The Hotel

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She knew she’d been sad for a long time.

Her mom had died earlier that year. She didn’t know denial was a real thing.

She realized… She had been in denial of her mother’s death for a whole year.

(All names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

She was an older woman. 43 to be exact.

She was staying at hotels. She didn’t like being home anymore, especially at night.

She kept seeing her mom. Everywhere.

Mom. She thought to herself.

You’re really gone, aren’t you.

You’re not coming back, are you?

And Timothy… He’d shown up earlier that night on her Kik.

How’d you find me? She’d asked him.

On Tinder, he said.

OK. How old are you? She asked.

18, he said.

She assumed he didn’t mind older women.

His picture in his avatar… He was so beautiful. She was instantly attracted to him.

Can I come over? He asked.

Sure, she said.

What do you want to do? He asked.

It doesn’t matter, she texted him back. Whatever happens happens.

She sat in a chair outside her hotel room to guide him when he pulled up half an hour later in his car.

She felt nervous. But he followed her into the room.

After some small talk, they somehow ended up in bed together. He was lying against the pillows, she’d asked him if he wanted to prop himself up against them.

She crawled into his arms. He felt so good. He was only 18… She was 43. But he was so tall. So strong. She let her head fall to his chest. His heart was beating so fast beneath her ear, and she loved it. She caressed his arm muscles and his stomach.

She felt so small and weak against him.

She felt like ostim escort she was in heaven.

She was nervous… But she lifted her face to his, hoping he’d kiss her. He did.

It was slow and gentle at first. They were both nervous, she knew. But it started growing in passion and intensity.

He parted her lips with his tongue, and she felt his tongue flicking softly against her own, and she couldn’t help whimpering softly.

His mouth was so delicious. They started kissing hard and with intense passion. She ran her hands through his soft hair, desperate to somehow pull him closer to her. She felt him clasp one of her hands and lead it to the crotch of his pants.

Oh my gosh, she thought to herself. He was so hard, and… He felt so…


He kept kissing her as she rubbed at his erection from outside his pants. He grasped her hand again and led it inside his pants, to where she could feel his naked flesh in her hand. He was so hard… Yet his skin there felt like silk.

She was violently aroused. Her whole body burned and tingled to somehow be closer to him. She somehow managed to get his hard, giant seeming cock out of his pants, and she let her head travel slowly downwards.

She needed to feel him inside her mouth. First… She looked down at his huge beautiful balls. She licked and sucked them gently into her mouth, feeling their incredible texture with her tongue and flicking her tongue gently over their softness. Then she let her head travel slowly upwards to take his cock fully into her mouth.

She felt like her pussy was dripping wet and burning as he pushed her head gently down so she could fully enclose sıhhiye escort his length in her mouth. He was so huge it was difficult to take him all the way in her throat but she kept trying her hardest and trying to relax her throat muscles.

He was pulsing and twitching in her mouth and she loved it.

At some point she took his cock gently in her hand and flicked her tongue up and down the side of his shaft.

“I wish I could feel you inside me,” she whispered. She was afraid he might not want that, and she wanted to please him.

But he looked deeply into her eyes. “I want that too,” he said.

She wasn’t sure how they ended up doing what they were doing. He’d mentioned something about doggy style. Yes, she had responded breathlessly in excitement to his question.

All she knew was… At that moment… He was so large that it actually hurt when he drove himself into her. She had hoped he’d go slowly and gently at first. But he’d already started ramming into her. But she didn’t want to complain. She tried to wait until her body grew naturally accustomed to his fullness inside her.

She knew his hands on her ass molding and shaping her and spreading her slightly to take him better was pure paradise. Eventually she’d grown so lubricated he was sliding more easily in and out of her sopping wet heated tightness.

But she still felt so impossibly stretched and full with him that she needed to cry out a little for release. She gripped at the bedsheets for support. It was somehow both intensely pleasurable and slightly painful all at once.

She suddenly imagined doing special things for him. She kept a pretty pink vibrator ankara escort in her drawer and she wondered if he’d like it… She felt like she wanted to take him inside her ass someday if he ever wanted that, though she didn’t know how she possibly could accomplish such a feat as big as his cock was. But… If he ever came back… And she dared not let herself hope she did… He was so young. He probably just wanted to have fun… He’d probably forget all about her the next day… But… She wanted to somehow give that to him if he ever came back and wanted it.

She was crying out his name as he held her ass and pounded her deep and hard. Suddenly she heard him cry out behind her…

With a pang of sadness she felt him pull out suddenly. She assumed he was scared of getting her pregnant. He didn’t know she couldn’t get pregnant anymore. She wanted desperately to feel his cum inside her, but again, she didn’t want to complain.

He was breathing hard as he stood above her and she lowered her mouth gently over his cock. She knew he was probably sensitive after ejaculation, but she wanted to clean him up, and she had a horrible need to know what his cum tasted like.

Of course… He was utterly delicious.

She offered him a hot soapy wash rag but he didn’t seem to want it.

“I’m going to the movies with my friends,” he said. “Then we’re going to drink.”

She smiled at him though she wished she was his age again… And of course… She desperately wished he wouldn’t leave her, that he’d stay and hold her in his arms and fuck her again eventually…

But she forced herself to be cheerful and positive and let him go.

After he left, she crawled into bed and hugged her pillow to her chest. She could still taste him on her lips. He’d smelled so good.

She caressed his name on her lips for some moments.

I hope you come back someday Timothy, she thought to herself.

And somehow, she fell fast asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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