The Maid’s Tale Ch. 05

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She was led upstairs through the main hall and gallery, now dark and silent. Her ripped uniform gathered around her, her legs unsteady, the two men steered her to one of the West Wing bedrooms, far away from staff quarters, away from anybody who could have overheard.

Both men quickly disrobed as they entered the room, pulling off their clothes and hers eagerly. Her Master pushed her gently over to the large 4-poster bed and made her bend over, resting her weight on her arms, her lovely rounded buttocks spreading for him. She could feel Thomas’s juices cooling on her thighs, and then felt her Masters hands on her, separating her cheeks, delving between her legs, sliding over the warm flesh already lubricated with her juices and Thomas’s seed. Quickly, without hesitation, Phillip drove his rigid erection into her, groaning with the need to possess her.

Thomas climbed onto the bed kneeling in front of her, his cock semi-erect. He hadn’t recovered yet from his orgasm in the dining room and was content to watch for a little while, enjoying the view of the maid’s lovely face contorted in passion, and the gentle sway of her full breasts as they hung down, bouncing in time to Phillips thrusts. Phillip had little finesse, thought Thomas, and he resolved to give him some lessons in pleasuring a woman. Smiling inwardly, he thought about the likelihood of also teaching Phillip how to pleasure a man: he had noted how intensely Phillip had gazed at his cock whilst taking the maid downstairs.

With this in mind, he motioned to Phillip to bring Mary on to the bed properly so that they could both get their fill of her. At Thomas’s direction, Phillip lay flat on his back, his erection firmer than he had ever known. Mary sat astride him, and Phillips hands on her hips helped to raise her on his cock. Her thighs spread across his legs, she felt his cock enter more deeply güvenilir bahis than before, driving into her to the hilt. Thomas kneeled behind her, his hands snaking around her to caress her breasts, and slide down her stomach to finger her fleshy lips, stroking and pulling, rubbing her gently. Then he pushed her slowly forwards until her breasts were resting on Phillips chest and her buttocks were raised. He slid his finger down the deep cleft between her buttocks, the fingertips grazing lightly over the sensitive skin. Had she been fucked there yet? He wondered, and decided to try. Licking his fingers, he gently began to probe. Mary responded immediately; she wanted his fingers to explore and she rocked back slightly, the movement causing his fingertip to enter her warm tight entrance.

She was in a daze; her senses heightened but yet not comprehending. On one level detached, she could see an image of herself on the bed, riding her master’s cock, rocking backwards and forwards and feeling his companion fingering her most secret entrance, and on another level she was shocked by her brazenness, shocked by how much she wanted these two men to use her, to fill her with their seed, to order her to debase herself by acting the wanton for them.

Now she could feel Thomas’s finger buried deep inside her and he thrust in time to the driving of Phillip’s cock. His other hand was curled around her hips playing relentlessly with her sex, fingering the erect nub of tissue that brought her to ecstasy.

The feeling was overwhelming; it was too much for her and as the feeling rose up over her body she collapsed, breathing heavily across Phillip’s chest, his cock still ploughing deep inside her.

Thomas told Phillip to stop and withdraw; he had plans for the maid but it needed her to be more receptive; currently, her body was twitching and shivering with türkçe bahis each tiny caress, overwhelmed by sensation. Lifting her gently, they lay her on the bed face down, her head sinking gratefully onto her arms. Nothing in the past few weeks had prepared her for this, her muscles were like a newborn babe, she had no control at all and they could have placed her in any position they required and she would have complied.

As her breathing slowed a little, Thomas began to caress her plump rounded buttocks, his fingers tracing the now familiar path between them down to her receptive entrance. He pushed gently, and the tip of his finger entered. He could feel her tense but there was no real resistance and he pushed more firmly, exulting in the warmth of her. Gradually he risked another finger pushing in alongside the first. Phillip, entranced by the sight of Mary rocking slightly against the pressure, moved to get a clearer view and was rewarded with the sight of Thomas’s vaunting erection, firm and rigid, the veins standing out proudly. Phillip had never been this close to another man before but he suddenly felt an urge to taste this man’s cock. He looked up and saw desire glazing over Thomas’s face. Phillip licked his lips nervously, then delicately licked at the tip of Thomas’s cock, tasting for the first time bitter juices mingled with the sweet scent of Mary. Thomas made no sound, no movement at all except to continue to plough Mary’s entrance with his two fingers. She had raised herself slightly; her hips were off the bed and she was moving in turn, thrusting backwards against them. Phillip, encouraged by this, moved his mouth to engulf Thomas, taking the bigger man’s cock in the way that he himself wanted to be taken by his women. He heard Thomas groan, and looked up fearfully but Thomas had his head thrown back and his eyes closed.

Thomas began to move güvenilir bahis siteleri his hips now, his free hand coming round to grasp Phillip’s head as he pumped his face on to his cock. Each time, with each thrust, he was forcing Phillip to take his cock a little deeper. Phillip was gagging a little, but soon learnt to time his breathing and relax. He heard Thomas moan again, deep and soft in his throat. For a moment, Phillip wondered how it must look from Thomas’s point of view, kneeling behind a beautiful maidservant, fucking her secret entrance with his fingers and thrusting his cock into an old friends mouth.

Then suddenly Thomas asked him to stop. Bemused, Phillip pulled his mouth away and looked up at him. ‘I want you to fuck her here’ Thomas explained, and eagerly, Phillip climbed to his knees behind Mary. Thomas withdrew his fingers and took Phillips substantial erection in his hands. He guided it to Mary’s tight hole and then watched as Phillip eased himself in, inch by inch. Mary was frightened; she had enjoyed a finger but this was too much, she was being stretched so tight. Then she felt Thomas’s fingers playing with her again, circling and rubbing gently until she began to moan softly and unconsciously spread her thighs a little wider.

She felt Phillip enter her deeply, drawing in her breath at the shock, then realised that he was filling her completely, touching her everywhere.

He pulled back slightly, and then slammed into her again and she felt the slap of his scrotum against her buttocks. Bracing herself, she waited for the next thrust until soon Phillip was driving into her in a fury, overcome by the tightness of her entrance, the heat of her bowels.

With a drawn out groan, she heard Phillip come, and then felt his hot seed pump inside her.

She was close herself, and her fingers joined Thomas’s playing with her fleshy sex until she too was groaning in release. As Phillip pulled out from her she felt his seed leak out, dribbling over her thighs. She fell forward again; her legs unable to carry her any longer, and wondered how much more she could take.

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