The New Teachers Club Ch. 02

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NOTE: All characters engaging in sexual activities are 18 years or older.


Peri stopped just outside of Isabella Jefferson’s office, trying to convince herself that she wasn’t in any trouble and that the vice principal had some perfectly innocent reason for wanting to see her. After all, it was only her third day at Hindale Junior Academy and classes hadn’t even started, so what could she possibly have screwed up?

But Peri found the vice principal, a six-foot-tall black woman with piercing dark eyes, extremely intimidating. And she recalled someone once telling her that people were most often fired on Friday afternoons. So when Carol, Isabella’s assistant, had called asking her to come up after lunch, Peri began growing irrationally nervous.

The new art teacher took a deep breath, turned the door knob, and stepped into the small receptionist area where Carol sat behind her desk.

“Hello, Ms. Tanner, please come in,” she said, looking up. She reached over and pressed a button on her telephone. “Ms. Jefferson, Peri Tanner is here.”

“Send her in, please,” Isabella’s deep yet very feminine voice said through the phone’s speaker. Carol just nodded at Peri and gestured toward the door. Peri smiled nervously, knocked once on the inner office door, and then pushed it open.

She found Isabella seated behind a modernistic steel and glass desk. Another woman, seated in one of the two chairs facing Isabella, turned and looked up, smiling at Peri as she stepped into the room. Upon seeing her, Peri instantly relaxed.

“Peri, thanks for coming,” Isabella said, getting up and walking around the desk. She was wearing a cream-colored, knee-length skirt and a blue blouse that clung to her curvy figure. Her long, straight black hair was piled high on her head in a sloppy bun. “And I believe you know Mrs. Ellington.”

“Please, it’s Wendy,” said the woman, rising from her chair and stepping forward to give Peri a hug. “Peri, dear, it’s so good to see you again. I’m so glad you took my advice and applied for this position.”

Peri returned the hug happily. Wendy Ellington and her husband had attended a gallery event featuring new, local artists, of which Peri had been one. They had started talking and Wendy, a board member at Hindale, had encouraged Peri to apply for the open art teacher’s position. Peri felt deeply indebted to her.

“Oh, it’s all thanks to you, Wendy. I can’t tell you how grateful I am,” Peri gushed as she hugged the 38-year-old board member tightly.

“It was my pleasure dear,” Wendy said, stepping back but clasping both of Peri’s hands in her. “And don’t you look nice. I love the hair!”

Since the showing, Peri had cut her long, fine light brown hair short and had added blonde and pink highlights. Hindale had a progressive approach to its dress code and Isabella, who oversaw the school’s human resources issues, had no problem with Peri’s hair, although she had asked the young lady to remove her lip and nose piercings.

“Thanks,” Peri said, running her hand through her short locks. “You, of course, look fabulous.”

Wendy Ellington was wearing a light blue sundress that showed off her athletic body and large, firm breasts. She had shoulder-length dark hair and big grey eyes that sparkled in the sunlight streaming through the window. Peri had developed a crush on her the night they met and had secretly been hoping to see her again once she started the job. Now here she was, and Peri could feel a little tingling between her thighs.

“Peri, Wendy asked to meet with you alone and I volunteered my office, so I’m going to step outside and leave you two to it,” Isabella said. “There’s water and soda in the little fridge and snacks in the cupboard. And any supplies you might need, Wendy, are in the lower left hand drawer of the cabinet.”

Peri wondered what supplies Wendy could possibly need but didn’t have time to dwell on the matter because Wendy took her hand and pulled her over to Isabella’s black leather sofa. “Let’s sit here so we’re more comfortable,” she said.

“Sounds great,” Peri said as Isabella stepped out and closed the door behind her.

“Well, you’re probably wondering why I’m bothering you at work,” Wendy said, still holding Peri’s hand as they sat side-by-side, thighs almost touching.

“You’re not bothering me at all,” said Peri, laughing. “And I hope you know I’ll do anything I can for you.”

“Well, it’s more about what I hope I can do for you,” Wendy said. “As you know, I’m a huge art lover, always have been. We talked about my collection at your showing, and I believe I shared that I’d always hoped to be an artist, but I just don’t have the time or talent to devote to it. My stuff just isn’t that good, I’m afraid.”

Peri just smiled at her. She’d never seen any of Wendy’s efforts and wasn’t going to patronize the woman by praising work of which she had no knowledge. She guessed it was better than Wendy believed, but probably not good enough to be shown.

“But canlı bahis I like to believe I can see great artistic potential when I see it, and I see it in you, as I told you before. You’re stuff has an awkward innocence to it, but there’s still an edge. I find it refreshingly fascinating. Anyway, I’ve got a lot of friends in the art community and I just wanted to let you know, if I can do anything for you, arrange a viewing or keep any eye out for some good studio space, I’m more than happy to do so.”

The young art teacher’s eyes watered a little as she gazed at Wendy. “I can’t believe how kind you’re being to me, Wendy. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve it. You’re like my guardian angel or something.”

“Oh sweetie, like I said, I do it for the sake of art. If I can’t create great works, then the next best thing I can do is support those who can. Besides, I did the same for your predecessor, Mrs. Hadid,” Wendy said.

Which was true, she had done a lot for Sabrina Hadid, who now had her own studio with a small, attached gallery and was able to make a nice living off her ornate glass sculptures. She did not mention that for almost all of Mrs. Hadid’s three year tenure at Hindale, she had been Wendy’s lover. The tall, olive skinned art teacher with the raven black hair had become a fixture at the orgies regularly hosted by the Ellingtons and had also developed sexual relationships with a number of local gallery owners, both male and female.

It could be said that in addition to giving her art career a boost, Wendy had freed Sabrina’s long repressed sexual urges, and there was no getting that genie back in the bottle. It had eventually destroyed the Hadids’ marriage, but Sabrina had told Wendy she’d rather lose her husband than her friends and lovers in the art world.

Wendy was hoping to develop a similar relationship with Peri. She’d been fascinated by the slim, waifish young woman since meeting her several months ago. Now she sensed that Peri’s emotional reaction to her offer might be just the opening she was looking for. She reached out and brushed a single tear off the young teacher’s cheek, then placed her other hand on Peri’s bare knee.

The feel of Wendy’s hand on her leg caused the growing warmth between her legs to flare, and Peri looked her benefactor directly in the eye and gently licked her lips with a quick flick of her tongue. She put one hand on top of Wendy’s and squeezed, letting the older woman know that Peri both understood and approved of Wendy’s action. “I hope you’ll let me thank you, somehow, for all you’re doing for me,” she said softly.

Wendy ran a finger along Peri’s cheekbone and then slid her hand behind the young woman’s neck. She gently pulled Peri to her while leaning in and placing her mouth on Peri’s. The teacher pressed her lips into Wendy’s and parted them to allow the older woman’s tongue to slide into her mouth, gently swirling her tongue around the tip of Wendy’s. Peri wrapped an arm around Wendy and with her other hand lightly groped one of her breasts. Wendy slid her hand from Peri’s knee up her firm, pale thigh, eliciting a soft moan from the young woman. After several minutes of increasingly passionate kisses, Wendy pulled Peri’s black t-shirt off and quickly undid and removed her bra. Peri pulled down the straps of Wendy’s sundress and both women looked appreciatively at each other’s breasts.

In the outer office, Isabella Jefferson sat at her secretary’s desk, watching the action unfolding on her couch on the computer screen, the images provided by one of several webcams installed in the office. She had removed her blouse and bra, and her large, caramel colored breasts hung loose. Her skirt was bunched around her waist and Carol knelt on the floor, her face buried between her boss’ stocking-clad legs, lightly licking Isabella’s pussy lips.

“Not too fast, my little minx,” Isabella said. “I want to savor this.”

Inside the office, Wendy had pushed Peri down onto the couch and, after pulling off her short skirt and thong, climbed on top of her. They exchanged more kisses before Wendy began working her way down Peri’s body. She spent time licking and squeezing each of the young woman’s small, pointed breasts and sucking hard on her long, stiff nipples. Then she kissed down her remarkably firm stomach, swirling the tip of her tongue around the little jeweled hoop piercing Peri’s bellybutton, before sinking to her knees on the floor so that she could more comfortably feast on the young woman’s sex.

Peri’s bare cunt was glistening with her juices. Wendy paused to admire two small tattoos just above her slit, one of a dragon and the other a shooting star. She gave each a little kiss then began to apply long, slow licks to Peri’s labia. She pressed the tip of her tongue past the swollen folds and began to gently lick and kiss the warm, pink flesh beneath. She inserted a finger into Peri and swirled her tongue around the teacher’s swollen clit. Peri was moaning loudly and pulling on her bahis siteleri nipples as waves of pleasure coursed through her. The orgasm that washed over her caused her to convulse wildly and she almost fell off the couch, causing both her and Wendy to laugh.

“Wow,” Peri said, then giggled a little and repeated the word. “Wow.”

“Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as I did,” Wendy said, moving back onto the couch and then leaning in to kiss Peri hard. Peri could taste herself on Wendy’s lips and she licked as much of the juice off the older woman’s face as she could, reveling in the taste and smell of her own pussy.

“Now, I believe I owe you payback,” Peri said, stroking the inside of Wendy’s thighs.

“Sounds great, but would you do me a favor? Would you look and see what supplies Isabella has in her cabinet drawer? If I know her, there will be quite a few.”

Sitting watching on Carol’s computer, Isabella snorted, knowing full well what Peri would find; a strap-on, a double-headed dildo, two vibrators, handcuffs and a riding crop plus lube and several flavored oils. “Do you have any toys out here,” she demanded of Carol.

“Yes mistress, the large strap-on. It’s in the bottom drawer.”

Isabella pulled it out and put it on, shedding her skirt as she did so. She bent Carol over her desk and began to roughly fuck the 44-year-old secretary while keeping an eye on the screen. Carol, hands splayed on her desktop, moaned loudly as her boss fucked her, the whole time staring at a picture of her husband and four children. Knowing she was a whore wife and slut both shamed and excited her beyond belief.

Inside the office, Peri and Wendy had also decided on the strap-on. Peri slipped it on then lay down on the couch while Wendy, now completely naked, knelt over her, lowering herself slowly onto the long, thick fake cock. She began to bounce up and down while Peri played with her breasts. Every now and then, she would lean in and kiss Peri, their tongues dancing violently with passion. Peri began pulling on one of Wendy’s small, hard pink nipples while pushing lightly on her clit. The twin sensations quickly send the socialite over the edge, her body growing rigid as she climaxed.

Afterward, she collapsed on top of Peri, the strap-on still embedded in her, the two women softly kissing and stroking each other.

“Shouldn’t we get dressed before Ms. Jefferson returns?” Peri asked suddenly. If the vice principal came in now, then a Friday afternoon firing would indeed be occurring.

Wendy laughed and slid off and behind Peri so that she was spooning the younger woman. “Please, this kind of thing is common practice at Hindale,” she said, then raised her voice and called out. “Izzy, have you been watching us, you little voyeur?”

A few seconds later, a naked Isabella, still sporting the strap-on, now gleaming with Carol’s juices, stepped into the room and smiled down at her two naked guests. Peri’s eyes widened, but she didn’t move or say anything.

“Well, Peri, I see you’re going to fit in here at Hindale just wonderfully,” Isabella said in a playful tone. “Now, who would like to lick this clean? I assure you, Carol has a very yummy pussy.”

Unable to believe how her day had so drastically changed, Peri just lay there. But Wendy sat up and, leaning over her new lover’s naked body, grabbed the base of Isabella’s plastic cock and pulled it closer. She slowly ran her tongue up and down the shaft, occasionally smacking her lips for effect.

“You’re right, Izzy, your secretary tastes great. Why haven’t I sampled her before?”

“Because you’re too busy seducing half my staff,” said Isabella laughing. She unhooked the harness and removed the strap-on, grinning lewdly at Peri.

“Peri dear,” she said to her new teacher. “Would you be a dear and fuck the shit out of me?”

Peri grinned wildly. “You’re the boss!”

She sprang up and positioned herself behind the tall black woman, who had dropped to all fours in front of the couch. Wendy sat, her legs spread wide, directly in front of her. Peri, still wearing the strap-on, knelt and lined up the fake cock with Isabella’s pussy, slowly sliding it in as the vice principal leaned forward and began licking Wendy. Peri fucked her boss slowly at first, allowing Isabella to establish a rhythm to her licking of Wendy’s cunt. The young teacher tried to lean forward enough to play with Isabella’s massive breasts, swaying sensually with each of Peri’s thrusts, but couldn’t quite reach them while maintaining her balance. Isabella pulled back from her licking and called out, “Slave, get in here.”

Immediately, a naked Carol rushed into the room and fell to her knees. “Crawl under me and suckle my nipples. You know how I like it,” Isabella ordered.

“Of course, mistress,” Carol replied, thrilled to have been invited to participate. She had been sitting at her desk, listening to the sounds of Peri and Isabella’s flesh slapping together and Wendy’s intense moaning, desperately bahis şirketleri wanting to get off. However, her mistress had not given her permission to cum and so she didn’t dare touch herself. Now though, if she did a good job, perhaps Isabella would reward her, she thought. She lay on her back and wriggled underneath her boss, sucking one of her large, dark nipples into her mouth. For the next several minutes, using her mouth and fingers, she stimulated the vice principal’s tits while the new art teacher fucked her with increasing speed and force.

Finally, despite her attempt to hold off for as long as possible, Isabella surrendered to the orgasm that had been building inside her and she sucked hard on Wendy’s clit just as it hit, so that both women climaxed simultaneously and loudly.

As soon as Isabella came, Carol returned to her desk while Peri and Isabella joined Wendy on the couch, swapping kisses and gently fondling each other.

“How would you two like to come with me to the Hotel Cambridge. I can take a suite, we’ll order room service, and watch porn and fuck all night. My treat,” Wendy said.

“That sounds fantastic. We’d love to,” Isabella said, answering for Peri without bothering to ask her young teacher. But Peri was completely on board with the plan and a few minutes later, now fully dressed, they headed out the door. Before she left, Isabella told Carol “Feel free to masturbate yourself to as many orgasms as you can before you leave tonight.”

“Thank you mistress,” said Carol and slipped her hand between her legs the second the outer office door closed.

Linda Farrell was gazing out her classroom window, which just happened to overlook the staff parking lot, when she saw Isabella, Peri and a woman who looked familiar but whom she could not place emerge from the administrative building. The unknown woman headed for a candy-apple red BMW convertible while Isabella and Peri hopped into the vice principal’s Lexus. She wondered where they were going and if Peri would be meeting them for drinks later, which in turn reminded her that she had not yet connected with Meg, the new girls’ PE teacher. On Wednesday afternoon, she and the school’s three other new teachers had met for drinks and dubbed themselves the Hindale New Teachers’ Club. They had decided to do so again tonight, and Linda was in charge of setting up the details. She had already confirmed with Peri and Chris, the new history teacher, but Meg seemed to never be in her office, or at least never picked up the phone.

Linda glanced at her watch and saw she had a few minutes before she needed to leave for a meeting, so she decided to try again. She picked up the phone mounted on the left side of her desk and punched in the number for Meg’s office down at the gym. It rang several times and Linda was just about to hang up when a voice, breathy and hoarse, came on the line.

“Hello…Meg Black, uh, speaking.” The PE teacher sounded confused and unfocused.

“Meg, it’s Linda, are you okay?”

“Oh, uh, hi Linda,” Meg said. Linda heard several dull thumps and then it sounded as if her friend was whispering to someone. After several long seconds, she came back on the line. “Yeah, yeah, I’m, ah, fine, just doing some exercises in my office.”

Linda was almost sure she heard someone stifle a laugh, but couldn’t be certain. “Anyway, what’s up?” Meg asked.

“I was just calling to confirm drinks tonight. Meet in the parking lot or, if you’re running late, over at Tomaso’s. Chris’ wife, Claire, is meeting us,” Linda said.

“Drinks? Yeah, right, of course,” Meg said, her voice seeming to rise an octave or two in pitch. Linda heard several more thumps and her friend drew in a deep breath. “Yes, I’m in, definitely. Well, gotta go now, have to finish up some stuff. Bye.”

There was a sharp rapping sound in Linda’s ear, then a click on the line, then a loud clunk, but the line didn’t go dead. It appeared as if a distracted Meg had attempted to put the handset on the receiver, but had missed and it had fallen to the floor. What Linda heard next through the still open line astonished her.

“Oh fuck baby, that was close. You are so nasty, fucking me while I’m on the phone,” said a giggling Meg. “I hope she didn’t hear anything.”

“Yeah, who was that, the hot new math teacher? I want to fuck her almost as much as I wanted to fuck you,” a man’s voice said. Linda’s eyes widen, and she held her hand over the mouthpiece so as not to give herself away by making any noise.

“Oh yeah, Linda’s hot. I’d love a threesome with her and…oh fuck Oscar, slam that big cock in me,” Meg cried out. More rhythmic thumps came over the phone and Linda realized it was the sounds of the school’s two physical education teachers fucking.

“Yeah, you like this cock, baby? You want more?” Oscar taunted his counterpart. “Is it better than your hubby’s dick?”

“Damn right it is, baby. Fuck that pencil-dicked loser. That whore can have his cheating ass and his pathetic excuse for a cock,” Linda heard Meg cry out. Had she been down at the gym, she would have seen her new friend and colleague naked on the edge of her desk, legs wrapped around the waist of Oscar Torres, the boys PE teacher.

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