The Farmer’s Daughter Pt. 03

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This is Part 3 of The Farmer’s Daughter and the final part. This was an experiment of mine to see if I would enjoy writing incest stories. I’ve taken this story as far as I plan to. Erotic fiction doesn’t always have a typical storyline with the climax and denouement. It’s really sometimes just about the raw sex. This story has elements of gay sex in, but rather subdued and inferred. It really bothers some people for some reason, and I respect that.

I find myself enjoying writing from the female perspective. I probably have it all wrong, but I’m trying. Email me if you have issues with it. I would really like to hear from you.


Charles came around the house the next day. Dad met him outside when he pulled up in front of the house. Charles switched off the ignition and the truck ran on with knocks before the engine finally shut down.

“You’re fuel air mixture is fucked, son.”

Charles exited the cab and slammed his door in annoyance. “Yup.”

“You ever gonna fix this thing?”

“I reckon.”

“Why aren’t you?”

Charles looked away for a moment. Looking at him out the window of the farmhouse I admired his profile. He looked so strong and sure of himself. I felt mom slide up behind me and hug me and gaze out at what I was admiring.

“He’s a looker,” she murmured in my ear. “You take him yet?”

I nodded and leaned my head back against her. Her mouth found my ear lobe and she sucked it into her mouth.


Charles looked back at my father. “Can’t afford to, simple as that. Anyway, it runs.”

Dad shook his head at Charles. “Nonsense. Drive your truck into my barn there. I use it as a garage. I reckon the two of us can fix ‘er right up in no time.”

Charles stared at my dad and mom laughed. “He looks like a deer in the headlights. He wants to do it, but he’s afraid to do it.”

Dad hadn’t waited for an answer. He strolled toward his barn, not looking back. When he reached the barn, he opened the two large doors wide. I could see dad’s repair equipment and benches from the house. Dad turned at stared at Charles and said nothing.

Feeling stupid by the look on his face, he went to his truck, started it with difficulty, and drove into the barn under dad’s arm directions. He stopped it inside and turned it off. He popped the hood and got out when dad opened it.

“My daughter says you got fired at the school. What happened?”

I couldn’t hear his reply.

Dad looked at Charles in surprise and then toward the house where mom and I were peering out. “You fucked my daughter and got caught? Are you stupid or something?”

Charles was backing out of the barn.

“Where ya going? Get back in here. I don’t care you fucked my daughter. I care you got caught. How’d you manage that? Never mind, just grab the socket wrench kit on the workbench there. No. The other one. Yup. Bring it over here.

“Now when I was in school, we had places to go hide and fuck. My wife and I fucked like animals in school. Basement was the best place…”

Mom drew me away from the window. I turned to her in surprise. She gave me a little kiss. “The men are going to be busy for a while. Your dad’s gonna get a sense of him. You and me? We make food.”

“Isn’t that a little sexist? I wanna go help fix the truck!”

Mom laughed. “Not today. Dad needs alone time with him.”

“Okay, mom.”

“I’m gonna try and seduce him, baby.”

“What!?” I was suddenly furious with mom. Why would she seduce my boyfriend?

“I want to know how serious he is about you. He’ll deny me if he truly cares about you.”

“And when he does? What then? What’s he gonna think?”

Mom chuckled. “We’ll explain it to him.,”

“He’ll be mad! Heck, I’m mad!”

“Don’t worry about it, baby.”

I was now in the kitchen. Mom had steered me here. I watched her roll up her sleeves and put on an apron. I did the same. Mom looked me over for a long moment.

“You look good, baby.”

“Thanks, mom.”

Mom came over to me and brushed some hairs from my face. She stepped a little closer and then kissed me gently on the lips. I kissed back and licked my mom’s lower lip. Mom did the same and in moments we were French kissing, wrapped in each other’s arms. I ran my hand down mom’s slender back and ran it across her gorgeous ass. She did the same.

I heard a scrape sound and looked toward the front of the house. I was certain I saw someone disappear past the front room window. Mom looked too; she had heard something. I heard the front door handle jiggle louder than it should and mom and I broke apart. We heard the front door open.

“H-hello?” called out Charles. “John sent me for some beers. Hello?”

“In here,” called out my mom.

Charles appeared in the doorway. He looked from me to mom. His face looked flushed and his eyes looked a little wild.

“Beer’s in the fridge, hon,” said my mom.

Charles went to move past mom when she stepped in front of him and bent over. Charles walked etimesgut escort into her and his groin banged hard against my mom’s ass. He cried out and backed up apologising.

“Oh my God, Mrs. Kenny! I’m so sorry!”

Mom stood up and pressed herself up against him and looked up at him. Charles was so upset he didn’t notice just how inappropriate she was being. Her left hand pressed high against his right thigh, close to his cock. I couldn’t see her right hand, but it looked like it had snaked around his ass. She pulled him in tight against her for a moment and held him. “Mm. It’s okay, Charles. Nothing wrong about my ass getting hit on. Special with something as nice as you!”

Charles stammered and then looked at me in horror.

“Mom! Let him go! Dad wants beer.”

“Oh, all right. No fun. Here, I’ll get them.” Mom stepped away from Charles and I could see the front of his jeans were stretched. He has a hard-on! Mom has given him a hard-on! Charles twisted his hips and lowered his hands in front of himself.

Mom made a show at the fridge. She opened it and then bent over and swayed her ass toward Charles. I found it hot. Mom looked back at Charles over her shoulder. Her jeans were tight and highlighted her form. She looked sexy as hell. Charles was staring, and I didn’t blame him.

Right then I wanted to see him go over, drop her pants and impale her with his cock. I wanted to watch him ravish my mom and then shoot his cum all over her back. My hand pressed against my pussy for a moment. Then I wanted to clean his cock and savour my mom’s pussy juice and his cum.

I must’ve moaned because Charles looked at me. I heard mom laugh a little, with her head in the fridge. She stood up and held four bottled beers in her hand. She hip-checked the fridge closed and walked over to Charles. She placed two beers in each of his bands and he took them by the necks.

He stood there with the beers held up. Mom dropped to her knees in front of Charles and then attacked his belt buckle. Charles backed up and cried out, but his back hit the doorframe. Mom unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his cock.

Before Charles could do anything mom took his cock deep into her mouth and started blowing him. Hard and fast. Charles stared down as mom made gagging noises.

I moved quickly and went over to Charles and held him. He stared at me. “What the fuck?”

“Let her, Charles. Enjoy it.”

“Th-this is fucked up!”

“No, this is beautiful. Watch her. She’s good!”

“She’s sucking… ugh… she’s suck-sucking my cock!” His expressions kept changing. Mom was really good, and Charles was lost in the pleasure already.

“Yeah, she is. I think she accelerated her plan for tonight.”


“She was going to seduce you. Test your commitment to me.”

Charles grunted as mom bottomed out on his dick. She held her head for a long moment. I reached down and felt her tongue lapping his balls under his shaft. Mom pulled back and I grabbed his dick and stroked the exposed shaft.

“What’s happening? Why were you kissing your mom?

“You saw that, did you? My family loves each other. We express that love.”

Mom popped his cock out of her mouth. “She means we fuck each other.” She went back to sucking his cock.

No one said anything. Mom sucked his cock and Charles watched holding his beer in both hands. I stroked his shaft and kissed his neck.

“Come in her mouth, Charles,” I whispered. “She wants it. She’s hungry for it. Shoot deep into her throat. I want to watch.”

Charles grunted a little and a sped up my strokes. Mom’s head bounced up and down and she sucked her spit into her mouth. She never broke contact. She kept a steady rhythm on his cock and a pressure with her mouth. I could feel him thicken in my hand.

“He’s coming, mom.”

Mom made a noise of triumph and Charles grunted hard and I felt his cum shoot through his shaft in pulses. Mom stopped and kept his cock head in her mouth. I stroked his shaft and he moaned and closed his eyes. He came for a long time and mom sucked it from his cock.

When he finally stopped, mom stood up and we kissed. She pushed his cum into my mouth and shared it. We swallowed and kissed, and Charles watched us. He tasted delicious. The kitchen filled with the sounds of mom and I kissing and swapping cum.

“If yer about down coming into my wife’s throat, can you bring out the beers and get back to work?”

Charles cried out in fright and whirled to see dad standing in the doorway. Dad shook his head and took the beers from his right hand, turned and walked back outside. We could hear him open one of the beers.

Charles looked from me to mom. “What the fuck is going on?”

I laughed and kissed him. “Welcome to the family, baby. Hurry and join dad. We’re fixing dinner.”

Charles struggled to get his pants back up, but he wouldn’t let go of the two beers in his left hand. Giggling mom and I fixed him and pushed him out etimesgut escort bayan of the kitchen.

As soon as the front door close mom started laughing. “That was sooo much fun! Alice, he’s delicious!”

I grinned at mom.

“Wait until you get both dicks in you, Alice! You are going to love it!”

I gawked at mom, then my imagination lit up. “Oh my god! When? Tonight?”

Mom nodded vigorously. “Your dad will start explaining things to him. He’s also made sure his truck won’t run so he can’t drive away. This is going to be a good night.”

* * *

Charles came in two more times for more beer. The first time I blew him, and mom kissed him at the same time. He left with a smile and a bit of a stagger.

The second time he came in he found mom and I bent over the counter with our pants down. He didn’t waste any time and soon started fucking us. He chose me first and I was grateful. It made me feel special.

He slid his hard cock into me, and I felt his every inch expand my drenched pussy. He fucked me gently and slowly. My pleasure mounted and I was about to get lost in it when he withdrew from me. I made a noise of complaint but stopped when I heard mom make a soft sigh of pleasure. I looked over and Charles was fucking mom. I liked how my pussy juices were lubricating my mom even more. I grinned at him and he smiled back.

“Both so tight, oh my God,” he grunted.

I reached out with my left hand and ran it across mom’s ass and between her cheeks. I found her asshole and pressed my middle finger inside. Mom moaned and so did Charles. I pressed down and felt Charles cock thrusting through her rectum.

Charles fucked her harder and then withdrew and positioned himself behind me. He wasn’t gentle anymore. He drove his hard cock into my pussy and thrust several times. Then he withdrew and rubbed his thick head up and over my asshole. It was intentional. He was testing me.

I heard mom fumbling in the kitchen and then felt something liquid pour over the crack of my ass. I looked back and saw mom with a bottle of vegetable oil. She was stroking it on Charles cock then her fingers were rubbing oil into my ass.

“What are you…?” asked Charles.

Mom said nothing and grabbed his cock. She pressed it up against my asshole and pushed his swollen head in past my sphincter. It stretched it painfully and then popped past the ring. My asshole clenched tight around his shaft and it burned. Charles didn’t hesitate and thrust hard and with the oil making everything slick he slipped inside easily, and pain shot through me. I kept quiet knowing it would pass. Charles pulled back and thrust again. He kept at it and soon the pain was gone and the wonderful pleasure of having my ass reamed spread through me.

Ass fucking is so pleasant when done right. Coming from having your ass fucked is special, too. The orgasms are so different. Mom loved them she said, and I couldn’t wait to experience it.

In a moment, mom was bent over beside me. Charles didn’t hesitate. He pulled out of me and drove into mom.

She cried out in pain but screamed at him. “Fuck my ass! Don’t stop!”

Charles thrust with abandon into mom. Mom was moaning in pleasure. I watched her envious, waiting for my turn.

A pair of hands grabbed my hips and my dad’s cock slid into my pussy.

“Dad! Oh thank God! Fuck me daddy!”

“Charles,” said dad congenially as he thrust into me.

“John,” replied Charles with the sound of awe in his voice.

“How’s my wife’s ass?”

“Really good. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Nope. Now just a minute. I’m gonna cum in my daughter. Been listening to you get your rocks off for an hour. It’s my turn. Alice? Where you want it?”

“In my pussy, daddy,” I said and felt my orgasm peaking with the strange conversation. I was so turned on. My dad was filling my pussy with his massive cock and next to me my boyfriend was sodomising my mother. I came right before dad did. His cock ejaculated deep inside me and I could feel the hot shots of cum splash inside me. I was in heaven.

Charles grunted and mom came with him. She had my hand in hers and she squeezed it painfully.

“That’s it, son,” murmured dad to Charles. “Come deep. She loves that. Look at her cum. Well done.”

Our men stopped thrusting and coming and leaned over our backs and kissed our necks. They kept their cocks inside us, and dad give it little thrusts. I was so content and happy.

“That was great, dad.”

“Glad you liked it, honey. What’s for dinner?”


“Good choice. Now, we can clean up and get civilised, or head to the bedroom and just keep fucking,. I’ll have another load ready in no time. Charles, what’s your preference?”

“Um, I’ve come three times now. I’m famished.”

Dad chuckled. “Fair enough. Your truck’s done, by the way.”

“I’m not in any hurry to leave. You folks, you are related right?”

Mom answered with his cock still in her ass. “Yes. John escort etimesgut and I are brother and sister but not blood relations. Alice is our daughter. By blood.”


Dad made a noise. “Thought you would have more issue with it.”

“Before mom got sick, she was my lover,” replied Charles and my eyes went round. I looked at mom and she looked surprised as well. “Mom and I have been fucking since I turned eighteen.”

“Well, well,” said Dad. “What’s wrong with your mom?”

“She has cancer. Ovarian. It’s spread throughout her. She only has weeks left.”

Mom stood up and Charles cock slipped free. Dad withdrew from me and I felt his cum leak down my leg and heard it splatter on the floor. Mom went to the sink and got a dishrag and wet it with warm water from the sink. Charles stood there with his dirty dick sagging downwards. Cum dripped from the tip.

Mom returned to him and used the cloth to clean his cock. I dropped to my knees and cleaned dad off with my mouth. I loved the taste of his cum mixed with my juices. My mouth salivated and I swallowed the delicious concoction.

“That’s my girl,” murmured dad. He was growing hard in my mouth. I popped it free and admired it.

“That’s a nice dick, dad.”

“Thanks, hon.”

Charles looked over. “Same size as mine, it looks like,” he said.

Dad grunted and hefted his cock and looked down at Charles’ cock. “Looks about the same.”

Mom laughed and went to the sink to wash out the cloth. “Great, now they’re comparing dicks.”

Dad laughed. “Bound to happen. Can’t have two bulls fucking without making some kind of comparison!”

I pulled up my panties and felt them soak up dad’s cum. I kissed him and then dropped down to my knees and reached out and grabbed both dicks, one in each hand. I pulled the men toward each other with their dicks and lined them up for inspection. Charles was sagging a little while dad’s was rock hard. I sucked Charles’ dick into my mouth and heard him moan. I suck him hard, taking his length all the way into my mouth. I felt him swell and harden and decided that I loved the feeling of a cock growing hard in my mouth.

I popped him free and then looked at the two dicks. They were the same length, but dad’s was a little thicker. Their balls hung heavy in their wrinkled sacks and I could make them out easily. I licked dad’s balls and then Charles’. They moaned and I heard mom make an amused sound.

I pulled the head of their cocks closer to my mouth and their heads touched. I rubbed them against each other and the pre-cum made them slick. I watched, fascinated, as their bulbous swollen heads mashed together. Pre-cum spread over them making them wet and delicious looking. I licked my lips and then pulled both heads into my mouth.

I had to stretch my lips wide and relax my jaw. But I managed. I had two beautiful cock heads in my mouth. I could taste their pre-cum and I grew a little wetter. I wanted both these cocks inside me as much as possible. I felt such a strong desire build up in me.

“John, I’m pretty sure this ain’t gay or anything, right?”

Dad grunted when I pulled their heads out and rubbed them together again. “I’m pretty sure it gets close to the line. But damn, if that don’t feel good. Look at her eyes. She’s lost in our dicks.”

I heard Charles grunt and more pre-cum spilled out. I rubbed the heads together and then pulled them into my mouth. I sucked on both and then took turns blowing them each in turn. Soon I had spit pouring down my chin and landing on my tits. My nipples were so hard they hurt. I drove the cocks into my mouth and into my throat. I was gagging and spitting and not stopping for an instant.

I switched from cock to cock, stroking the free cock with my hand, the shaft slick with thick spit. I couldn’t get enough. I drove both cocks into my mouth trying desperately to force them deep into my mouth. I wanted them to choke me. To take my air away.

I saw their balls rise up in their scrotums and pull in tight to their bodies. The cocks were like iron rods, hard and unyielding. The heads were swollen a deep purple and they were mine. All mine.

“Cum. I need your cum!” I moaned and drew both cocks into my mouth again.

I felt dad and Charles tense up. Charles tried to give me a warning, but I already knew. The cocks lurched in my hands and mouth. In moments they came. Torrents of cum shot from their cocks. The cum shot hard like jets. The men were moaning and thrusting into my mouth. I took it all. I had their cocks as deep in mouth as I could manage, and they ejaculated their beautiful sperm into my hungry mouth. Cum overflowed from my mouth before I could stop it. I pulled out the cocks to swallow what I could, but they were not done ejaculating. I watched cum spray out of their slits. It was beautiful to watch. This cum was for me. My reward. It splashed on my face, hot and explosive. I felt alive in that moment. I felt powerful.

It was over too soon. I swallowed what felt like a quarter cup of cum. It took three swallows. I needed more and sucked the men off, pulling as much cum as I could out of their beautiful cocks. Finally dad begged off and pulled back. Charles let me continue and so I took him all the way into my mouth. I slowly fucked his cock with my mouth, sucking and swallowing. I was in heaven.

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