The Videotape of Helen and Tomas

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‘I hope you’re ready Alan,’ I said marching into our bedroom, giving my husband no choice. He was lying in bed, already naked, already with a semi. ‘I will take that a yes then,’ I said and climbed onto the bed next to him.

‘God, Helen, you’re so fucking sexy,’ he said wrapping his arms around me, rubbing them up and down my back. I was naked too.

‘I know,’ I whispered in his ear, pulling his hands away from my butt cheek and giving him a kiss. ‘But not yet.’

‘No,’ he said.

‘You want to know how it went, don’t you?’


‘You want to know what happened last night? When your wife met her lover?’ I met his eyes, they were full of love and desire. I felt his cock stiffen against me when I asked the question.

‘Oh God, yes.’ His voice was hoarse. I started to feel wet at the memory of the previous night when I met Tomas in a hotel room.

‘You want me to tell you everything,’ I stressed the last syllable, ‘of how Tomas made me cum, made me squeal, how he covered me with his hot, sticky spunk?’ I had probably turned myself on again; Tomas had had the magic touch.

‘Yes please, Helen. I thought of you last night, I hoped you were having fun.’

‘Your wish is my command, Alan.’ I clambered out of bed, keeping eye contact on Alan who was slowly pleasuring himself already, rubbing his thick cock up and down. He loved hearing about my evenings out with my young men, since we opened up our marriage it’s gotten stronger – we’ve become closer. Tomas was a man who Alan had introduced.

Tomas was tall and muscular. Very muscular, his thighs were powerful and like tree trunks. He had a six-pack that I loved to rub my fingers over. His biceps were beautifully sculptured and he had a perfect butt. This was topped off with his meaty and tasty cock, one that felt just simply heaven to touch.

He was also thirty years younger than me, only his mid-twenties and he honestly didn’t mind entertaining this middle-aged woman all night. I tried to keep in shape, but I enjoyed sex too much for the gym. I was too distracted in the gym.

I opened up a laptop that I left on my dressing table and made sure it was hooked to the TV at the end of the bed.

‘Settle in Alan, settle in.’

‘My God, Hel, you haven’t?’

‘Oh yes,’ I said climbing back into bed and nestling in my husband’s arms, letting him cup me from behind. ‘We filmed every single minute of it. Let’s enjoy.’

I heard him moan slightly as my homemade porn film started to play. I felt nervous, that it might be weird watching me on screen but the nerves disappeared. I ended up turned on, ridiculously turned on. By the time the film ended, I was going to be so wet and even Alan was going to have made me cum multiple times. There was no way we’d get through the whole film without having sex – Tomas and I took our time.

I had started off strong. My wavy curly hair was pinned up out of the way and I was dressed in a very fancy evening gown that Alan was yet to see, his eyes opened wide when he clocked it.

‘Fuck me Hel, that’s stunning,’ he said, trying not to touch his cock. I was stopping him.

Tomas had said the same thing. ‘Jesus fuck wow,’ was his response. I was dressed in a golden gown that hugged canlı bahis my figure. It had a deep cleavage neckline that went all the way down to my naval and it had lace panelling all the way down the side, which was see-through and showed off large amounts of flesh. It was so showy that it was obvious I wasn’t wearing any underwear at all and I had not cared. I had my tuxedoed young man on my arm and a four-poster bed to ruin.

The camera had been positioned at such an angle that Alan and I could see the entire bed from slightly above. Tomas and I kissed deeply, directly in front of the lens. I could see our tongues meeting; the picture so clear you can see it in my eyes how much I was enjoying it and my God I was. I almost forgot we were filming, it was so fucking hot. Tomas’s strong kisses had sent shivers all the way down my spine. His muscular hands running all the way down my back, before he trailed them up the front along the skin that was on show. That had sent me into a frenzy.

I felt Alan stiffen as he watched me undress my young man. Very slowly his tuxedo came off. First his jacket, then his shirt and tie. I did each button with confident, slow hands kissing all the way over his muscular frame. He moaned alongside me as we watched me unclasp Tomas belt buckle and slide his trousers and boxers down, off his body leaving my young man naked – his stiff cock ready and waiting for my mouth.

‘Fuck, his cock is huge,’ said Alan softly in my ear. ‘You must have enjoyed that.’

‘Oh yes,’ I whispered to myself, my pussy soaking. My hands moved down and I slowly started to massage my clit with one hand, my other found Alan’s cock and stroked it slowly.

On-screen I took Tomas all in my mouth straight away. It had tasted amazing, so very suckable. Tomas picked the camera up off the side and we were treated to a first-person point of view, my bright red lips moving up and down his huge cock, my eyes staring straight into the lens. Tomas moaned, Alan moaned, hell, I moaned. I continued to suck for ages, licking around the tip until his cock started to twitch. He exploded in my mouth and on my face, the camera catching very clearly my nice young man’s cum all over me. He tasted so good and made a point of staring at the camera as I wiped my face clean with my finger and eating the rest of it. Something I didn’t often do with Alan.

‘Jesus Hel,’ I heard Alan whisper, entranced by the film.

I grinned to myself and started to masturbate properly, I remembered what was coming.

On film I stood up and slipped my dress up, letting it fall to the floor. I was naked underneath and I could tell that both Tomas and Alan appreciated it. The camera was placed on the side and I sat on the bed facing it, spreading my legs wide. Tomas knelt on the floor and buried his face in my pussy. I moaned at the memory, how his tongue felt as he licked my clit up and down slowly. My whole upper body was on display and I kept one hand firmly on the back of Tomas’s head, pushing his face further into me.

I played with my nipples, both on tape and next to Alan. One hand twisting my nipple, my other gentle stroking my husband’s cock. It felt good, I could feel that I was ready to explode, ready to pulsate.

On bahis siteleri camera, I did. Tomas made me cum far too quickly. I kept eye contact with the camera as the orgasm pulsated through my body, cumming hard into Tomas’s face. I loved watching it, I remembered how it felt, how powerful it felt and how I was ready for what was going to come next.

‘That looked big,’ Alan whispered in my ear; one hand playing with my nipples and nipping at my neck.

‘It got bigger,’ I croaked back as we watched me fall onto my back, legs open wide. Tomas stood up, his cock rock solid again. ‘Just watch,’ I said. Watching it, my pussy was now soaking wet as the image of Tomas climbing on top of me and sliding his big dick inside me came on screen.

‘Wow.’ I heard Alan say but I was lost in the moment, my hand on my clit rubbing up and down, getting myself off. We could see my legs wrapped around Tomas’s muscular back and perfectly sculptured butt; my hands on his ass cheeks as he pounded hard deep inside of me. I could hear him groaning on camera, I could hear me screaming and shouting, ‘Oh God,’ over and over. I could hear Alan whisper to himself, stroking his cock, watching his wife get fucked.

To say Tomas had stamina would be an understatement. He carried on for ages, fucking me hard. Every thrust had felt so fucking good, I loved being filled by young men and the squeak of the bedsprings must have been a dead giveaway for anyone in the room next door. I hadn’t cared at the time and I didn’t care now. With my hands, I came watching myself, curling around my fingers sending shoots of pleasure around my body.

On screen we watched as Tomas and I switched places. My turn to go on top. He lay on his back and I faced the camera. Alan watched with excited eyes as his wife lowered herself on a huge cock – belonging to a man at least thirty years her junior. I was red-faced, my hair a mess and I was soaked with sweat. It didn’t take much for me to slide on, my pussy juices were plentiful.

‘You are so fucking sexy,’ Alan told me. I grinned and pressed my body into his, feeling his cock almost pulsating as he pressed it against my back. He was trying not to touch it now, he was ready to cum at a moments notice but he needed to know how it ended. I wanted to see it too, I wanted to relive it.

I rode Tomas. Firstly I kept moving up and down, feeling his shaft against me with every movement, sending me into heaven. I started slowly before I quickened up the pace, Tomas moaning loudly. Then it was side to side and around. I grew confident, I started to play with my nipples as Tomas grabbed my hips to take control.

With a moan and groan I twisted my nipples before playing with my clit once more, his cock buried deep. Fuck it felt so good, far too good. We watched as I came loudly on camera, almost squirting everywhere I was so wet. My legs quivered uncontrollably and I climbed off Tomas unable to move for a minute. He moved me onto my hands and knees, my side to the camera and he fucked me from behind.

‘That one was bigger,’ I told my husband and it was true. One of the biggest I’d ever had and it wasn’t truly over. Tomas was keeping me on the edge. He grabbed my hips and pulled them towards him and I screamed bahis şirketleri as I felt his cock burying deep inside me from behind. Tomas’s face was red now and we were both so sweaty it was hard for him to get a good grip. He thrust inside me over and over, a light groan escaping his lips with every movement. I shrieked a little more loudly and the bed squeaked with the motion.

‘Fucking hell,’ Alan said as Tomas carried on, longer than he expected. I remember feeling good with every movement, I remember feeling like he was about to tip me over the edge as if I was on the cusp of cumming but not making it. I don’t know how he did it, it felt so good as if I was in heaven.

Quick as a flash Tomas pulled out and threw me around back onto my back. He grabbed my legs and pushed them far back, almost against my head and he pushed his huge dick deep inside me again. I squealed, both on camera and watching it and Tomas sped up his movements. I turned around in the bed next to my husband and faced him and grabbed his cock tightly and started to properly jack him off.

On camera, Tomas was absolutely destroying me. Hard and deep, slow thrusts at first causing me to gasp with every thrust deep inside my pussy. The bed squeaking in time with the rhythm. As he sped up he sent shivers all over my body; pleasure shooting through my spine and around as I came, noisily and loudly, soaking him everywhere. I remembered how big it felt and it looked the same. I was almost a broken woman.

Alan groaned next to me as my hands became a blur on his hard cock.

Tomas picked the camera up and gave us a first person view of him sliding his cock back in me, to my eyes rolling around my head in ecstasy. My breasts moved all over the place, I was red all over and I looked a sweaty mess. We watched as this young man finished fucking me, he pulled his cock out and shot his cum all over my body. It mixed in with the sweat and pussy juices. The bedsheets had gone from light purple to dark and had become ruined and tangled up. I was gasping for water and couldn’t take anymore.

‘Told you, it was big,’ I said to Alan who was groaning next to me. I sidled over, he was still flat on his back and I stood over him, lowering myself down and riding my husband. It felt good for him to be inside of me, too good. Moving up and down I felt myself build up. ‘It was so fucking big Alan. His cock was huge. Did you like how his cock kept filling me?’

Alan grunted, concentrating on staying hard. ‘Did you like watching your wife cum again and again? A man far too young for her destroying her, ruining her?’ It was making me cum now and my legs and body twitched as I nearly lost control.

‘Did you like watching me cum like that?’ I asked quietly. ‘Your turn now though, sweetie.’ I moved my head towards his cock and took him all in my mouth, sucking hard, licking around his tip as I know he likes it.

‘Jesus Helen,’ I heard him say as his cock twitched and throbbed. He came easily, his cum hitting the back of my throat and I greedily ate it all up.

We lay there in silence for a few moments, the movie had now finished. It was me who spoke first. ‘Did you enjoy watching your wife then?’ I grinned as I looked him directly in the eye. ‘I love you.’

‘I did and I love you too,’ he planted a kiss on me. ‘We need to find more Tomases don’t we?’

I smiled and nestled my head on his chest, he instinctively put his arm around me. ‘Yes, we do.’

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