The Minister’s Seduction Ch. 03

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Chapter 03

Fantasies of Control Revealed and Fulfilled

Tom, the minister and his secretary, Julia, had never experienced days flying by so quickly. They had accidently discovered each other sexually and while Tom’s wife, Pam was out of town, had spent evenings in Tom’s house. Although Pam and Julia were friends, she had both fucked and made love to Pam’s husband on the very bed that Pam and her husband slept and made love in. But Pam would soon be home and they were running out of such free time when they didn’t have to fuck on the sly.

Julia had told Tom that she wanted to have sex with him but had asked him where she really stood with him. Tom had informed Julia that although he loved his wife and had no intention of a divorce, his feelings for her were more than just sexual. And now they were sitting at the breakfast table in Tom’s home with only a couple of days left.

“While you’re up, could you get me more orange juice?” Julia asked.

“Sure,” Tom replied as he refilled his coffee cup.

After refilling Julia’s glass, he bent over to kiss her on the neck and slid one hand inside her blouse to cup a breast.

“MMMmmmmmm,” Julia moaned softly. “That feels so good. God, I wish we had time to, but we need to be at work soon.”

“But I’m the minister, and I can decide when we need to be there.” Tom replied.

Without a word, Tom swept the dishes off the table with his arm, not caring that some shattered on the floor. He picked Julia up and laid her on the table with her legs from her knees down hanging over the edge. Moving between her legs, he pulled off her panties and kissed her already wet pussy, then ran his tongue up and down her love opening.

“Oooooohhhh goooddd,” Julia loved Tom’s unpredictable lust. She had enjoyed oral sex many times before from both men and women, but had never been with anyone who seemed so in love with her pussy and showed it in the way he ate it. She screamed with delight when Tom pushed her legs up and his tongue licked down to her asshole, flattening and licking slowly over it again and again. She grabbed his hair with both hands as the tip of his tongue pleasured her rosebud and then pushed inside, tongue fucking her backdoor. His nose was touching her wet pussy, trying to poke inside.

“Deeper, Deeper! OOooooooo hhhhhhh GGGOOOOODDDDD! Push your tongue deeper into my asshole. FFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!”

Julia had never had a man or woman so in love with her asshole either. Tom seemed almost like a starving man who suddenly had food. She could understand something of why Tom was this way as he had a strong sex drive and intense sexual needs and he had told her about his sex life with Pam. She was very happy to be the one benefiting from his unsatiated sexual hunger.

Tom moved back to Julia’s pussy, slippery with her sweet honey, licking and sucking, unable to get enough of her love juices. He was a wild man, yet careful, as his tongue probed for more, licking, taking the liquid gold into his mouth. He loved her scent, her taste and the feel of her pussy.

He began moving randomly to pussy, asshole and clit, licking and sucking until Julia wrapped her legs around his head as she shook and screamed. He loved the fact that Julia was a screamer, that she lost it in the midst of a climax and didn’t even know how hard she squeezed his head between her thighs. He wished he could put his head inside her pussy and feel her love muscles squeezing him.

After Julia gave her last couple of shakes, loosened her legs from around his head and let go of his hair, Tom stood and pulled her to where her ass was on the table edge. His cock slid into her pussy easily, lubricated as it was with her sweetness and his saliva. He pumped in and out hard and fast, needing a climax. His hands grabbed her blouse and pulled, tearing it, sending buttons flying and exposing her breasts.

Grasping both breasts, Tom kneaded them with his hands, fingers, making low grunting sounds in his throat as he fucked her hard. It took only tens of seconds before his ass muscles tightened and he thrust forward hard, shooting his first surge of sperm inside her eager receptacle. His hips thrust a second time as he erupted inside her and again and again.

When he finished, he looked at Julia and realized that she wasn’t finished; not fully satisfied; she needed another climax. Pushing her back to a good position, he moved his face between her legs again, eating her to climax, tasting the mixture of her love honey and his cum. Julia relaxed on the table, sexually satisfied for the time as her climaxes finally ended. She wanted to spend the day cuddling in bed with Tom, but knew that was impossible, as both were already late for work.

Reluctantly, both got ready and as with days before, they left for the church with Julia crouching in the back seat of Tom’s pickup so as to not be seen as they drove out of the garage. Julia had granted Tom’s request that she not wear panties at work that day.

Arriving Escort Bayan Esenyurt at the church building, neither was in any mood to do any work. Tom told Julia that he had decided to use an old sermon from his file. He was glad that he had kept a full manuscript of every sermon he had ever delivered. Julia told him that by close of the work day, she was supposed to have completed and printed the bulletin for the cuming Sunday (at least she hopped she would be cuming with Tom on Sunday, despite his wife being home by that time).

Tom sat in his office feeling his cock as hard as it had ever been. He was determined to stay married to Pam but wanted to continue to fuck Julia. He realized that what he wanted was both Pam and Julia – – and his class mate in graduate school who he had fucked and eaten on the church alter (ch.1) — and other women, if he could.

Julia sat in the church office, wet, with no panties as she realized that for the first time she had a man in her grasp whom she could practically control with her pussy and asshole. She fantasized about various sexual scenarios and was relieved when she head Tom’s voice on the intercom asking her to come to his study.

When the door opened and Julia entered, Tom moved from behind his large mahogany desk and motioned her to a chair while he sat across from her.

“I don’t know about you, but I am in no mood to work.” Tom said.

“I can see that.” Julia laughed as her eyes focused on the bulge in Tom’s pants. “You are insatiable,” she paused, “and I like that.”

“Can we talk?” Tom asked.

“Sure,” Julia replied. “What do you want to talk about?”

“I have never been able to talk with a woman about sex, except for online chats – – and they might not even be women.”

“Probably not.” Julia laughed.

“May I ask you about your sex life?”

“Yes,” Julia grinned, feeling even wetter. “But it may cost you to get answers.”

“OK.” Tom was willing, even eager to do whatever Julia asked. “Have you ever had sex with more than one person at a time?”

Julia motioned Tom to wait and walked to the bathroom adjoining his study. She closed the door and he heard the commode flush as she walked out of the door and resumed her seat. Lifting her skirt, she exposed her bare cunt, covered with beads of liquid. “Kiss it and lick it for an answer.” She wondered if he would; how far could she control him with her pussy.

Tom could see the moisture on her pussy and knew it was more than love juices, but was both eager to obey and to get an answer. Crawling to Julia’s chair, he kissed and licked the wetness from her pussy. It tasted tangy and he realized it was piss that she had not wiped away after peeing.

“MMMmmmmmmm,” Julia sighed, relishing her control. “Yes. I have had threesomes, foursomes and been in orgies.”

“Goddamn!” Tom breathed in and out hard. “I have always fantasized about a threesome with two women, but an orgy? Oh god!”

“You’ve never had a threesome?” Julia asked. “Have you ever asked Pam to be in one?”

Tom shook his head.

“So, in orgies and threesomes, you’ve licked pussies?”

“You have to pay the price to get an answer.” Julia grinned as she moved to Tom’s desk, bent and put her hands on it. Reaching back, she lifted her skirt up on her hips, but as Tom got on his knees behind her ready to lick her back opening, she stood and faced him.

‘You know you’re going to lick my shithole.” Julia looked at him and Tom nodded.

“Knowing that’s where my shit comes from and that I have shit today after showering, I’m curious why you would lick it.” She paused. “That’s not the right; why licking my asshole turns you on so much. Not that I don’t like it,” Julia continued hastily, “I love it and it pleases me that you do it for me.”

Tom paused for a moment. “I’m not sure I can explain it well, but here goes. I get aroused when I lick your asshole because it pleases you.”

“That’s not all of it.” Julia shook her head.

“No,” Tom spoke slowly, “It’s not. I think licking your asshole is a way of saying that I am here to serve you. Something like veneration of your being.”

“Is that something like worship?”

Tom thought for a moment. “Something like that, but I like the word veneration.”

He watched as Julia walked to his computer and struck a few keys.

“It says here that it means a profound respect or reverence for somebody or something. That sounds like worship to me – – worshiping my ass.” The thought turned her on more.

“Not your ass.” Tom corrected her. “Let me try to explain. Doing something demeaning to me that pleases you puts you above me in a sense.”

“So when you like my asshole, you are telling me that I am in control and that you will do whatever I tell you to do to please me.”

Tom was still on his knees looking up as Julia. “Yes.” He nodded.

“Then lift my skirt and kiss my shithole, and I mean really Escort Bayan Avcılar kiss it.”

Julia leaned over on the desk again, becoming more aroused by the moment. She felt Tom’s hands parting her ass cheeks and his lips on her rosebud. His kiss started gently at first, then became more passionate until his lips were around her opening sucking as his tongue tried to push inside.

“Put your tongue inside.” She commanded and felt Tom’s tongue sliding inside her anus as she relaxed her sphincter muscles as much as she could.

“Can you taste my shit?” She asked breathing hard and pushing back onto Tom’s face, trying to swallow his tongue with her asshole. She had no interest in feces and the idea of Tom licking her shit didn’t turn her on in the least. It was being in complete of him, knowing he would do whatever she told him to that drive her to the brink of climax as she felt his tongue pushing in and out of her, tongue fucking her asshole.

Tom had heard her question but didn’t answer. Just hearing the question turned him on even more and he reached one hand down grasping his cock with his fingers and stroking slowly. He began to grunt as his balls released his cum between Julia’s legs and onto the back of his desk. His tongue pushed harder into Julia’s ass, searching, as he shot a second and third time.

As Tom was cuming, Julia reached between her legs with one hand, holding herself up on the desk with the other. Two fingers found her clit and began to rub up and down. It took only a few seconds for her to cum. Out of all the climaxes she had ever had, this was the hardest and she pushed Tom back with her ass onto the floor. Sitting on his face, she felt a giant wave roll through her crashing hard only to be followed by another and another. As she came, she put all of her weight on Tom’s face, her ass mashing on him, her asshole on his nose and her pussy on his mouth.

By the time Julia’s climaxes were completely over and she stood up, looking at Tom, he was gasping for breath. She giggled as she realized even more the power she had over this man- – not only a minister, but her boss. She sat in a chair looking at him as her giggle turned into a laugh.

“So you like women being in control.” Julia finally said after Tom sat up on the floor.

“I guess I do.” Tom grinned. “I have fantasized about being controlled by a woman but not to this extent.”

Julia and Tom looked at each other. Both had learned something about themselves and both realized that the new knowledge might make for a lot of fun in the future.

“I have always been turned on by women who are in positions of authority.” Tom mused. “In high school and in college, I jacked off fantasizing about female teachers.” Tom laughed. “A couple of them were in their seventies and I fantasized about eating their pussies in front of the class.”

“Wow.” Julia looked at him. “In their seventies – – you’ll have to do that while I watch sometime. Maybe I can find . . . .” She didn’t complete her sentence, and after a few moments of silence, she rose.

“I have work to complete if we are going to be ready for Sunday morning and you had better get onto your sermon.” She grinned at him as she turned to leave.

“And yes,” Julia turned around, grinning. “I have licked pussies and had mine licked by other women. “Have you ever sucked off another man?”

Tom blushed and shook his head. “Thinking about sucking other men doesn’t arouse me at all.” He had grown up in the homophobic south, but had worked hard to change his feelings about gays and lesbians. He even spoke about the equality of gay and straight people from the pulpit. However, he was being very truthful; he had never had an erotic fantasy involving a man – – except for being with another man while they both fucked Pam in her pussy and mouth.

That evening, Julia went home with him again and he got to do something he had only seen in porn movies. Julia asked him if he had ever had a titty-fuck. Taking his hand, she led him to the bed and lay on her back. Tom sat astride her chest with his hard cock between her tits. Although she had small tits, Julia held them together around his cock as he began to move his hips back and forth.

“Further, push forward further.” Julia encouraged him until she could take the head of his dick into her mouth with each thrust.

Soon, they had a rhythm going. Tom would thrust up and hold for a moment while Julia briefly licked or sucked his cock and then pull back, feeling the head of his cock nestled in the soft warmth of her breasts. As his thrusts continued, Tom knew he wouldn’t last long.

His first spurt of cum splashed up across Julia’s lips and onto her nose. As she was licking cum into her mouth, his second shot hit her forehead and down across her mouth. By his third shot, Julia had her mouth around the tip of Tom’s cock, catching the rest of his semen in her mouth.

When Tom’s climax was completed, Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü he quickly moved down between Julia’s legs to give her satisfaction, licking asshole, pussy and clit until she climaxed.

As Tom lay on the bed on his back, breathing hard, Julia moved from the bed to the bathroom and Tom heard water running. He knew she was washing his cum off her face, among other things.

“Next time I might have you clean your cum off me with your tongue.” Julia called from the bathroom.

“OK,” Tom replied, not knowing if she was serious.

“Right now,” Julia’s voice continued, “you can come and dry my pussy with your tongue after I finish peeing.”

Tom began to get erect again as he moved from the bed to the bathroom. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The next morning as Tom and Julia woke both realized that that evening would be the last night they would have before Tom’s wife returned home. The house needed to be cleaned so that Pam wouldn’t find anything like Julia’s panties or her pubic hairs in the house. Perhaps they could fuck at church during the day, but this morning was dedicated to saving their butts.

However, once they got to church there was too much to do as it was Friday and everything needed to be ready for Sunday morning. Pam would be home sometime on Saturday and he felt it would be in bad taste to work on her first day home after she had been gone almost two weeks.

Tom sat in his study, managing to put something together for a sermon between fantasies about Julia and a threesome with his wife and Julia. By the time he had something he thought would do, though not be near his usual quality, it was mid-afternoon.

Calling on the intercom, Tom informed Julia he would be out for a bit but would return about 4:30. Actually, he was out of his favorite Kentucky bourbon, the kind he kept in the desk drawer in his study. He seldom drank in his study, but occasionally, he would have a drink with a friend or church member. Julia caught him as he walked back in the church door.

“I know it’s not time yet, but I have some things to get done this afternoon. I won’t be over at your house this evening since Pam will be home tomorrow and we cleaned the house this morning. But please keep an eye out for anything that might give away that I have been staying there while Pam was gone.”

Julia opened the door, then turned. “Oh yes, there is someone in your study waiting for you. I’ll lock up and you can let her out when she is ready to leave.”

She closed the door and left before Tom could ask, “She? Who?”

Who could be in his study, Tom wondered as he walked down the hall. At least it was a she, although he hopped it wasn’t one of the church bitches that made his life more difficult – – every church has them, women who would truly benefit from being fucked good and hard, but got their jollies from causing hell instead.

Opening the door to his study, Tom saw a black woman wearing a police uniform. Even though he had heard that the town had a fairly new Black, female police officer, he had never seen her. And after all, this was East Texas, not exactly where one would expect to see either a female or a black police officer, and here . . . And a very attractive one at that.

He caught himself. “Hi, my name is Tom. I’m the minister here.”

The woman turned around, holding in the palm of her right hand a small figurine from a collection of objects Tom had on one shelf.

“I’m Cynthia.” She stepped forward to shake Tom’s hand and as she changed the object to her other hand, he noticed that it was his phallic fetish.

Tom collected things from different religions — a happy Buddha, a figure of Lao Tzu, a small statue of Shiva, a Hopi kachina, some Native American fetishes and sexual fetishes from ancient pagan religions.

“I hope it’s all right if I touch these.” Cynthia said.

“Sure,” Tom replied. “It’s a phallic symbol I bought from an antiquities dealer in the Middle East — it’s certified to be over two thousand years old.”

The officer giggled. “It looks like a small dick to me. I hope you weren’t the model for this.”

“No.” Tom flushed, a bit embarrassed, wondering about how forward the officer was being; after all, they didn’t really know each other. He managed a slight laugh. “But that’s exactly what it is. People used phallic symbols in worship, to protect their homes and as general decorations back then.”

Cynthia appeared interested.

“I have others.” Tom continued.

“Let’s see.” Cynthia responded.

Tom took a box from the shelf, set it on his desk and opened it. He removed a figure from it and handed it to the officer. It was a figure Pan with an erection that was longer than he was tall.

“Damn!” The officer laughed, looking at the figure closely. “I feel like I’m holding a piece of porn. I’d like to meet the woman who gave him that hard-on”

Tom laughed, but felt more surprised.

“Likely a woman like you.” Tom replied without thinking, and then closed his eyes. “Oh Shit.”

Cynthia smiled and nodded. “Very possibly, thank you. Next item?”

Tom placed the Pan figure back in the box and removed a 9 inch phallus, holding it out for Cynthia, who took it in both hands.

“God! This would be fun. Does it vibrate?” She asked, giggling.

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