The Man with Magic Hands Ch. 09

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Chapter 9


It was messy.

And painful.

Laura dumped me about a week after Annie’s visit. I guess they talked which, in fairness, is no surprise.

“I’m sorry, Rick, but I just can’t do this any more. With all the women you’re seeing and then my mother!”

I tried talking her round but apart from grovelling regrets I didn’t have much to say. I contemplated offering to give up the whole massage business, but there was still the matter of having shagged her Mom. There were a few tears at both ends of the phone. Like I said: messy and painful.

I cancelled some appointments and moped for a few days. I’d hurt someone I cared for and I felt bad. I wanted to make it right somehow but knew that wasn’t possible. I tried to let her go, but it was agonisingly difficult.

After a few days messages and texts were building up. When you work for yourself, you can never truly get away from the business, and I had clients. My ladies wanted my attention.

I booked an appointment with Marissa. “The massage is on me,” I said. “But I’d like to be punished afterwards.” She paused at the other end of the phone. She didn’t know the details but must have sensed the need. “You will be,” she said eventually and firmly. I was sore for several days but it was kind of cathartic.

Vanessa called early on Monday.

“I am so sorry,” she said and she did sound quite upset. “I just heard. I honestly didn’t know you were in a relationship with Annie Hart’s daughter.”

“S’ok,” I mumbled. “Something like that was bound to happen eventually.”

“It was just silly girls talk over lunch. I am really, really sorry.”

She kept apologizing so I just reassured her that everything was fine.

“Look, can I pop over? Bring a bottle of wine or something. Make it up to you,” she pleaded. “Maybe tonight?”

“Sure,” I replied. I wasn’t really in the mood for merriment but it seemed a bit rude to say no, since she was being so contrite. She knocked about eight and I led her into the living room. I opened the wine and poured. We chatted for a little while, which was nice güvenilir bahis and then she grinned.

“How about we set up the massage couch? But this time, I’m giving you the massage. My treat. It seems like you need some pampering for a change.” She smiled with big watery eyes. I could hardly refuse.

She put on some soft jazz while I striped down and lay on the couch. She went to work on my shoulders. I guess I must have been pretty tense because she soon found some knots and eased her thumbs into them. It was divine. She worked across my back and buttocks, then arms. I rolled over so she could work on my feet and legs. I semi-dozed as she worked, fully enjoying the experience. Totally relaxed.

“You’ve done this before, haven’t you?” I cooed.

“I trained as a massage therapist before opening my gym. When that took off, I started the healthcare business. I always wanted to help people heal.”

I was drifting in and out of consciousness, enjoying the music, when I realised there was something warm around my penis. Opening my eyes I saw the top of Vanessa’s head over my crotch, her hair spread out across my legs and stomach. She was kneeling between my legs, hands stroking my thighs as she sucked my hardening dick.

“That’s nice,” I murmured watching her head bob up and down. Vanessa kept sucking, licking my shaft and flicking her tongue over my bell end. She cupped my balls with one hand and gave them a gentle squeeze. What a lovely way to ‘make it up to you’ I thought, smiling to myself. Well she did say “my treat” so I put my hands behind my head and closed my eyes again.

She worked on my cock and balls for a while. I was thoroughly enjoying it but was in no rush so I just let her do her thing. Occasionally she looked up enquiringly but I reassured her. “Keep going,” I murmured. “It’s lovely.” She smiled and popped my boner back in her warm, wet mouth.

She reached over and grabbed the massage oil. She squeezed a little into her hand and let it drizzle over my cock. She palmed the end of my penis which sent little sparks through my loins. My cock twitched and she giggled. Then she squeezed another big handful of oil and rubbed her hands together. Sliding her hands over my cock, she started pumping up and down the shaft, twisting her hands as she did it.

“Bloody Hell!” türkçe bahis I gasped. “Is this part of your healthcare work?”

“You’d be surprised what you can find on YouTube,” she giggled, maintaining a steady rhythm. I gazed at her, kneeling between my legs, her boobs jiggling as she worked on my cock. It occurred to me that, now I’m single again…? But then quickly put the thought out of my head. Vanessa had always treated our sessions together in a very business-like fashion. Besides, she was way out of my league. Just a rebound fantasy.

She was doing a first-rate job on my cock, alternating between her hands and mouth, and I was getting very close.

“Don’t stop,” I grunted, thrusting upwards gently.

She stopped.

I opened my eyes. “Hey! That was really nice!”

She hopped off the couch, grinning, stepped around and leaned in to kiss me. “Patience,” she whispered. “We’ll get there.”

My impending orgasm was subsiding, which was momentarily annoying, but she lowered her head and started licking and nibbling my nipples. My cock sprang to life again. I reached over to give it a little tug, but she batted my hand away.

“Wait!” She said firmly. “All in good time.”

She wrapped a hand around my bollocks and gently stroked them without touching my shaft, nibbling my nipples and occasionally scraping them with my teeth, which sent shudders straight down to my loins.

“You’re welcome to get naked and hop on?” I suggested helpfully.

“Not today, big boy,” she muttered. “This one is all about you.”

I wasn’t going to complain so relaxed back on the couch, enjoying her kisses and hoping she would get back to my cock soon!

Her fingernails slid up my shaft and my cock twitched. She repeated it several times, and I groaned with each teasing stroke. Then she wrapped her hand around the base and squeezed it firmly, gently pumping.

“Fucking hell!” I moaned. She was licking my nips and gently pumping the base of my rock-solid penis. I was twitching and writhing on the couch, desperate for her to move her hand higher. Her hand clasped and unclasp around me and she wanked the full shaft a couple of times. Oh yes, I thought, this is it!

And then she let go again and stood up.

“Oh babes!” I cried and she laughed. My cock was now throbbing for attention güvenilir bahis siteleri and I looked down at it as it continued to twitch.

“No!” She said, spotting the fact that I was contemplating grabbing it myself. “Arms to the sides!”

I let my arms drop but it was torture. I desperately wanted to cum.

Vanessa strolled around to my feet again, spreading my legs and taking up position over my crotch again. She bent forward and ran her tongue the full length of my shaft. I gasped and groaned loudly as her lovely, wet, warm, ravenous mouth slid over the head and my cock disappeared into her mouth again. I raise myself up on my elbows and watched as her head bobbed up and down. She pulled her hair over her ears so that I could see more clearly and gazed up at me wantonly. It is, I think, the most beautiful sight in the world!

She let it slip out and smiled. “You can cum now,” she murmured and pushed her mouth back down, sucking harder and harder with each nod of her head. I started thrusting, pumping her mouth, feeling my cock bump the back of her mouth and the opening of her throat. Fucking awesome! She gagged a couple of times but I was beyond caring and thrust harder. I’m gonna fill your tummy with seed, I thought as I felt the semen rising. As I reached the point of no return, she let my cock slip out of her mouth and grabbed it with both hands. They were still sticky and greasy from the oil and she wanked me hard. I exploded with a roar and my cum spurted up through her fingers, a massive stream of semen that shot up and hit the ceiling. She continued to wank me, gripping hard and I spurted again, then again. Gobs of cum sprayed across her face and hair, dripping down onto my stomach. I was groaning loudly and gasping with each spasm.

I tried to calm down, unable to even speak for a couple of minutes. My balls actually ached slightly, they were so empty. And even though she kept her hands still, my boner was still rock hard and twitching. She gradually released the pressure and let go and I collapsed back on the couch.

“Oh my God” I grunted. “Fucking unbelievable!”

“I haven’t finished yet,” she whispered, grinning. She bent forward again and licked the pools of cum off my legs and tummy, swallowing each time. Then she licked my cock clean and gave the head a little final peck. She disappeared into the bathroom and returned with a hot flannel and gently washed my crotch, tummy and chest.

“I’m hoping that counts as an acceptable atonement,” she cooed as she leaned in and kissed me passionately.

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