The Orgasm

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Balls Deep

This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome, if not, thank you for visiting.


I was in to get my yearly flu shot at my local doctor’s office. Following the nurse back to one of the little rooms we happen to pass another one just as another nurse came out. While the door was open I heard someone say, ‘I’ve never had an orgasm’.

It sounded just like my next door neighbor. When I left I waited in my car for a few minutes and sure enough she came out, got in her car and drove off. I knew the car. I’ve been thinking about what she said ever since, about 10 days.

We were really close neighbors. Shopping, dinners, some sports. The guys did cars and once a boat and pro games. Things like that but we never ever discussed sex or anything really personal. All four of us are into our thirties, no kids.

That’s a long time not to have an orgasm. I was trying my best not to get into their personal lives but that’s a long time. My Brad can give a girl an orgasm with a rose thorn. Maybe because it’s prickly. He once gave me one just working on my breasts. Had to work on both of them but, you know. In one of his horny sessions I had either eight or nine orgasms. I tried to remember exactly but, you know. I peed a little in my pants. I mean if I had pants on it would have been there.

I must have had between three and seventeen thousand orgasms by now. If I could give just one of them to her wouldn’t it be a good thing. Brad can do that. I wouldn’t mind. It’s just one silly old orgasm, you know. Toby would probably kill him. That’s her husband. Toby and Suzie. She likes Suz but we call her Suzie anyway.

I could call Suzie and say, “Hi Suzie, its Mindy. Brad wants to give you an orgasm so if you could come over about 7 it would be great. Don’t tell Toby so he doesn’t kill Brad. You’ll be home in no time. Ought to be fun. See you then. Bye.”

Naw. That wouldn’t work. I could tell Suzie all about my orgasms but that would make her cry when she’s alone. That wouldn’t work. I finally decided to give her my full support and not have any more orgasms until she had one. It was for girls and such. Naw. That wouldn’t work. She’s just a neighbor. I’m not giving up orgasms for some neighbor named Suzie. I could get her a vibrator. THAT’S IT! I could get her a VIBRATOR! I can do that. I can work that into a conversation without mentioning her non orgasms. I had to think this through, make some plans.

A couple of days later Suzie was home, I was home, Toby was not at home and Brad was not at home. I went over to see Suzie. I did that a lot so it was normal. We’re sitting out back just womening and I decided to get into it. Oops.

“Suzie, I’m thinking about getting a vibrator. Any suggestions?”

She looks up and disarmingly and misdirectingly says, “Oh, for a massage. That would be great. No. I don’t know much about massage vibrators. I think barbers have those hand things for head massages but I don’t know where to get them.”

I thought, ‘well, here I go’. “I was thinking of a vibrator for a more personal place,” I said. “Suzie, Brad gives me really great orgasms and a lot of them but I wanted to have a few on my own. Kind of private wise. In secret. By myself. What do you think? Do I sound crazy?”

“Oh no,” she said. “Vibrators are great. I have a couple of different types. I don’t get orgasms but I could play with them all afternoon they feel so good. Toby can’t vibrate like that and it’s really different than having sex. I once sat on one, with it on, and used another stuffed down in my pants and ran one battery down and the other one was starting to go down. I was buying batteries twenty four to a pack. I was going to use one on Toby but I thought he wouldn’t like it so I didn’t. Did you know they make them built into panties and you can wear them around town? I don’t think I can do that but it’s wild.”

Talk about flood gates. A little crack and it all comes out. Oops. “Yes,” I said. “That’s what I want to do. Maybe you could give me some hints when I get one. I think there’s a place in that mall on the north side. I’ll go over and see. I hope it’s not too embarrassing to look around or buy one. What if I see someone I know there?”

“If you do then they’re there for the same thing so just smile and keep going,” she said. “You can get them on the internet. They come unmarked so nobody knows and the postman looks at so many things he doesn’t care. I didn’t get one of those long ones that go inside because if Toby saw it he might think he wasn’t enough. I used to lay down in the bathtub with the shower head above. It’s just like a vibrator but then Toby mentioned the high water bill once so I didn’t anymore. A lot of people use the washing machine but it shakes you all over, not just in the right spot, besides you don’t wash clothes every day.”

“You mentioned you don’t get orgasms,” I said. “Do you mean you don’t ever get orgasms?”

“I haven’t as far as I know,” she said. “Toby doesn’t know. He thinks erotik hikaye oku I do but I don’t. I don’t want him to know. He would feel really bad and maybe betrayed. The doctors tried a few things but nothing worked out so I just enjoy Toby and everything. I have fun so it’s ok.”

I paused for a few moments and said, “Would it be too personal if I asked what happens? I mean, do you ever get near an orgasm? I know there are times where sex is just that, sex, and I can’t have an orgasm no matter what. We just have sex because it feels good. Sometimes when we’re watching something on tv. Have you ever felt one coming on?”

“Oh sure,” she said. “What happens is it gets to be too much and I have to stop. It feels like I’m about to die. Toby is used to slowing down when I have to but he can have one going slower. Sometimes I get to the point where I’m about to scream my fucking head off. Oh, sorry Mindy. That wasn’t very nice. I’m afraid I’ll thrash around and kick Toby out of bed.” She started laughing and said, “Wouldn’t that be funny?”

“Suzie, it sounds like you can have orgasms but you haven’t been able to get over the first one yet. After that you get a handle on yourself and start to enjoy them much easier. Maybe we can find a way to get past the first one. Would you like to try? See what we can do, see how it goes.”

“I’ve thought about asking someone but was just too embarrassed,” she said. “Of course I was young then and as time went by I got used to it and didn’t pursue any solutions. If you have some suggestions, sure. It might make a nice difference. Toby would love it too. I wouldn’t have to slow him down anymore. I still might scream my, you know, head off.”

There it was. I had myself, my Brad, and her Toby to get her an orgasm. Maybe a few to get her used to having them. She doesn’t want Toby to know and if I get Brad into it… Oops …I would have to tell Toby, or Brad would. Toby would kill Brad. That left me. That left me giving Suzie an orgasm, maybe a few. That left me making out with Suzie. There has to be another way. I had to think this through, make some plans.

I did. About two weeks later Suzie was off to her Wednesday night self-massage exercise for women at the gym. Brad was off until late at a tractor something so I called Toby and asked him to meet me at the fence gate. He said sure and off I went. Oops. The fence gate is in a small stand of trees between our properties, at the rear. No light and very private. He’s there when I get there.

“Hi Toby,” I said. “I need to talk to you about something serious. I really need to know you’re in it with me.” Oops. “Before I tell you I want you to do something. This is private, just between you and me and you can’t tell anyone and you have to promise on your life like you’ve never promised before. Can you do that?”

I can just see him in the moon light shining through the leaves but enough. He takes a deep breath, probably because he doesn’t know what the hell is going on. I wait.

He says, “Do I have to kill anyone?”

I say, “No.”

He says, “Is this about Brad?”

I say, “No. Well, way out in left field maybe.”

He says, “Ok. I agree. Oh, I promise.”

“Toby, I’m so serious about keeping this private I want you to do one more thing,” I said. “I want you to stick your hand in my pants and if you ever tell about this I’m going to tell everybody you had your hand in my pants.”

He’s really quiet. Then he says, “I will if you will.”

“Will what,” I said.

“Stick your hand in my pants. It’s got to be an equal partnership,” he said.

“Deal,” I said.

Toby moves closer and puts his hands on my hips and slides both of them up under my sweater. On my bare skin. Toby has hot hands. One hand slides around in back and I feel his fingertips slide across just inside my pants. I have on those long knit stretchy tie pants. I made sure my buns were nice and smooth and I had on a loose pair of thin knit panties that wouldn’t be a problem. I wanted him to at least enjoy my buns for a moment or two. Buns are like tits, almost community property but not quite, you know.

Then he slides his other hand down right in the middle of the front of my pants and full around my pussy. It wasn’t fast but far too smoothly for me to react through my surprise. Whoa, that feels good. I lean forward against his chest and slid an arm around his waist, the other one on the other side of his chest. I stumble a little spreading my legs out of instinct. Then I feel a finger slide right in and up. That is one long finger and it moves around. I can’t help but squeeze and squirm.

I get a couple of long breaths in and out and say, “That feels good, Toby, but I was thinking more of the back of my pants. It’s ok. I wasn’t that specific. That really is a very long finger there.” I just can’t stop myself from squeezing and moving against his finger. I’ve got his arm trapped between us and he can’t get out anyway. I’m trying to back off but it’s hard. Oops.

“Oh, uh, force of habit erotik hikaye I guess. I mean the front and the finger,” He said. “Suzie likes that. So, uh, I guess it’s your time. Might as well make it even for the deal, Just dive right in.”

I take a few more deep breaths and slid my hand from his chest down to his hip and up under his T-shirt and over to his stomach. I slowly start down and run into a brick wall. I pull my hand up a little and don’t know what to do. That can’t be his dick. I’ve seen him in trunks and he didn’t seem that big. I start down again and hit the brick wall again. The top rim of his pants aren’t there so I feel around and they seem to dip down inside. His dick must be so big it’s jammed up under the top of his pants.

I push my hand down, palm towards his stomach, and feel this hot streak on the back of my hand and turn my hand and curl my fingers around his dick and move on down and hit another flesh wall. It’s where his dick disappears into his, uh, him. Moving around it I feel his sack and curl my fingers around his balls. I can’t begin to explain how thrilling this is, and his finger just keeps moving around and up and down about three inches inside. It’s driving me nuts. Oops.

I get above his balls and wrap almost around his dick somewhere. It’s so long. I finally move back from him about half a foot and he pulls his finger out. We just stand there like that, I don’t know how long. I can’t seem to get my breath going right.

“Mindy,” he says. “I guess we’ve sealed the deal. Right.”

“Ok. I guess we have,” I say somehow. He pulls his hand out of my pants. I’m really going to miss his finger.

“Mindy,” he says. “Do you want to take your hand out now?”

“In a minute Toby. Give me a minute,” I say. I slide my hand up the shaft, across the head and out of his pants. His dick is up out. I grab the top of his pants and stuff it down in to cover it up like it was before. “Sorry Toby. I guess I did that badly.”

“Not at all,” he said. “Not at all. Now, what did you want to tell me?”

“Uh, Suzie hasn’t had an, uh, orgasm, ever. It isn’t your fault. She’s just, uh, afraid to have one and she and I are going to see if we can get her one so that’s what I wanted to tell you so don’t let her know you know. Just keep on doing what you do. She loves it and she and I will see what we can do. Please.”

“I guess I knew she wasn’t having orgasms,” he said. “You can tell. She does like the sex. She gets on top and kind of lets loose. Of course I’m on top a lot too. And other ways. Sometimes we get necked and watch tv and eat pizza. And each other. She slows me down sometimes so I guess I might be oversexed. How are you going to give her an orgasm?”

“Toby, I just don’t know yet. I thought about giving her one myself. I thought maybe Brad could but I figure you’d kill him. If she could get just one and see what it’s like and then another and another she would get used to having them and settle down and enjoy.”

“Well if I can’t give her one how can Brad? I don’t think his dick is much bigger than mine,” he said.

“Toby, it isn’t that kind of thing,” I said. “It’s a matter of her getting an orgasm with the least amount of sexual excitement. It needs to be a quiet laid back orgasm. Kind of like having grits instead of creamed corn. Brads a finesser. He can finesse an orgasm out of turnip.”

“I can see that,” He said. “I like to wham bam more than fiddle around. I don’t know about Brad taking her on but if you do I would really like to watch. Brad probably would too. Wouldn’t want to interfere but would like to watch.”

“After she gets an orgasm we could do an encore, maybe, just for you guys,” I said. “We could have pizza. Suzie and I. Brad likes pigs in a blanket. Give him pigs in a blanket and he could dig up clams for an hour. Wears out his dick but he could do it. I gotta get going. Thanks for the deal Toby.”

“Thank you. Can’t wait for Suzie to get back.”

“I’m kind of looking forward to seeing Brad. Night Toby.”

A couple of days later Suzie calls.

“Mindy, Hi,” she says. “I’ve been thing about what you said and I think it would be a good idea. Girls know better than men and I really would like to get an orgasm and get started. Any afternoon would be good. Give me a call before you start your shower so I can do the same. We can use the guest room if you want or anywhere if that’s not convenient. It may make me pee so I don’t think we should use the couch. Anyway, you think about it and let me know when you get here.”

“Great! How about tomorrow about 2 in the afternoon?”

“Oh, that would work out fine Mindy,” she said.

“Ok. We can use the guest room. Be sure the air conditioner has it comfortable and be sure all the windows are closed tight and find a thick blanket and keep it handy. Are you nervous? I’m nervous but it should be fun.”

“I am. A little nervous I mean,” she said. “Should I get the vibrators ready?”

“Nope,” I said. “We won’t need those. Don’t think about it and porno hikayeleri don’t let it worry you. And don’t make any plans, you know, what you’ll do, what I’ll do. Let’s just go with it when it happens. See you tomorrow.”

“Ok,” she said. “Bye.”

Almost 2 in the afternoon. I have a knit top on and my knit pants, both gray. The same pants Toby was in. Underneath I have a lightweight white knit bra and lightweight white knit panties. Suzie was at the door. She looked really fresh. We were both in our thirties, about 5ft7 and slim from the gym. We had good muscles and we could move around easily. She had on long pj bottoms, string and knit, and a button up matching top. I didn’t know about underwear.

We stood for a few moments, shy and looking awkward. I put my arms around her waist and gave her a hug and she did the same. I took her hand and we walked back to the guest room, smiling and glancing at each other. Neither one of us knew what we were going to do so it was a little jerky social wise.

The guest room was softly lighted. The bed was a king and had two really nice big pillows and two much smaller pillows. No bedspread but a sheet folded way down at the bottom. We could just kick it off if we wanted. There was a blanket folded on the floor on one side. Soft carpets on the floor and the curtains were pulled shut. They were thick. I was thinking she might scream and we could throw the blanket over us and soften the sound if needed. Probably would be awkward but I just happen to think of it.

I moved in, not tight, and every so lightly pressed my lips to hers. Not even wet. She sucked both her lips in and then laughed out loud. It was really fun. I moved in again and stuck my tongue out between my lips, kind of far and she did the same and we touched for about ten seconds which is a very long time.

I edged over to the side of the bed and turned and waited and Suzie slid on and walked on her hands and knees a little past the middle and lay down on the pillow. Both pillows were low and didn’t force your head high. On I went, right next to her. We were facing each other.

The mattress was to die for. Very comfortable. It was nice and warm in the room, dry, with air quietly circulating. I wet my lips and put a hand on the side of her waist and kissed her. A long one. Lips open and a little tongue, not greatly passionate. Out breasts were rubbing. Knees too. Getting to know each other.

Pulling back I said, “Suzie, I’m going to try my very best to get you fully into and over an orgasm. When you feel one starting let me know and stay with it. We’ll get through it together. Let your body do what it wants to do. Let your body get you through it. Actually completing an orgasm is one of the most sexual things you can experience.

“Try not to touch yourself anywhere no matter how much you want to. Let me do it”

“I’m really nervous Mindy,” she said. “I mean about the orgasm, not you.”

“I know,” I said. “Be really comfortable.”

I moved up so my head was above hers, not too much. I ran my fingers through her hair. It was soft, freshly washed and fluffy. I kept at that for a few minutes, occasionally running my fingers down around her ears and down to her neck with my palm out with nails trailing on her skin. Fingertips across her forehead and out her eyebrows. It caused her to close her eyes. When she did I kissed her each time.

As time went by we got more passionate with each kiss, lips open and tongue engaged. Being over her I could go down on her lips with mine and use some pressure every now and then. It got some moans and I could see her push up her hips slightly and move her feet around.

I ran a finger down her neck and undid the top button on her top and ran my fingers across the top of her breasts. I slipped down a few inches and bent over and lightly kissed the top of the near breast, pushing the top down a little in the process and undid another button. Running my tongue across her breasts again, but further down, I undid the very bottom button on her top and undid the tie on the top of her pants and very softly pulled the rim up loosening them.

Her bra was like mine, lightweight but black knit. I knew them. It was latched in the front like mine. I ran my fingertips across and around her stomach and up under her top. Smoothly sliding my palms all over for several minutes. While we kissed I slid my hand up and undid the center of her bra. I could feel it separate and lightly open.

I undid the last button on her top and moved up and ran my tongue and lips from her neck down to her belly button, ranging a little left and right and kissing every so often. This was really fun. She was feeling it and it seemed like she decided to just let me seduce her. I moved up and while we were looking into each other’s eyes I slid a hand up between her breasts and, palm down, slowly swept her bra and top off her far side. Then I did the near side.

I skipped her breasts and moved back to her stomach and ranged around again. Moving back up to her breasts I played with her from the bottom edge up just below her nipple, then the other. I set up a very nice licking and sucking on both nipples. I took my time, rolling the nipples with my fingers for a change. I stopped and sat up and took off my top and then undid my bra and dropped both on the floor.

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