The Lust Boat

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The cruise was a reward from the company to the five members of the workgroup for their hard work on a very profitable special project. I was lucky enough to get my own cabin since I was the only guy in the committee, the four ladies had to pair up to share cabins. We were all so tired for the first two days we all pretty much lounged around the pool. I would eye up the hot women from behind my sunglasses, oblivious to the effect that it was having on me. On the second day my friend and co-worker, Renee, leaned over and nudged me, “Hey stud, you might want to cover that thing up.”

I felt my face turn red as I looked down to see the tent that had formed in my swim trunks. Renee handed me a towel as she got up. I stuttered, “Thanks” as she walked away chuckling. Renee wore a one piece to try to cover as much of her mature 5’2″ frame as she could. She didn’t know that she is beautiful, but from all the guys that watched her full round ass sway as she walked away, she should have. Indeed she was a very beautiful sight with her round c-cup breasts, her soft strawberry blonde hair, and that sexy ass.

Those thoughts definitely did nothing to curb my arousal. With the towel wrapped around my waist, I made a beeline for my cabin. I did have to smile as I noticed a few ladies eyeing me up as I walked by. Granted, at 6’6″ I stuck out in a crowd but I was never the guy that got the girl…I was the “friend.” In fact, I was Renee’s “friend” even though I wanted to be more. But we were both married now, and those thoughts had been forced from my mind years ago, or so I thought.

Once back in my cabin I slipped out of my swim trunks and into a cold shower. The cold water felt good against my warm skin. I took the soap and lathered my body and eventually down to my cock. My cock quickly sprung to life again as I stroked it. I let out a soft moan as I worked my soapy hand up and down the shaft. Thoughts of my cock plunging hard into Renee’s soft wet love tunnel filled my mind as I stroked my rock hard eight-inch cock. As I approached orgasm I couldn’t help by breathlessly moan out, “Renee.” But before I could release my load someone began knocking at my door.

I swore under my breath, turned off the shower, wrapped a towel around my waist and went to the door. Maybe if it was that cute maid I could find another way to release my frustration. Instead of the maid I found Renee standing on the other side of the door as I opened it. Her eyes scanned my half naked body before she said anything, “Still having that tent problem I see.”

I felt the blush return to my face as Renee continued to speak, “I was wondering if you had any extra towels…Denise used all ours up and the maid hasn’t been around yet.”

“Sure,” I said, “come in while I grab one for you.” I stepped into the bathroom as I felt my cock become limp. Grabbing a towel off the rack I spun around to find Renee standing right behind me. “This is my last one,” I said as I handed the towel to her.

“Thanks,” Renee said as she looked down at my crotch, “looks like the tent has finally gone away. Too bad, I always liked the big top.” Renee gave me a wicked smile and then headed for the open door. “By the way DJ, you are still going to the party tonight aren’t you.”

“Of course,” I exclaimed, “do you think I’d miss free booze!”

Renee laughed, “See you there!” She shut the door behind her. Renee’s cabin was right next to mine. I could hear the water running as she began her shower. I removed my towel and dried off the remnants of my showers. I flopped down on my bed listening to the sound of the water running when I heard a moan. My breath caught in my throat as I listened. No, I thought, couldn’t be. But then I heard another louder moan…it was Renee moaning! I sat up and leaned against the wall, my ear pressed against it. As I listened to her moaning, images of her naked body came to my mind: water cascading over her soft breasts, the curve of her hips, over her sweet ass. As her moans got louder I saw images of her fingers driving deep in her wet pussy while she twisted and pulled on a hard nipple.

Unconsciously my hand drifted down and began to stroke my hard rod. I began canlı bahis to moan along with Renee and that’s when the thought hit me…she must have heard me moaning while I masturbated in the shower. I began to stroke my cock faster as I listened to her sexy voice moaning in pleasure. I was close to coming when I heard Renee moan, “Yes DJ, faster…fuck me faster…I’m going to cum!” Oh my god, she was fantasizing about being fucked by me. My hand began to furiously pump my shaft and she sent me over the edge as I heard her moan, “I’m cumming DJ!!!” I released my load all over the floor and couldn’t help but moan. I was breathless! I don’t know if she put that show on for me or not but I was drained. I fell back on the bed asleep, dead to the world.

Apparently I was more tired than I realized because I never heard the maid knock on the door or come in. She must have liked the sight when she came in because when I finally did wake up I found her naked, straddling my dick and fucking me furiously. I startled her when I put my hands on her thin waist but she never stopped. I held her waist as she rode my hard cock, watching as her young firm breasts bounced in time with her downward thrusts. Her pussy was tight around my cock. She began moaning louder as I felt her orgasm around my hard rod but she never stopped. I felt her creamy juices run down my cock and spread over my balls and abdomen. She never stopped cumming until finally I couldn’t hold it anymore and emptied by balls into her tight fuck tunnel. The feeling was incredible as I released shot after shot deep inside her.

After we both recovered from our orgasmic bliss she got up, quickly dressed and left the room. I got up and went to the bathroom, figuring I should shower again before I went to the party. As I walked to the bathroom I found the maid’s panties on the floor. I picked them up and held them to my nose…such a sweet smelling pussy. I put them in a drawer as a souvenir and secretly hoped that I would get another chance to become familiar with that scent.

I showered, dressed, and headed for the party. I was the first of our group there so I sat and waited. About 10 minutes later Renee arrived. She was gorgeous!!! She had on a black mini skirt that came to a few inches above her knees, a white see-thru top with a solid white satin tank top; her hair and make-up perfectly complimented her porcelain skin. Every guy looked as she walked to the table, she was sexy in a classic way…very tantalizing. “Why is everyone staring?” she asked me.

“Because Ren…you look stunningly beautiful!” A hint of blush came to her cheeks as we sat down. I was a little embarrassed that I had just blurted that out, but I had already had two beers on an empty stomach and the alcohol was already having an effect.

“Thank you,” Renee said, “but do me a favor…don’t leave my side. These guys are looking at me like a piece of meat…most of them are old enough to be my father.” I laughed. Indeed, throughout the night any guy who was not with someone came over and hit on Renee. Most took the hint when she declined their invitations and I dealt with those who didn’t. The rest of our co-workers never did show up for the party. As the party wound down a couple hours later I staggered to the restroom and recycled the copious amounts of beer I had drank.

As I was washing my hands I saw Renee come into the Men’s Room. “Ren,” I said with a surprise, “what are you doing in here?” I had thought she was so drunk she didn’t know it was the men’s room. I found out I was wrong as she walked over to me and dropped to her knees. I was in shock as I watched Renee pull down my pants and briefs and take my cock in her mouth. My cock sprang to life in her mouth as she expertly sucked every inch into her mouth. I leaned back and clutched the edge of the sink as she worked her tongue around my cock and played with my balls. She was great and she wasted no time bringing me to orgasm there in the bathroom. Not a drop of semen escaped her mouth as I shot my load for the third time.

After Renee removed my cock from her mouth she stood up in front of me, “Come to my room in ten minutes. You can’t penetrate me but bahis siteleri at least we can have some fun.” I pulled my pants up and nodded in agreement as she walked out and headed to her room. I quickly composed myself, waited ten minutes and then headed for her cabin. When I got there she was waiting. “Denise is off with some guy she met, she won’t be back tonight.”

In no time Renee had me naked and had my cock rock hard again. I had her blouse and tank top off and was about to take off her bra when she stopped me. “I need you inside me!”

“I thought you said I couldn’t penetrate you?” I was confused.

“You can’t” she said, “at least not my pussy. But I want you to fuck my ass. David never fucks my ass and I need it.” She was practically begging as she got on all fours on the bed. I pulled her tight skirt up around her waist and pulled down her pink cotton panties. “There is some KY on the night stand,” she said. Her ass was open and inviting but I wanted to feel her pussy. I dropped to my knees behind her and slipped my tongue into her sweet opening, tasting her nectar. She was soaking wet as I lapped at her furry fuck hole, the pubic hair tickling my cheeks. After tasting her sweet juices I slid my tongue down over her clit. Renee moaned and bucked as my tongue circled her clit, “Fuck my ass now…please!!”

Reluctantly I pulled away from her sweet pussy and stood between her legs. I took the KY and applied some to my cock and then to her sweet ass. Slowly I began to enter her ass. She was tight around my cock. I was careful, pulling out and gently pushing back in, giving her more with each thrust. Renee was already moaning with each stroke. I put my hands on her hips, guiding her back as she pushed against me. It wasn’t long till all eight-inches was buried to the hilt in her tight ass. I began to pump my cock in and out of Renee’s ass, my balls slapping against her wet pussy lips. We both began calling each other’s name out and moaning from the pleasure. I unhooked her bra and let it fall to the bed as I pounded my cock inside her. Reaching around I took one of her mature breasts in my hand while I fingered Renee’s clit with the other hand. “Oh my god DJ…harder!”

What began as a drunken fuck started to become more for both of us as we succumbed to the pleasure coursing through our bodies. I felt Renee cum against my balls as I thrust deep inside her, emptying my balls into her bowels. We both collapsed on the bed next to each other and fell asleep with my cock still nestled between her ass cheeks.

I slowly began to awaken with the sound of the shower. Sitting up in bed, I looked at the clock…it was 3:00 AM and the events of the night slowly played through my mind. I looked into the bathroom to see Renee in the shower…staring for a moment, drinking in the sight of her beautiful naked form. I stood and walked into the bathroom, opening the door and stepping into the shower. Renee yelped when I opened the door, “God lord you scared me!”

“Who did you think it was,” I smirked, “I just came to see if you needed someone to wash your back?”

Renee handed me the soap, “I hope you can wash more than just my back!” I began to lather my hands and wash her back. I softly glided my hands up and down her back, down over her ass. Soft moans emanated from Renee and I massaged her.

“Ok, turn around.” Renee spun to face me, rinsing her back and allowing me access to give the same treatment to her front. I soaped up her breasts, stomach, crotch and thighs…giving them the same attention that I gave her back and ass. Renee tilted her head back and her eyes lids fluttered shut as I teased and caressed her soft breasts with one hand while I gently glided a finger over her inner thighs and pussy lips. After awhile I told Renee to rinse. Renee turned around to wash off and then turned to face me again, the soap in her hand.

Renee moved to the side and let the water wet down my body while she worked the soap into a lather in her hands. She put the soap down, stepped back in front of the water and immediately began to stroke my semi-hard cock. It didn’t take long for my cock to become fully erect as she stroked. After bahis şirketleri a few long strokes she moved again to rinse my cock and balls. Once I was soap free she turned the water off and got out of the shower. Grabbing a towel, she dried off and then turned her attention to drying my crotch. “Come on DJ, the night is not over yet!”

Renee took my hand and once again led me to her bed. As we got into bed Renee pulled my arms around her and began to kiss me deeply. At first she took me by surprise but I soon began to kiss back, our tongues intertwined as our bodies tangled together and I felt a passion from Renee that I never knew existed. I was so lost in her kiss that it wasn’t until I felt the warmth and wetness of her sweet pussy surrounding my cock that I realize Renee had rolled me on my back as she straddled me. Renee moaned softly as she slowly impaled herself on my hard rod.

“What are you doing?” I moaned as Renee moved slow and deliberately up and down my shaft.

“What does it look like I’m doing,” Renee said breathlessly as she rolled her hips and ground her pelvis against mine. “I’m making love to my best friend!”

Renee continued with her slow strokes up, then down and rolled her hips…she was in told control; her hands on my chest, shoulder length hair hanging around her angelic face and her eyes nothing but slits as she continue. I reached up and began massaging her breast, kneading and squeezing. More moans came from Renee to signal the pleasure she was feeling. I began to feel the walls of her velvety pussy begin to squeeze as a long soft moan signaled her orgasm.

Renee never stopped her slow stroke and hip roll; she rode the wave of her orgasm as my hard cock slid between her wet, swollen lips. We were both moaning at the pleasure we felt with each thrust. Renee’s sweet pussy was caressing every inch of my hard cock. The slow motion was a pleasurable tease. “Ren,” I said breathlessly, “god Ren, you’re so beautiful!”

Renee smiled and began to ride my shaft just a little faster. “God DJ, why didn’t you ever tell me you were this big!”

I smirked at Renee, “You never asked Ren.”

“I just assumed,” Renee moaned, “that you were pretty much just like other guys I’ve dated…short and thin…but I guess it is true what they say about tall guys.” Another orgasm consumed Renee’s body as she pushed hard down on my cock, this time impaling her cervix with my cock. That caused me to push up and moan loud.

“So you’re not disappointed in my body?” I asked.

“Noooooooo!” Renee practically shouted out, “Not at all. Have you ever thought about my body?”

I looked into Renee’s eyes, “Of course Ren…and you are more beautiful that I fantasized.”

Renee leaned close and kissed me passionately as she continued to thrust her hips up and down on my cock. I put my arms around her back and held her as we kissed. Renee began to quicken her thrusts and I began to thrust my hips in tempo with her thrusts. A lover’s passion consumed the two of us as our bodies took control. We were kissing and moaning as our thrusts became deeper and faster. Time stood still as we made love till finally we both shared our orgasm. With one final thrust I pushed up and Renee pushed down. The soft wet walls of her pussy began to contract with one final earth-shattering orgasm while my cock twitched and released copious amounts of seed deep inside her. It felt like an eternity before the orgasmic bliss subsided and Renee collapsed on top of me.

It wasn’t till 2 o’clock the next day that I awoke to find Renee still sleeping on top of me, my semi-hard cock still planted firmly inside Renee’s love tunnel. I gently kissed Renee awake. When she opened her eyes and saw me there, she smiled, “Good, it wasn’t a dream…it was real.”

“Yes it is real…and I’m not sorry it happened,” I said to Renee…I hoped she felt the same way.

Renee rolled off of me and next to me, “I’m not sorry either DJ. It does change some things between us, but I hope it is for the best. But we do have to agree that what happens on the ship, stays on the ship. When we get home, we’ll have to think about what we want to do.” Renee kissed me and then got out of bed to go to the bathroom

For the rest of our cruise one would sneak to the other’s cabin at night and each night was filled will passionate lovemaking. And what happened on the cruise…stayed on the cruise.

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