Three Sons Pt. 06

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Three Sons (Part 6)

Kathryn M. Burke

With the coming of spring, Jenny felt the need to do some work to make the house and garden more attractive. She went to nurseries to get new plants for the front and back yards, and also went to various home improvement stores to replace old or outworn furniture or knickknacks that were long past their heyday.

It was on one of these outings, in a shopping plaza some distance from the house, that she saw her ex-husband.

At first she couldn’t believe her eyes, even though she knew that Cal had remained in the general area: his law practice was quite successful, and he wasn’t likely to pull up stakes and move away just because of his divorce. But the fact that she’d never laid eyes on him since his departure from the house somehow convinced Jenny that she’d never see him again as long as she lived.

The sight of him caused her legs to buckle, and she was lucky to stumble over to a wrought-iron chair nearby. Cal had seen her as well, and he now rushed over to her.

“Jenny, are you okay?” he cried in obvious concern.

She was breathing hard, almost hyperventilating, but tried to get hold of herself. She gave her ex-husband a careful examination. He was about as tall as James, five foot ten, and of a wiry physique that came from intense workouts at the gym. He was a few years older than Jenny, and his face now bore some traces of age—crow’s feet around the eyes, a graying of the temples, and so on. But in some ways that made him only look more appealing.

“I—I’m fine, Cal,” she said in a choked voice. “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“You’re pretty far from home.”

“I needed to get to one of the stores for something.” She made a vague gesture indicating an establishment off to the left.

“You’re looking as lovely as usual,” he said with genuine admiration.

The compliment, however sincere it may have been, irked her. If I’m so lovely, why the hell did you leave? “You’re looking good too,” she said neutrally.

“I probably look better than I feel.”

“What do you mean by that?”

He shook his head. “Things aren’t going so well for me.”

“Your work?”

“Oh, my work’s fine. Never better. It’s—”

Cal gave his ex-wife a plangent look. He started breathing fast, just as Jenny had done. Then, to her astonishment, he slipped to the ground, buried his face in Jenny’s lap, and began to cry.

“Jesus, Cal!” she exclaimed, placing a hand tentatively on the back of his head. “What are you doing? You have to stop this! Not out here where everyone can see!” And in fact a number of shoppers were walking by giving the couple strange looks.

“Oh, Jenny, I’m so unhappy!” Cal burst out.

“Cal, get up right this minute! Don’t make a spectacle of yourself!”

She tried to lift him up from the ground by main force, but of course couldn’t manage it. But after several tense moments he got up by himself, dumping his body onto a chair across from hers and wiping the tears away from his face with a swift motion of his hand.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I just feel rotten—rotten about leaving you.”

Jenny blazed with anger. “That was your decision, pal!”

“I know it was. I—”

“And you never gave me any reason that I could even begin to understand!”

“I wish I knew the reason myself. But I don’t. I guess I was just tired, bored—”

“Bored of me?”

“No, no! Just bored with my life. Maybe I’m not fit to be a father. Those boys can be a handful.”

“You’re telling me!”

“Maybe if we’d had a girl, things might have been a little better.”

“Well, the ship has sailed on that, buster.”

“Of course it has.”

“You’re telling me you don’t have some sweet young thing you can snuggle up with? A big-shot lawyer like you?”

Cal looked down at his hands. “Jenny, please. I’m not like that. Oh, I’ve had some involvements over the past two years, but they went nowhere. I must have been unable to get you out of my mind—and heart.”

“Don’t give me that,” Jenny said viciously. “You couldn’t wait to get out of our house, canlı bahis and our marriage!”

“That’s not true,” he said, shaking his head. “Oh, Jenny! Isn’t there any chance for us? Can’t we just—”

“You’re saying,” she said incredulously, “you want to get back together with me?”

“Well, why not? Unless you have someone. Probably you do—a sweet, beautiful, smart woman like you.”

That brought Jenny up short. Her throat suddenly got thick again. “I don’t—not in the sense you mean.”

“What other sense is there? You either have a boyfriend or you don’t. You aren’t remarried—I don’t see a ring on your finger.”

Jenny gazed long and hard at Cal. Did she really have the wherewithal to tell him the truth about what went on in the house he used to live in, with the sons he’d begotten with her? She started shaking uncontrollably, but even so she tried to speak her words with care and precision.

“Let’s just say that I’ve become very close to our sons. They’re wonderful boys—young men now. We’ve become very . . . very . . . affectionate.”

It was only after a few seconds and Cal’s eyes widened in amazement. Jenny didn’t know what his response would be. Would he curse her to hell? Would he slap her in the face? Would he spit upon her as some kind of Oedipal monster?

He did none of those things. Instead, he smiled out of one corner of his mouth and said, “Is that right?”

“Yes,” she said tightly.

“Well, well! I’m not surprised. They’re young, vigorous boys—or young men, as you say. And I’m sure they have good taste in women. They must love you very much. And who wouldn’t?”

“You wouldn’t,” she said acidly.

His face crumpled into a grimace. “Jenny, that’s not fair. It’s not that I stopped loving you—it’s that I started hating myself. That’s what it really came down to. Now I realize that you and the boys are the best things that ever happened to me.” He looked at her wistfully. “Is there no hope for us?”

“Well, there’s another complication. Daniel has a girlfriend—she’s living with us in the house.”

“That’s great! I’m sure she’s a wonderful girl.”

“She is. James and Peter think so too.” She looked at Cal meaningfully.

“I see. I just hope there might be room for me.”

As he stared down at his hands, unable to endure the keen gaze of his ex-wife, Jenny fell into deep thought. Hurt and angry as she was at being deserted by Cal, there was no way she could just get rid of all the feelings she had for him—feelings that had come from a full two decades of marriage. She wasn’t sure she still loved him, but the ghost of that love lurked in her heart.

She sighed heavily. “Why don’t you come to dinner tonight? The boys will be happy to see you. They’ve complained that they don’t hear much from you. And Tara—that’s Daniel’s girl—will be interested in meeting you.”

A look of radiant hope dawned on Cal’s face. “Oh, Jenny, that’s fabulous! I’d love to come!”

He impulsively took her face in both of his hands and pasted a long, wet kiss on her mouth. Jenny writhed under the unexpected intimacy, trying unsuccessfully to pull away. At last Cal let her go.

“Hey, none of that now!” she chided. “Just be at the house at six.”

And with that, she picked up her parcels and marched off.


The boys were thrilled at the prospect of seeing their dad again. None of them had actually laid eyes on him since his departure two years ago: Cal had deliberately kept a low profile, knowing the boys were confused and disappointed at his abandonment of their mother. Tara didn’t know how to react, but she’d heard enough about the boys’ father that she had a definite curiosity about him.

Cal showed up even earlier than six, and was greeted enthusiastically by his sons. Jenny’s response was a lot cooler, and she dashed off into the kitchen—on the pretense that she had to put the finishing touches on dinner—so that she wouldn’t have to fraternize with him. Tara gazed wide-eyed at Cal as he was introduced to her, and she allowed herself to be enfolded in a tight embrace—one that lasted quite a bit longer than it should have—before retreating into the kitchen bahis siteleri herself to give Jenny some entirely unnecessary assistance.

The dinner went well, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Even Jenny loosened up, teasing Cal about issues great and small. At times she lapsed into silence, just watching the boisterous goings-on; at other times her eyes seemed to fill with tears, and she used her napkin to wipe them away every so often.

As everyone moved to the living room to eat dessert (a store-bought cherry pie), James approached his mother, who was cutting up the pie in six equal pieces.

“Dad’s looking good, isn’t he, Mom?” he said.

“Yes, he is, dear,” Jenny replied in a subdued voice.

“He loves you, you know.”

Jenny shuddered and closed her eyes. “I guess he does. Maybe I’ve been unfair to him.”

“I was wondering . . .”

She looked at her son. “Wondering what?”

“Do you think he can stay the night? It’s Saturday, and no one has to work tomorrow.”

More tremors coursed through her body, to the point that she had to put down the knife that she was using to cut the pie. “I don’t know about that, James. This is all too sudden and too fast. Perhaps I need more time to reacquaint myself with him.”

“Reacquaint yourself? Mom, you were married to him for twenty years! You know him better than anyone on earth.”

“That may be, but—”

“Oh, come on, Mom, do it for us! And do it for him and yourself.”

Jenny stared straight ahead. She was having trouble speaking. “Okay,” she managed to get out.

“Yeah? You mean it?” James cried.

“Yes, I mean it.”

Without another word, James dashed into the living room, where Cal was holding forth about something on the sofa. James bent down and whispered something in his ear. Cal’s face registered a look of astonishment, but he said nothing to his son.

For a while there was silence as everyone ate the tasty pie. Even afterwards, the conversation didn’t pick up to its former level.

Around 9 p.m., Cal got up from the sofa and walked stiffly over to Jenny, who was sitting in an easy chair. He extended a hand to her.

“Darling, shall we go up?” he said gently.

She gave him a hesitant smile, took his hand, and allowed herself to be led upstairs. All four pairs of eyes—Tara, James, Peter, and Daniel—watched them until they were out of sight.

Then James whispered something to Tara. Her eyes widened and a look of alarm spread over her face; then she smiled naughtily—perhaps the first time she’d ever done that. She nodded enthusiastically, and she then led the three boys upstairs to Daniel’s room.

What happened in the two bedrooms was similar in some ways, and very different in other ways.

As Cal closed the door of the master bedroom, he gazed upon his ex-wife with admiration and love. He’d always thought Jenny to be beautiful—and he now chided himself for not helping out around the house more when the couple was burdened with raising three rambunctious boys. That had had the effect of making Jenny pretty tired at the end of the day, meaning her desire for intimacy wasn’t as robust as it could have been. Cal kicked himself for thinking that Jenny, with the passing of years, was losing interest in sex—clearly she was just exhausted. But now, having heard of the unorthodox relationship she had developed with her own sons, he began to see her in a new light.

He took the trouble to undress her himself, a process he’d always enjoyed. She stood still as a stone as he did his work, and with the removal of each item of clothing his heart—and another part of his body—thrilled at the sight that was revealed. When she finally stood naked, strangely vulnerable but also lovely and strong and courageous, he yearned for her in a way that he’d never done before.

He stripped hastily, and they began their long session of coitus with imaginative foreplay, followed by couplings of many and varied sorts. He entered her vagina, her anus, her mouth; she squatted over him, lay under him, worshipped his cock in a long episode of sixty-nine; he came four times, she came five or six times. It went on for bahis şirketleri hours, and at last they lapsed into an exhausted sleep.

In the other bedroom, Tara nervously faced three naked boys who all wanted to probe her in every way possible. Jenny had described to her what multiple penetration was like, but there’s no way any woman can really know about it except by actually experiencing it. The queen-size bed was barely big enough for the quartet, even when one or the other of the boys decided to take a little time-out after an orgasm. As for Tara, at one point she reached the state that Jenny had once told her about—a sort of constant low-grade climax that just seemed to go on forever. Tara had been skeptical about whether such a thing was even possible; but after the boys had inserted their cocks into all her orifices, one at a time or all at once, she realized that such an exalted condition was possible. But only for a woman! Even though she was largely passive during the several hours that the session went on, she somehow felt she was really in charge: the boys wanted her body so desperately that they would do just about anything to get at it, and that’s where her strength and power as a woman lay.

The four of them also fell into a drugged sleep, feeling totally satisfied.

Jenny was the first one to head downstairs the next morning. She was in the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee, waiting for everyone else to get up before starting a big breakfast, when Tara drifted into the room, looking a bit tousled.

“How are you, my dear?” Jenny said. The question was not purely rhetorical. Are you all right? Did my boys go a little overboard with you?

“I’m fine, Jenny,” Tara said, a twinkle in her eye.

“Did you really have—all three—?”

“Yes. It was wonderful.”

“But—you’ve not even had two at a time before, have you?”

“No, but I guess I picked it up well enough.”

“It must have been pretty tough for you.”

“I wouldn’t say that. Two at a time is pretty easy—you’re just letting the guys do what they want. Three at a time takes a bit more effort.”

“I’ll say it does! They didn’t rough you up, did they?”

“Of course not. They’d never do that.”

“I suppose not. Still, I think it might have been a bit too much for you.”

“Really, Jenny, I’m okay—fabulous, in fact! I don’t think I’ve ever had so many—well, you know.”

“Yes, I see that. You’re young and strong, so you can take it.”

Pretty soon the others all thundered down the stairs demanding breakfast. So with an exaggerated sigh at the uselessness of men, Jenny heaved herself up from the kitchen table and began preparing the meal, with Tara assisting.

Over the next several weeks, a rough system for nighttime adventures fell into place. Given the somewhat unequal distribution of sexes in the household, it was decided that two men would be with one woman in two different bedrooms. Cal and Jenny went to the effort of buying a king-size bed, somehow cramming it into Daniel’s bedroom. There certainly wasn’t sex every single night in both rooms; sometimes there was just a bit of cuddling before the three occupants of a bed drifted off to sleep.

But on other occasions, there were some impressively creative arrangements.

Tara never forgot the time when Jenny became the center of attention of all members of the household. It happened like this. Cal lay down on his back, placing Jenny on top of him, also on her back. He entered her bottom, and James stuffed his cock into her vagina. Peter came up to Jenny’s head as she opened her mouth for his member; Daniel and Tara knelt on either side of her as she took his cock and her pussy in her hands and fondled them. The picture of this ravishing woman servicing five people at once was something none of them will ever forget.

And there were times when Jenny banished all men from her bedroom and summoned Tara for an intense episode of lesbian sex. The men felt a bit left out, but couldn’t begrudge either of their women a session where they wouldn’t have to worry about satisfying a cock. Cocks can be very demanding things!

James and Peter were convinced that one day they would find girls of their own; but for now, they were happy to find satisfaction with Tara and their mom.

After all, what more could a man ask for than these two heavenly females?


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