The Photoshoot Pt. 02

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It has been three weeks since I did the adult photo shoot and ended up having sex with the photographer and the model. I didn’t get in touch with them again and continued with the few modelling assignments I got. I didn’t even ask George when the photos would be appearing in the adult magazine.

But yesterday I received a message from George calling me for another photo shoot to his apartment. I am in two minds but eventually I decide to go as I am still facing a financial crunch. As I climb the stairs, images of the two sexual encounters flash in my mind and my nipples and pussy tingle with remembered pleasure.

Quickly I suppress my thoughts and decide today I am going to be professional with no sex involved. I take a deep breath and plaster a neutral expression on my face before ringing the bell. George opens the door while fiddling with his camera. Today, he is wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

Smiling briefly, he says “Ah Rose, come in. How are you? Last time you left without saying goodbye. I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“I… uh.. I… wanted to…” I try to give an answer when he interrupts me.

“Come on in. I don’t have time to waste.”

Handing me a hanger of a barely-there bikini, he says, “Here. Change into this monokini and we will get started.”

In the dressing room, while I struggle to find the ends of the G-string micro monokini, a feeling of disappointment rises inside me as George failed to bring up our lovemaking. The monokini is just a few tiny scraps of cloth tied by strings. The triangle-shaped micro top barely covers my nipples and two V-shaped strings from the top join at my navel to form a single string that digs into my pussy and rises up between my butt cheeks to form a Y-back slingshot. Giving a push to my tits and adjusting the G-string I enter the drawing room. Today the bed has blue satin sheets.

George looks up from his camera and his eyes roam over my body from head to toe. I feel myself go warm and raise my arms to cover my breasts. He crosses the room towards me and removes my arms.

“Honey, what did I tell you last time? You got to flaunt them if you got them.”

Suddenly, he raises his hands and cups my barely covered tits and starts massaging them. His fingers move the top of the monokini that covers my nipples bahis firmaları towards the side of my breasts leaving my nipples exposed.

I gasp and try to stop him. “Wait… what are you doing?”

“Your nipples need to be hard so that they are visible through the top in the photographs,” he says and then pinches both my nipples at the same time. I gasp with delight as his fingers continue to pinch and pull my nipples. Using his thumbs and forefingers, he rolls and plays with both my nipples. My pussy starts to throb as he continues his sweet torment.

“Looks like I need to work more on these naughty nipples of yours.”

In an instant, he lowers his head and starts heatedly sucking on my left nipple. I groan with pleasure and grip his hair.

His hand continues to play with my right nipple. Shifting attention, he starts sucking my left nipple. I feel my pussy start getting wet with the string rubbing against my pussy lips arousing me further. His other hand continues to massage my other tit and play with my nipple. Biting, licking and sucking my nipples, his mouth and tongue work magic on my body and I feel I am about to climax. He pushes my tits together and sucks on both my nipples at the same time. I groan with pleasure.

Suddenly he raises his head and removes his hands from my tits. Pulling the top of the monokini in place he says “Let’s begin the shoot. Your nipples are visible through the top.” I look down at my tits and indeed they are!

“Raise your arms and cross them behind your head…”

I do as instructed, the action thrusting my tits out further. The camera starts clicking.

“Turn around and bend a little forward… “

“Great… love that sexy ass… turn sideways…”

I realise my side boob is visible with my ass sticking out in the Y-back of the monokini. Posing like this in the monokini is making me aroused.

“Hold the pose…” Suddenly, I feel George’s hand on my hips and something poking between my butt cheeks. I realise it his cock!

“Looking at this sexy ass has already given me a hard on… can you feel it?” Saying this, he immediately starts grinding his hips against my butt. His cock starts sliding between my ass crack. He pushes me towards the sofa and I bend and put my hands on the back of the sofa with my tits kaçak iddaa hanging.

Grabbing my hips, he starts rapidly thrusting his thick cock between my ass cheeks. My pussy starts getting wet as I hear his laboured breathing and moans of pleasure. The G-string rubs against my pussy lips and I feel the urge to rub my clit. His hand starts massaging my right butt cheek as his pace quickens and suddenly he groans and I feel the warmth of his semen spill on my ass. “Ah… ah… Oh god…”

I turn around and see him rubbing his cock. He grabs a tissue and gives it to me to clean myself up. When I return from the washroom, he has pulled up his pants and is fluffing up the sofa pillows.

“Sit on the sofa… now spread your legs apart… “

The monokini has just a single string digging between my pussy lips and I feel a rush of wetness as I do as told. The camera starts clicking.

“Lovely pussy… love that cunt… push your legs further apart… Wait honey…”

Suddenly, he kneels down and pinching the G-string just above my pussy he starts rubbing it against my clit. As he moves the string back and forth, sparks of pleasure start coursing through my body and my pussy starts pulsing with pleasure. My hips start moving as he continues playing with my clit with the string. Moans of pleasure escape my mouth. Suddenly he pushes the string aside and his cool tongue glides inside my pussy. My hips buck with pleasure when his tongue reaches my clit and starts sucking on it repeatedly. I shudder with pleasure as I ride out my orgasm.

My breasts rise and fall as I try to catch my breath. He reaches across and starts massaging my right tit. Pushing the top aside, he starts sucking my nipple. His mouth moves up my chest and he starts licking and sucking my shoulder and neck. I shiver in delight and raise my head to give him better access. He raises his head and pulls me up. Turning me sideways, he pushes my hair in my front and kisses my neck. Suddenly his tongue starts gliding down my back and I shudder as pleasure cascades down my body. Licking and sucking, his mouth traces the hills and valleys of my back, as his hands reach in front and play with my nipples. I never realised the back was an erogenous zone.

I reach across and start rubbing his cock through his jeans. He groans kaçak bahis in delight and immediately opens his zip. I help him push down his underwear to his ankles and his throbbing cock springs forth in my hands. Rubbing his cock, I kneel down on the floor and take his throbbing cock in my mouth and immediately start sucking on it.

“Oh God!! Ah… yes… yes…”

He places his hand on my head and urges me to move my mouth faster. My tongue traces the length of his cock and moves back to lick and suck its head. Suddenly he pulls his cock out and his sperm spills on my tits. He pushes the tops of the monokini aside and thrusts his still throbbing cock between my tits. I push my tits together and he starts gliding his cock up and down. “This feels so good… “

He pulls back his spent cock and sits back on the sofa. When I return from the washroom, he is dressed up.

“Let’s move to the bed. Sit in a kneeling position. Now bend on all fours…”

My tits are hanging down and my ass is sticking out in the position. The camera starts clicking. He starts taking shots from different angles.

I gasp when he squeezes my butt and pinches it.

“Now lie on your back… spread your legs wide… “

He clicks a shot, then he is on the bed kneeling above me. He opens his zip and removes his cock.

Pushing the G-string aside from my pussy, he rubs his pulsing cock along my pussy lips two-three times. Then his cock probes my pussy and in a second glides inside me.

“Oh man… I love this tight cunt…”

He starts moving his hips and slowly increases his pace. Eddies of delight start to cascade down my body and my pussy pulses with pleasure as his cock continues to rapidly thrust inside me. My hips start moving in tandem with his pace. He pushes my legs wider and his cock seems to reach deeper. His hands start pinching my nipples and I moan in delight. Suddenly he increases his pace and his quick thrusts push me closer to my orgasm.

Even as his cock is fucking me, he raises me up and I sit on his lap. He grabs my ass with both hands and starts to help me ride his cock. I wrap my arms around his shoulders. The rubbing of my nipples against his hairy chest arouses me further as my hips move up and down. Suddenly he thrusts hard once and groans as he spills inside my pussy. He collapses on top of me and then shifts to lie next to me as we catch our breaths.

As my breathing slows down, I realise I had decided not to have sex today but my languorous and sated body belies my mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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