The Family Tree Ch. 03

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Home Almost Alone, Part 1

Jenny, aka Aunt Jenny, had opened many doors to the world of sex and fun for me in the past month, but it was still nice to occasionally get away and regroup. I was all set to do exactly that this weekend. After all, Mom was showing some property out West, and her venture would take the entire weekend. Christi went to visit with one of her college chums in another State so that left me with this entire empty big house.

In celebration of this freedom, I had remained naked after my morning shower. One of my unpublished fantasies was to be able to go anywhere I desired without getting dressed to do so. One of my dreams found me strolling down a busy thoroughfare totally nude, and everyone else in my dream was also naked. I don’t recall much about the bare men on the street, but I vividly recall the variety of bare-assed broads strolling passed me as if it was absolutely normal to go about clad as nature had originally intended.

There were shapely young nudes, older women showing signs of their loss to the gravitational pull of Mother Earth, short fact women with jiggling tits and buttocks, and an array of specimen in every shape imaginable. I recall I would always develop an erection during one of these episodes, and today was no exception. My pecker swelled bit by bit as the procession in my mind paraded by me. A totally naked woman, regardless of her charms and features, has always had that effect on me.

And then there is always the possibility that this dream world can be shattered by the slightest intrusion. For example, my sister’s bedroom door could suddenly open, and she could step into the hall wearing not much more than I was.

“Eeeeeeek,” she squealed and instinctively crossed her arms over her breasts. It seemed strange when you consider she was wearing a bra and panties. Skimpy but well intended, I’m sure.

“Holy shit,” was my manly reaction to the incident. “I thought you were off playing kissey-face with your boyfriend or somebody. What are you doing here?” I was so surprised by her presence that I completely forgot that I was standing in the hall in front of my sister butt-assed naked and sporting a dwindling hard on.

She quickly regained her composure, and could not help but to giggle at the situation. “Find much use for that thing?” she asked indicating my shrinking penis.

Realizing the predicament I was in, I instinctively slapped both hands over my manhood. When Christi laughed at my futile attempt to retain my dignity, she forgot about her exposure and covered her mouth when she laughed. That’s when I realized that my big sister was probably as well endowed as was our mother. The cups of her bra were definitely challenged.

Christi saw my embarrassment, and couldn’t stand to see her baby brother squirm in agony. She reached inside her bedroom door and came back with a bath towel. “Here,” she said casually. “Pity.”

“Thanks,” I said politely as I wrapped the towel around my mid-section. And, on reflection, “Pity what?”

“It’s a pity you feel etimesgut escort it is necessary to cover up such a tool. From the quick glance I got, you certainly have nothing to be ashamed of, Mister.”

“I reckon I should say thank you, but I’m not used to this Christi yet,” I said in all honesty. “It’s not often that you even bother to give me the time of day – especially since you went off to college.”

“You may be right, Bro, and if you are, I apologize. Besides, I’ve been hearing some pretty remarkable stories about you.”

“Oh, yeah? Like what and from who? I asked.

“I’m sure you know that Aunt Jen and I communicate quite a bit by e-mail, don’t you?”

“So?” he countered, but the hairs on the back of his neck began to bristle. Were they talking about what he thought they might be talking about?

“So,” Christi continues, “she tells me you are getting pretty good with your weapon not to mention your tongue.” Christi eyed her brother with a wicked expression on her face and sparkles in her eyes. “Well?”

“You’re just saying that. Besides, Jenny is my aunt, and we wouldn’t be acting like that.”

“Oh, really?” Christi was beginning to enjoy herself. “She didn’t teach you how to eat pussy? What does 69 mean to you now? Do you like the way she sucks your cock?”

Danny was overwhelmed at his sister’s knowledge of what he and Jenny had been doing. She knew too much just to be simply guessing.

“She told you all that, did she?” Danny sighed. “What else did she tell you?”

“Well,” she paused for a moment, “she told me that if I didn’t believe that you and she had been playing around, I should ask you to show me how you make love to a woman.” Christi’s cheeks were turning bright pink now, and she never had bothered to shield her breast again with her arms. Furthermore, she wasn’t aware that her nipples were becoming so hard and swollen just by thinking where her conversation might be leading that they pushed against her flimsy bra begging for freedom.

Danny’s recently enlightened powers of observation had taught him to notice signs of this nature. He knew his big sister was either getting very uncomfortable with the course of events, or she was giving serious consideration to what her liberated aunt had suggested and was getting hotter than Hell just thinking about the possibilities. “So,” Danny prodded, “are you going to take Jenny’s advice, or are you going to wonder what you missed the rest of your life.”

“Alright, Smart-ass,” she huffed. “If you must know, I didn’t take the trip I had planned just so I could come home and do like Aunt Jen said.” Her face was really flushed now, but she didn’t stop. “Now are you happy?”

“I think I am going to be,” Danny said softly as he loosened the bath towel from his waist and let it fall to the hall floor.

Christi gazed as his cock slowly hardened. She squeezed her thighs tightly together for fear that the moisture gathering on her crotch would not be visible. Tiny beads of sweat were forming on etimesgut escort bayan her upper lip so she absently mindedly wiped the area with the back of her hand without moving her focus from her brother’s cock growing more and more as they talked.

“Want me to remove those for you?” he asked gesturing toward her undergarments.

“I’m not sure this is what I want to do,” Christi admitted with a slight tremble in her voice. All the while she was slowly sliding her bra straps off her shoulders.

Danny stepped around behind her and unhooked her halter. As the bra fell to the ground, he stooped and peeled off her panties as he went.

Christi made sure her legs were far enough apart to provide passage for the flimsy garment.

While standing behind her Danny reached around and cupped a firm breast in each had. She gasped at his touch. Sometime in the process she had spread her legs a little farther apart as though she was intentionally making room for his cock to spring up between them. It did just that, and this time Christi gasped again and uttered a moan that left no doubt she approved of what was transpiring.

Danny softly kneaded her young breasts as he slowly moved his rigid shaft back and forth on her exposed pussy. He was pleasantly surprised when she reached between his legs and massaged the head of his cock with the tips of her fingers. He involuntarily squeezed a little harder, and stroke with increased authority.

Christi was becoming much more audible now, and she was grinding her buttocks against Danny’s crotch. She could feel his rod getting harder and harder which made her grind with more vigor as they swayed in the hallway.

“Want to do what Jenny and I do?” he asked in a soft whisper at her ear.

“Oh, yes, Danny,” she panted. “Everything.”

“Turn around,” he whispered in the same soft voice. “Turn around and kneel down.”

She obeyed his request like an obedient child. Once she was on her knees, she knew exactly what to do. She kissed the head of my dick a couple of times before enveloping it with her mouth. Jenny could not have done it better.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a newcomer when it comes to the world of sexual antics, and I am a rookie at all the techniques involved, but I couldn’t help thinking that my sheltered sister certainly knew her way around when it came to polishing a guy’s knob. It was certainly a matter I would be anxious to explore further at another time, but I wouldn’t interrupt her demonstration at this particular point for anything in the world. I held her on either side of the head, and let her do as she pleased. Especially since what she was doing definitely pleased me as well.

I was gradually but absolutely becoming familiar with the symptoms of an impending orgasm. Christi’s rhythmic bobbing of the head and fervent attention to my throbbing cock was beginning to change. Her rhythm was losing out to more forceful lunges driving my grateful cock deep into her throat. She was squeezing the escort etimesgut base of my shaft more desperately, and she was moaning as though she was her own cheering squad urging her to victory.

It would be almost impossible for me to single out a single deciding factor contributing to my world class orgasm, and at this precise moment it made no difference at all. I could feel my cock bucking hard against the inside of her mouth and the entrance to her throat. I could visualize my sperm splashing within her confinement, and marveled at her capacity. Then she coughed, and yanked her mouth off of my erupting volcano.

“My God, Danny,” she sputtered, “how long have you been saving up for this event. I thought Aunt Jen would have you under control by now.”

“Or it could be, Christi,” I mused, “that you did such a fantastic job of inciting my climax that my body responded with maximum performance.” My words brought a smile to her face. She looked up from her kneeling position still holding my cock in her hand. She was massaging and pumping it slowly and lovingly, but with respectable force from her hand.

I offered her my hand, and she rose gracefully displaying her young beauty as she did so. I ushered her into her bedroom since it was the closest, and I retrieved the bath towel I had lost earlier. We paused at the edge of her bed, and I took the opportunity to wipe clean the evidence of my oral engagement.

“Want to see what you taste like?” she asked, and before I could reply she tip-toed and covered my mouth with hers. The kiss was passionate and long, but our tongues were responsible for most of the action.

I was much more moved by the embrace than I was by the taste of my manhood. The taste was not repulsive nor was it something to get all excited about. I don’t for a minute suggest that I was not moved by our engagement; in fact, I’m already looking forward to our next encounter.

“I want to eat your pussy now, Christi,” I said softly but very seriously.

She smiled and silently took me by the hand and led me over to the overstuffed chair in the corner of her bedroom. Once there, she turned to face me and took both of my hands to prevent her from flopping in the chair. I lowered her gently until she seemed to be comfortable. She immediately swung a shapely leg over each arm of the chair exposing her valley as much as possible or so it seemed.

I kneeled in front of her looking up over her valley, through the pubic forest, across the flatness of her belly and abdomen, and over her ample bosom to her sweet, flushed face. I leaned forward to where I could make contact with her inviting breasts and leisurely sampled the sweetness of her fruits. I took a nipple at a time. And as I sucked on it and toyed with the nub with my tongue, I squeezed her titty making it form a pedestal for the nipple. While I was busy with the nipples, she was pressing her snatch up against my midsection and grinding it against my skin. There was excitement in her action for both of us.

Although her heavy breathing and moaning was assuring me I was doing the right things, it wasn’t long until she placed her hands on the top of my head and gently guided me down to the valley. There was no resistance on my part. I could feel her pussy against my belly, and she was sopping wet with arousal. She was ripe, and she needed to be eaten.

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