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I couldn’t believe how late it was. Father would surely discipline me if I didn’t get home in five minutes. It was already ten to nine and I could already hear the cackling of the belt in the back of my head.

There were obviously no coaches at this time of night and I couldn’t afford one anyway with the small allowance he gave me for working around the house for we had no maids. Therefore, I had to run the twenty miles from down town to my home. With living in the country it was nothing to me but not when curfew was approaching.

How peculiar it must have looked to see a young girl, age twenty to be exact, running down the streets in her best dress that was two or three seasons old, unchaperoned. I got many stares from the towns people and I heard many rude comments about country people having no class.

Yes, my father owned and worked his own farm but that didn’t mean I had no class. I did do sewing and embroidery, and maybe mine wasn’t as neat as the towns people but father seemed rather impressed with my work.

As I passed Mr Peterson’s fields I realized if I cut along this route I could make it in time for curfew. The only thing was that Mr Peterson hated when people walked across his land. Ever since Mrs Johnson’s son trampled over his prize tomatoes. I know it would be risky but I had no choice, I would have to do it.

I climbed over the wooden gate regretting that I had put my best dress today. I just thanked God I hadn’t put the one with the extra ruffles underneath as that would have been a disaster. I also wished I had not stayed the extra hour at Tilly-Mae’s house. She’s my best friend and getting married to a man her mother thought was perfect for her. That’s why I had gone to town today. I was to be her maid of honour. I knew I should have started courting two or three seasons ago but no man wanted a young woman whose father had no money for dowry and she didn’t really have any upbringing from a motherly figure.

Tilly had promised me that her mum’s driver would drop me home but Tilly’s mother hadn’t arrived yet. When it was quarter to nine the foot messenger arrived saying she was staying extra hours at the venue for the wedding with Mrs Jones, Tilly’s soon-to-be mother-in-law. That alone set me in a panic and I left Tilly’s home in such a rush that I had forgotten my bag. Maybe it was a good thing too as the extra weight would just slow me down.

As I jumped down from the gate I felt the breeze fly my skirt up. Forcefully I pushed it down. I had no time for uncooperative skirts. Quietly, I crept through the Peterson’s yard. I could almost see my yard when I heard the back door open.


When I looked I saw it was Mr Peterson’s oldest son, Francis coming towards me. I sprinted like there was no tomorrow. erotik film izle Unfortunately I tripped over something and fell to the ground. My ankle throbbed with uncontrollable pain and tears spilled from my eyes.

“Hey you! To you’re tresspass- Marybelle?

I blushed. I was in a very uncomfortable and inappropriate position. I couldn’t move because my ankle hurt but my skirt had flown up way beyond repair and my underskirt was exposed. If Pastor was to see us now…or any older lady. Francis was engaged to the pastor’s daughter. And here he is seeing my undergarments.

I had just started my first season. Many girls my age were already married. I would not have liked if my future husband was watching girl’s undergarments so I tried to hide it.

“Please help me Francis,” I begged. “I’m late for curfew!”

He scooped me up in his arms and carried me towards his house.

“Let’s check that ankle first!”

Inside his house his three bothers, James, Josiah and Fred were waiting by the door. I felt intimidated by the four men before me. Francis was already twenty-six, James was twenty-four and both Fred and Josiah were twenty-two as they were twins. With me only twenty they looked so grown next to me.

Francis brought me to a room and explained to the boys what happened. I knew he was a doctor, so I let him wash and wrap my leg in white bandages. There was no way I’d be getting home on time.

“Please don’t tell your father I trespassed and I have no money for the bandages.”

All four boys looked at each other.

“We’ll give you the bandages for free and not tell our father,” Fred said.

“But you have to do something for us in return,” Josiah added.

“Name it an I’ll do it!” I said. Right now, I’d do anything to stay out of trouble. The boys seemed pleased with my answer.

“Let us fuck you!” James said. I gasped. I’d never heard such prestigious men use fowl language like this for love making, only the fishermen who had sex with the women on their boats. Also, wasn’t sex supposed to be saved for your wedding night?

At first I thought they were kidding but then they looked so serious. Fred closed the door and locked it. I gulped. What had I gotten into?

“But I’m supposed to stay pure,” i told them. “I can’t do this.”

“Well be on your way then!” Francis said. “We will also need $10 for the bandages.”

“$10! That’s obsurd! The local clinic only charges $1.”

“I am a private doctor and you my ear have been cared for in the comfort of my home. Either you pay the money or agree to our first offer.”

I sighed. There was nothing I could do. Knowing this, Francis peeled off all my layers of clothing, exposing my body to four pairs of eyes. Were all of them going to have sex with film izle me at once?

They all touched my body making me feel things that I had never felt before. The remaining clothes were haphazardly taken off my body. I was naked before them and I felt a bit uneasy. I had never done anything else but what people wanted me to do, however I wasn’t clueless when it came to sex. I had read about them in a book I was not supposed to read in father’s study on the days he wasn’t home. I also had seen servants and harvesters run away into the fields during breaks and at dusk. The women always looked like they were enjoying it and I wondered how it felt to have sex. Deep down inside I knew this was wrong but I was excited.

I was put on my hands and knees by two strong hands. I felt a warm tongue lick between my legs slowly. Was this how people did it? I had to shut my eyes tightly. It felt good.

“Mm, she tastes good!” I heard Francis say.

Another mouth was felt at my butt hole. I had no idea males liked to lick there, or that it felt so good. Both tongues assaulted my two holes and I felt like I needed to pee. From my knowledge of the book that meant I was near climax. Two more like were felt at my breasts. This was enough to send me over the edge and I released, pleasure ripping through me. My legs shook violently and more liquid spilled from me and rolled down my legs.

Fingers entered my butt hole and vagina and stretched the holes for the first time. I moaned aloud as the two intrusions felt amazing. They began to thrust hitting places I didn’t know that could give so much pleasure. With Fred and Josiah suckling my breasts and Francis and James at my vagina and butt I couldn’t hold on. I met myself go for the second time, with a loud scream and more liquid squirted from me.

I felt the boys moving around. I was put to sit on top of James, straddling his waist my vagina right next to his cock. He spread my labia apart and another pair of hands grabbed my waist and pushed me down on his big penis. I held his neck as I muffled a scream.

James held onto my meaty thighs as he inched upward into me. Tears rolled down my face and the pain got worse and worse as he went further in. Fred and Josiah came to my rescue and sucked on my nipples once again.

“Fuck, she’s so tight!”

Pleasure skyrocketed as James picked up speed when he noticed I was enjoying it. In each hand I took a penis, Josiah and Fred’s, pumping them until they were stiff.

I was so engrossed in the pleasure I was receiving that I forgot all about Francis. He pushed me down on top of James chest and he laid all the way down on the bed. Unfortunately Fred and Josiah had no way of reaching my breasts now.

I felt Francis’s big penis push through my anus slowly, stretching seks filmi izle the last hole available to penetrate.

“Oh fuck!” He yells when he was all the way in.

I was filled. Both guys moved inside me at their own pace and each time I getting wetter and wetter. Pleasure flowed through each vein as both penises moved at their free will in and out of my two holes.

Fred and Josiah got in front of me, each pushing theirs in my face. I knew exactly what they wanted as I seen a servant do it once. I stroked both of their penises with each hand and alternate between sucking. They both seemed content with my work as their limp sausages became hard once again.

The sound of flesh slapping, grunts and moans increased over time. Again, I orgasmed hard, and my legs shaking violently only encouraged the boys to go faster.

I knew it was about time for then to orgasm as well, so I prepared myself for the unexpected. Fred ejaculated first, white cream squirting all over my face and in my mouth. Josiah followed after with a loud grunt, his semen mixing with Fred’s on my face. The two were spent, their penises were limp and they looked tired.

I could feel Francis’s thrusts getting a bit sloppy and with a few more hard thrusts he shoots his warm semen in my butt. For the eldest boy I expected him to last the longest but James was still thrusting into my vagina at lightning speed.

He turned me over so my back was towards him and thrust into me that way. I was still on top of him however and I know he could see him entering and exiting me. He was moving so fast I ended up releasing again. He pushed me down on my hands and knees and drove his cock into my butt fast.

“God, you’re so fucking tight!” He yelled. Then his warm seed filled my pulsing butt hole.

He was still hard but he knew I had enough. I was a mess, covered in semen. How was I to go home now? I was tired so I fell asleep right where I was.

When I awoke hours later I was in my room on my bed. My ankle was propped up on a pillow and I was clean. I looked around my room and and I saw dad and James sitting there.

“Marybelle!” Dad was crying. “How do you feel? James told me what happened. I’m never letting you walk home after this!”

“What happened?”

“He said he found you naked in the fields covered in semen,” dad sobbed. “I’m grateful that Francis is a doctor and that they came when they did. I might not have seen my little girl again!”

I eyed James. There was a dull ache between my legs and my butt hurt. That’s not what happened. I remembered everything. The Peterson brothers fucked me.

“I’ll go get you something to eat,” dad said wiping his tears. “And then I’ll talk to you about the proposition James told me.”

I nodded.

“What proposition did you tell my dad?”

“Don’t worry about that!” He said. “What are you going to give me in return for lying to your dad?”

What did I get myself into? Maybe I should not have trespassed.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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