The Nooner

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It was a cold, crisp winter afternoon. I spent most of the day indoors trying to stay warm. The house was empty. I was all alone with nothing to keep me company except for the computer. I started to do some of my homework so that I could get ahead of the game a little bit. After I finished most of my assignment, I decided to take a little break to relax my brain. Since I did not want to get too preoccupied doing something else, I decided to stay at the computer and look at a few adult websites. As I clicked from page to page looking at boobs, and watching a few blow job clips, I find that I am getting more and more aroused. I could feel my dick getting harder and harder in my pants and before I knew it, I was slowing rubbing at my crouch. Just then, I hear the key turn in the front door, I was startled and kind of surprised to see that you had gotten in early from work. Before I could change the screen, you walk into the room and see that I am looking at a few X-rated things on the computer.

You notice the bulge in my pants, and give me a sexy look while you say “Hmmm, looks like somebody was being a little naughty!” All I can do is smile because I know that I have been busted! You slowly walk over to me and with a little grin on your face you place your hand on my bulge and with a kinky look in your eye, you ask if there is anything that you can help me with. Seeing the look in your eye and hearing the tone in your voice gave me a full-fledged erection. You slowly drop to your knees and undo my zipper. You reach your hand into my pants and pull out my hard, pulsating cock. You stroke it slowly while rubbing your fingers around the head because you know that it drives me wild! Then you take your tongue and slowly lick illegal bahis it from bottom to top. Once you get to the head, you circle it with your tongue, and before I know it, you have engulfed me deep into your mouth! I can feel my entire body tense up while you suck and stroke me up and down!

As you are sucking me, I have you raise your arms so that I can pull off your shirt. Once your shirt is off, you reach back and undo your bra while keeping me in your mouth. Once your bra is undone, you pull it down to expose your big, creamy breasts. I lean down so I can get a handful and rub your nipples with my fingertips. The more I rub your nipples, the more intense the blow job gets! I tell you to stand up for a sec and when you do; I began to massage your breasts. After rubbing them for a while, I have to begin to lick and nibble on your nipples one at a time. Then, I squeeze both breasts together so that my tongue can flick both nipples at the same time. You begin to squirm and let out a few light moans, so I reach my hand between your legs and start to rub at your pussy. I can tell that you are getting aroused because I can feel the wetness began to seek through your pants. I give you a sexy look and tell you that I think you need to pull those down.

You pull down your pants and once you have them off, I tell you to lie on the floor. I get on top of you and slowly start to nibble on your ear, working my down to your neck. Once I get to your neck, I begin to lick it very slowly. Soon, the slow licks turn into light nibbles. Once I have made it to the middle of your neck, I nibble my way down around your cleavage. I work my way over to your right breast and slowly suck on your nipple. While I am doing that, I reach illegal bahis siteleri my hand down and start to play with your clit. I tug on your nipple with my teeth, and work my way over to the left one to give it some attention. After I am sure that both nipples have been equally satisfied, I nibble my way down your stomach until I am in the perfect position! Once I am in position, I open your legs and spread your pussy apart with my fingers so that your clit in nice and exposed. I give your clit some slow, long licks to get it to swell up a little bit. Once it has become aroused, I lick it in circles and flick it with my tongue. Your little whimpers are starting to turn into moans, so I take your entire clit into my mouth and suck on until your leg begins to shake. At this moment, I start to slide my tongue up and down your pussy while inserting my fingers into you. You can feel my fingers probing the insides of your pussy while my tongue is doing its own thing on your clit once again. I know that you are fully aroused because I can feel your wetness began to moisten the sides of my face.

I have gotten so hard that it is beginning to cramp, so I slide down my pants and spread your legs a little wider. Once I am where I want to be, I grab my cock, and rub it around your clit and up and down your entire pussy. I can see the excitement, the need, and the desire in your eyes, so I slowly insert myself into you. OMG! It feels so good! The deeper that I go into you, the hotter and wetter you begin to feel! I lean over and give you a kiss while slowing pumping myself in and out of you. I get up on my knees and put your legs on my shoulders so that I can rub your clit while I begin to pump a little bit faster and canlı bahis siteleri a little bit harder into you. I can feel your body tensing up, so I know that you are about to have one of several orgasms. I remove my hand so that I can get full thrust as I begin to fuck you as hard and as fast as I can. Your moans are turning into screams of pleasure as you have an intense orgasm. Once I know you that your orgasm is ending, I change my motion and start to grind into you going in and out and side to side, I start to rub your clit again and before you know it, you have another hot, wet, and intense orgasm. I can see your eyes rolling into the back of your head and I know that the orgasm was a good one because your fingernails are embedded into my back. Once you regain some of your senses, you tell me to lie down so that you can ride me.

I lay on the floor while you straddle my legs and slowly lower yourself onto me. You start to ride me nice and slow, and now that my hands are free, I can massage your breasts while you ride. As time progresses, you begin to ride me a little harder and a little faster. I can feel that I am getting close, so I ask you to slow up a bit because I am not ready to cum yet. You look down at me and with an extremely devilish look in your eye; you tell me that “paybacks are a bitch!” After saying that, you began to ride me harder and faster while rocking your body back and forth. I can no longer hold it, I feel my body tingling and tensing up. Before I know it, I am gripping your hips and exploding inside of you! OMG! The more I cum, the harder you ride until you explode once again as well. My toes are curled and I am now the one whose eyes are rolling into the back of my head. Once I regain my composure, I look at you and say “you are bad” and you tell me “but you like it!” You rise up off of me and lay down in my arms. We lay there for a bit gazing into one another’s eyes and before we realized it, we were sound asleep in each other’s arms!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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