The Phone Call

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Ken woke up a couple of minutes before the alarm was to go off. He reached over to shut the alarm off and gently rolled over, wrapping his arm around Shay’s sleeping body. He tried to make a point of cuddling with her every day for a moment or two before grumbling out of bed – he had found it to be the perfect way to start each morning off on a good note.

Trying his best not to wake her, he climbed out of bed and jumped in the shower. As the warm water cascaded down over him, his mind wandered a bit. It had been just about a month now that he and Shay had been together, and it seemed to keep getting better with every passing day. He stood under the shower head for a moment longer, reflecting on it all, and then snapped back to present tense realizing that he was going to be late if he didn’t hurry. Ken dried himself off quickly and wrapped the towel around his waist. He walked back into their room tousling his hair dry.

Shay was awake when Ken came back into the bedroom but she lay completely still and pretended to be asleep. She watched him pussyfoot around the room and thought to herself how cute it was that he was going out of his way to be quiet and not wake her. She thought a time or two that he may have caught her watching him in the mirror, but figured she was safe, seeing as he hadn’t said anything to her. She watched him as he began to tie his tie. She knew that he didn’t have to wear them for work, but he had been wearing them lately because he knew that she loved him in a shirt and tie. Just as he tightened the double windsor around his neck, Shay smiled as she found herself unable to stay quiet any longer.

“Good morning, Kenny. Have a good day.”

Ken jumped as she startled him. He looked over his shoulder, winked at her, and replied “You’re supposed to be asleep.”

“I’m only goin back to sleep if you join me back in this bed.”

Ken climbed back into his side of the bed to hold Shay for a moment or two longer. She nuzzled into his chest and sighed contentedly.

“Are you sure you have to go in today, baby?” she asked. “Play hooky with me today. I’m gonna miss you.”

Ken kissed the top of Shay’s head gently. “You know I would if I could, darlin” he answered. “There’s just too much going on today. I promise I’ll get home tonight as soon as I can. I’m not going to stay late. I’ve got a date with my sweetie tonight. I promise I’ll miss you all day today”

“Well, just to make sure you do, maybe I’ll call you with a bit of a surprise while you’re on lunch.”

“Shay Lyn, you’ve been teasing me with that surprise for 2 weeks now. I’ll believe it when I hear it.”

Just as he started to pull away to get off the bed, she reached and grabbed Ken by his necktie, pulling his lips to hers.

“You’ll hear it, baby… you’ll hear it” she mouthed to him between kisses.

Ken drove to work with a smile on his face. Shay had indeed been teasing him with this surprise for a couple of weeks now. She decided it would be fun get herself all worked up into a lather and call him on his lunch hour just as she was at the point of cumming. She knew just how hard that would make him and that it would make it impossible for him to concentrate on anything for the rest of the day. He made his way to work with the radio off, imagining in his mind already the sounds that he knew he was going to hear when she called.

Shay climbed into the tub to soak a while. She found herself extremely turned on by what she was planning on doing. She had shocked herself a bit with the idea, seeing as she had never done anything like this before, but it was just too yummy of an idea to let it go. She sank down into the suds for a moment or two, trying to figure out how she was going to last until lunchtime.

Ken slipped into the office on time – but just barely. As he checked his emails and voicemails from the weekend, he realized that there was no way to make it through the day, especially after hearing her on the phone. A smile came across Ken’s face as he realized that one good surprise deserved another. He called the receptionist and asked her to cancel his afternoon meetings. He now had tons to get done so he could escape for the afternoon, but he knew it would be worth it in order to give his girl a surprise right back.

Shay continued to soak in the tub. She slowly slid her hands over her breasts, stopping to feel the hardness of her nipples against her fingertips. She raised her left leg out of the water and ran her hands down it, enjoying the feel of her own güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri touch. Realizing that she could easily stay in the tub all day, she pulled her mind back out of the clouds and climbed out of the tub. She toweled herself off, coated herself with Ken’s favorite jasmine scented lotion, and began the daunting task of getting things done around the house while she counted down the hours…


“Damn it,” Ken thought to himself as he hung up the phone. “She’s in my head already”. He had found himself merely going through the motions as the morning progressed, stammering and stuttering through each phone call, imagining that it was going to be her voice. He looked up at the clock and saw that the morning that had been lasting forever was finally starting to wind to a close. “11:30,” he thought to himself. “Gotta get things wrapped up here.” He started to neaten up his desk and sent a quick email to his boss citing some sort of “home emergency” that was going to keep his from the office for the rest of the day. Already beginning to feel his arousal growing, he slipped out the back door of the office holding his briefcase in front of himself slightly, trying to avoid embarrassment. He slid into his car and took a deep breath, hoping to calm himself enough to concentrate on the drive home. He figured he had just enough time to get almost home before the phone was to ring.

Shay walked around the bedroom setting the scene for herself. She lit some of the candles she had just finished making the night before, filling the room with the soft scent of vanilla. She placed the peach roses she had just cut from outside in a pink glass vase, and placed them carefully on the dresser. She walked to each window and pulled the curtains closed. She slowly disrobed, feeling every nerve in her body come alive with excitement as her hands grazed over her body, removing her clothes. Totally naked now, she ran her hands over her body slowly. Her nipples were so hard by now that they were aching for attention. Shay sighed as she held them firmly between her fingers, rolling them slightly. She slid her right hand down her smooth stomach, not even really thinking about what she was doing, and twirled her S charm around with her finger, sending a jolt of electricity from her already excited pussy up through her navel and straight to her nipples. She sighed as her legs turned to rubber and she sat on the bed to avoid falling over. She reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled her vibe out, Switching it on and just looking at it. The soft buzzing sound that filled the room hypnotized her as she watched herself place the tip of the vibrator against her left nipple. A soft moan escaped from her slightly parted lips and she laid herself down on the bed to get comfortable.

Ken took the exit ramp off of the highway almost on 2 wheels. His hard cock strained against his pants, making it a little difficult to make his way through traffic in his little 5 speed. Each time he pressed the clutch down to change gears, his pants rubbed against him just right, making him harder and harder with each and every shift.. He had the radio blaring in an attempt to take his mind off of her, but it was useless. Reaching down, he plugged his phone headset into his phone and put the earbud in his ear. “It should be any minute now” he thought to himself. “I just hope I can get home before it starts. Not sure I can drive with her in my ear.”

Shay close her eyes as she slowly moved the vibe from one nipple to the other, continuing to tease herself. She felt her pussy contract involuntarily as a small orgasm spread through her body. She closed her eyes and dropped the toy to her side as she rode the waves of pleasure for a moment. Giving herself a second to catch her breath, she picked up the still buzzing vibe and slowly drew a line with it between her breasts and down her stomach. As she rested the vibrator on her mound, feeling a slight tingle in her clit, she picked up the phone.

Ken rolled up to the front of the house and pulled on the parking brake just as the phone on his hip started buzzing. Already knowing who it was on the phone, he opened his cell and responded “This is Ken…”

“mmm.. ungh” came the voice on the phone.

“Oooh, what’s my baby doing?” Ken asked playfully. Her gasps and sighs made it impossible for her to respond.

Ken quietly sipped out of the car and pushed the car door closed with his hip, being very careful not to alert her to any güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri strange noises. He felt somewhat awkward as a pair of joggers trotted past him. “If only they knew” he thought to himself as a slow grin made its way across his face. Slowly and cautiously, he made his way towards the back gate.

“That’s my baby” he purred to her over the phone. Slide that toy back and forth over you, baby. That feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Oh God, Kenny, so good” she gasped. “Emm, I don’t want it to ever stop. Up and down over my slit. I’m so wet.”

Ken’s head began to spin as he made his way up the back porch steps. He painstakingly opened the screen door and slipped the key into the door. He opened the door very slowly, fearing that at any second the slightest squeak of the door or creak of a floorboard might give his surprise away.

“OK baby, you’re ready now” he instructed. “I want you to slip the head of that toy cock inside you – but just the head. Tell me how it feels.”

The loud moan that came through the phone confirmed for him that she was doing just as he instructed. He quickly slipped his shoes off, leaving them in the corner of the kitchen, figuring that he had a better chance of making his way through the house silently without his shoes.

“Slide it in a little bit more now” he said to her, trying to work her up. “Leave it right there until I tell you.”

“Oh shit” came the reply on the phone. He could just imagine how wet she was already. He had to steady himself against the wall for a moment, his head swimming with the sounds of her pleasure.

“OK, baby”, he continued. “Pull that back out of you slowly.. feel your pussy gripping against it.”

Ken’s cock throbbed strongly as she throatily grunted back to him back to him “Yes baby… oh I wish this was you inside me.”

He carefully placed each step as he made his way up to their room. He could see at the top of the stairway that she had the door closed, making it easier to save his surprise until the last moment.

His voice was down to a whisper now. “Shay baby, you are making me so hot. You’re gonna have me fucked up for the rest of the day. Slide that back into your pussy, darlin… fuck yourself with it real nice – just like you know I would if I was there with you.”

Shay felt herself becoming completely lost on pleasure. Ken’s soft voice telling her exactly what to do was speeding up the process much more than she anticipated. The fact that she knew that he would be all over her once he got home just excited her all the more.

Ken heard Shay’s breathing rate increase as she continued to please herself with her vibe. He placed his hand on the doorknob gingerly, knowing that it wouldn’t be long. He swore he could hear the soft swish of her juices as she slid the toy in and out. Her moans in his ear also echoing through the door. “Keep doing it just like that, baby” he pleaded in a whisper. “I need to hear you cum for me like a good girl. I need you to come all over that cock just like you do with mine.”

“Oh… umm…” she answered back “It’s fucking me soo good. Oh baby, I’m close.”

“Keep it up my ShayShay. Please baby, Give it up for me. I want to hear it now.”

Shay was unaware of anything around her as she felt her orgasm build slowly from a small spark in her pussy. It continued to grow and grow, not yet spreading through her body. The buzzing inside her was driving her absolutely crazy. She reached down with her free hand and began to rub her fingertips over her clit. She felt herself begin to go over the edge.

“Oh God Kenny” she gasped breathlessly. ” I can’t hold it back any longer. I…. uh… um… I think I’m gonna…”

Ken grasped the doorknob firmly and pushed the door all the way open in one fluid motion. Shay sat upright suddenly with a look of shock in her eyes. She was so caught in the explosions of pleasure coursing through her body that she was unable to utter a sound. Her mouth was frozen in a silent O as her entire body tensed and shook with her orgasm. Ken thought that for a moment that he would lose control just watching her.

Shay’s body finally went limp as her orgasm started to subside. She gazed into Ken’s eyes with a look of both shock and lust. He simply smiled back at her.

“Shay Lyn, you didn’t think that I’d let you give me a surprise like that without me getting you back, did you? I mean, you know me better than that by now, don’t you?”

“Uh uh” she replied. “I mean uh huh… I güvenilir bahis şirketleri mean…” She was having trouble concentrating with the toy still buzzing inside her. Suddenly, another orgasm gripped her as she clenched her teeth and started shaking again. He watched in awe as her eyes clouded over with lust and pleasure.

Ken smiled at her as he began to remove his tie and unbutton his shirt. She watched him intentively as he peeled off his white dress shirt and stepped out of his slacks. He climbed into the bed next to her, never breaking his gaze from her eyes. He put his hand down between her legs to find her hand still holding the vibrator inside her. He slid his hand under hers, removing the vibrator from her grasp. She looked into his eyes as he slowly dipped it in and out of her. The vibe was shiny with her juices. He couldn’t remember the last time he has seen her this wet.

He continued to move the toy in and out of Shay’s sopping pussy as he twisted it slightly inside her. She wrapped her arms around Ken’s neck and held on for dear life as he continued to fuck her with the vibrator. Just as he sensed she was close again, he withdrew the vibrator from inside her and let it rest directly on her throbbing clit. It was all she needed.

Shay shook in Ken’s arms as she buried his head into his shoulder. He could hear her muffled voice crying out his name as he continued to hold the toy against her hard button. He knew from experience that she would continue to cum as long as he held in that sweet spot, and a feeling of power came over him as he held her while she came over and over again. Finally, she begged him to stop and grabbed Ken’s wrist, finally relieving the assault on her clit.

Ken switched off the vibrator and continued to hold Shay as the final aftershocks of her string of orgasms worked their way through her body. He let her rest for a moment or two as she melted against him. Her body gleamed of sweat from her exertions, and her breathing was deep and heavy.

“Are you ready for more, babe?” Ken asked with a huge grin on his face.

“Are you kidding me? I don’t think I can take any more of that toy” she replied.

“Who said anything about a toy? Ken asked, grinning.

Ken immediately rolled onto his back pulling her on top of him. Shay looked down at him and straddled him, so that his rock hard cock pushed up against her. She closed her eyes slightly and moaned as he thrust up from below, pushing the head of his throbbing hardness between her pussy lips. Her tight pussy easily accommodated him as he slid up into her warm wetness. Even after the fucking he had given her with the toy, Ken felt her pussy grip and pulse around him, as if trying to milk him from the very first thrust. Shay sat up on him, feeling her clit began to grind against his body as she rocked back and forth. Not being able to resist, Ken reached up to her beautiful tits and caressed them as she rode. Her already rock hard nipples somehow became ever harder, and he knew she was well on her way again.

“Thank you…mmm … for your surprise today, baby” Ken cooed to her”

“No… ungh… no… thank.. you” Shay exhaled. Her clit was aching for release again and she began to pick up the tempo.

Sensing her sense of urgency, Ken took his hands of of Shay’s breasts and put them on her hips, helping to move her as she rocked back and forth. She stared blankly at the wall, almost expressionless, as if in another world. She felt as if she had been cumming non stop for hours, and knew another one wasn’t too far away. Ken’s voice brought her back to reality for a second.

“I’m close baby… ohh so close, but I need your help. I need to hear you cum for me one more time. It’ll just drive me over the edge. Please, baby, I need it. Cum for me, and make me cum with you.”

Upon hearing this, Shay grabbed Ken’s wrists, squeezing tightly. She cried out again, her body almost to the point of convulsions. Ken felt her pussy clamp down on him and it was all he could take. He grabbed onto her hips tightly as his entire body exploded in an intense orgasm. Jet after jet of hot sticky cum shot from his cock and into her spasming pussy. They both cried out incoherent words as they shared in their pleasure. Ken felt as if he emptied every ounce of energy he had into her body.Shay finally collapsed back on top of Ken, and after resting a moment or two, rolled off of him, giving a deep sigh as she felt his spent cock slide out of her. She turned to face him and casually ran her fingers through his hair. A big cheesy grin came over her face.

“What are you grinnin at, Shay Lyn” Ken asked.

“Just thinking of what I can surprise you with tomorrow” she replied.

Ken drifted off to sleep wondering what sort of excuse he could drum up when he called in sick to work in the morning.

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