The Family Glory Hole

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John and his sister Erica were still asleep when their father pulled into the gas station. The trip took twelve hours and they still had six more hours left. Their bodies were contorted and twisted as they slept through most of the trip. Visiting family was always like pulling teeth for both of them, and the car trip did not make it any better. Sleeping was their only trick to survival.

Both John and Erica were seniors in West Lake High School. John was nineteen and a year older than his sister Erica. John was held back on purpose when he was in the fourth grade. His parents thought it best that they let his body build up so his football prospects would be better when he got older.

After the devastating knee injury his freshman year took all hopes of playing any level football away, John still had hopes he could at least get into college. Although he was a former jock, it did not stop him from hanging around practice or showing up to the games. The team was his family, and even though he was not playing, he was still a member.

The sound of a car backfiring woke John up from his twisted sleeping state. He opened his eyes to find that his father stopped at a small local gas station. Looking out the window he saw his mother walking into the store. Checking his phone for messages, he sighed at the time being only 1am.

The lights from the station sign were barely lit and the name of the gas station was hand painted, and was not even lit up. John stepped out to see the door of the gas station close behind his mother as she walked in. John also saw that his father was pumping gas and was now deep in conversation to the man whose car had just backfired. Seeing his father distracted by the conversation he was having about what could be wrong with the man’s car, John walked into the store.

The store looked like it had not been cleaned in a year. The cases of soda were piled up in random spots and were covered in dust. The store still had all the junk food and snacks, but nothing was organized. After a very quick look, his bladder took over. There was no sign for a bathroom anywhere. There was a set of doors in the back he saw, but was kind of out of the way to be a bathroom. The sound of one of the doors locking made him think it could be just another small redneck gas station. John heard another sound of a door closing and thought that his mother was using another bathroom.

The moment John walked in the room he saw a plain wooden board on the wall. The plain white room was covered in graffiti and stains. There was a very small toilet that looked somewhat clean. Quickly relieving himself, John flushed and thought about what the board was for.

With his pants still unbuttoned, John contemplated why there was a board hanging on the wall. When he heard something slide behind it, John followed suit and slid his board out of the way.

The hole to the bathroom next to it was dark, and before John could do anything a hand appeared. He was about to say something but it reached straight for his prick which he failed to put away. John knew what type of rooms he was in and saying something could spoil it, so he kept quiet.

Joan and her husband enjoyed an active, kinky sex life. He was a trucker, and Joan was wild. So wild she enjoyed giving blow jobs. Not just any type of blowjobs but with random anonymous guys. The not knowing what they looked like or anything about them made it that much more of a turn on.

Joan knew her husband enjoyed it too, and when he pulled into their favorite spot when they first met, she was quick to nudge him that she wanted to please him in the place they met.

Joan was quick to make sure the kids were sleeping in the back as she made her way to the bathrooms. Once there she heard the sound of her husband pissing, and knew it was time to remove the board.

Joan cut the lights off, and removed the board waiting for him to do the same. She peered in to see his cock close enough to grab, and she did.

Feeling like he was in porno brought life to his dick. With his soft dick hanging out of his pants, John stood in disbelief. The moment of truth happened when the hand reached in and grabbed John by his member. Holding onto the wall as his flaccid cock was pulled through the opening of the wall and he was now staring at the wall.

The feeling of a warm mouth encasing his prick sent shivers though John’s body. It was like nothing he experienced before. John only had a few girlfriends, but most of them were prudish and virgins. The furthest he got with a girl was feeling his last girlfriend’s breasts. Now an unknown warm, wet mouth took his entire prick in her mouth. The soft feeling of her tongue encircling his cockhead caused it to jerk and pulse with excitement.

John let out a low moan as she took intense pleasure of slurping on a cock. She licked the bulbous head as she knew her husband liked as she pushed in his piss slit with her tongue. Going back and forth on his shaft Joan hit her etimesgut escort stride.

John could feel the tongue hit all the right spots as this unknown mouth seemed to know how to get a man off. He put his hands on the wall the moment he felt her mouth go back and forth on his manhood. John tried everything he could to hold back, but the feeling he was getting was making his blood pump hard to his member.

John heard the low moan from this woman through the hole, and knew that she was liking it just as much. The way her mouth went back and forth, and twisted at the right spot to hit his sensitive head was just too good to hold back any more.

Joan could feel the cock in her mouth get stronger and harder, and she knew all too well that her reward was about to be shot into her waiting mouth. Joan also knew her wet pussy was screaming for attention as it dripped with lust. Her mouth worked on the shaft hard making her lips grip its slippery girth.

The pulsing was quicker than Joan had felt in years and she decided to let it burst right on her tongue. She moved off the throbbing prick at just the right time to let the hot cum flow right onto her tongue.

John moaned loud as he felt his cock give away its precious white reward to the mouth sucking it. He felt the air hit his orgasming prick as he sent forth its first wad of spunk.

Joan had her mouth open when the first hot blast of salty cum hit her tongue. It was not the usual amount though. Joan had her mouth open, and her eyes could not see the amount her tongue was receiving. She did not swallow but knew that she just got a large dose of male jizz right on the center of her tongue. It did not stop there though; another spurt was followed by another. Each successive rope of warm cum hit her tongue to the point Joan needed to swallow.

Joan had to put her mouth on the erupting cock immediately after she gulped down the first three quick spurts. She felt more, but it was nowhere near the amount from the first three. As the last of the warm cum hit her taste buds, she felt her own orgasm soak her panties.

“Oh honey, you haven’t given me that much in years,” Joan commented as she got up from her knees.

“Mom!” John cried out as he realized the person on the other end was his own mother. He felt both guilt and horror at the fact his mother swallowed his entire load. His mind was a rush with both emotions and fear.

John stepped out trying to escape the fact his mother sucked his cock. He saw her exit the stall next to his just as quick as he left. “John what the fuck where you doing in there? Oh my God, what have I done? That was for your father.”

Joan and John both looked on as they saw the door to the store open. Joan saw her husband enter, as John saw his father come in and expect the blowjob he got instead.

Joan walked over very quickly to her husband. “It’s disgusting in there, I will make it up to you when we get home,” she whispered, making sure her son did not hear.

John sat in the car mortified. He knew his mother was the same as she refused to even make eye contact with him. All in his mind he tried to think about how disgusting it was, but he knew it was only that way because of his mother doing it. John put on his ear buds and zoned out the best he could, knowing that this was a secret never to spill from his lips. The drive was long and arduous, as John finally succumbed to sleep.

Joan knew it was an accident, and fought the feelings of excitement she got from swallowing such a large amount of her son’s warm semen. She always loved when her husband held back a few days so she could feel his cock spurt out a good sized load. She knew she should have not known that her only son could shoot out such a large amount of sperm.

Joan’s mind was filling with immoral thoughts about what she did and how best to fix it. She settled on coming clean to John, and praying that he could keep his mouth closed. Joan knew that if her husband found out it would ruin him, or any chance of a normal sex life.

When John finally got out of the car he headed to his room without so much as a goodnight to anyone. His sister did the same, and no one was the wiser. Although Joan had reservations about John not saying anything, she too was tired.

The next day John was in the garage fixing his car that constantly needed work. Although he was not a good mechanic, he could fix simple things. When his mother came in the garage he did not hear her until she called him. “John, I think we need to talk about what happened last night. It’s important that we set something straight.”

John slid out from under the car and saw his mom standing and looking right at him as he lay on the floor. “What’s there to talk about? It was just some mistake.”

“I know that, but I need you to understand that it was for your father. Bad things that happened need to stay between us, and nobody else,” Joan said as she felt some tears forming.

John etimesgut escort bayan stood up and comforted his mother. “I won’t say anything. I just never knew you and Dad had such a kinky side is all.”

Joan embraced her son, and knew that the whole ordeal was done. “Thank you. I really just did not see you follow me in the store.”

“Did you know about that place? I never knew those places existed.”

“It’s an old place. I cannot even remember the last time I went there. It’s just a place your father and I go to when I went with him on the road between hauls. Everyone has their fantasies.”

“So you go to places like that with dad?”

“Not anymore, not since we put in…”

“Put in? What did you put in?”

Joan gave a look before covering her mouth with her hand. She released her hand and gave a frown of disappointment in herself. “If I show you, you must not say anything. Promise me.”

“OK I promise. What did you put in?”

“Well going to those places is kinda like cheating, but your dad and I like it, so we put one in our bedroom. We built it when we bought the house.”

Joan turned around to see Erica walk in and ask for the car keys. John went back to work, and Joan went in to oblige her daughter with the keys so she could drive to her friend’s house. To Joan the whole mess was put to bed. She felt at ease knowing that the secret was safe. It was a little unnerving having her son know, but it was no worse than knowing she gave him a blowjob.

John could not get the fact his parents loved glory holes. Every time he thought about it, it turned him on. To make matters worse was the fact he loved how his own mother sucked him off. At one point, a cold shower was his only option to get rid of the erection that continued to plague him all day. In the end, getting out of the house was the only choice.

The next day presented the same problem. At dinner, seeing his mother eat, and swallow food caused precum to stain his underwear. John knew that getting a blowjob was the only thing that would help. He retreated to his studies, and wondered what girl he should date that might alleviate his problem.

When his parents were out, John had to see this glory hole they put in the closet. At first he rummaged through his parents closet only to find old pictures and valuables. Not giving up, John searched the entire room with no luck.

It came to him that the biggest closet would have to be the living room closet. Remembering that his parents bought a four bedroom house, and that there were only three bedrooms now, the room must be in the converted living room.

Once he knew where he was looking, it was just a matter of time before he found it. He heard the sound of a hollow wall and pushed aside the winter jackets, to see a latch. Once he hit the latch the wall was able to be moved aside. John knew his father was handy with tools, but this made him seem like a master house builder.

The room had a light switch, but was only a few feet wide and deep. It could fit two people easy and maybe a third if they squeezed. It locked from the outside, and the hole was removable.

John froze in fright as he heard his sister’s voice. “Hey what are you doing?”

John quickly turned around to see his sister Erica standing next to him. “Just looking for something.”

Erica was a year younger than him, but since he was held back, they were both seniors this year. Her long, dark brown hair was tied back in a ponytail. She was a cheerleader, and had the body to back it up.

“What the fuck. Is that a room in there?” Erica called out, pushing past her brother. “Why is there a room behind the closet?”

“I do not know,” John said, shrugging his shoulders, trying to get the attention off of him.

John saw Erica walk closer, and then turn around. “Oh my god, that looks like a glory hole. Do you think dad puts his…oh my god, Mom sucks Dad’s dick through there.”

John tried to act like he did not know, and was hoping Erica would agree it was nothing. “Nooo. It’s just a hole in a small closet. You have a sick mind.”

Erica pushed John into the small area responding to dismiss her claims. “You’re an idiot. I will show you.”

John tried at the last second to move and almost tripped on something. The door closed and the hole was open. Erica called out to him, and he knew she was not going to relent. “Ok, let me out. I guess Mom and Dad are a little perverted is all.”

“Damn straight they’re pervs. I wonder what it looks like though seeing a dick come through a wall,” Erica said.

“Go look at porn online. Must be a thousand videos of that shit. Now let me out.”

“Not yet. Do it. I want to see it,” Erica laughed.

“No fucking way. I am not putting my dick though this hole,” John replied quickly, trying to think of something else as he knew he really did like it.

“Do it or I will leave you in here to stew until Mom and Dad escort etimesgut get home. You know I will too. Remember that time at camp when you locked me in the room. I owe you,” Erica sternly stated.

John huffed and then pulled down his jeans knowing his sister would lock him there for hours. He wanted to say no, and knew that he could easily break the lock or break down the entire wall. John could not resist the chance that he might get his dick sucked again. He knew his sister was hot, and more important, his urge to cum was strong.

John put his semi hard erection through the hole and waited for his sister to scream that he really did it. “Oh, my God, you’re so gross,” Erica cried out before unlocking the door.

John felt a touch of remorse showing his dick to his sister. He knew it was wrong for him to want a blowjob, just like it was wrong for him to enjoy what his mother did for him.

John pulled his now limp penis from the hole, and saw his sister stare at him like he was a puppy being scolded. “You going to help clean up, or just stand there?”

Erica said nothing but did help put the closet back in order. John said nothing to her about him wanting or even objecting to offering his dick to be sucked, or the fact it grew hard from the thought.

John went about the week as if nothing happened between him and his sister Erica. She stayed to herself like always and never once brought up what happened between the two of them. John was not about to say anything either, as even a mention of what happened would have broken the fragile peace he had with himself.

John was relaxing in his bed reading when his sister walked right in. He looked up with a startled glance to see his sister. John’s mind flashed with a sigh of relief knowing that an hour before she would have caught him jerking off.

“Shhh, I need to talk with you,” Erica said as her finger went to her lips, hoping John would not say anything loud.

“What is it then?” John said in a calm response. He was thinking that she finally wanted to talk about what happened, but being loud or obnoxious would ruin any chance of a conversation. Although she was wearing a simple t shirt, his strong need to cum reminded him that his sister had a very nice set of tits.

“Would you be interested in using that hole next Friday?” Erica asked as her face began to go red from the question she was asking.

John sat up more on his bed wondering if his sister really wanted to suck his dick. “Are you serious?”

Erica made a face like she ate something gross. “Eww not with me. Brandy, and Alice.”

“You want me to let your two friends suck my dick?”

“You heard what Jack and Leo said about them. The whole school knows. They just want some practice is all. I mentioned to them that I have the practice they need without anyone ever knowing.”

“I should never have told you what Jack said about Alice.”

“Well you did, and now she wants to be better at it. Can you do it or not?”

“Are you sure? I mean they are going to figure out it’s me,” John replied, keeping his cool as he knew two girls were going to be sucking his dick.

Alice, and Brandy were both hot cheerleaders like his sister, but John knew they were off limits. Both of them dated his friends and he knew not to mess around with former girlfriends. John just thought about the anonymity of a glory hole and how it just might work. He also knew he loved having his dick sucked too.

Erica smiled and got up to go to the door. “Just park your car a few blocks over, I got everything covered.”

The door closed, and John was left with his head spinning and his prick growing with excitement. In his mind he could see both Alice and Brandy. The two of them were both best friends with his sister, and two of the hottest girls in the school.

John could not help but strip down to nothing and grab himself thinking about the two of them. Alice had her black hair in a pixie cut, and was only a few inches above five feet. Her chest size easily made up for her height. Her D cup breasts were the dreams of many boys at the school, while her slim frame made her body look just as good.

John was full on masturbating as his mind drifted to Brandy. Although he did not fancy himself a lover of black girls, she would not be denied a fantasy or two. She was a few inches taller than Alice, and had a body that made girls envious. Her ass was the perfect shape, while her tits could take anyone’s attention away. She kept her hair long and straight and was constantly peppered with dating requests.

The thought of the two of them sucking his dick made him spurt all over himself. It was a mess, and he breathed in deep knowing it was going to be a chore to clean up. He did know that the reason for Erica having her friends suck his dick was that they were bad at it. It still did not matter because anyone sucking his dick was better than his own hand.


Erica had everything planned in her head. She knew both Alice and Brandy were on their way together and John’s car should be moved hours before hand, just in case her friends were suspicious about who they were sucking off. Although the whole thing hinged on them believing it was some random guy, she still felt the nervous jitters about being caught.

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