The Human Touch

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Erotic Writing Course First Submission by Mr. L. C. WalsheEWC 1501


This piece was originally conceived as a stand-alone short story until it struck me that a hotel was a perfect setting for an erotic portmanteau novel. Lots of permutations of sexual behaviour behind closed bedroom doors; lots of secret illicit liaisons, private sex orgies, visits from prostitutes, fornication in the hotel sauna etc all loosely linked together by the staff and the hotel. The possibilities are endless. It is not an original idea I know. There was a TV series some years ago and Arnold Bennet wrote a novel called Imperial Palace. Can you confirm that there is no copy-write problem in using a hotel in the manner I have described? One further general enquiry, you state in chapter 8 that incest is taboo. I assume that it is OK so long as it isn’t consanguineous? Presumably it’s acceptable in erotic fiction for fathers to fuck their sons’ girlfriends and wives and for mothers to sleep with their sons-in-law or even their daughters-in-law?

I offer The Human Touch as a chapter, not necessarily the first chapter, of my erotic novella. One of my worst faults, I know, is too much telling and not enough showing. Far too much of ‘and then…and then…and then…’ etc. Does characterization matter very much in bonking books? I feel that Jane and Stan are just ciphers in my story. Do I need to flesh them out? Their souls, I mean not their bodies! I also find it difficult to get the right balance of outright obscenity and erotic understatement.

The Human Touch

Jane glanced with approval at her reflection in the full length mirrors in reception. Nothing distracted from the shapely contours of her beautiful body as she never wore underwear when she was on duty. She shimmied across the dining room, her magnificent breasts gently undulating, conscious of the many admiring male glances. She reveled in her sexual allure and the thought of all the men who were mentally fucking her. Then she noted with irritation that Arthur was the duty manager. She watched him as he surveyed his empire, his eyes flicking quickly from table to table, pausing occasionally to register a particularly attractive woman. He liked to grade women on a scale of 1 — 10 depending on how much he would like to shag them; Jane was right off the scale in his book. She was aware of his reputation as a womaniser and found him repellant but, being a newcomer, she had no desire to create waves and resolved to keep out of his way.

Later, when the diners had departed, she would hold court behind her bar. She was in her late thirties with an unmistakable sexual allure which men immediately responded to. She had mastered the barmaid’s art of flirting with her customers while staying entirely detached. They were mostly businessmen, diligently attending to the affairs of their employers. She laughed politely at their risqué jokes and in between the banter and sexual innuendo she admired photographs of their wives and children and was privy to their thoughts about what was in the news. They rarely stayed late; they had reports to write and plans to make for the following day.

A playful tweak at the zip of her skirt announced the arrival of Arthur behind the bar clearly intent on groping her if he got half a chance. He noticed the bare flesh beneath her zip and immediately guessed that she wasn’t wearing knickers.

‘Oh yes, that’s very nice’ he whispered in her ear.

Standing behind her and out of view of the customers he slid her skirt up her thighs and gently brushed against her naked pudenda.

‘Clean shaven too! What more could a man want.’

Jane quickly broke away from his prying fingers and smoothed down her skirt.

‘I’ll just go and see if Stan wants another drink.’

Stan was the resident pianist playing gentle inconsequential music for the hotel’s clientele. He was blind, although hardly anyone ever noticed. Jane loved to watch his hands caressing the keyboard; he had such beautiful sensitive hands with long flexible fingers. She lingered to chat, waiting for the intruder behind her bar to leave. Stan sensed her irritation and laughed when she told him about Arthur and his roving hands. Jane was accustomed to men admiring her body indeed she would have been mortified if she had passed unnoticed; but she drew the line at being groped by a fat sweaty middle-aged man who was probably a ‘ten second fucker’.

For most of her customers it was all just a game of course. They looked into her cleavage and indulged in fleeting sexual fantasies before departing to telephone Avcılar Escort their wives. No doubt when they undressed in their lonely bedrooms she would frequently be the object of their masturbatory fantasies; and significant amounts of semen must have been ejaculated nightly in mirrored bathrooms throughout the hotel in homage to her body.

But Stan couldn’t admire her breasts or observe the delightful way her hips moved when she walked; he was totally in the dark. Jane pondered the cruel impoverishment of his life and wondered what his perception of her was. He had to rely entirely on sound, scent and touch. Most people judge each other initially on appearance and without the initial eye contact the prelude to intimacy was missing. How did a sightless man keep in touch with the world? It must be incredibly lonely in the dark.

Actually, Jane was under a bit of a misapprehension regarding Stan. His fellow musicians on string bass and drums kept him fully informed about all the more desirable women who came into the dining room and Jane had been the subject of many detailed and extremely obscene eulogies. In his minds eye he could already see her; he just needed to get his hands on her to appreciate the finer details. She down sat on a stool beside him. He heard a faint whisper of nylon as she crossed her legs. Casually he let his hand brush against her exposed thighs. His sensitive fingers immediately surmised that she was wearing fifteen denier black stockings. The minute temperature increase of a ‘black body’ and the perceptible twin tension areas clearly indicated fine black stockings held up by suspenders. As with most men, his cultural horizon commenced at a woman’s stocking tops and proceeded upwards to her cunt, arse and tits before terminating at her lips.

‘Never mind my dear you can always rely on us to take care of you.’

Stan gently stroked her thigh. Jane glanced round the dining room to make sure they were unobserved and made no effort to stop him. .

‘You’r wearing black stockings and suspenders aren’t you?’ Stan asked.

‘Why don’t you find out for yourself?’

Stan’s refined fingers slid slowly up her thigh, paused briefly at her stocking tops before continuing their advance. Soon he was able to confirm the Duty manager’s hypothesis; Jane’s pudenda was silky smooth and unguarded by panties. He gently probed and immediately felt her sexual wetness. Jane quivered with a frisson of pleasure.

‘How did you know they were black? Oh of course; the other guys told you.’

Jane decided it was time to go now that she had made Stan unmistakably aware of her availability.

‘Just imagine fucking that!’ said Harry addressing the other two members of the band as she sashayed her way back to the bar.

‘I intend to’, said Stan, ‘I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow but don’t hang about when we finish tonight; just tell the night porter I’ll give him a bottle of scotch, he’ll know what to do.’

Back behind her bar, Jane’s performance was not up to her usual standard. Her mind was absorbed with the arousing thought of having her naked body fondled intimately by a blind man of having its intimate secrets exposed to his tactile examination; a kind of Braille pornography. She took a tissue from her handbag and discretely mopped the sexual juices that were flowing out of her quim; not wearing knickers could be a problem sometimes.


Well before midnight the last of the drinkers had left the bar and the hotel was beginning to close down for the night. Stan remained seated at his piano; his taxi wasn’t due for half an hour. The lounge was deserted when Jane strolled over for another chat with Stan.

‘So how’s the lovely lady who doesn’t wear knickers?’

‘Well you ought to know; you stuck your fingers in my pie didn’t you. I’m not wearing a bra either.’

Stan gently poked her breast then squeezed it.

‘Nice tits! Are you going to get them out for me?’

‘What, here on the bandstand in the dining room? I don’t think management policy runs to life sex shows. We could go to my room’

‘No too risky, we’d get fired if we were discovered.’

Without warning, the lights went out. Jane swore in surprise and annoyance. Now she temporarily inhabited Stan’s dark world and was glad of his reassuring hand as he led her unerringly to a large secluded settee. She had already lost her bearings. They sat for a few moments in silence. She felt his hand on her thigh.

‘Do you mind?’ he asked quietly.

‘What do you think; but is it a good Beylikdüzü Escort idea right here?’

‘Don’t worry the lights won’t be coming back on for some time yet. Trust me.’ Jane relaxed.

‘Do you want to undress me?’

Hidden in the darkness she submitted to his intimate exploration of her body. Zips and fasteners yielded quickly to his educated fingers. Jane felt no sense of outrage at his touch, it was electrifying; his unique means of discovering her elemental beauty. Having undressed her, he paused. Jane could tell that he was removing his own clothes. He sat down again beside her on the spacious couch. They were both naked now. He began to fondle her tits. Jane reached out and grasped his erect cock. It was difficult to tell in the dark but it seemed to be of more than adequate size. Sex in the dark was a new experience for her; she normally liked to watch her reflection in a mirror while a man was fucking her. They lay down side by side on the couch while Stan conducted a detailed examination of her entire body, muttering obscene comments of approval from time to time. Other men undressed her with their eyes but he was sculpting her body with his hands.

At his urgent bidding she obediently parted her legs, splaying one leg over the back of the couch and the other on the floor. Her cunt was wide open and fully available and he’d barely even touched it yet. Kneeling down beside her he began to feel her juicy interior with one hand while fondling her tits with his other hand. Stan hadn’t bothered to remove her stockings and suspenders. The visual delight of a cunt framed by suspender straps and stockings was lost on Stan; he hadn’t bothered to remove them for purely pragmatic reasons; it would save time when she got dressed again. Without any clothes a woman is naked but wearing stockings and suspenders she is deliciously, wickedly obscenely nude.

By now he could easily push his bunched fingers and thumb inside her.

‘God, you are a randy bitch, a horse could get his cock inside you.’

‘I think I’ll stick to men thanks; have you seen the amount of stuff that sprays out when a horse comes? You could whitewash a barn with it.’

‘You haven’t seen me come yet. I can give you a good mouthful or paint your tits with a nice warm sauce.’

‘I was rather hoping you were going to fuck me.’

‘All in good time you horny bitch! Perhaps I should have invited the other two guys to come along as well.’

‘That sounds like a fucking good idea’

Stan knelt down on the floor beside her and applied his tongue and fingers to her silky pussy. After a few minutes his face and lips and nose were soaked in her delicious love juice. She squirmed and writhed with pleasure.

‘Oh God, oh yes, oh fuck, more please, please yes more, yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me. God I love it, don’t stop.’

Jane began to scream and writhe with ecstasy. Stan felt obliged to raise his juice sodden face from her sexual trough to caution her about the noise.

‘Quiet you stupid bitch do you want the whole hotel to know.’

He rolled her face down and gave her bottom a sharp smack. Jane trembled with pleasure. With one hand he started fingering her cunt while smacking her buttocks with increasingly hard blows.

‘Oh yes Stan, you must really punish me I’m a wicked bad girl. She continued to twist and squirm with pleasure Jane reached her frantic final orgasm and subsided.’

‘Fucking hell Stan!’

Stan turned her round again and, grabbing hold of her hair, he pulled her head fiercely towards him. She could sense the urgent heat of his cock in the darkness. She grasped his fierce erection in her left hand savouring its throbbing potential while plunging her right hand deep inside the flooded interior of her expanded lubricious cunt. Then she applied the hot smooth juices to his knob; her careful gentle rubbing causing appreciative moans. In the darkness it was difficult to judge the position of his cock in relation to her open mouth. His first warm sticky salvo hit her eyes and began to trickle down her cheeks. His second and subsequent pulses were pumped into her mouth as she surrounded his tip with her lips. Eagerly she swallowed down his rich semen soup.

They relaxed in a warm glow of post coital satisfaction. Jane reflected that a pair of knickers would be really useful right now to wipe the stinging semen out of her eyes.

‘Have you got a hankerchief Stan? Your cum is sticking my eyelashes together.

‘Lets go into the toilets, you can sponge your eyes there.’

Sticky Esenyurt Escort hands entwined they hurried naked into the adjacent ladies toilet. Jane was relieved to find that a faint emergency light was glowing there. She quickly washed her face and then watched Stan as he too washed his hands and face. In the faint light she had her first glimpse of Stan’s naked body. She liked what she saw. She stood close behind him and reached round to play with his dick; it immediately responded and began to stiffen in her coaxing hand. She could now see that he had a very sizeable knob just the sort to make a girl very happy. She knelt down in front of him and began to lick his tip.

‘Would you like me to suck you off Stan?’

‘Not just now you sexy darling I want to get my cock into that sweet cunt of yours and fuck your brains out over the back of that couch.’

‘Ooh that’s sounds nice I love being shagged in the doggy position.’

‘Come on then you sexy bitch lets get back.’

Back outside in the still darkened dining room he stood behind her by the couch and ran his hands over her body. They squeezed and writhed together like two exotic birds in a courtship ritual. Her large firm breasts formed two delicious handfuls of erotic delight. His eager hands moved down to her hourglass waist before testing the sexual temperature of her vagina with his fingers. She was nicely wet again. Stan parted her legs and carefully arranged Jane’s compliant body over the back of the couch. As he entered her from behind he deftly tilted her forwards so that her feet were no longer in contact with the ground. She was helpless and entirely under his control with his cock up inside her. He reached forward and cupped her breasts in his hands. Stan began to fuck her; slowly and deliberately while squeezing her tits; occasionally moving his hand down to give her orifice a stimulating tweak. On and on he went all the while murmuring obscene incantations.

‘The next time I fuck you over this couch I’m going to bring the other boys from the band and when I’ve finished they are going to fuck you too; twice each. How do you fancy being fucked six times you gorgeous bitch?’

Jane was too preoccupied with her approaching orgasm to bother with answering Stan’s rhetorical question. In fact in her present state of ecstatic arousal she would have been delighted to entertain three randy men. He sensed she was reaching climax and increased the intensity of his fucking. The climaxed together and she felt his salvo of semen pulsing strongly inside her. He lowered her gently back down onto her feet. Now that primeval lust had been satiated his animal nature was temporally subdued; until the next time he got his hands on a nice pair of tits and a juicy quim that is. She was far from being the first woman he had shagged over the back of this particular settee.

In the distance they heard the sound of the night porter making his rounds and Jane began to search frantically for her clothes. Everything seemed to have disappeared into the blackness. Stan came to her rescue; he retained a detailed map of the darkness in his mind. He helped her to dress even expertly checking that her suspenders were properly attached to her stockings.

In reception she waited until his taxi arrived and watched as he walked out confidently into the darkness. Seeing her reflection in a mirror she realised with embarrassment that her red satin blouse was inside out. The lights came on again in the dining room as the night porter reset the circuit breaker. Stan owed him another bottle of scotch; this was the second power failure in a month. Jane could feel Stan’s semen beginning to ooze down her thighs; she needed a hot bath and a mouth wash. Jane made her way towards her room in the basement, then changed her mind and walked along to the hotel swimming pool and adjacent hot tub. There was no one there; she stripped off her clothes and plunged into the soothing waters of the hot tub.

In his office Arthur, the duty manager, was watching her on close circuit television. He licked his lips in anticipation as she stepped naked out of the hot tub. With the click of a mouse he zoomed in closer on her delicious bodywork. He unzipped his trousers, freed his erect member and began to wank. Eight seconds later, quivering with pleasure, he deftly collected his sperm in a plastic coffee cup. After she had left he removed the tape from the recording machine and locked it away in a drawer. In the privacy of his bedroom he would enjoy re-running the tape and also saving some delectable images on his computer. Arthur loved monitoring the hotels security cameras; he had acquired quite a collection of compromising pictures of both staff and guests. Later, lying in bed, Jane wrote up the details of the evening in her sexual diary. She liked to keep a record of her conquests; Stan was one of the best; she awarded him nine out of ten.

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