The Game Ch. 19

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Chapter 19 Rachel’s Fantasy Part II

I awoke the following Saturday in a slow drift up from sleep rather than the jarring slap of the weekday alarm clock. I slowly became aware of the opaque blinds indicating the morning had come and the warmth of Ron lying next to me. I smiled inwardly, enjoying the feel of waking next to him and let myself drift. The smell of blue mountain coffee drifted up from the kitchen and of all the wonderful inventions of the modern world, I thought none was greater than the coffee pot with a timer.

Ron and I were both naked and I curled in close to him. I listened to his slow, even breathing and the sound of his heart beat against my ear as I lay my head on his bare chest. Ron lay on his back and curled in to his body enjoying the feel of him.

I thought about the night before. Our sex life had been nothing short of explosive since we had returned from Costa Rica. I had stayed with him every night as we talked about our future, our plans, our dreams, and of course our fantasies. Last night he had taken me hard and intensely, pushing himself roughly inside me doggie style. I enjoyed the submission to him and allowed him to take me in any way he wished.

He wished for a dominant, bend me over fuck. I obliged him willingly, enjoying the out of control illusion, as he held my wrists behind me while thrusting hard into me.

I smiled at the memory of the orgasm; both his and my own. And after we came, I enjoyed that blissful collapse together as we drifted toward sleep holding tightly to each other. Now I relived it in my mind, smiling secretly to myself as he slept under me.

I used my left hand to gently stroke his chest and noticed the ring that decorated my third finger. I smiled as I examined it for what must have been the 1000th time. A circular cut diamond was inlaid in a platinum setting, large but not gaudy, tasteful, yet perfectly sparkling in the morning sun. I smiled again to myself unbelieving that it was real. In my thoughts I involuntarily kissed Ron on the chest, gently so as not to wake him.

I lay there looking at the ring, and enjoying the symbolism of what it meant. I noticed two things always happened to me when I looked at the ring. First, it made me happy and more than once tears had filled my eyes as I stared at it. The second thing was it never failed to make me horny. We laughed about that when I told him of the effects his gift had on me, and I wondered how long that feeling would last. I hoped forever.

Today was no different and even though less than 10 hours had passed since we had made love, I found my skin tingling with the first signal of arousal. I smiled enjoying the feeling and allowed it to build. I gently moved my hand under the sheet to cover us and lifted enough to look down and see Ron’s cock.

He was not hard, but neither was he completely soft. I knew that all men moved through arousal cycles in their sleep, and I wondered if his erection would grow into a hard exclamation point or simply wane through another cycle.

My nipples were hard as I watched his member in anticipation and I found myself involuntarily squeezing the muscles in my pussy, building my own arousal.

I listened and Ron was still deeply asleep based on his easy regular breaths. I took a deep breath enjoying the warm feelings in my pussy and the tingles on my skin. I used two fingers on my left hand to trail across my own exposed and rapidly hardening nipple, enjoying the feeling of the nail on my breast.

Ron’s cock, as if in appreciation, grew slightly and I smiled inwardly enjoying the voyeuristic moment. Slowly I moved my body down him until his cock was near my face. I could smell the scent of him and our sex from the previous night and one of my personal kinks has always been smelling myself on him. I breathed deeply enjoying the ‘dirtiness’ of what I was doing.

I tentatively licked the tip of him, softly. He didn’t move or give any indication he was awake, but his cock seemed to grow slightly. I teased him with my mouth, gently, slowly, enjoying the idea of waking him to a blow job. He hardened further and his breathing seemed to become less measured.

I took the tip of him in my mouth and gently cupped his balls in my hands. I sucked him softly, tasting him. I was rewarded with a groggy groan from him and looked up in time to see his eyes flutter. I took him more deeply starting up at him, knowing one of his kinks was eye contact while getting oral sex.

His eyes snapped open a second later and he looked down at me, first with confusion and then with a relaxed grin. “Well good morning,” he said in a sleepy voice.

I took him out of my mouth for only a second to reply, “Good morning. I wondered if you would sleep completely through this.”

He sighed and said, “Nice way to wake up.”

I grinned and kissed his cock and said, “Could be an every day occurrence after we are married.”

I returned to his cock with my tongue as he sighed and groaned in pleasure. He said jokingly, “Oh Escort Bayan Esenyurt I always heard blowjobs stopped after marriage.”

I looked at him and smiled and said, “Well then you better enjoy this one.”

He sighed and relaxed in submission as I returned to pleasuring him with my mouth. I swirled my tongue on the under side of him enjoying the fact that he shivered with pleasure. I then rubbed his balls gently and took him deeply into my mouth and down my throat. I held him there allowing my throat to work magic on his throbbing cock as he squeezed his ass in slow rocking thrusts.

When I released him he trembled again in pleasure and I once again took him deeply into my mouth.

“Jesus” he moaned.

I smiled inwardly and swallowed him deeply again.

He moaned but without words and I continued for several minutes, building his arousal with each bob of my mouth. He was getting close and I could tell by his strained muscles and trembling body that he would soon erupt.

I took this moment to sit up slightly and took him in my hand, continuing to stroke the length of his member that was slick with my saliva. The tip of his cock oozed and I realized how close he was.

He looked at me and said, “Damn I love you.”

I giggled and said, “Then you will really love this.”

I leaned across him and opened the nightstand where we kept a bottle of lubrication. I drizzled it over his thick hard cock, letting the cool wet liquid drop down his shaft and over his balls. He watched me curiously as I then coated both of my hands copiously with the lube.

I took him between my hands and gently began to massage his cock like a girl scout using a stick to light a fire. He groaned immediately and I smiled watching. This technique was tremendously effective at building arousal, but he had never come from this. This of course was my intent.

When he was nearly begging for release I took him in my left hand squeezing the base of his cock as I massaged his balls with my right hand. The pressure seemed to have held him nearly on the brink of orgasm, but he could not yet cum. I watched his face mesmerized by the expression that seemed frozen in joy and anticipation.

I moved my right hand downs slowly to his ass and gently placed the pad of my middle finger against his tight hole and held it there. His eyes met mine as if asking, ‘Are you kidding me?’

I smiled back devilishly and slowly applied pressure until the ring of his ass eventually relaxed and my finger slipped into him a fraction of an inch. I held it there to let him relax further. Slowly I began stroking him with my other hand. He shivered and I felt my finger slip further into his ass. He was straining so tightly against me, but neither did he ask me to stop.

I watched his face contort in a curious mixture of pleasure, pain, and confusion. I slipped another inch into him and he grunted out, “Oh my fucking God.” But there was incredible pleasure in his voice.

I stroked his cock harder and faster with my left hand and penetrated him fully with my finger. He was panting so hard now I thought he might hyperventilate.

Suddenly his whole body went rigid in orgasm, but he did not yet cum. I could feel his ass squeezing my finger tightly and my right hand was a blur on his cock. He groaned and then screamed hard as cock exploded.

Cum erupted from the head of his cock leaping to a height that was higher than my head. My eyes went wide in amazement as another burst shot from him. This ejaculation was no less powerful than the first, but the angle had changed slightly and the stream painted a white line across my cheek, right breast and stomach.

I was aware the Ron was writhing in pleasure and grunting. Again another powerful orgasmic contraction rolled through him and he ejaculated copiously. This time I had turned my head just in time to avoid a massive squirt of cum to the eyes, and instead coated the side of my head from above my ear, across my cheek and chin.

He came yet again, and this time his cock was angled toward him most of his cum landed on his chest. I was amazed at the quantity of cum. Ron had always produced more cum than anyone I had ever met, but this was a record for the ages.

The powerful ejaculations were now slowly replaced with short less eruptive spurts that dripped down his erection and over my now slow stroking hand. I slipped my finer gently from his ass as his orgasm slowed. When it was over a shiver went through him and he lay on his back, eyes closed, breathing hard.

I rubbed his thigh gently and another shiver went through him and more cum leaked from the tip of his cock. I knelt and licked him on the tip, enjoying the taste of his cock and cum. He shivered involuntarily and I knew him to be super sensitive after he came.

I sat up and his eyes opened, “Jesus fucking Christ” he said breathlessly.

I smiled and said, “So you liked that then?”

He nodded and said, “Amazing.” He took Escort Bayan Avcılar my hand and pulled me on top of him and kissed me on the lips and held me tight. Another shiver went through him and he said, “God I love you.”

I laughed as I held him, enjoying the feel of him. Then he started to giggle. And so did I. For the next several minutes we just laughed together, kissing, and holding each other closely. I will tell you that in that moment I realized that being able to laugh with someone while you fuck them is a magical experience every lover should experience. It can be as rewarding as the sex itself. In some cases maybe more so.

When the giggles relented and we were able to speak again, Ron looked up at me smiling and said, “You are a mess.”

I kissed him on the lips and said, “No we are a mess. You cum like a horse you know that.”

He laughed and said, “And you like it.”

I grinned and said, “I do.”

At those words neither of us spoke, but just stared at each other for a long moment. And then spontaneously we both burst out laughing again.

Ron kissed me again and said, “Okay your turn.”

I was more than ready to oblige by now as my pussy was on fire. He pushed me up so that I was straddling his chest. He looked down at my shaven pussy and said, “Mmmmmm” and then pulled me forward until I was straddling his face.

He licked my clit in long wet strokes and I felt my heat rising quickly to a climax. He sucked my clit into his mouth and held it there and I felt the tingles turn to a hot burning need inside my already wet pussy. My juices coated his chin and face and I loved the look of him slick and wet from my pussy.

And then he stopped. I looked down to see him smiling and reaching into the drawer to the right of the bed where I had gotten the lube. His eyes twinkled as if to say, ‘two can play at your game’.

His hand returned with a 1 inch vibrating pleasure ball that we had ordered from a catalog. I had forgotten about it after we had tried it a few times, preferring his cock to a vibrating toy. I raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

I watched him put the toy into his mouth, holding it between his lips. He then used his tongue to slowly push it inside me. When it was in as deep as his tongue could push it, he turned it on using the remote control. Vibrations rolled through the length of my slick wet pussy. He licked my clit once and then used a finger to push the vibrating ball fully into me. I groaned with the pleasure of it.

Then he pushed me forward by my hips and turned me so that I was straddling his chest in a reverse cowgirl position. He stroked my back and then took my right hand in his and put it over my own swollen clitoris. I stroked myself, getting the idea and began masturbating myself toward orgasm.

Ron then pulled my hips backward and spread my ass cheeks. I knew what he was doing a moment before it happened. His tongue slid across the sensitive skin of my asshole electrifying my pussy that was already feeling pretty electrified. I cried out in the amazing pleasure of it. The softness of his tongue licking my ass in stark contrast to the hardened plastic egg shaped sex toy vibrating in my soaking pussy. My own fingers were rubbing my clitoris in masturbatory bliss.

Then he pushed his tongue into my ass in a swirling motion. I pushed back against his face wanting nothing more than to intensify the feeling. I pushed down harder on my clit, pinning it against my pubic bone and rubbing in circles as vibrations from deep inside me brought me to a mind shattering state of arousal.

I came a moment later. It was hard and intense and expelled the ball inside me with an audible pop. And then the second wave hit and I experienced an amazing gush that only ever happened to me once before (once again with anal play). Clear girl cum squirted from my pussy as yet another wave of orgasmic contractions rolled through me. I collapsed in what would have been a 69 position if we were having oral sex, but at this point Ron was not touching my pussy or ass and I was not sucking him. I was lying on top of him as spasms of orgasm washed through me again and again. Again cum squirted from my pussy, this time in an arc that covered Ron, the headboard, and part of the wall above the bed.

With this I collapsed in shivers of post orgasmic amazement. I had never cum so hard, so much, or with such explosive force in my life. I would not have believed that any woman could have cum so hard, let alone little ole me.

I lay there recovering as Ron rubbed my calves lovingly. Slowly I turned around and went to him. His hair was wet as if from a shower as was his face and pillow for that matter. I kissed him and smiled.

“Jesus you cum like a horse.” He said to me.

I laughed and said, “Good thing you like it.”

He smiled and we both once again burst out in giggles.

We lay there together for another ten minutes gently holding each other. Finally I sighed and said, Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü “I need a shower and some coffee.”

Ron sighed and said, “Yeah me too”.

We went to the shower together and took our time washing each other and talking. I never knew how wonderful it was to have someone else wash your back.

Ron turned away from me as I took the sponge to reciprocate when I said, “So are you excited about today?”

He grinned and said, “I think the best part of my day may already be over.”

I smiled and said, “Maybe not. We could do it again tonight.”

“I like the sound of doing it again, but do we have to wait until tonight.” He said lecherously.

I grinned in spite of myself. “Today is Rachel’s day remember. It’s not your turn.”

Ron laughed and said, “I thought maybe I could fuck you in the bathroom or something while she’s doing her thing.”

I pinched his ass and said, “Maybe, but I think I want to see this.”

He grinned. “Me too. It should be intense. I can’t believe we pulled off all the planning in a week.”

“I know. It was lucky that those interesting people you know happen to have a Saturday off.” I replied.

“Well one of them owes me a favor from a deal he needed to get done two years ago.” Ron said.

“You do have an interesting job.” I said.

“I do meet all types.” He said.

“So what time are they coming?” I asked.

Ron said, “Around noon. They need a few hours of time before the guest of honor arrives. You think she will go through with it?”

I considered the question and knew first hand that fantasy and reality are very different and what goes on in ones head may lose appeal when confronted by the reality of it. And this was fucking nuts.

I thought about Rachel and all of the experiences we had shared. Finally I said, “No question.”

Ron looked at me, “Why so sure?”

I shrugged thinking of her fucking Jason in front of her mother and I and said, “Just am.”

Three hours and three cups of coffee later, Rachel’s fantasy began with a knock at the door.

* * * * * * * * *

I opened the door and was shocked. I don’t know what I expected, but this was definitely not it. On the stoop a man stood, perhaps in his early 50’s with a graying beard and balding head. He was no more than 5’8″ and carried an extra 35 pounds on his frame that gave him a portly look. His pudgy face was lined and he smiled at me without hesitation.

Behind him stood a smiling a blond woman of perhaps 35 with incredibly large and obviously fake breasts. Her hair was bleached almost to a white and her overly made up face made her look older than her years. She looked like a woman who had lived hard and aged poorly, but there were still hints of the beauty and youth that was rapidly eluding her.

“Hello my dear,” the man said smiling, “you must be the lovely Sara. Ron definitely understated your beauty.”

I nodded still confused wondering if this was some sort of mistake. Behind me Ron approached and said, “Dom, you devil. Good to see you.”

I stepped aside and Ron shook the man’s hand in a friendly way and clapped him on the back. “Ron, damn I can’t believe it’s been more than a year. I see you are doing well.” The man said smiling and following Ron into his kitchen.

The woman was now grinning and walked with a bouncy step behind Dom and into our house (funny how I now think of it as ours, but fuck it we are getting married). She seemed to follow him like a puppy dog and I wondered what their relationship was. They did not act like a couple, but there was a closeness between them. It was as if they had worked together for a long time, but nothing else.

Ron offered coffee and Dom delightfully accepted providing we had something to make it more ‘Irish’. Ron laughed and said, “So you haven’t changed” and turned to the liquor cabinet and retrieved a bottle of whiskey.

Dom ‘irished up’ his coffee and turned back to me and said, “Where are my manners. Sara please meet my cohort Jasmine.”

The blond woman smiled at me and said “Nice ta meetcha”. Her voice held a distinctly southern accent that was tinged with a hint of rural up bringing.

I smiled back and said, “My pleasure” and shook her hand.

Dom and Jasmine sat at the kitchen table and Ron and I joined them.

I was beginning to like Dom although he was nothing like what I had expected. He seemed to always be smiling and radiated a joviality about him. He was polite and friendly and somewhat self effacing without being obnoxious.

He turned to Ron and said, “I never thought you would cash in that favor. I am so pleased that you called. So tell me what have you got in mind?”

Ron smiled and said, “Dom before you get the wrong idea, I need to tell you that the favor is not for myself.”

Dom clapped his hands and Jasmine giggled with delight. Dom smiling said, “Of course, Of course. You must be giving a gift to your lovely fiancé. You are full of surprises today, but no matter.”

Dom turned to me and said, “My lady, I promise you that you will not be disappointed.”

Ron was shaking his head and said, “Dom, not her either. It’s someone else.”

Dom looked confused as he turned back to Ron. “My boy you better tell me about this favor then. I do hope I can help, but you know there are rules around my business.”

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