand wrapped around the base. I felt a gentle tickling on the sensitive tissues of my glans, and then the pressure increased. I realized she was using the fingertips of her other hand to gently pull upwards around the edge of the thick purple corona and across the pebbly tissues of the glans as she concentrated on the head.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned again as she had me absolutely climbing the walls with anguished delight. She switched hands and repeated the teasing stroking of the enflamed crown with the slim fingers of her other hand. I could feel the muscles in my stomach quivering with need and the anticipation of a tremendous orgasm I knew would come eventually—but not before she wanted me to.

“You like that, eh Sweetie?” she asked in a soft lulling whisper.

“Oh God, Mom, it feels fantastic……all of it.”

“I can tell; you’re leaking like crazy.” I drew my hands off my eyes and looked down to see her lean forward and lick the oozing pre-cum seeping from the wet red eye, her raspy tongue feeling heavenly as it rubbed over the sensitive membranes of the broad mushroom head. I could feel her warm breath caressing my knob as she got nice and close. “What a beautiful cock you have, son. So thick… hard. I’ve been waiting a long time to get my hands on it like this. Just lay back and think about whatever you want…..or whoever you want…..that’s fine with me.” Oh man, here was my sexy mother, giving me an incredible hand-job and giving me permission to fantasize about whoever I wanted……her gracious attitude was abso-fucking-lutely amazing!

So fantasize I did, as her warm slick hands continued to slowly….mercilessly torture me as they insistently stroked escort sincan back and forth. I first thought of Marta, the buxom waitress at Gabriel’s, and her voluptuous 36Es. I knew on our double date with Andy and her sister, Silvia, I’d likely end up getting my hands on those two beauties. While I was thinking about Marta and how she’d acted Friday night, my mind immediately went to my neighbor, Margaret, and how I’d fucked her silly that night; dumping a number of loads either into her or onto her. Man, she was a hot insatiable MILF, that’s for sure. She was a perfect willing neighbor to have when you just wanted to get off, with a great mature body that she knew how to use, and display to its best advantage in all that sexy lingerie she had.

As my mother switched her unrelenting slow hand motions back to that pulling the rope thing, my mind flicked over to her sister, Aunt Julia, and our little provocative exchange about our upcoming golf lesson. Just seeing her in that tight little golf skirt and the way her sizable tits strained against her tight-fitting top had me wondering what she’d look like in the type of lingerie Margaret and my mother seemed to have a fondness for. I knew Aunt Julia could equally fill out a nice snug corset or bustier like they could. It made me want to have that golf lesson as soon as I could. The idea of burying my club deep into a hole had my prick give another pulsing surge.

“Mmmmmm, so big,” my mother muttered as her slippery hands switched to that slow singular downward stroke… hand at a time….all the way from the broad flared tip down to the smooth shaved hilt. Hearing my mother’s soft warm tone reminded me of my youngest sister, Zoey, who looked and sounded like a younger version of my mother. Zoey…sweet Zoey….what an eager student of cock-sucking she was. So willing, so enthusiastic; a horny perverted older brother couldn’t have asked for a better little sister. And those tits of hers, those round full 36DDs, I was just waiting to get my hands on those. I knew that at our next “lesson”, I’d be spending some serious time with my hands on those incredible young guns. I hoped our next time together would be sufficiently long enough for me to help her lose that cherry of hers too. I could just picture pulling off those sweet virginal panties of hers, spreading her wide open and having her scream in ecstasy as I fed inch after thick hard inch deep into her tight wet pussy, stretching and stretching the hot pink tissues inside her until she twitched and bucked through a number of spine-tingling orgasms.

Picturing pounding my rock-hard erection all the way to the hilt inside my baby sister and watch her lush young body twist and buck against me was all it took to send me over the edge. I was absolutely climbing the walls with the need to cum, and my mother was finally letting me. I looked down as she leaned forwards, her wonderful hands now positioned one above the other on my thrusting erection; both of them continuing up and down in that slow unrelenting corkscrewing motion now. I felt my balls quickly draw up close to my body just before the boiling semen in my overflowing nuts started to speed up the shaft of my throbbing prick.

“OH FUCK, MOM, I’M GONNA CUM!” I warned as I dropped my hands to my sides and clutched the sheets tightly as I felt the onslaught of a tremendous climax, my stomach muscles contracting as the pleasurable sensations started to course through me.

“That’s it baby, cum for Mama.” My mother’s sexy voice shot right to my surging libido as I watched her. She had leaned far enough forward that her face was right over my engorged cockhead, just a couple of inches away, right in the firing zone. The first thick rope of milky semen shot forth hitting her flush on her left cheek. I watched it hit forcefully and then fall onto my abdomen, but not before leaving a sizable silvery gob clinging to her smooth skin. A second shot burst forth hitting her on the nose and forehead before dangling downwards in a lewd erotic display.

“Oh yes,” she moaned lustfully as I continued to shoot, wad after thick creamy wad spurting up to hit her lovely face, some sticking to her and some falling back onto my body and her slick jacking hands. She moved closer and directed her pumping hands from one side of her face to the other, the thick ropes of cloudy jizz spattering onto her smooth warm skin as it clung tenaciously against the force of gravity. I continued to unload, loving the sight of my gooey seed hanging off her face.

“Oh fuck, Mom, that feels so good,” I groaned loudly as her magical fingers continued their incredible stroking, drawing out more and more of my thick potent seed. I kept shooting, the wads of spunk now covering her face as she pumped out every last drop I had. Her slippery hands kept stroking until I was drained, her face once more covered with a mess of my milky semen. Finally, with a surging twinge, I felt the last few shots spit forth, the final gobs clinging to her already cum-covered chin. Knowing I was done, for now, she slowed the movement of her pumping hands and looked up towards me, a look of pure bliss shining from her vivid blue eyes. She looked incredible, her face covered with my spunk as she leaned forwards, multiple gobs and strands of my thick cream hanging from her pretty face.

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