The Path Pt. 02: Found

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Kat was startled awake by the loud beeping coming out of the speakers on her alarm. Her mind being pulled back to earth from the sweetest of dreams about soft, curvaceous lips. She was naked and alone on the couch. ‘Shit,’ she thought, ‘hour til work.’ She hoisted herself up and looked over at the bed. Sarah was still sleeping, her fake tits perched precariously on her tiny body. Kat slid into her pants, pulled a fresh t-shirt over her head and threw her long hair into a bun at the top of her head. She poured herself a stale cup of the coffee that remained from the day before, chugged it then silently snuck out the front door.

John was waiting for her behind the bar when she got there.

“Morning sunshine, you look like shit.”

“Ha ha, go fuck yourself,” Kat jabbed back.

“Naw I can just have you do that for me darling,” he said smirking.

“In your dreams, old man.”

“Hey, I may be old but my stamina says otherwise,” he said, leaning forward and looking greedily at Kat.

“Gross. Stop. Its too early for this shit. Don’t you have some Depends to buy or something?” Kat responded and Jon chuckled. She was always creeped out when John said shit like that to her, even though it was playful, John was not a man to be fucked with. It was like if you touched him, a layer of shame would coat your skin where you came in contact.

She ran the bar just like any other day. She made sure the bar was stocked, shit was cleaned out of the bathrooms and her usuals were comfortable in their spots for the day. She admired the transparency of these old men and women. Every day they would come here, ignoring the outside world and drink away their neurosis in the dark corners of a nowhere bar. Not caring who saw or what happened. They just let everyone know who they are and this, to Kat, was the bravest of acts.

Since she was on the day shift of the bar, she had some daylight left, even though it was obscured by the thick grey clouds above. This meant she still had hours left before she slept, hours before oblivion. She grabbed a handle of the cheapest vodka before closing her shift, assuring she’d have some kind of escape when she got home.

The bar was only about a twenty five minute walk from her apartment so she put her headphones in and took her usual route home. Through the streets of downtown, the homeless camps, down the boardwalk next to the piers, then through the industrial part of town. She hit the middle of her walk, when all of sudden she felt extremely noticeable, vulnerable. She started walking faster, keeping her head down. She hit the board walk and the feeling grew, making her extremely uncomfortable. She was afraid to look up, knowing this feeling. She had felt it before, a long time ago and she was scared.

Suddenly, she ran into something hard. And tall. She was knocked down so at this point she was forced to look up. There they were. Those curvaceous lips. They broke into a crooked smile. Her heart beating out of her chest, she reluctantly looked up further, to the eyes above. Her heart shattered. She looked down again not being able to form a coherent thought.

“Sorry, sorry, I-I sh-should’ve been w-watching whe…” She left the man with an unfinished thought, got up as quickly as humanly possible and ran home before he could get out a word or see the tears streaming out of her eyes.

Kat burst through her front door. She was alone again. She sunk down against her wall, curled into a ball on her floor and let her tears flow. She allowed herself to stop being numb, the emotions coming to the surface for the first time since her life had crumbled. The pain was severe, almost physically palpable. She cried until she couldn’t produce any more tears. When she could move again, her first act was to grab the handle out of her bag. Then, she stripped down to her tshirt and panties. She unscrewed the top and started gulping the liquid that so sweetly poured out of the top.

Once she was sufficiently numb again, she stumbled to her couch. She sunk down, down further, and held the bottle close to her chest, trying to feel a beat. Nothing. She gazed upon the city that was just starting to light up while guzzling more of the vodka, tears still rolling down her cheeks. She fell asleep, face swollen, bottle half in her mouth and in sweet, sweet oblivion.

Kat awoke confused on the couch. She almost had forgotten what had happened the day before. It hit her again, like a rip current, taking güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her breath away and crushing any hope she had of standing up. She first reached for her phone and called John to tell him she wouldn’t be in. He was pissed but let her off easy. Next, she reached for the half full bottle that was just within her grasp and started gulping. She spent the morning on the couch, not moving, seeing or thinking.

All Kat wanted to do was go back to a year ago, back when she didn’t know how to feel. In the early afternoon, her phone rang, a little drunk and confused, Kat answered.


“Kat. I may have done something bad.” It was Angie.

“What did you do this time?” Kat murmured.

“I may have told Dominic where your new apartment is…” Angie said in bashful tone.

“What. The. Fuck. Angie?” Kat was completely sober and alert now.

“It was last night, I was drunk and he asked so I told him! You know how I…” Kat hung up. If Dominic knew, he would be coming over. He would be here. ‘No. I’ll simply, be gone’ She thought. She leapt up and started to pack, throwing everything into bags. She was reaching for her toothbrush when she heard a firm knock on the door. Kat froze. She started shaking and looked toward the window, wondering if she could jump three stories and still be able to run.

“Kathrine, I know you’re there. Please open the door.” It was Dominic, his light, inquiring voice melted her core. Still not moving, Kat stared, not wanting to make a sound.

“Kathrine,” Dominic said again, “Please open the door. I haven’t seen you in months, you changed your number, you moved here to avoid me for Christ’s sake. Just open the door. I need to see you. You left without even saying goodbye. Please.”

Kat knew that if she opened the door Dominic would be back in her life forever. She knew she would never be able to let go this time. Her mind raced back to six months ago. How she realized what she was doing, how much she loved him, and how she walked away. She walked away from what they had, what they both wanted but could never be functional enough to actually do. How he made rips in her heart again and again, then finally broke it. And she let him.

The whole thing was her fault really, and she hated herself for it. When she was with him, she gave up all hope of keeping promises to herself or keeping a level head and she didn’t care. No matter what happened or how many times it happened, it somehow was exactly the way it was supposed to be. Her thoughts slowly settled, then there were none. She walked absently to the door, turned the handle and opened it.

He was actually there, standing broadly in the doorway. His tall, burly body taking up almost the whole space. He was dressed in a suit, neatly pressed and well presented, as usual. In his warm, dominating presence Kat was lost all resistance. She stared at his body all she could before she was forced to look in his face. His brown hair and a red beard framed his face. The beard encompassing his soft, full lips that formed his crooked smile. She then let her gaze wander up into his blue green eyes. They were unlike anything Kat had ever seen, filled with spark and mischief and constantly changing. He opened his mouth to speak,

“Kat…” he was taking in her form, her small frame, her scars, her dull, swollen eyes, “Kat,” he said again and enveloped her. His big arms wrapped around her, her head buried into his chest, smelling the warm intoxicating scent of his skin. As he tightened his grasp, it was as if he was squeezing all of the bad memories, self-hatred and sadness out of her. She lost all function in her legs and her knees buckled, Dominic caught her, carrying her to the bed. He laid her down and crawled up next to her, covering them both up and wrapping his arms around her again. They fell asleep, Kat in udder bliss.

She woke up in her bed. Soft sheets sliding against her bare skin. She reached out toward the warmth in the bed next to her and touched skin that was softer than the sheets. Not wanting to open her eyes, she snuggled closer to the warmth. Pressing her cheek up against the soft skin and working her way into the nook that she so dearly missed. Holding her ear to the barrel chest, hearing the loud thu-thump of his heart.

She took a chance and cracked her eyes open. Her room looked warmer. The grey walls glowing silver and the man next to her was real. It was actually Dom. She güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri closed her eyes again. Listening to the thu-thump, smelling the air that touched her taste buds as it flowed down into her lungs, feeling the big warm body next to her and never wanting to move. Shortly after everything had sunk in, she felt Dom stir next to her. Kat cracked open her eyes again and looked up. Dom looked down at her, smiling.

“You slept well, I could tell by your snoring,” he said.

She chuckled. Realizing it was the first time actually really felt something in months.

Dominic smiled too. He usually never smiled with teeth, he just spread his lips as far as they could across his face, Cheshire like, his eyes scrunching up at the sides and his cheeks making rosy apples.

‘Jesus,’ she thought, ‘what is happening?’ She perched herself up on to her elbow, looking at him fully. His half naked body was partially covered by sheets, the pieces that were showing gave a good gist as to what was left. His pale, freckled skin flowed over his large muscles. He wasn’t exactly toned but he was strong with broad shoulders and a barrel chest. He had thick thighs and a large, firm ass.

One of her favorite parts wasn’t visible but under the sheets attached to the big figure, was a big cock. Long, pink and thick as they come, curved ever so slightly to the left, it was perfection to Kat. She started shivering just thinking about it. Kat had her fair share of experience with different men and women but nothing ever like Dominic. He was a force to be reckoned with in and out of the sheets. She let her eyes roll up to his face, he was staring at the ceiling. Every time Kat saw Dom’s eyes, she couldn’t help but stare. The way the light hit them today they looked dark green. The color seemed to shift with time, mood and light. It was like a kaleidoscope that was a small opening into his soul. Although she had never been let in fully, she accepted she never would be and she was fine with that.

He looked over at her, reached out and rested his big hand on her face. Kat’s eyes closed, savoring the touch. She leaned in, without thinking, and kissed him. Starting slow and soft, it built into a passionate and fervent kiss, both of them feeling the energy that was always was just underneath the surface.

Being back together, it was like not even a day had passed, their natural chemistry igniting a consuming fire. Their hands slowly and surely felt eachothers bodies, taking in what they had both missed for far too long, Kat climbed on top of him and molding her body to his, Dominic held her closer, pressing her hips further down on him so she could feel his cock growing between her legs. Kat’s heart was beating rapidly, her breath short and fast. Dominic flipped Kat around, intertwining his hands in hers, he pinned them above her head as he grinded into her. He looked straight into Kat’s eyes then kissed her again, this time soft but stern as he parted her lips and traced them with his tongue. Moaning lowly, Kat gave herself over to him. He propped himself up, staring deeply into her again, pausing for a second. Then his hands moved rapidly, pulling Kat’s shirt off to tie her hands to the head board.

His lips moved down to her neck, beard rubbing against her sensitive skin, nipping and kissing every inch he could find of her. He moved down to her chest, her full breasts already bare and ready for him. He sucked lightly on her nipple then she let out a gasp of pleasure as he used his tongue to trace her curves and his teeth sunk into her skin. Hearing her breath, he looked up, their eyes meeting again. His bright eyes full of more fire and mischief than they usually were, letting her know what was coming.

Her eyes rolled back into her head, arching her back, making her chest more exposed to him. He worked down her stomach to her thighs. He knew her sweet spots so well, how long to make her wait and how rough he could get with her. He knew everything and used it to his advantage, making her squirm and beg. She let out another moan of pleasure as he started working on her hips. Sliding his hands downs to spread her legs and press his thumbs into her hip flexors. She lifted her upper body off the bed, reacting to his touch. She was continuously moaning and gasping at this point. He stared at her body reacting, taking in what effect he had on her and dug his thumbs in deeper.

“Fucking christ,” she shouted güvenilir bahis şirketleri breathlessly.

“Tell me what you want, Kat,” he said in a low, authoritative tone.

“Bite my hips, holy fuck,” Kat whimpered, squirming on the bed beneath him.

He pinned her thighs down to the bed and lowered his head, not yet biting her just yet but lightly breathing on her and kissing her sensitive skin. She writhed, protesting the light touching and looked down at him. Hidden between her thighs, he glanced up, then suddenly bit down right on the crevasse where her hip and pelvis met, making her convulse. He bit the other side, causing the same reaction, he continued until this faded into small kisses.

He then focused on her soaking wet entrance. He turned his head, lips brushing against her. Kat took a shaky breath in, shuddered and kept her eyes closed, knowing if she protested he would stop altogether. He rubbed his fingers on her clit, feeling how wet she was. Kats breath was rapid and pulsed with anticipation, waiting for him to enter her. There was a long pause then suddenly, she felt his fingers slide in roughly, not fast but very sure. Kat gasped again, feeling every touch inside her, he found her g-spot and curved his fingers up, and hitting the exact place she needed, Kat’s body curled up in rhythm with the pulses of his fingers. He continued this while he circled his thumb on her clit. Making her absolutely insane.

She was so wet and needy by this point that she knew he had to be inside her, splitting her open and spreading her wide. He sunk down again and lingered with his tongue, teasing her clit gently. His tongue moved in short strokes while his fingers still massaged inside. He was bringing her to the edge. Kat could feel the warm energy building up inside her, just about to break though. Dom stopped.

“Not yet Katherine,” Dom said with authority.

“What? No, no, no please Dom,” Kat begged.

“No. Not yet,” he said firmly.

He waited for her breathing to subside and the warmth to fade before he started again. He began slowly, then building into a rhythm, his tongue started working rapidly and his fingers rough and warm inside her. After only a few minutes of bringing her to the edge and back, she broke and pleaded breathlessly,

“Jesus, Dominic, I need you inside me, please. Holy fuck, please.”

He moved up her body til he was face to face with her and looked her dead in the eyes.

“What do you need Kat?” he asked quietly.

“I want you inside me. I need you to fuck me.”

“You need it?”

“Yes. Please. I fucking need you.”

He looked into her eyes, then, without warning he sunk into her. Filling her up. Kats mouth opened with ecstasy the further he forced his way in. Not breathing, not moving their eyes away until he was fully inside. His hot, pulsing cock found its spot within her. Kat could feel every movement as he slid in and out, setting her nerves ablaze.

Every time he pulsed in, he built more electricity so that every touch of their skin felt like searing heat and every brush of their lips passed a bolt of energy. His hands found her bounds and let her loose. Then buried his head in her neck as they wrapped their arms around eachother so that every part of their bodies were intertwined. Kat felt comfortable, exposed, but in her safe place where she was free, thoughtless and whole.

Her body warmed, starting at her toes, the heat shot to her thighs, tightening the muscles deep in her stomach. It then moved up into her chest, next, to her cheeks which flushed violently with pleasure and finally to her brain where she could feel the chemicals shooting off and scrambling the matter that filled her head. She felt her whole body convulse, tightening her grip on her lover, bringing him closer to her, trying to bring him further inside her. She cried out with intense pleasure, the high pitched moan slowly faded to a deep throated sigh. The heat came over her in more waves, completely frying her brain.

After Kat could barely cum anymore, Dominic finally gave in to the warm wetness enveloping and tightening on his cock. He exploded in her, his cum filling her up to the brim. Kat could feel the warmth oozing inside her and melting her every nerve. He lingered in her for a few moments, kissing her neck and ear then slowly slid out, electrifying both their bodies with the suddenness of being disjointed. He left Kat still convulsing but languid on her back then fell onto his own with a thud. Kats mind was smoldering with the after effects of the orgasms when Dominic rolled over, throwing his arms around her, pulling her close so that their naked bodies were molded again to each other. Both of them dozed off, knowing they were exactly where they were supposed to be.

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