The Late Night Shopping Spree

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Part 1.

I have been buying you lingerie from this one particular store for some time now and the 30-something owner Sally and I have been quite good friends. She has learned both your and my tastes in what I like you to wear and when. So when I called her the other day and asked for a favour, she was quick to say yes.

I called you from the office to let you know that we were going to be doing some shopping late tonight (around 8:30) after we went out for a quick supper at our favourite Italian restaurant; you said that you would arrange a babysitter for the baby.

The dinner and wine were, as usual, wonderful and when you asked me how we could do any shopping that late when most stores were closing, I assured you that all would be OK. We drove to the mini-mall where Sally had her discrete shop and pulled in front. The blinds in the windows were drawn and the sign in the door said ‘Closed for Today’ so you looked over at me strangely as I helped you out of the car.

We walked to the door and as I turned the knob, it swung open and Sally was standing there with a big smile on her face to welcome us! We entered the dimly lit store and Sally locked the door behind us.

“Welcome you two to an exclusive late night shopping spree at Sally’s” she grinned as you smiled up at me in realization. This was to be your night and you turned to Sally – a beautiful titian tressed woman only a couple of years your senior and hugged her tightly in thanks.

“Now come with me into the back of the store where I have left racks and racks to choose from and where the special fitting rooms are”. As she led us through the store, both our eyes were watching her slim swaying hips clad in a very short tight skirt. A nearly sheer white top through which we could see that she was wearing no bra topped this. You took my hand in yours and squeezed it; I knew that you had been watching her too and were getting interested in what was about to happen.

As we entered the large, well appointed rear area, I realized that this was a combination showroom and where private fashion shows could be held. Sally was famous for her pre-Christmas lingerie fashion show for men only to pick out that special sexy outfit for wife, girlfriend or perhaps even mistress! In the centre of the room was a small round stage with a short runway to curtains behind which models could change.

“Ok you two; feel free to browse. I am going to change and put on some wine to chill canlı bahis and some nice music” smiled Sally as she left the room.

“OK, darling! What is going on here?” you asked. “Why did she have to change and, for that matter, why the late night secret shopping?”

“All in good time, my love. Now, let’s pick out some ‘pretties’ for you to try on while we wait for Sally”

It didn’t take long – with some enthusiastic support from me – for you to take an armful of teddies, bra and panty sets, lace-up satin corsets and other assorted goodies and head for the large, almost room sized changing area. You drew me inside with you and whispered, “Help me please, my darling?”

Only too eager to oblige, I slipped in and drew the curtain while you started to slip off your light summer dress and start to remove your light bra and panties. I turned you around to face the full wall mirror and, standing behind you, I unclasped your bra and slid it down your arms to the floor.

I then crouched down behind you and slowly started to peel off your skimpy panties, kissing the globes of your ass and into your crack as I lowered them. After kicking them off, you spread your legs wide and closed your eyes as you could feel my hands slowly trail upwards along your inner legs closer and closer to the heat emanating from your wet pussy!

As you reached back with your hands to rest them on my hair for support, you suddenly felt a warm soft set of lips closing over your nipple; your eyes flew open in surprise (after all, I was behind you) only to see Sally – now dressed in a one piece body stocking in sheer midnight black and black patent shoes with 6” spike heels – bending down and suckling at your breast. At that same moment, my fingers plunged deep inside your pussy and you moaned with pleasure as this beautiful woman sucked on your super sensitive nipples and I worked your clit and pussy!

You breasts responded to Sally’s sucking as they do for me; a burst of milk sprayed into her mouth! With an audible ‘plop’, Sally released your nipple and, licking her lips to catch the falling drops of milk, grinned up at you in surprise.

“Now that is a treat that I wasn’t expecting, my beauty!”

You lifted your breasts to her in offering and she once again continued her feast.

Part 2.

After Sally and I had taken you to several orgasms – I was the fortunate one since I was the one who crawled between your widespread legs to cover your bahis siteleri pussy with my mouth and capture the orgasmic results – it was time to start trying on some outfits. Sally offered us each a glass of perfectly chilled champagne as the soft music played in the background.

I sat back on the comfortable cushioned bench on the wall across for the mirror and watched as Sally brought forward one outfit after another for your to try on; you looked great in all of course but I did have some particular favourites.

The best of all was the all-sheer white bustier stopping just at mid abdomen with open-top bra cups (just supporting your breasts) with long garters and white hose and 6” heeled white open toed sandals. Your pussy was bare since we neglected to fit you with the matching thong. You were a sight for these hungry eyes – and those of Sally! The titian haired beauty drew you into her arms and you exchanged long fervent kisses while your hands roamed wildly over her high solid rounded butt encased in the cat suit.

The material was so sheer that you could feel the heat emanating from her skin and, as she raised one leg to the bench behind you, your hand strayed downwards to cup her dripping mound. To your very pleasant surprise, you found the one piece was crotch less and her own shaved pussy was open to your exploring fingers. As your fingers found her erect clit, hers found yours and you moaned in concert!

Pulling away from you, she pushed you gently backwards until you felt my hands on your waist and you realized that I had stripped off all my clothes as I lowered your sopping pussy onto my raging hard cock until you sank to the hilt. Standing before us, Sally shrugged off the shoulders of the cat suit and peeled it down over her full rose-tipped breasts and flaring hips to step out naked before us. We could see her dripping pussy and high full breasts as she knelt in front of you to take first one breast and then the other between her starving lips. Once she had tasted your milk, she was insatiable; she sucked softly then harder on each nipple as your cried out in orgasm while I thrummed your erect clit.

Your pussy was milking my cock as the nipple-driven orgasms overtook you until Sally finished with a satisfied sigh at your tits! She then lowered her head and ran her tongue from the base of my cock where it disappeared into you up to your clit – now so fully aroused that it protruded some distance from your pouting bahis şirketleri labia! Running her long fingernails lightly over my balls, she proceeded to stroke your clit with the flat of her tongue and to force the pointed tip of her tongue alongside my cock into your pussy! You were so turned on; you leaned back on my upper body and thrust your pelvis forward, trying to get more of her tongue inside you with my cock. The heat of her tongue along the bottom of my cock and you repeated cries to let you cum were enough to take us both to the edge.

Before we could cum, Sally stood and, straddling my knees in front of you, she wrapped her body – breast to breast and clit to clit – against you and started to fuck you with her clit. The friction created as she rocked against you (I could feel your mixed cum soaking my balls) as I wrapped my arms tight around you both finally helped all three of us to reach the peak and we crashed down into a massive orgasm. You both poured out copious cum and I came up into you in stream after stream until I felt that there was no end!!

Sally remained glued to your body as the two of you kissed deeply and I reached down to cup her ass in my hands to pull her tighter against you. Our bodies were covered in sheen of sweat as Sally finally stood, bent to pick up her cat suit and smiling over her shoulder as she parted the room, told us to take our time; she would wait out front.

You lifted yourself off my still hard cock and, turning around, quickly impaled yourself back onto me and then rode me like a stallion until I came again with your two blistering orgasms! We must have remained locked together for almost an hour as we exchanged gentle – yet hungry – kisses as you continued to move slowly against me even as my cock finally softened and slipped from your slippery hot pussy!

Somewhat shakily, we rose, dressed and went out into the back of the store where Sally was waiting in the same outfit she had on when we arrived. She smiled and remarked that we obviously still had some drive in us! I looked up and smiled as I pointed the closed circuit camera which had caught us alone together and which Sally had been enjoying.

She also asked if we could return some day very soon since she wanted to engage in more antics with us both. We agreed without hesitation. When she told us that the bustier, garters, hose and shoes were on the house if we promised to return, we once again reassured her that we would.

With a kiss for both of us – longer and more lingering for you, my darling, she let us out the front door to our car and we drove home. As we turned to look, the lights in the shop went out.

Thank you, Sally!

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