The First Time for Real

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She woke up early on Thursday morning, a bit nervous, and very much apprehensive. She was finally going to be meeting the man that she had been having delicious cybersex with for the past six years on and off. She could not believe her good fortune when an opportunity to be in his city for a week came up ~ the gods must have been smiling on her, and wanted her to have this experience.

She looked in her suitcase, and saw that everything was in order. He had asked her to make sure and pack a little black dress and a pair of heels, as he was planning on taking her out for a romantic date that night ~ a quiet, small Italian restaurant that he frequented when he was in town, then dancing at a jazz club that he goes to once in a while. She fingered the dress, and pictured herself in his arms ~ dancing the night away, pelvics grinding against each other, the both of them wanting more and counting the minutes until they were back in her hotel room, him teasing her to the point where she almost has an orgasm, but he holds her back… she whispers to herself, “beautiful, absolutely beautiful”. And nothing turned him on more than seeing a beautiful woman in a little black dress ~ with very little on underneath, except for a corset, a pair of stockings, and a garter belt.

The rest of the things were in her suitcase ~ casual clothes for the training classes, a couple of dressy outfits for dinner, exercise clothes in the event she gets in the mood to use the health club located inside the hotel, a bathing suit for taking a swim late at night, her cosmetics case, and all of her liquids. She also made sure that her favorite pair of black heels was in the suitcase, along with her comfy walking shoes, shoes to go with the dressy outfits, and a pair of sneakers for working out.

She then put in her carry-on bag a few magazines ~ her laptop (can’t travel without it!), a camera (for those times when she wanted to capture something on film), and the material that she was going to need for the seminar.

Finally, the last item went into in her carry-on bag ~ a notebook with all of their conversations printed out. She intended to read each and every one of them while she was in the air, and reliving each and every single moment that they had shared up until that point.

She closed the suitcase, closed the carry-on bag, locked the both of them, jumped in her car, and made her way towards the airport ~ and perhaps, her date with destiny.

He finally arrived at work, after spending what seemed to be forever at the gym. He wanted to make sure that he was in good enough shape for later on that day. His favorite online play partner was going to be arriving, and he knew that he would be getting quite the workout over the next couple of days.

When she first told him of the seminar in his town, he was a bit suspicious. But when escort bayan she gave him the url to the seminar’s website, he was able to see that she was not lying, and that she was going to be quite busy during the day. He hoped in the back of his mind that they would connect in such a way that they would spend their days apart, but their nights in each other’s arms, loving each other like they did online, but in real time.

Originally, he was not going to see her. But while speaking to an online friend, he learned just how devoted to him she was ~ when he was not around, she did not even look at another man. This impressed him very much, and made him realize just how much he meant to her. She was quite the catch, and always had men chasing after her. But she was different than most of the women that he encountered online ~ she did not have to play in public, act bratty, or act tough around the men who were online; her personality and online presence were enough to let any suitors know that she will be their friend, but that her heart belonged to someone else ~ someone who filled her heart and mind with wicked thoughts, passionate embraces, and orgasms that were never-ending.

He quickly turned on his computer, and saw that she had left him a quick note. He clicked on the message, and it brought a big grin to his face:

I still cannot believe that we are actually meeting after all of this time. This morning, all I could think about was actually seeing your face for the first time, hearing your voice whisper ‘hello’, feeling your arms wrap themselves around me, and your lips seizing mine. Hopefully you are as excited as I am ~ I don’t think that I ever want to come down from this delicious high…I am so looking forward to arriving in a couple of hours… until then ~ me

He smiled wickedly, and made a decision to start their adventure a little bit earlier. He remembered that she had emailed her flights to him, and thought about surprising her at the airport. He knew that she would be checking her bag, so he would hold up a sign with just her online name on it, and as she descended the escalator, the first thing she would see was his twinkling grey-green eyes, his beautiful smile, and then finally, the dozen roses that he would have in his hands. His plan was to then kiss her lips, let his fingers graze her lower lips, and after tossing her bags in the car, seize her until she is writhing with wetness and lust.

“Ladies and Gentlemen ~ we have begun our final descent. At this time, please return your seat backs and tray tables to their full and upright position, and turn off any electronic devices. The flight crew will be coming through the cabin one last time, and picking up any remaining service items, as well as any trash that you wish to dispose of…” Ahhhh, she said to herself, “I’m escort finally here”. She looked at her lap, and her notebook was opened to their very first instant message conversation. She remembered it as clearly as daylight ~ he was tired (as usual) and was not feeling well, so she read him a story… he thought that it was going to be a sexy story, but instead, she read him “goldilocks and the three bears”. He chuckled at the way she told it, and afterwards, she gave him a soft kiss on the cheek and tucked him into bed. They then bantered for a couple of minutes more, and then both signed off.

About 15 minutes later, the plane was on the ground, and she was getting ready to exit the airplane. She thought about calling him at the office, just to say hi and let him know that she was there, but thought against it. She knew that he had a very busy day with meetings, and that she may not see him until the next night. Although she was disappointed with that arrangement, she knew that it was for the best. She would take the time and get settled into the hotel, go over her conference materials, and then get a good night’s sleep.

She made her way from airside to landside, and followed the trail of people towards the escalators. Without thinking, she scanned the people standing there, milling around and looking for their loved ones. Within seconds, she softly gasped as the sign “rebekka” came into view… it was him! She could not believe it… after all this time, after all the years of sharing and exploring. He was there to greet her.

He felt the air escape his body as she came into sight. His beautiful playmate… mischievous green eyes sparkling, reddish brown hair shimmering in the light, a smile so bright that it almost blinded him, and yes, she was wearing a skirt. God how he loved it when women wore skirts ~ it always made him wonder if there was anything underneath, and secretly hoped that there wasn’t a stitch of clothing separating him from what he sought.

Neither of them would agree who made the first move. All that they knew was that time stood still for them. He wrapped her in his arms, tilted her chin up, and then kissed her… first softly, then a little bit more insistent. He felt her stiffen for a second, and then both of them whispered the same thing… “god is this really happening?” They started to laugh, and kiss over and over again. He took her hand, and as they waited for her bag to come off the plane, he started to do a little exploring of his own. He growled in her ear as he found out that there was nothing between her and the skirt ~ she chuckled, and asked sweetly “anything wrong?” He replied “no, nothing that cannot be fixed in a few short minutes, as soon as we collect your bag and get to somewhere private and quiet, where I can fully enjoy the damp heat that I am feeling bayan escort between your legs”. She quivered and purred softly, as he found what he had been seeking… her wetness.

The bag finally came, and off they went. They arrived at the parking garage, and quickly sought out his car. He tossed her bags into the trunk, and within seconds, she was up against the passenger door, legs slightly apart, with him between them, and then, suddenly, they had the kiss that they both hungered for. She felt consumed, utterly consumed by his lust and love for her. He loved how she felt in his arms ~ soft, beautiful, supple, and oh so precious.

After what seemed to be an eternity, but in reality was only a few minutes, they both came up for air. He found her nipples, and pinched them until they were taut and hard as erasers. As a gasp left her mouth, he seized it with his lips, mouth, and tongue… dueling for control, with him knowing that he was going to be the one to set the pace for their moments together. This delicious woman was turning him on, and he had not yet fully explored her. He was enjoying what he was seeing so far, and could not wait to reveal whatever else lurked beneath the surface.

His fingers crept up her leg, and then, finally, they sought and found the heat that had been emanating from her. Ever so slowly, he nudged her legs further apart, and as his fingertips grazed her lips for the first time, she purred like the little kitten he fell in love with. She was so ready to make love to him right there and then, but knew that she had to let him lead this dance. “Hmmm, what is this that I am feeling?” he whispered in to her ear. “Perhaps it’s the first of many presents that I have for you. Why don’t you let your fingers do a little bit of walking and seek what it is you desire” she whispered back.

And with that, he plunged two fingers into the hot velvety wetness before him. She buckled her knees and nearly fell over, as she did not expect him to do that so quickly. He knew what he wanted, and what he wanted was her ~ this online fantasy finally come to life… this beautiful woman who invaded his thoughts and dreams for the past year and a half, making him want her every time he saw her nickname online, yet always played things close to the cuff when they were together. She was the reason why he could not find what he was looking for. She was what he sought ~ a smart, funny, witty, attractive, liberal woman who loved music, movies, philosophy, politics, and who could turn into a wickedly wanton slut with just a growl or glance.

She felt her hips buckle upwards, and as his two fingers sought her sweet spot, his thumb started to graze upon her clit. He knew that this would really start her engines humming, and that within minutes, she would truly be his for the short amount of time that she was there. He felt her breath increase rapidly, and knew that she would be on the edge soon. That delicious place where he would hold her as long as possible, before growling in her ear to cum like the precious princess that she was going to be while in his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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