The Ritzy Family Hotel Pt. 01

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This is a small side project I’ve had on the mind for a while. It’s about a guy, Erik, who has an accident and suffers from amnesia, causing him to see the beautiful women in his family as just that, beautiful.

Massive thank you to my editor, AirSearch1, he’s been fantastic even with a busy schedule.

I hope you all enjoy it. And please do leave your feedback, or email me with what you have to say. I love that part.

The Ritzy Family Hotel

Part 1

The Ritzy Hotel. A family run business founded by Erik Edbury’s grandfather, Arthur Edbury. In the early 1900’s, Arthur inherited a small fortune and purchased a building overlooking the sea on a rocky countryside.

Arthur spent the next few years tidying the building up, renovating it and slowly turning it into a liveable and functionable hotel. Due to its location and noticeable high-end luxury, the hotel started to make waves across the country as a popular holiday destination.

Arthur soon found himself a steady fortune and a lovely wife. He then had children, James his son, and Lily his daughter. James and Lily both started working at the hotel when they came of age and before long it became a family run business.

As the years went by, the Ritzy Hotel came across several issues including unhappy neighbours willing enough to cause many unnecessary problems and ever-increasing storm damage. Over time the hotel had its ups and downs but stayed active even during the harshest of years.

The stress of it all eventually got to Arthur as he died late into his seventies. He left the hotel to James and Lily, part owned as an equal split, hoping they would continue the family business. They did, and before long they each had their own children to help run the hotel.

“Erik. Can you hear me? Please wake up. I don’t mind if you want to annoy me like you always do. Just… please wake up.”

James married his wife Audrey and had two children, called Erik and Elena. While Lily married her husband Brian and also had two children, called Violet and Layla. With all four eventually coming of age, the hotel had an entire roster of family to suit each job role required, and truly became a family run business.

James and Audrey committed themselves to the business and still continue to run it to this day. While Lily and Brian moved on with their lives by retiring early. They only live a couple of hours away, but their children, Violet and Layla, remained at the hotel to continue their work.

Every single one of the Edbury family loved the hotel. Including distant relatives. But like all things, with love and freedom came turmoil and conflict. Lily and Brian just couldn’t handle the bickering and difference of opinions on a near constant basis. It became too much. So they sold their shares of the business to James and left on fairly good terms.

“Dad. Tell me Erik’s going to be okay. He’s always okay.”

“I promise you sweetheart, he will be fine. He will come back to us.”

Erik and Elena had grown up with Violet and Layla. Their ages being within six years of each other, they found it incredibly easy to get along. They got on so well, and had known each other since birth, that the word “cousin” was very rarely used. They were closer than that. Closer than even family. The four were nigh on inseparable.

Erik happened to be the oldest of the four, then Violet, Elena and finally Layla. Twenty-five, twenty three, twenty one and nineteen. They were best friends, and on such good terms that it was practically poetic.

It had been a successful summer. Hundreds of guests in and out with happy faces and memorable experiences. Friday was usually the changeover day, and the girls had been busy cleaning rooms nonstop. They were so busy in fact, that not a single one of them had heard their brother and cousin fall down one of the flights of stairs.

Erik laid flat against the waxed hardwood flooring with blood pouring from his head. Unconscious and unresponsive. It was his sister Elena who had found him first. The doctors estimated him to have been laying there for at least an hour before his sister found him.

Now in the hospital and seemingly in a never-ending coma, Erik fights for survival as his family sits close by awaiting the news. Elena had never left her brother’s side. Even when they were children, she was always close. And now sitting beside his bed in the hospital, she felt as far away as she could possibly have been.

“Umm, Mr. and Mrs. Edbury?”

James and Audrey both look up with horrifyingly sad faces. “Doctor!” Audrey is first to speak. “Please tell me he’s going to be okay?”

The doctor looks up at Audrey and prepares to give her the news. “It appears your son has taken a serious injury to the back of his head. While stable, the damage it may have caused is not yet known. We should know more after running a few more tests, but at the very least he’s in the clear for the time being.”

James bahis siteleri nods to the doctor as Audrey breaks down into tears. Elena looks up from Erik’s bed with an equal expression and focuses back on her brother.

A day later the same doctor walks back into the room with more information. “Hello again Mr. and Mrs. Edbury. I have some more news for you regarding your son.” The doctor waits a few moments for the couple to compose themselves in preparation. “I have good news, and unfortunately some bad. Erik will make a full recovery, physically.”

“Wha… what do you mean? Asked Audrey.

“Well, physically he will be fine. Good as new in fact. However, the blow to the back of his head has likely caused some amnesia. From a small bleed in his brain it’s effected the area where memory is stored. It’s highly likely that when he awakes, he will suffer from some form of amnesia.”

The parents are both delighted with the news, but the thought of their son forgetting who they are, breaks their heart on an unparalleled level.

“S…some form of amnesia? So you don’t know what he will remember?”

“Well, it’s possible that he’ll only suffer from short-term memory loss, but it’s just as likely that it’s long-term… or…”

“Or what doctor?”

“Well, there’s a small chance that it could be permanent.”

James, Audrey and Elena all break down into some form of crying. James managing to contain his sadness with only a few loose tears.

“I’m sorry the news isn’t as good as I’d have hoped.”

“No, no it’s fine. He’s going to be okay. That’s all we needed to hear. If he can’t remember something, then we’ll bring him back. As a family.” Audrey smiled at the doctor and went back to her son’s bedside.

Several more days passed with little signs of life. Then, one night just as the family was about to head home for the night, Erik started to stir in his sleep. First his limbs moved every so slightly. Then his eyes flickered.

“Oh my god! Erik! Are you there?” Spoke Elena with utmost urgency.


“He’s coming around mum, dad! He’s waking up!”

The three of them stood either on side of his bed and stared down in hopes for his eyes to open once more.

“Nuhhh, where… where am I?” Erik’s first words in over a week.

Audrey immediately started to tear up hearing her son speak. “You’re in the hospital sweetheart. You had a fall, but you’re okay now.”

Erik’s eyes slowly started to open allowing the light in. The first thing he saw was a woman. A young woman with long light brown hair and green eyes, however slightly red and tear ridden.

He tried to focus his attention on her. She was beautiful. Impossibly smooth skin, puffy pink lips and body seemingly built for everything naughty. The woman bent down and edged herself closer to him, allowing Erik the slightest chance to look down her top at the mouth-watering cleavage before him.

Erik didn’t know this woman. Why would such a beauty be beside him? Beside his bed?

“Why? What’s… what’s going on? Who are you?”

Elena looked at Erik, her expression changing from thankful to worried in an instant.

“I’m, I’m your sister. Elena. Erik don’t you remember me?” The tears once again beginning to form under her eyes.

“Elena? I don… uhh I don’t know you. Who’s Erik?”

James mustered up the strength to speak. “That’s you. Erik, you were involved in an accident and hit your head.”

Erik slowly moved his head, unfortunately looking away from the beautiful woman by his side. “I, I can’t remember. Who are you?”

“I’m your father, James. And this is Audrey, your mother.”

“James… and Audrey?” They both nodded at him. “And you’re my mum and dad? Why can’t I remember you. I can’t remember anything! Why is this happening to…”

“Easy Erik, easy now. We’ll explain everything. Just stay calm. It’s all going to be okay. I promise.” James rested his hand on his son’s shoulder.

Erik laid there mildly panicked but attempted to do as the nice man asked. Everyone felt like a stranger to him, even himself. Erik didn’t know what he liked or what he didn’t like. What made him happy or sad. No memories or dreams of the future. He was suddenly nobody.

The Edbury’s had a quick discussion outside of Erik’s room to come to an understanding of what to do next. Deciding that it was best to take things slowly, Elena offered to fill him in on the basics. Hoping it would jog his memory, while trying not to overwhelm him at the same time.

Elena walked back into her brother’s room alone and sat down beside his bed where she had been for the better part of the week. Erik found himself to be excited as she entered. Even though he didn’t know who she truly was, somehow he found to be comfortable around her.

“Hi Erik. I’m glad you’re awake.”

“T-thank you, I guess. Hey ummm, Elena was it?” Elena sadly nodded in his direction. “Can you do me a favour and grab me a mirror. I want to see what I’m working with.”

“Uhh canlı bahis siteleri sure?”

“Why do you sound surprised?”

Elena stood up and walked around the bed to her handbag. “Well, it’s just a little strange. You have amnesia, but the first thing you want is to see your face?”

“Ahh, it’s not that difficult to understand. There’s a pretty girl in my room. I want to make sure I look my best.”

“I… Erik, I’m your sister.” She looked at him with a questionable look. “You do remember me telling you that right? Earlier?”

Erik watched Elena as she walked. The sway of her hips. The slight bounce to her ass with every step. “Oh yeah, you did say something like that.”

Elena could see and feel her brother’s eyes on her. “E-erik! Stop looking at me like that! You might not remember, but I’m still me. Okay?”

“Ughh, sure. Whatever you say El.”

Elena grasped the mirror in her bag and froze still as she heard her new nickname.

“W-why did you call me that? You’ve never called me that…”

“I don’t really know. It just felt right. Something about it that I like.”

Elena shrugged it off, walked back to her brother’s side and gave him the mirror. She noticed the slightest of glances from him towards her ass and tits. She frowned but decided to let it go.

Erik held the mirror up to his face. Dark blonde hair, at least a weeks stubble building up around his cheeks, chin and neck, green eyes that match his sister’s and a fairly average build, but it seems at least he was blessed with a chiselled jawline, much to his delight.

“Satisfied with ‘what you’re working for’ are we?”

“Hmm, I don’t know…” Erik couldn’t help his eyes wandering up his apparent sister’s slim waist and torso as he searched for her eyes. “… you tell me?”

Elena wasn’t sure why, but the eyes on her body, her brother’s eyes, ever so slightly heated her body. Unintentionally she let out the softest of breaths as she composed herself.

“Y-you, look like you. You idiot! Now stop messing around. I need to try and jog your memory. End this ridiculous coy behaviour you’ve adapted.”

“Hmm, sure… sis. But, something tells me you like it really.”

Elena rolled her eyes and forced her mind from the topic. Instead she tried to focus on things that could potentially bring her real brother back to her.

For the next hour or so, Elena explained what she felt was necessary for Erik to know. Their family, the business, memorable moments in their lives, hobbies of his and even some of his favourite foods. All in hopes that it would jog his memory.

When she noticed him starting to yawn and grow tired, she realised it was a lot to handle in one sitting. She allowed him some rest and informed her parents that he was now asleep. They sat by his side for a while, before James and Elena went home to the hotel. Audrey stayed by his side that night.

Two days later Erik was allowed home. He still had to remain rested and not undertake anything even remotely strenuous. They parked the car in the “owners” parking space and made their way to the front door.

Big solid oak double doors greeted him at the entrance and a long open hallway to the front desk. Waxed hardwood flooring, which was the apparent cause of his head injury, pendant lighting and chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling, columns of stone towered in rows throughout the room, and a dark mahogany desk with pigeon holes on the back wall.

To Erik’s surprise, the hotel was very clearly high end in construction. The walls even had etchings and patterns along any and all surfaces, areas you couldn’t even reach. He was amazed.

Standing behind the desk was Violet, the older of his two cousins. Neither she nor her sister Layla had come to visit him in the hospital while he was awake. Mainly due to the hotel being short staffed for the time being, and partly not to overwhelm the poor boy.

Violet was just as striking as his sister. She was taller than Elena, but still shorter than him. She had long bright blonde hair, blue eyes, a heart-stopping smile and a body that could slay a dragon. Her attire consisted of a purple and black flowered dress, a black belt with the hotel logo on it that hugged her waist and a v-neck collar revealing ample cleavage for every man’s delight.

Violet was very clearly the face of the hotel. Erik immediately jumped to the conclusion that older male customers probably returned frequently, just so they could have another look at the beauty. He realised that if he was correct, then they wouldn’t be the only one. With his newfound attraction to his sister, would a cousin really be out of the question at this point?

“Erik!” Violet immediately ran around the desk and lunged on her cousin, wrapping her arms around him in a warm embrace. “I am so glad you’re okay.”

Erik returned the hug, somewhat half arsed, and enjoyed the feeling of her body on his. Her hug was tight, squeezing them both together, pressing her breasts against his chest. canlı bahis From the first second Erik could tell she was concealing melons of mass destruction. All he wanted to do was rip the v-neck apart to get a good look, but he composed himself.

“Uhh, yeah, I’m okay. You must be… Violet? Right?”

“Oh god!” Violet jumped back and held a hand to her mouth. “I’m so sorry, I forgot about the amnesia thing. I hope I didn’t freak you out.”

“Oh no! It’s fine,” Erik leaned in close to her and quietly spoke. “I actually quite liked that little hug. Can I have another?” He then smirked at her confused expression.

Violet noticed that his voice and actions seemed to differ from normal. She knew things would be different, but she still expected him to be Erik. Which going from their interaction, he wasn’t. If anything, she felt like he was some stranger, secretly eye-balling her in a way he hadn’t done before.

“Umm, good I-uhh guess. I hope you get better soon. It’s not the same without you around.”

With that his parents walked him up to his room and allowed him the space they felt he needed. His room was on the second floor, along with his sister’s room. The doors all looked much the same, but most were numbered apart from a few which had different tags on them. His bedroom door had his name on it and a ‘private’ sign above.

His parents pointed out that Elena’s room was just down the hall and there was a private bathroom shared between the two rooms. He wondered why at first, then remembered that the staff also needed their own space away from guests. It wasn’t much, but enough to live with.

Erik walked steadily around his room. Looking at everything in hopes something would jog his memory. Scattered around his room were his belongings. Mostly consisting of books and inanimate objects.

“Sooo, this is my room. Kind of sad really. Well, this whole amnesia thing was for the best. I can give this guy, uhh Erik, a new life. A new identity. Yeahhh, I like the sound of that.”

Erik pondered around his room for a while and looked in every nook and cranny. Satisfied with normality, he made his way to bed and laid flat, resting his bandage covered head with extra pillows.

“This is… so strange. I have a family. One I can’t even remember. How can it possibly get worse? Then again, there is Elena. She’s hot! I mean, for a sister of course. Not that it would stop me.”

Erik stretched and yawned in tandem.

“I wonder if I had the hots for her before the accident. And Violet for that matter. They’re both just… wow. Hmmm, did I used to talk to myself too? Oh well, a head injury is a good excuse if anyone thinks I’m craz…”

Suddenly there was a soft knock on the door.

“Ughh, come in?”

Slowly the door swung open. A woman entered the room and walked towards the beside.

“H-hi Erik. I just wanted to check on you…”

It was Layla, the youngest of the four. She had blonde hair matching her sister, but it was shoulder length instead. She was noticeably shorter too, and by the looks of it, had smaller breasts.

Erik leaned up to examine the girl in his room.

She wore a very similar attire to that of her sisters, the only difference being the dress, which was closer to a red than a purple. Layla wore the same belt also, which much to Erik’s delight, hugged her waist too.

“Wow! Another gorgeous woman I have to live with.” Erik thought to himself.

“So, I’m guessing you’re Layla?”

“Oh! Y-yeah, I’m your cousin. Violet’s sister. I wanted…” she stammered.

“It’s okay Layla. What is it you were going to say?”

Suddenly tears began to form under her eyes. “I wanted… to see you myself. To see if you really…”

“Lost my memory?”

Layla flinched and looked away from her cousin. “Y-yeah.”

“Yep! Apparently I’ve lost my memory. I can’t remember even a single thing about my life. I don’t really understand how I can even talk to be honest with you.”

“It’s, it’s just so sad. I’m so sorry this happened to you Erik…” Laylas tears started to trickle down her cheeks.

“Hey, hey. It’s alright. I’m fine, and I’m right here. I’ll get my memories back I promise. Besides…” Layla smiled to his words and listened intently. “… I doubt even amnesia could stop me from remembering you.”

Layla smiled greater than before and wiped away her tears. Erik took the chance to check out the youngest family member.

She was smaller than Erik had first realised. Much like her sister Violet, Layla had the same hourglass figure she did, but on a smaller scale. Her breasts and ass weren’t nearly as big or rounded, but due to her smaller frame, Erik sufficed that she was most likely a more compact version. The thought of being able to throw her around with ease excited him beyond belief.

Layla saw Erik’s eyes on her body, and not just a passing glance, but a hungry stare. As if he was imagining touching and exploring it in ways no family member should. The situation caught up to Layla and soon she found herself in a less sad mood. Wiping at her cheeks to remove the tear stains.

“I know you can’t remember anything, but you realise I’m your cousin right? You didn’t use to stare at me like that.”

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