The Kellen Adventure: Chris Mountain Ch. 03

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Came Inside

The Kellen Adventures are setup as a continuing tale of a woman and her various sexual adventures. Chris Mountain is the first installment of many to come. Each Adventure is split into small chapters with two sections, one Kellen’s and other the lead male. Each Kellen Adventure can be a stand-alone story, yet the chapters are designed to be read in order. This is Chapter 3. I hope you can get into the story and enjoy.

My work is completely fiction and designed for an adult audience.

(Edited by GentWithHandcuffs)


TKA: Chris Mountain – Chapter 3


I had been up and down the bunny hill for the past two hours and needed a break. Chris had finally left to go ski by himself, with the promise to meet at the bar in the lodge around noon, before heading back to his place. I did so much better without him hovering; I’m the type to figure it out on my own. I am very aware of my body in motion. His patience was great, but all the over-coaching was killing me.

I had mastered this little run about three trips ago, but didn’t really feel like tackling the bigger hill. Honestly, in spite of it being a ‘warm’ day on the mountain and working hard skiing, I was freezing and my back hurt where the waistband of my warm tights I was wearing under my snow pants rubbed on my raw skin.

Unclipping my skis I gather my poles and go to return them to the rental area. Once finished, I found the locker room to freshen up. Inside I striped out of my snow gear, leaving on my thick black tights and long sleeve white thermal shirt. After washing my hands and face, I fix my hat hair into a side braid. Then check myself out before putting my ski clothes into my bag and heading to get a warm drink and wait for Chris.

When I walk out I see the men’s locker room door open across the hall. I peek inside, curious if it is the same as the women’s, and possibly, to see who may be in there. Only a small tile walkway and edge of the lockers can be seen from my current angle. Maybe I will be able to get a closer look by moving further across the hall a few steps.

Not paying attention I literally walk right into a red coat-covered chest. “Oh shit, sorry.” I say as I bounce off him.

I am too embarrassed by being caught looking into the men’s locker room to even look up or wait for an answer and hurry away to the bar. I find one of the empty high bar chairs and put my coat on the back. As soon as I sit down, my face cools off from my embarrassment a moment ago; it is what I deserve for trying to take a peek.

What was I doing here really? I didn’t belong in the mountains. It was freezing for one. Two, I didn’t really know how to ski, the children I nearly ran over early on can attest to that fact. Three, I wasn’t sure where Chris and I stood and after this weekend how it would change our relationship.

I was attracted to him and the sex was great so far, but, he wasn’t…I don’t know. There was just something not clicking completely for me. Maybe I am just over thinking this and need more time.

“Miss, what can I get you?”

I look up to see the bartender smiling at me.

“Oh sorry, green tea with honey.”

“You might be concentrating a little too hard. Looks good on you though.” Then he turns and walks off, I’m assuming to make my drink.

I sit scowling, what do I look like when I think? Doesn’t matter. I am here to try new things and I will do that. I rub out the lines between my eyebrows and look around the mostly empty room. Everyone is out enjoying the ‘warm’ sunny day on the slopes. I am glad, I was starting to feel a little claustrophobic. Maybe I’m too independent to be with a man long term. Yes, because two days is long term.

Chris and I have never talked about actually being together after this weekend. I wasn’t going to move and he loved it here in the mountains. I certainly don’t mind being alone right now in my life. It’s just that it is much more fun not having to play alone. There is nothing wrong with having a friend with benefits, especially one who can read my body so well.

My tea appears in front of me, which is a blessing from the heat gods. Breathing in the steam I can’t wait. “Mmmmm,” I say to my tea as I take my first sip of warm liquid.

“I hope that’s for me.”

I turn to a man’s deep voice on my right. There he is: the man I ran into earlier while trying to get a better look in to the men’s locker room. He has a black sweater stretched across his wide chest, red coat draped over one arm, and soft shell ski pants which fit snug across his muscular thighs and hips. I can tell he is a man who takes care of his body. Maybe he is Chris’ height at 6’3″, but much broader, carrying a lot more muscle mass.

I am not really sure what to say back to his comment. So I smile to stall for another few seconds. “Tea?” I say raising my cup.

The big man gives me a smile and shakes his head, before ordering two old fashions. I don’t even know what is in one. “You know I wasn’t talking sex hikayeleri about your drink,” he says to me, winking, before he turns and starts to watch the basketball game on the television in front of him.

After closing my mouth from the retort that never came out, I sit and think of something really witty, “You wish,” weakly comes out. So much for my strong independence!

“I’m David. And I have a feeling you are Kellen.” He smiles facing me again, holding out his wide hand. “Am I right?”

“I…yeah. How did you know?”

“I’m a good friend of Chris’. Saw him earlier. He said I might see you around today. He also mentioned to me what you look like. I must say he is dead on with details. You truly are beautiful.”

I feel heat rush up my neck and ears. I have always felt plain and average. Hearing I was beautiful from people didn’t compute with me fully.

“So how did skiing go?” David continues.

“It was great, I got pretty good.” He didn’t need to know I only did the bunny hill and stopped due to the frigid conditions.

“You sticking with that lie? It couldn’t have been that great, because it’s only 11:15am and it looks like you are already done and in need of some time in a hot tub.”

“It’s not a lie. It was fun for a little while, but I am over it. Actually I got really cold and warmth sounded better then mastering another hill. I mean they aren’t going anywhere, but my fingers and toes could have.” I wiggle the fingers of the right hand in his direction. “But you can’t tell Chris. It will probably crush him that I didn’t love skiing.”

David grabs my fingers with one of his hands. I feel so petite in the calloused palm of his much larger hand. I stare at his masculine hand visualizing them caressing my back, what his fingers would feel like inside of me, as he continues to speak. “I won’t tell him if you have a drink with me. It will help warm you up.”

I felt a little uncomfortable with him holding onto me thinking what I was. I wasn’t sure how Chris would react if he saw me either, but I liked how small David made me feel. He made me feel feminine, like I truly was beautiful and small like the women who got all of the attention were. I agree only to escape his hold and fall back into my safety bubble. David lets my fingers slide away with a “perfect,” then hands me one of his two old fashions.

Taking a sip I shiver as the burn of alcohol goes down, they my body shakes. Wow. “What’s in here?” I choke out.

“Whiskey, orange peel, cherry, and a splash of water maybe.”

I am still feeling the initial burn, “Oh. I taste the whiskey. Not so much cherry, but whiskey for sure.” I could feel the warm alcohol travel down to my belly, warming me.

“So, Chris’ friend Kellen, how did you guys meet?”

I take another tiny sip of my old fashion feeling the burn again and wondering what Chris told him about us. I find it a little bit of a turn on that Chris would have shared his indulgence with a friend, but wasn’t sure about the relationship these two men have. Do I really say we met online, have been chatting for a year, sent a few pictures here and there, get off on each other’s fantasies and just met for real yesterday where I was fucking him in the airport? Oh god I really did that.

The possibility of David knowing is making me feel partially embarrassed while a bit turned on at the same time. I didn’t realize someone else knowing would do that to me. In the airport I was too turned on to take the time to think about others watching me and feel anything outside the moment.

I gather my thoughts and continue our conversation. “I’ve known him for about a year now. We have a long distance friendship going. How long have you two been friends?”

“Quite a few years now. Met up here skiing and hang out together off and on. I am more interested in you though.” He pauses while his eyes caress my body. I can almost feel as goose bumps start to prickle. “What kind of long distance relationship do you two have, because you have travelled here to be with him?” he continues.

I stall, sip tea, stall, wipe my lips with my small white napkin. “One where we chat online a lot. Tell stories. I like to write and he likes to read and contribute ideas.”

“Stories huh?” He pauses and glances my way again, “What type of stories do you write? You have me intrigued.” David moves is broad chest directly to the right of me. I can smell a masculine scent, it goes right to my crotch. Where did that come from? I must just be aroused still from last night.

I have to focus on his original question of what kind of stories. “Basic life, what we enjoy, and other stuff.” I say with big fake smile, hoping he doesn’t notice I can’t stop staring at his jaw line and neck.

“Other stuff huh? Tell me something a little more specific about these stories.”

“They are not great. I write for fun. Sort of like chic lit.” He was going to keep pressing. I could tell by the way he leaned sikiş hikayeleri in closer. I would have to go with a boring love scene.

“I have a great feminine side. Let’s hear a little, and if I know Chris like I think I do, it is a little more than my sister’s basic chic lit. Whenever you’re ready go ahead.”

Giving me his thousand-watt smile, before looking towards the television again, as if he didn’t think I was up for the challenge. Well, he didn’t think I would tell him. Screw him and his feminine side he clearly did not possess. I lean forward on the bar with my forearms. My mouth is right next to his ear.

I begin with a low raspy voice only he can hear, “My back was against the rough brick wall, as both your hands trailed down each side of my hips, taking my black lace thong along with you. The back of your knuckles and thumbs grazed the entire length of my silky legs down to my ankles.”

The corners of his mouth perk up slightly and he shifts his hips. I continue, “I felt the rush of excitement as your calloused hands run up my calves, then my smooth thighs, just grazing the outside of my lips, teasing me. I spread my feet further apart, opening myself for you to take more. You push two thick fingers into my wet, swollen opening, making me gasp. My head dropped back against the bricks as you rubbed along the ridges just inside.” I lick my lips. “Ohh,” I moan in his ear. David’s Adam’s apple bobs up and down as he continues to look forward, drink suspended in hand, shifting his hips again.

I glance down and see he is starting to swell beneath his tight shell pants, the head of his cock outlined under the thin material. I smile deliciously taking a longer look before continuing my sultry voice in his ear once again, “I wrapped both legs around your strong waist and you carry me over to the kitchen island. The black stone was cold against my backside as I laid down with my hips on the edge, open to you. Grabbing my ankles you pulled both my legs over your shoulders and entered me in one…swift…thrust. ‘Oh fuck, David,’ I say to you as you fill me over and over.”

David licks his lips and has difficulty trying to swallow. I glanced down and can see his thick semi-hard cock pressing outward against his pants even further. The fabric does little to conceal what is underneath; he is definitely built wide everywhere. I lean back into my chair and take a sip of my tea, aroused by his reaction to my words.

After a few seconds, David leans over close enough for me to hear his whisper, “Does Chris know you talk to other men with that delicious mouth?”

His scent washes over me again, and I can see out of the corner of my eye that his eyes are looking right at my mouth. My heart is racing, knowing he is challenging me to answer and for what his presence is doing to me.

“Yes,” came out weaker then I wanted, but David intimidated me.

I didn’t lie, Chris had read so much that I had written to him in our conversations, he wouldn’t be shocked. The possibility that he would be disappointed I told those words to a stranger weighed on me though. Why should he care really, we weren’t together officially or anything. For all I knew it would turn him on to hear how I could arouse another man.

Still in my space David continues, “I’m not sure if he knows what he has here, because if he did, you wouldn’t be sitting here alone Kellen. Or do you go by something else a little naughtier?”

My attention is pulled away from David’s scent and cocky smile by the sound of Chris’ voice. “Hey, my two friends.” We both turn away abruptly from our discussion at the bar and face him. “I see you have met,” Chris says with a grin.

David speaks first, “Yes, we have. I must say you are correct Chris, she truly can take a man’s breath away. Kellen here was just filling me in on what she likes to write about. Very interesting chic lit.” He glanced over then smiled at me.

“Thanks,” I say blushing slightly.

Grabbing my hand Chris pulls me out of my chair at the same time looking at David, “She does have a way with words doesn’t she?” Looking back to me, “Ready to go back home I see. Let’s grab some lunch first then sit in a warm hot tub for the rest of the afternoon?” He kisses me quickly on the cheek before grabbing my bag off the floor. “David would you like to join us or do you have other afternoon plans?”

My chin wanted to touch the floor in protest, but I remained silent. He was Chris’ friend, and even though his scent is making my insides dance, I wasn’t sure if I could handle him this close to me. His intensity put me off kilter to say the least.

Smiling at me, “You know Chris, I would love to join you both.”

Pulling me a little possessively into his side, Chris responds, “Great, we will meet you outside after we put away my gear.”



I am still grinning like a fool opening the front door for us all. I can’t believe Kellen agreed to have David join sex hikaye us back at my place to jump in the hot tub with us. I wouldn’t have suggested it initially, but after seeing her stare at him multiple times during the meal it was apparent she was attracted to him. When she reached out and grabbed his arm while laughing at one of his jokes I knew for sure. Touch is very important to her; she doesn’t do it without intent and meaning behind it.

The thoughts I am having about watching Kellen come on top of David’s cock have been keeping me semi-hard the entire drive back home. I suspect his cock to be a bit larger than mine based on what I have heard from him. Picturing her screaming out, watching her orgasm, I can’t imagine anything else as arousing.

I break my train of thought and put on my host hat once again. “Why don’t you both change and I will get some drinks for us before we head out back.” They leave to change, and I pour three stouts into frozen glasses before heading back to my bedroom where Kellen would be changing.

As I walk in I see her from the back, trying to tie her black string bikini top. I look her up and down, her strong ass and thighs tapering to her lean waist and toned back. I walk towards her, reaching around and sliding my hands under the cups of her top, pinning her arms behind her with my chest. Her nipples grow hard instantly as I lightly pinch and twist them with my thumb and finger. Her head drops back to my shoulder and I hear her sigh. She is so responsive to my touch.

My cock swells more, pressing into her bikini-clad bottom. I want to bend her over and take her right here, but my need to take her in my hot tub is stronger. Sliding my right hand down her stomach I push my fingers into the waist of her bottoms feeling her trimmed hairs, then slide one finger along her slit. She rocks her hips forward then back.

“Fuck Kellen, you are already wet. How bad do you want to come for me?”

I feel her tense a little. Making her talk verbally about what she wants is difficult. I push two fingers against her clit, adding pressure.

“Tell me Kellen. Do you want to come for me?” Wiggling my fingers back and forth.

“Yes,” she says quietly.

My fingers continue to press down now making little circles on her clit. “Do you want to come in the hot tub?”

“Yes,” she says again quietly.

“Good Kel, I can’t wait. One more question before we go to the hot tub. Do you want to come in front of David or with David?”

I feel her tense once more. My fingers continue to make her clit swell while alternating sliding along her lips outside her opening.

“I see how you have been watching his movements with your eyes. He is a good looking, I agree. I have been half hard since the restaurant thinking about how aroused I would be to watch you come on his thick cock, it would be like a drug to me. Him buried deep inside, you frantic, right on the edge as your clit rubs against him. I want you to feel the pressure building and rushing towards your pussy. I imagine your eyes closed, lips parted… panting… hard nipples on your heaving chest… your hips thrusting as you fall off your edge.”

“Yes,” I hear her say quietly once more.

I smile knowing she wants all of it, but I know I will need to help her take what she wants. I slip my hand out of her suit top and bottom and step back slightly, then take the strings from her hands making a loose bow tie across her back; I know this top will not be on long. David is waiting for us chest deep in the warm water of the hot tub when we reach the back deck.

“You guys are going to love it in here. Very relaxing after skiing,” David says smiling from the far side of the hot tub, he takes a sip of his beer before resting his arm along the upper edge.

I walk to the hot tub with Kellen. “Ladies first,” I say touching her lower back.

I watch her use the two steps then lean down, sit on the edge, and swing her legs around putting them into the water. She lowers herself into the water then slides to the right side of the hot tub, to David’s left. I can see her breasts floating just below the surface and know I need to get into the tub to conceal my quickly enlarging erection. The anticipation for the events to come are simmering, and I know it won’t take much for me to boil over.

Once in, I let the warm water relax my body for a minute. Closing my eyes I picture Kellen’s naked body moving and grinding on top me of like she did last night. My cock becomes rigid, straining against my trunks. I reach down and rub it through the fabric.

I am unaware as to how long my eyes were closed. Upon opening them, I see Kellen is now seated in front of David as he massages her shoulders and back. Her eyes are closed, face relaxed, enjoying his touch. I look up and make eye contact with David. He raises his eyebrows and gives me a little shrug as if asking if this was okay. I nod yes, and continue to watch, slowly stroking my cock.

I hear Kellen give a quiet moan as David moves his hands down further to her mid back with his hands. I can see his fingers wrapped around her ribs, almost touching the sides of her breasts. Her head is cocked slightly to the side exposing her neck. I can hardly sit here wanting to taste it.

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