The Lake House Lessons 10

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Gina’s parents were more vigilant than my Dad, or Dana’s mom, for that matter, and grounded her for a week, except for the night of graduation. Of course, they weren’t home during the day, so that wasn’t going to really stop us, although we weren’t able to see each other on Sunday. We texted, and spoke on the phone regularly, except when I was talking to Fred, who was very happy for us, and relieved that he wasn’t going to be stuck between Gina and me anymore.

I told Gina that I wanted to tell Dana about us, and was going to see if she would meet me at the coffee shop.

“I’m torn about that, Jack,” she said. “On one hand, I know what kind of power she seems to have over you, so I’m worried that she will try to lure you away from me. On the other hand, I love the idea that you are going to tell Dana Angelo to her face that you have chosen me over her.”

I paused before responding. “We have always been honest with each other, right?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she responded.”

“And I see no reason not to keep being honest now,” I started.

“Meaning?” Gina asked.

“Meaning that I am telling you not to worry about Dana. You are all I want, and she will have to respect that.”

“O.K.,” she said, “but there is more, right?”

“Yeah. Dana is my friend now, and I want you to stop bitching about her.”

Gina was silent for a few seconds before responding, “I think I can do that. Don’t expect that I will want to hang out with her, but I’ll try not to be so pissed at her. Under the circumstances, I can be gracious, I guess.”

“Thanks,” I said. She responded, “But if I find out that you are messing around with her behind my back, I will kill both of you.”

“You have nothing to worry about,” I repeated.

Dana agreed to meet me at the coffee shop, and I got there before her, ordered a latte and sat down at a corner table. She breezed in a few minutes later. I was wondering how she was going to dress for this, whether she would use her substantial assets to try to manipulate me, and was happy to see that she dressed down, in a t-shirt and jeans, with dark sunglasses that made her look glamorous. She couldn’t help but be gorgeous, but she wasn’t trying to turn the heat up on me.

She ordered an iced coffee, kissed me on the cheek and sat down across from me, taking off the sunglasses so that I could see her brown eyes. I felt a slight tingle watching her put the straw between her soft, full lips, but I was certain that was no more than any heterosexual male would have felt.

Before I could say anything, she said, “I know about you and Gina, and I’m happy for you.”

“Thanks,” I said. She continued, “I called it, didn’t I?”

“You did,” I admitted. “You knew me better than I knew myself.”

Dana said, “Some people are good at physics, others are good at observing people.”

“I guess so,” I responded.

She said, “I still want us to be friends, but I understand that you will be spending most of your time with Gina, and I am not going to get in your way. She does seem right for you.”

“Can I ask you why you are being so nice about this? What about ‘I always want you to choose me?'” I asked.

“Jack, I really like you, and I’m really attracted to you, I think you know that,” she started, “and I think that our relationship has moved from just a sex for physics deal to a real friendship. I have had too many asshole boyfriends already and when I met you, I realized I really wanted a hot guy who was also nice to me, like you. I intend to keep looking until I find that guy. That’s why I thought I made it clear that I wanted you to choose me over another girl who you just wanted to sleep with, but I expected that you would find someone that you had a special connection with. That is why I encouraged you to pursue Natalie, and told you I thought that Gina was a better choice for you. And why I continued to see other people. I figured, if one of us thought we found that special person, then we would know it, and I see that you have with Gina. I know that you are attracted to me but if you have feelings for Gina strong enough for you to actually tell me that you won’t see me anymore, then I am getting out of your way, because you deserve to see if she really is that one for you. And you have shown incredible class telling me to my face. I respect and appreciate that. I’ll always be there for you, if you need a friendly face to talk to, or someone to vent to.”

With that, she finished her coffee, stood up, kissed me on the top of my head and walked out before I could respond. I, along with most of the male patrons of the coffee shop, watched her walk out. I was happy that it had gone so smoothly, but was a little sad that I probably never would see her naked again, never have sex with her again. But I had Gina, now, and that was a wonderful thing.

I went home and told Sarah what had happened, and she was encouraging. I went to my room and alternated between tweaking my graduation speech, screwing around on the computer and talking to Gina. I bounced some speech ideas off of her, and she helped me tighten my message, güvenilir bahis although we didn’t agree on everything. But we never did.

Dad came home pretty late, and he looked relaxed and happy. He told us that he had a great time with Mrs. Angelo, and that he expected to be seeing more of her. We were encouraging.

I told him about what happened with Dana, and Gina.

“Really?” he said, “a few weeks ago, you hadn’t gone out on any dates, and now you are bouncing from girl to girl. Just be careful,” he said.

“I will,” I responded.

Sarah said that she was just starting to see Steve, and that he seemed like a good guy.

Dad said, “It all sounds great, I just want you both to be happy.”

Sarah replied, “And we want you to be happy, too.”


I woke up at about 10 on Monday, had breakfast and emailed my draft speech to Sarah and Dad, asking them for their thoughts, because I had to send it in by 2 for review.

Dad responded pretty quickly, “Great speech, I think you hit the right tone, and show growth and maturity.” He made a few minor suggestions to the text.

Sarah got out of bed at 11, and I asked her to look at the speech. She generally liked it, suggesting that I tone down some of the angrier parts, add some more positives, and she even suggested a pretty good joke. I made the changes and sent it to the principal.

At noon, Gina called me and said that her parents were gone, so I could come over. She couldn’t leave, in case they called the home phone to check on her, so I got in my car and drove to her house. Gina’s parents both had high paying jobs, and her house was modern and spacious.

She met me at the door, uncharacteristically dressed in a tank top and shorts, displaying her formerly secret cute body and making me immediately excited. We kissed, deeply, and went immediately to her room. Instead of getting into bed, she sat down at her desk, in front of her laptop, and asked me to come over to see the screen.

Rather than pull over the other chair in her room, as had done for years when we worked on projects and homework together, I stood behind her, put my arms on her shoulders and rested my chin on her head, smelling the faint scent of her shampoo.

“I’ve been doing some research,” she said, pulling up a sex instruction website on her screen. She continued, “There are lots of things we can do to make sex better, and I’ve started a list of things I want to try.”

I kissed her head and said, “That is just like you, I guess I just figured we would do what felt right.”

“Yeah,” she responded, “but why not learn from experts?”

I didn’t say that I thought I already had, instead saying, “O.K., that makes sense. So, let’s try something off your list.”

She stood and turned to face me, and we kissed, undressing each other as we did, until we were naked, her nicely shaped breasts and full bush facing me and my hard cock.

We got into the bed, and Gina said to me, “I’ve been reading up on fellatio, and I hope you don’t mind if I try some stuff out.”

“What do you think?” I asked.

She grabbed my shaft with her small hands and placed her mouth over the throbbing tip of my cock. She plunged as much of it as she could fit into her mouth, and used her hands to rub the now lubricated shaft while twirling her tongue around the head. She was making me crazy, and my hips started to writhe as I moaned with pleasure. Then, Gina began to slowly kiss and lick her way down the shaft until she reached the bottom of my cock.

She continued down, kissing my balls and scrotum gently before easing one of my balls into her mouth. She gingerly sucked on my ball while continuing to use her hands to rub my twitching cock. She switched to the other ball, and gave it the same treatment before kissing her way from the root to the tip of my cock. I was close to exploding, but held it together.

Gina then positioned herself over my cock and, gradually took me into her mouth and throat, gagging a little, but not stopping, until I was about half way in. She then, inch by inch, withdrew my shaft, looked at me, licked her reddened, slick lips and said, “You are too big for me to get you down my throat now, but I intend to keep working at it until I can, O.K.?”

I nodded, and panted, “Yes, yes.”

Without saying another word, she took me into her mouth again and inched me further down her throat, her lips and tongue playing with my cock until I couldn’t hold back any more.

I said, “I’m going to cum,” and she began to suck harder and move her mouth up and down until I shot my load down her throat. She gasped, and gagged slightly, but swallowed it all, and continued to suck my softening cock until I was done.

“That was unbelievable,” I said, when I could speak again.

“So, my research paid off?” she said, smiling. Then, sort of to herself, she said, “it tasted about like what the article said. Not bad.” Then to me she said, “Do you prefer it if I swallow, or not?”

“Well,” I said, “swallowing is great, if you are O.K. with that. Sometimes it is hot to cum on your face or tits.”

She türkçe bahis thought about that a little, and said, “O.K., we can try that sometime. I’m not sure I get it, but if you find it hot, I could probably go for it.”

I smiled, thinking how Gina was the same, logical, girl even when it came to sex. On the other hand, I appreciated the fact that she wanted to try new things, and seemed pretty open to anything.

I motioned for her to come up and cuddle with me, and we lay in her bed, and I felt her warm body pressing against mine. After a time just lying there, idly stroking each other, I asked her if there was anything else on her list that she wanted to try. Remarkably, she got out of bed and went to her laptop.

As she bent over it, I got a great look at her surprisingly cute ass and got a glimpse of her pussy from between her thighs. I felt my cock stiffen with desire and I decided to surprise her as she read her notes. I crept out of the bed and quietly walked behind her as her eyes were locked on the screen. I slowly inched my cock between her thighs, and as she turned around to say something to me, I plunged it into her, causing her to gasp, and brace herself against the desk with her hands.

Rather than resist, she spread her legs and tilted her ass up at me to provide a better angle, and I began to thrust against her, moving at a leisurely pace as she began to press back against me. I bent over her, and reached my right hand around her and massaged her clit as I continued to pump away. Her ass began to wiggle and her breathing became harder and harder as I sped up my pace until I came hard into her and she let out a small yell and snapped her head back. She bent back over the laptop until I had removed my cock from her. She stood up and turned to me, with a happy smile on her face, nipples hard, pubic hair matted, and said, “That was actually on my list, and it was pretty fantastic.” I smiled at her and kissed her hard, holding her tightly against my chest.

I suggested that we take a shower together, and she agreed, pointing out that doing that was actually very high on her list. We went into the bathroom and turned on the water. When it got hot, we entered the stall, which was pretty large. I let Gina go under the water first, and enjoyed watching the water flow over her compact curves. When she was done, I soaked myself under the hot spray. Grabbing the soap, I lathered Gina up, paying special attention to her breasts and pussy, which she seemed to enjoy. Before rinsing off, she rubbed her soapy body against mine, then rinsed off, took the soap and began to lather me up. She used her slick, soapy hands on my cock until it was hard.

I noticed that there was a small bench in the shower, which held some bottles of shampoo, conditioner and other shower stuff, so I sat down, my cock pointing up in the air. Gina followed my lead, and positioned her crotch over my throbbing rod and carefully lowered herself on to me until I was fully inside her. She bounced up and down on my shaft as the hot water pounded against her back and ass, flowing down my legs. I found my hips beginning to move in sync with her, and I grabbed her breasts and massaged them as she sped up her pace. She came with a shudder, and I followed shortly after.

She sat on my lap, resting her head on my shoulder as she recovered. Then she stood up and cleaned herself off and turned to me, saying, “I understand that men prefer bare vulvas, what you think?”

I had learned enough to know that whatever I said, I needed to do it without insulting her. I thought for a second and said, “Your body is perfect in my mind and I have no problem with your hair just the way it is.”

“Thanks,” she said, “I appreciate that, but would you like it better if I shaved.” When I didn’t answer immediately, she said, “O.K., then, let’s shave it off together.”

I stood up from the bench and she sat down, opening her legs and tilting her hips. I noticed, for the first time, that there was woman’s shaving cream and a disposable razor on the bench. Gina shook the can and released a little lather into her hand, which she spread over her crotch. She handed me the razor and said, “Be careful.” I knelt down and gingerly began to scrape away her pubic hair. She took the razor back from me and removed some more, and we alternated until she shaving cream was gone, and most of the hair. Gina finished the job, and I was staring at her beautiful smooth, shaved pussy.

I had no choice but to kiss it, and when I did, she pressed my head into her, so I began to lick her, the taste of her juices mixed with the faint, soapy taste of the shaving cream. She was aroused quickly, and as I licked, kissed and nibbled her, I felt her shiver and cum.

She stroked my head for a few seconds and then stood up, saying, “We’d better get out before we use up all of the water.”

She rinsed herself off and made sure the hair and cream went down the drain before leaving the shower. I grabbed her ass quickly and stepped out, myself. We dried off and went back to her room. Gina got dressed, and I followed suit.

She güvenilir bahis siteleri led me downstairs, and we had some water before sitting down in front of the TV to watch one of our favorite shows. Unlike the last time we watched it, Gina cuddled next to me, and I gently caressed her arm, neck and hair as we watched. We had a brief “argument” about one of the plot points, as usual, but this time ended it with a kiss. I realized how great this was, and didn’t want it to end, but she sent me home, because she needed to make sure her parents didn’t know I was there. We kissed again, and I left.

I went home and took a long swim and had a nap on the couch. When I woke up, Sarah was in the kitchen with Steve. They were eating chips and drinking a beer. They offered me a beer, and I joined them. We chatted about nothing much, and I told them that I had been at Gina’s. We ordered in pizza, and the three of us ate and watched some baseball. Dad grabbed a cold slice when he came home from work, and we spent a quiet night before going to sleep. Tomorrow night was my high school graduation. It was still hard for me to believe.


I got out of bed early on Tuesday. Although the graduation ceremony was not until the evening, I was excited. Plus, my aunts and uncles and cousins were coming from out of town, so I needed to be ready for them. My father’s brother, Ted was a funny guy, and his wife, Aunt Mary was great. They had two kids, Bobby, who was 12, and Tara, who was 10. My mother’s sister, Jennifer, and her husband Will, were also great, and they were a huge help to Dad and us when Mom died. They had a daughter, Brooke, who was going to be a junior in college, and she was coming, too.

Before all of the craziness was going to start, I took a swim and shower and put on casual clothing. I called Gina, and we agreed that we needed to stay home with our families, but would see each other at graduation. I checked my email, and saw that the principal had made a few, minor edits to my speech, so I printed it out and put it in a safe place. Sarah woke up, and we made sure that the house looked O.K. and waited for the family to show up.

My phone vibrated, and it was not, as I expected, Gina, but a text from Dana.

“Hey,” she wrote, “hope all is good with G. Big party tonight at Dennis’ house. You guys should come. Starts at 10.”

I texted back, “will check with G, F and E. Thanks.”

She responded, “E and F coming. Hope you can, too. Looking forward to your speech tonight.”

Dennis was a guy in our class whose parents had a huge house, where, I understood, wild parties were common. I was pleased that Dana seemed not to be hostile to me and Gina, and I thought it might be fun, so I called Gina.

“Hey,” I said, “there’s a party tonight at Dennis’ house. Fred and Emily are going. Want to go, too?”

“I guess so,” she said, unenthusiastically. I pointed out that it might be the only time we would have together away from our families today, and that it would be fun for us to be seen as a couple. I didn’t specifically point out that Dana would be there to see us, but I knew that Gina was too smart not to catch my inference. She agreed to go with me. Recognizing that I was more likely to drink too much, she offered to pick me up and drive to the party. I agreed, and described, in detail, a few things that I had been thinking about doing to her next time we were alone.

“A few of those are on the list,” she said, laughing, “But I will add the others when we get off the phone.”

I laughed, said goodbye and ended the call.

At about 3, Ted and Mary and their kids showed up. After the obligatory kisses, Mary looked at me and said, “I almost didn’t recognize you—you look like you have grown a foot since last year.”

“About 6 inches,” I said.

The kids wanted to jump in the pool, so Uncle Ted went to their car, brought back their swimsuits and sent them off to change. Sarah offered the adults drinks, and we sat outside by the pool, watching the kids cavort in the water, and talking. About a half hour later, Jennifer, Will and Brooke arrived. I didn’t have to explain my height to them, because we were friends on Facebook, and they had seen some pictures.

It was always a little hard seeing Aunt Jennifer, because she looked a lot like Mom, but after the initial discomfort, I got over it. Jennifer and Will took beers, and said that Brooke could have one, too. I knew from Facebook that Brooke was very pretty, and seeing her face to face after a few years made it clear that her pictures didn’t do her justice. You could tell that she and Sarah were related.

We all sat outside by the pool until Dad came home. Everybody hugged, and talked happily, occasionally telling some embarrassing story about me as a kid. The relatives gathered their stuff and went to the hotel to change, and we cleaned up, and got ready to go to the ceremony. Knowing that I would be sitting under a hot gown, I put on a polo shirt and khakis, and we left for the school. We planned a family dinner for after the ceremony, back at the house (Sarah had arranged for a nice catered meal so that we wouldn’t have to go to a crowded restaurant). Dad and Sarah went in one car, I went separately, so that I didn’t have to rush home after the graduation was over, and they could come home and get dinner ready.

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