The Night Before

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She announced that she was completely dry and the tub had been drained. He opened the door to the bath and handed her the mask. She was told to put the mask on and make sure that she could not see out. He tested the fit by lighting a match and quickly bringing it to her face. When she didn’t flinch, he knew it was secure.

She hesitated a little when he took her by the arm. Her friend had told her that he knew what his job was and could be trusted completely. He brought her into the bedroom where she smelled the light fragrances of different incenses lit throughout the room. He laid her face down on the bed and told her to relax.

The oil he had already started had reached the proper temperature so he straddled her back and placed a generous amount in the palm of his hand. She felt his hands lightly caress her skin. He began by gently but firmly massaging her left shoulder, kneading away the tension that even the long hot bath could not remove. She moaned lightly as he moved one of his hands to her right shoulder as the other traced the outline of the nape of her neck. His hands rode down her back making soft circles as he moved to her waist. In one smooth movement he lifted one leg from around her, leaned back spread her legs and repositioned him between them.

He continued his assault on her delicate body, as his hands found the small of her back. He placed his thumbs in the center of the indentation and moved them outwards with even but firm pressure. güvenilir bahis She was a little nervous as ran his hands over the long healed scars. Her skin had healed years before but the skin remained a little darker then the rest. She purred contently as he worked his way around her buttocks. Suddenly he stopped and she felt a soft cloth towel pressed up and down along her back removing all of the oil he so graciously placed there.

He leaned over and began kissing the darkened spots on her back. His lips caressed the small spots with soft kisses, when he reached the longer places his tongue danced up and down the length of them. Her moaning began to increase in both frequency and volume. She twitched as he reached a particularly sensitive spot and she grazed his inner thigh. She felt his bulge through his underwear.

Returning to his previous movements he moved to massage her feet and legs. This time he started at her feet massaging each toe, moving up to the balls and finally her heals. He switched back and forth between each leg as he moved his way further up her body. He lightly kissed and licked the back of her knees. As he worked his magic on her thighs he could see the dampness forming on her lips as the candlelight flickered and danced.

She fought the urge to reach down and grant herself the release she so desperately needed as he continued the massage. He rose from the bed and leaned in between her legs to help himself up, but as türkçe bahis he removed his arm his finger removed the wetness from her. The darkness of the mask lit up with an explosion of colors as she came. She heard him suck her taste from his fingers. He then rolled her on to her back and straddled her left leg. As he leaned over her she prayed that he would finally take her before she exploded completely. For although she had climaxed it did nothing to quell the tide of desire crashing inside of her.

She cursed at him in her mind for as he leaned to kiss her the silk robe teased her even more. Dancing back and forth from thigh to thigh as someone would tease with a tongue just before licking her clit. Their tongues darted and flitted like two snakes dancing the lambda. He moved from her mouth and began to nibble on her neck as his hand found one of her breasts. He fondled her as his thumb and forefinger squeezed and played with her nipple. He kissed a trail down her neck and chest placing one last kiss between her breasts before attacking her remaining nipple. His mouth sucked while he teeth held the nipple in place and his tongue danced on the tip. Her back straightened as another orgasm ripped through her body even stronger than the first. He knew his way to his final target and let his tongue run from her breasts across her stomach and to the warm wetness that was her. His tongue probed her wet folds as he lapped up her sweet juices. Her legs slammed closed güvenilir bahis siteleri on his head as he brought her to two more orgasms quickly. He moved his head slightly and began to massage her clit with his tongue as two of his fingers slowly slid into the opening of her pussy. He began slowly at first but gradually increased his tempo as her fucked her with his fingers. She cried out as she released herself again and again.

Just as she was about to cum one more time he removed his fingers and stopped licking her. He got off the bed, removed his underwear and took the mask off of her eyes. He saw her expression go from bliss to shock as she noticed his nine-inch rock hard cock poking through his robe. He once again knelt between her legs, but this time he move her knees up and she held them to her chest. She gasped as he finally entered her. He teased her at first slowly sliding his cock in and out of her drenched pussy. He could tell that she was back on the edge and he plunged his penis in its full length deep inside her. He fucked her in earnest now fast, hard and long strokes causing her to cum again and again. She thought she was about to pass out but she wanted one more thing, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him into her and milked his cock with the muscles of her pussy. She exploded one last time as she felt his warmth fill her completely.

He waited a minute and then removed himself from her. She rolled over on her side and fell asleep satisfied in a way she had not been in a very long time. He knew that he should dress and leave but there was something about her that called to him. Within minutes he was asleep next to her with her snuggling up against him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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