The Pastor and His Son Ch. 01

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*This story is purely fictional. It contains an incestuous relationship between a father and his son. It also involves a pastor/priest. If that is something that makes you uncomfortable, please don’t read this story. All parties involved are over 18.*


Thomas : 48 years old, light brown hair, blue eyes, muscular body, 6’3 tall.

Jamie : 18 years old, blond hair, hazel eyes, lean athletic body, 5’10 tall.


It was a Friday evening when pastor Thomas Caldwell’s life changed forever. He had just gotten home from church, where he’d been taking confessions from his parishioners. All the lights in the home where turned off and nothing but quiet could be heard. He knew his wife was at her local book club meeting, but he had assumed his son, Jamie, would be here. He hadn’t told Thomas he’d planned to out.

Thomas took off his coat, placed it on the coat rack and took the stairs up to the second floor of his house. On the way to his bedroom, he saw Jamie’s room’s door was partially open and a faint orange light could be seen shining from within. He took a couple of steps closer and was about to knock, when he caught sight of his son and came to a screeching halt.

Jamie was standing in the middle of his room in front of his bed, wearing what appeared to be a deep red, sheer babydoll made from lace and a pair of women’s panties in the same deep red color. His son was slowly dancing to a sensual beat, gyrating his hips and running his hands up and down his body. He turned and Thomas saw that the underwear he was wearing was a thong, the thin strip of fabric drowned between Jamie’s asscheeks.

What the hell? What the fuck was his son doing dressed like that? Thomas mentally scolded himself at the foul language he’d used, even if it only was in his thoughts. As a pastor he didn’t allow himself to speak like that and he abhorred it when words like that slipped out of him. Just before he was about to barge in and put an end to whatever it was that Jamie was doing, his son climb on the bed and that was when Thomas saw a large photograph of himself stuck on the wall.

Jamie continued his sexual – for lack of a better word – dancing on the bed while he was on his knees, little moans leaving him from time to time. “Did you like the way I danced for you, daddy?” he asked and Thomas thought he had spotted him. But why would his son ask if Thomas liked the dance? A sickening feeling unfolded inside him. No, this couldn’t be the reason…His son wouldn’t…he wouldn’t…

“I knew you’d like it. I was such a good boy for you, daddy,” Jamie went on and Thomas realized he was addressing the photo on the wall. The photo of Thomas, so that meant…

Oh God. No.

Thomas took a step forward, ready to enter Jamie’s room, but quickly retreated back when Jamie picked up a flesh-colored dildo from the bed and stuck the suction cup on the headboard of his bed beneath Thomas’s picture.

Thomas stood rooted to the spot as Jamie fell to his hands and knees on the bed and engulfed the tip of the dildo in his mouth. He moaned around the plastic toy and then took the whole thing in his throat. “Mmm it tastes so good. Please feed it to me again, daddy,” Jamie said in a whiny voice and took the toy in his mouth again. He started sucking on it, bobbing his head, slowly at first and then faster. Jamie reached down his body and Thomas saw him free his penis, his moans getting louder and louder. A gagging, chocking sound came from him and Thomas felt his own penis inflate in his pants. Was he aroused by his own son? No. No, he couldn’t be. The twitch his shaft gave, when Jamie pulled back from the dildo, a string of saliva connecting his lips and the tip of the toy, said otherwise.

“Will you fuck me now?” Jamie murmured as he spread kisses down the length of the dildo. He grabbed a bottle of lubricant that was lying of the bed and squirted a generous amount on the toy. He removed his panties and turned, rubbing his ass up and down against the dildo. “Mmm put that big dick in my ass.” Jamie reached behind him, grabbed it and started pushing down on it. Thomas’s cock was tenting his pants and he thought he’d never been this turned on in his whole life as he watched his son fuck himself. He’d never been so tempted by anything and he’d never been attracted to another man, let alone his own son. That was a sin and Thomas didn’t sin. Well, he didn’t use to sin, but all logic and common sense flew out the window. He didn’t think straight, he didn’t think at all as he unbuckled his belt, lowered his zipper and took out his steel hard erection. Thomas wrapped his hand around it and started pumping to the same rhythm with which Jamie now fucked himself on the plastic contraption. Lord forgive me, he thought.

Jamie got off of the dildo, unstuck it from the wall and climbed of the bed. He placed the dildo on the floor and lowered himself on it again, fucking himself up and down, his pink cock bobbing and slapping against his lace-covered stomach. Thomas spit down on his own kocaeli escort dick to ease the movements of his hand as he stroked his shaft. “Aahhh that big daddy dick is fucking me so good. Look at me riding your shaft, daddy,” Jamie all but yelled, addressing the photo, not knowing his father was indeed watching him. “Oh oh oh, you found my p-spot. Mmm yes daddy, make me cum. Hammer my prostate and make me shoot.” Thomas jerked his dick harder, too lost in what Jamie was doing to even care about how wrong the entire situation was. “Ugghh yeah, look daddy. Look at my dick spraying jizz without me even touching it. Look at me cum for you, fuck yeah!” Thomas was so close to orgasm too, but was a little disappointed when Jamie got off the dildo. He wanted more of the show Jamie had put on tonight. He was on the edge of coming, when Jamie pulled out a plastic bottle from somewhere. Thomas slowed his movements in intrigue as he watched Jamie pierce a small hole on the cap of the bottle filled with golden liquid. “Mmm now time for the good stuff,” Jamie said as he aimed the bottle at his face and squeezed, spraying the yellow liquid all over his face and then down his torso, soaking the babydoll. “Shower me, daddy. Rain your urine all over me.” Urine? That was pee in that bottle? Fuck, Thomas thought and jerked his dick harder. “In my mouth, daddy. Aim it in my mouth. Let me guzzle it all down.” Jamie opened his mouth and sprayed the pee in it, swallowing and moaning. The sight made Thomas’s dick erupt with his release, collecting it in palm. After the shock from the power of his orgasm dissipated, he hightailed it into his room, still not being able to process what had happened. He just knew a line had been crossed that night.


That night sleep wouldn’t come for Thomas. He’d played the memory of his son doing these unspeakable things to himself over and over again. And he’s masturbated just as much. As a pastor and a pious man, Thomas had thought of himself immune to the temptations of the flesh. He didn’t even feel that kind of intense desire for his wife. Their sex life had come to a stalemate when Jamie was conceived 18 years ago. His conviction that he was the master of these sinful urges had quickly been proven wrong though and all it took had been twenty minutes spying on his son like a pervert. Because that’s what he was. Who in their right mind would do what Thomas had done? He hadn’t just invaded his son’s privacy, but he had enjoyed it so much he’d spilled his seed all over his hand.

In the early hours of the next morning Thomas had decided he should try and purge his mind from that memory, because as a man of God his actions weren’t right. They were despicable. He also needed to absolve himself, so he would go to another parish, preferably somewhere no one knew him, and confess his sins.

With that resolution firmly set in place, Thomas got out of bed a couple of hours later, jumped into the shower and then got ready for breakfast. In the kitchen he found Jamie sitting on the kitchen island, a plate of eggs and bacon in front him. Thomas’s heartbeat started pounding in his chest when Jamie lifted his head from what he was reading on his phone. He smiled up Thomas and bade him good morning.

“Dad? Are you okay?” he asked when Thomas just stood there looking at him, not being able to answer. Images from last night started resurfacing in his mind’s eye and his penis started to harden as all his blood rushed south. Thomas opened his mouth to reply but nothing came out. “Dad? Hello???” Jamie’s voice penetrated the fog of lust from Thomas’s brain. He couldn’t do this. He couldn’t be in the same room as Jamie. So he Thomas turned on his heels and almost broke into a ran to his home office, where he locked himself in there.

Thomas took a seat behind his desk and remained there for hours, until night had fallen. He’d requested from his wife not to disturb him for anything and, thankfully, she’d done as she was told. Thomas had spent all that time in his office praying and asking the Lord for forgiveness for the perverted lust that had overtaken him. He’d also come to the realization that he needed to have a serious conversation with Jamie, explain to him that what he’d done wasn’t right. Thomas didn’t care if his son was gay or bi or whatever else. He’d still love him the same, unlike his wife who God knows what she’d do if she ever found out. No, what Thomas needed to explain to Jamie was that it was wrong to fantasize about his own father, the man who had essentially brought him to existence, in that kind of manner.

When he had composed himself enough and thought he was finally able to face his son, Thomas called Jamie to his office. A couple of minutes later Jamie entered Thomas’s office and sat down in one of the chairs in front of his desk.

Jamie opened his mouth to speak, but Thomas cut him, cutting straight to the chase. “We need to talk about what you did last night.”

Jamie’s eyes grew wide and almost bugged out of their sockets. “W-what?” kocaeli escort bayan he whispered stammering.

“I saw you doing…doing those things to yourself,” Thomas tried to keep his voice controlled. “I heard you. I know what you fantasize about.”

“You…how…what? You spied on me?!”

“No, I didn’t spy on you.” Technically I did but it doesn’t matter, Thomas thought. “And don’t you take that tone with me. Jamie,” Thomas softened his voice a little bit, “I don’t care that you are interested in men, but you have to know that what you were doing last night was wrong. You were fu-. You were doing things to yourself and you were imagining about me. Don’t try to deny it,” Thomas interjected when he saw Jamie was about to protest and undoubtedly lie to him. “I saw that picture of me on your wall. You were looking at it when you…when you screamed ‘daddy’.” Thomas almost choked while he uttered those words and remembered how Jamie had said them again and again. “You do know that that is not normal, right? That it’s weird and perverted and-“

“Why? If it’s so wrong, then why does it feel so good? Why do I feel so good when I fuck myself imagining it was you loving me back the way I love you?” Jamie asked. Thomas didn’t know what he expected his son to say, but it certainly wasn’t that.

“Jamie!” Thomas’s voice was stern as he said his son’s name in admonishment.

He was taken aback when Jamie got up from his seat and rounded the desk separating them and came to stand next to Thomas’s chair. “Did you like it?” he asked as he leaned in closer to Thomas.


“Did you like the way I danced for you, daddy?” Jamie repeated the words he’d addressed at the photo last night, but now he was asking the man himself, looking Thomas straight in the eye. Thomas’s throat bobbed on a hard swallow as Jamie bit his plump lower lip and turned Thomas’s chair to him.

“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing, daddy?” Jamie asked as he moved between Thomas’s legs and placed his hands on his father’s chest.

“Don’t call me that.” Thomas should actually tell him not to touch him either, but God help him he didn’t. Well, God isn’t in this room right now, Thomas thought ruefully. If he was he’d be condemning Thomas to the lowest pits of hell for even entertaining what was happening between him and Jamie right now. Thomas was a servant of God, a devout and reverent pastor, but at this moment he didn’t feel like one. He didn’t know what he was feeling to be honest. It was a mix of fear, resentment for himself, excitement and…arousal.

“How should I call you? You are indeed my daddy.” Jamie caressed his chest up and down as he spoke, his hands scraping on Thomas’s nipples through the fabric of his priest’s shirt. Thomas gripped the armrests of his seat in a death grip to prevent himself from doing something stupid, like grabbing Jamie’s hips. “You didn’t answer my question. Did you like me dancing for you?” Before Thomas could reply Jamie leaned in closer, almost whispering in his ear. “I think you did. And I think you liked what I did next even more, didn’t you daddy? Otherwise you would’ve stopped me. You said it yourself, what I did was ‘wrong’. But you didn’t.” Jamie plopped himself on Thomas lap and flicked his tongue over the lobe of his ear.

“Get up,” Thomas ground out between his gritted teeth. What was happening? How had they ended up in this position? That wasn’t at all how Thomas’s had imagined this conversation going.

“Mmm I don’t think I will.” Jamie wiggled his butt. “There’s something poking me in the ass that tells me you like me in your lap, just as much as you liked me fucking myself.”

Thomas hated to admit it, but Jamie was right. He did like it and his hard dick was proof of that. He was so going to burn in hell. He’d never felt anything like what he was feeling right then and he was this close to crossing another line. A line that should never be crossed between a parent and his offspring. But as Jamie’s arms came around his neck and Jamie kissed the side of his throat, Thomas groaned and let his hands land on Jamie’s thigh and hip.

“Now tell me, daddy…did you enjoy what you saw last night?” Jamie’s wet breath tickled Thomas’s ear.

“Yes.” The word was barely a whisper, but Jamie heard it alright. He turned on Thomas’s lap, straddling him and Thomas’s hands ended up on his son’s ass.

“Did you get hard like you are right now?” Thomas nodded – he didn’t dare utter another word, couldn’t – and Jamie moaned. “Did everything I did turn you on? Even when I showered myself with piss?” The sound that escaped Thomas was more of a whimper than anything else. Jamie looked in the eyes and smirked. “Oh dirty daddy. What would your parishioners think if they knew you got off watching your son play with himself? You did get off, didn’t you? Answer me with your words, daddy,” Jamie demanded when Thomas nodded again.

“I did.” At Thomas’s admission Jamie ground his hips forward and Thomas whimpered izmit escort again at the sensation of their clothed cocks rubbing together. His hands tightened on Jamie’s ass even as he said, “We shouldn’t be doing this. It’s wrong. So wrong. You’re my son, I’m a priest, we sh-“

“Shhh,” Jamie placed a finger on Thomas’s lips, not letting him finish his sentence. “It might be ‘wrong’ as you say, but it feels good, doesn’t it?” He emphasized his point by pushing his groin against his father’s again and smiled when Thomas groaned again. His dick was so hard it could break rocks. Jamie removed his finger and brought his face closer to Thomas’s. He softly pressed his lips against Thomas’s and Thomas was momentarily stunned. When his son’s tongue touched the seam of his lips, he opened up and allowed him entrance, before his brain even got a chance to comprehend what was happening. He was still warring with himself about the morality of what he was doing and how forbidden it was, first because Jamie was his own flesh and blood and second because of Thomas’s profession as a priest. Still, these reasons didn’t stop him from tightening his grip on Jamie’s ass and taking control of the kiss, pushing his tongue aggressively against his son’s, nipping at it and biting his juicy lips.

Jamie broke the kiss abruptly and got off his father’s lap. Before Thomas could question what was happening Jamie had removed his pants and shirt, leaving himself dressed only in a pair of white lace girl panties that did nothing to hide his erection, which was poking from the top. “What do you think, daddy?” he turned around, bouncing his ass. “How do they look?” Jamie bend down and Thomas saw the thong pressing into his son’s balls, separating them and making them more pronounced.

“Fuck,” he whispered and unbuckled his belt, lowered his zipper and pulled his cock free from the confines of his pants. He’d never had sex with another man and he never thought he would, much less with his own son. But the demon of lust had gripped his claws so deep inside him that he didn’t care anymore. He knew he’d probably regret it later and do anything he could to repent, but now…Now all he wanted was Jamie. “Come here,” his voice sounded like gravel as he uttered the command. “Keep them on,” he told Jamie when he saw he was about to take the panties off. Well, since he was going to hell, might as enjoy it too.

The moment Jamie was back straddling him, Thomas crashed their mouths together and reached down to fondle his very first cock. His son’s cock. He felt his own erection release a stream of precum at the thought and feel of Jamie’s lace-covered shaft. Thomas heard Jamie’s breath hitch when he lowered his panties and rubbed the liquid that had gathered on his tip all over his cock.

“Yes, daddy, yes,” Jamie moaned against Thomas’s lips. Then he reached down and smacked Thomas’s hand away, as Thomas spread open-mouthed kiss on his son’s neck and jaw. Jamie took hold of both their dicks in one hand and started stroking them together. “I’ve imagined a million times, but feeling your dick against mine is so much better than my imagination. Oh please, daddy, please push your finger in,” he begged when Thomas parted his ass cheeks, found his hole and rubbed his middle finger over it in circles.

He removed his finger and Jamie whined until Thomas held it in front of him and pushed it through his lips. “If you want it, lick it real good.” He didn’t want to hurt the boy by using his finger dry and since they had no other form of lubrication, Jamie’s saliva would do. Jamie moaned around his digit, hollowed out his cheeks and started sucking it in earnest. Thomas could have sworn he felt it down to his balls. When he was sure his finger was wet enough, he removed it from Jamie’s lips and placed it back on his hole, this time pushing it in little by little. “Is that what you wanted?” he asked Jamie. “Is that what you were thinking last night when you had that dildo shoved up in this tight hole?” Not once in his life had Thomas spoken like this, but now it was as if he couldn’t stop. As if someone else had taken control over his actions and language. “Or perhaps you want the real deal? The dick that’s now rutting against yours. Tell me boy,” he demanded as he pumped his finger in and out of that hole that was indeed so tight he couldn’t even begin to imagine how good it would feel wrapped around his rod.

Jamie bucked against him, when Thomas’s finger came into contact with something spongy, he could only assume was Jamie’s prostate. He pressed on it a couple more times until Jamie was an incoherent, blabbering mess. “YES! I WANT YOUR DICK, PLEASE PUT YOUR REAL DICK INSIDE ME. FUCK ME. SHOVE IT UP MY ASS, DADDY, PLEASE!” Jamie released their cocks, when Thomas pressed his prostate again and reached behind him to remove Thomas’s digit from his ass. At Thomas inquisitive look, Jamie clarified, “I’m about to cum and I want to do it with that monster inside me.” He looked down pointedly at Thomas angry-looking cock. Jamie grabbed it and started spitting on it, big amounts of saliva leaving his mouth and landing on Thomas’s penis which Jamie spread all over his shaft until it shinny. He, then, inched forward and lined himself up before slowly descending on his father’s big cock.

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