Twin Tale Heart Pt. 02

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“We never wanted to hurt you. We just hope you can accept us for who we are…”

Ashleigh Danson slowly forced her eyes open and just waited a moment for her body to catch up. As amazing as her dreams tended to be, nothing beat the real thing in her mind. Today was her birthday, a celebration of the day she was brought into the world.

But she was not brought into the world by herself.

This lone fact made her smile from ear to ear as Ashleigh looked across at the most spectacular sight her eyes could ever imagine. Her big brother looked so at peace with his eyes shut facing her. He had a hint of a smile on his face as he quietly breathed through his nose, a sound she adored for a very long time.

Her feelings got the best of her and she slowly moved her hand to brush a lone hair out of his face. She felt the aftermath on her body as her arms and pussy were still sore in the most delicious way, but she felt little to no pain.

Just the sight of the face of this lone person – her person, was enough to fill her body with the kind of feeling that spread all over a person, covering them in a total warmth like a blanket. As much as she didn’t want to leave it behind, the prospect of waking up first was a very rare occurrence that she wanted to take full advantage of.

As quietly and quickly as she could, she rolled out of bed, careful to make as few ripples in the bed as she possibly could.

She stood at the edge of the bed now, successful in not waking him up. Ashleigh picked up her discarded tank top from the previous night as well as her solid white cotton panties from the floor and dressed with as much modesty as she was used to before quietly exiting the room, careful to crack the door without closing it.

Her heart stopped when a tiny creak broke the almost total silence she was trying to maintain, but when she peeked her head back into the bedroom, she was relieved to see him still in the same position as before. His barely audible snoring was like music to her very soul. It put her at ease and she let out the breath she had been holding. She turned away and make the short trip to their kitchen.

Ashleigh stood in front of their industrial-sized stove and let out a stretch and quiet yawn. As she did, she realized she felt a little more of the aftermath of last night on her body than she thought. Her nipples were at about eighty percent sensitivity after spending so much time being either suckled or pulled the night before.

She looked at her hands and somewhat grimaced when she noticed small amounts of skin under her fingernails, knowing she owed him for getting that carried away.

The best part of all, at least to her, was the fact that she still felt the dried semen on her inner thighs and inside her thoroughly pounded slit. Just the thought of last night made her wet all over again as she could almost feel his touch on her, his light caresses on her sensitive skin, his feather kisses driving her body wild with desire.

“Focus, Ashleigh, focus.” She said to herself before trying to shake off her dirty thoughts and key in on why she wasn’t still in bed. She looked around and tried to picture what she wanted to do.

She opened the fridge and took out a carton of eggs, a pack of bacon, and a small bottle of lemon juice she loved to put on almost everything and sat it all on the counter next to the stove. She turned the first dial and heard the small clicking of the stove before a pretty little blue and orange flame revealed itself, followed by about a dozen others around it.

She reached under the cabinet next to the stove and took out a frying pan and set it atop the flame. Ashleigh was not the cook her boyfriend was, but she was determined to try her best before he woke up. They both needed a hearty meal to get some of those calories back and to start this important day off right.

_____ Twin Tale Heart _____

Shane awoke to find himself in bed alone. He blinked a few more times before turning to sit up. Before anything else, he heard the faint sound of something frying coming towards the kitchen, followed by the slightest hint of bacon in the air. He smiled before getting out of bed to throw something on.

He picked up a baby blue dress shirt that he settled on leaving open and a pair of white boxers and put them on, taking full notice that her clothes weren’t on the floor next to his.

Shane stretched, feeling his body ease up despite the claw marks on his back that ran from one shoulder to the other. Ashleigh tended to get a little wild after the second or third orgasm, but she didn’t usually leave anything worse than a hickey or a bite mark so this was…new. He crept his head out the cracked bedroom door and saw her at the stove. Even from here, he could tell she was zoned in, trying to turn out a five-star breakfast for the two of them.

Seeing her determined face along with her body in those adorable little white panties he loved so much and the fact that her nipples were poking out kaçak iddaa of her tank top filled his mind with extremely dirty thoughts. He could feel himself getting hard again just peeping on her.

Not that he needed to peep. She was, after all, his woman.

Shane and Ashleigh were born about eleven minutes apart from each other. Their mother constantly embarrassed them when they were older by reminding everyone who would listen that Shane refused to stop crying until Ashleigh was born shortly after. The two had to be kept in the same room or else one of them would freak out, and not just in the hospital either. Until around their second birthday, Shane and Ashleigh were inseparable. They shared the same crib, the same toys, and even napped at the same time. When it came to feeding, you can imagine they did that in unison too.

Even then, they had to be tricked into using different bottles by allowing them to share the same nipple of the bottle until gradually got used to two different ones on different bottles. As they got older, their bond seemed to get deeper and deeper despite growing to like different things for the first time. Ashleigh grew to love the arts as her mother did while Shane and their father were outside playing sports like soccer and basketball.

“Guy things” he remembered his father telling him during their first few days alone together.

But despite that, the young kids took great pride in anything the other one did. Shane had to be quieted down the first time he saw his sister’s art on display at school after her painting was picked for a citywide competition. She didn’t win, but she loved the way he bragged to all his classmates about her talent.

Ashleigh’s voice was the only one Shane heard during any of his soccer and basketball games. It pushed him harder to impress her and made him look much better at both than he was. They rarely ever fought, and even in those rare moments never allowed themselves to go to bed mad at each other. Their mother explained that concept to them once when they were seven and it made so much sense that they kept it with them even after she was no longer with them.

Shane settled on surprising her to start his birthday right. He was also fairly sure she would enjoy his idea after a moment or two. He quietly opened the door that separated their bedroom from the pitch-black walk-in closet. The floor was carpeted, so the only sound it made was a low dragging that Ashleigh would never hear over the frying pan. He crept in, closed that door, and then opened the connecting door that led to the edge of the hallway and the start of the kitchen.

He opened the door ever so slowly and silently made his way through until he was standing at the edge of the kitchen, Ashleigh completely oblivious to the lurking predator that had emerged from her bed and was ready to pounce.

He crept until he stood far enough behind her to see over her shoulder without touching her. His heart slowed to a faint whisper as prepared to cast his spell on her.

Ashleigh felt her zone shattered in two waves. First, the soothing massage of his breath on her neck. Second, the electrifying feeling of his hands on her waist as he pressed himself behind her, his hardness pressing into her lower back just above her soft ass.

The feeling overtook the surprise and she let out a soft moan as his hands glided over her stomach. He reached down and greeted the back of her neck with a feather kiss. She was in pure ecstasy as he took her hand and placed the spatula on the counter as he turned the dial OFF on the stove. He then wrapped her up in a hug, holding his place behind her firmly.

“Someone’s up early this morning,” Shane said as he kissed her on the cheek, letting himself linger at an agonizingly slow pace. “T-this fucking guy knows how to get to me,” Ashleigh said to herself. She opened her eyes and slowly put her head down, inviting him to move to the back of her neck. He did so without hesitation. She was right, he did know just what she wanted.

“That I am. It’s not very early I get to see that face without you staring back at me.” She said as she slowly felt his hands drifting higher up her torso, his fingers still almost floating along the top of her thin shirt. “These panties aren’t gonna last long,” she said to herself.

“It’s not every night a certain somebody demands me to pound her until she can’t feel her poor, defenseless little pussy,” Shane said as reached his head around her shoulder to get a better look at her face.

“It was your idea to go until midnight, mister. If I remember correctly one of us said they wanted to go from one age to the next inside his naughty little sister, and it certainly wasn’t me.”

“I only said that because I saw what time it was while you were switching positions. We’d already been going since 10:30, it just made sense to go until midnight when there’s only six minutes in-between the two.”

“What about the hour after that?” Ashleigh said as kaçak bahis she turned her head to take in Shane’s misty grey eyes for the first time with just the most seductive smirk imaginable etched on her face. He couldn’t help but return her smile.

“Fair point,” Shane said before matching her gaze. They leaned in around the same time as their lips met. That alone sent a charge through both of their bodies that were nearly indescribable. It felt like pure, unfiltered love. She felt it in her very core but most fiercely in her loins. For as long as she could remember the very thought of her twin made her body burn with a need to be in his embrace.

Ashleigh had never loved anyone like she loved Shane.

For as long as she could remember, she felt like Shane belonged to her, almost as if her very being was fated so that neither of them would ever have to be alone. She trusted him with every part of herself. They were safe with her other half and no one else. It had always been that way between them. It just felt right.

Ashleigh had been living in paradise for over five years now after they confessed their true feelings to each other following months of strain on their interactions with each other. Now, moments like this were commonplace. Being able to love her physically as Shane desired for so long has now redefined how she saw her sexy twin. All her life, her love had been purely emotional. But now, the very thought of him was synonymous with both love and pleasure.

Shane began to get bold once Ashleigh kissed him. He had her full attention now, so it was time to do what only he could. His hands slid up the rest of the way and cupped her perfect breasts. She was only a solid B-cup, but they were soft to the touch and seemed to melt when you touch them. He loved to knead and feel them, but he got a real kick out of teasing the tips of her perky nipples.

She moaned into his mouth as she leaned back into him, grinding her exposed buns into his lap. He humped forward with a slow upward grind. Ashleigh reached back until she got a hold of the halves of his shirt. She loved the color light blue, especially how it looked on her brother when she got to pick what they wore when they went out together.

She jerked him forward, aggressively thrusting his hips forward for him. His hands then slowly descended her body before stopping at the top of her panties. He then broke the kiss so that he could watch her face as he played with her. Their eyes met for but a moment before he pushed into her panties and massaged the top of her pelvis.

Ashleigh’s face scrunched up as she fought to keep in her moans. He kissed her shoulder as he slid down gently until he reached the top of her cunt. He used a finger to gently rub just around her clit before taking his entire hand and cupping her pussy. The tip of his middle finger teased her intensely sensitive rosebud while his wrist pushed on her clit. He slid his hand forward a few times before he finally decided to take his thumb and start caressing her sacred nub, forcing out the loud moan she had been holding in the past few minutes.

She whispered his name as his thumb vibrated faster and faster. The friction made her entire waist jerk forward several times as her body was rocked with pleasure. This went on for a few moments before Ashleigh began breathing heavily through her nose, something she always did right before she came. Knowing she was ready to burst, he whispered to her, “My one and only…”

Ashleigh’s climaxes were something to see. She starts by going completely numb as her pussy convulses while her juices come out in a quick stream followed by a few short spurts. As that happens she goes completely stiff and her eyes are sealed shut. Then her body cools down in a wave that starts from her face and ends just past her thighs. Her waist bucks forward as it passes through her pussy one last time. Finally, a wave of relief washes over her and she can open her eyes again. This time, she turned and saw him smiling at her.

“Happy birthday, babe.” He said, kissing her shoulder. The sincerity of the moment pushed her over the edge. She needed him in her right now. Ashleigh turned herself around and pushed him back into one of their chairs.

Shane watched as his sister quickly removed her top and tossed it around the back of his neck. She leaped into his lap while she pulled him as close to her face as could get. She took a deep breath to steady herself before she smothered his face with light kisses. After that she finally let her lips meet his. The kiss was brief before she broke it and started at his neck.

“Yep, I’m getting a new tattoo,” he thought to himself. Shane felt like he was on a cloud with his sister pressing him into the chair while her hands were pulling on his shirt. He tried to wrap his arms around her but she stopped him, instead of sitting back and taking off his shirt.

She looked down at him and the two could see the lust in each other’s eyes. “You have illegal bahis no idea how much I love you, baby. Nobody could ever make me feel the things you do. Not now and not ever.” Ashleigh said to him.

“But of course, babyface. But the surprise isn’t over yet,” Ashleigh looked at him kind of confused. “What are you talking about? What’s better than this?”

“I’m thinking something like this-“

Ashleigh was cut off as Shane scooped her up, seemingly jumping out of the chair. She let off a shriek before he just stood with her in his arms for a moment. He then walked her to the table and laid her down on top, just her waist still hovering around his crotch with her legs wrapped around his waist.

“Ash, I woke up with the need to do two things today. I already accomplished one. Now I just want to feel you. I need to be inside you so I can show you how much I love you.”

“I’ll never stop telling you, you do more than enough. But I guess you should at least unwrap your present since you want it so bad.” Ashleigh said as she unwrapped herself from his waist and lifted her legs straight. Shane kissed the back of her ankle before he lifted his sister’s soaked panties over her legs. He pulled down his underwear and let them fall down his legs before he lined himself up at her wet and waiting entrance. In one thrust, he felt their hips collide as he bottomed out inside her.

Her legs fell to his side as he began pumping her. He bent down and buried himself in her chest, taking a breast in his mouth as he cupped the other with his hand. Ashleigh panted as she wrapped her arms around his head, already on the verge of her second orgasm in the last ten minutes.


Outside the rather modest-sized complex, Deuce parked the car and got out on the closest corner. He patted himself down for his keys while a young woman got out of the passenger side and walked around the front of the car behind him.



“Looking for something?”

Deuce turned around and saw the set of keys dangling in Samantha’s hand. He sighed defeat before taking it from her. “I’m gonna take this as a world record for how many times a person can lose one key. I heard thirteen is good luck,” she said as they grabbed the bags of donuts and breakfast sandwiches and walked towards their friends’ house.

“This only happens when I agree to drive your ass somewhere. Plus I wanted to turn it into a keychain for my belt and you told Sylvia. That’s low fam.”

“What idiot wears his car key as a keychain?”

“What girl worries that much about her ex’s sense of style?” Deuce said as they approached the front door. Sam rolled her eyes at him as she looked around for her key to the place.

“Don’t flatter yourself there, buddy. I’d hardly call a couple of random hookups a relationship.” she found it in the bottom of her bag and started to unlock the door. Deuce just smirked as he started to enter behind her holding the bags.

“Best dick you ever had. Bar none.”

“You’re an – umm…all right then. That’s a new look, Ash.” Sam said as she stood in the doorway with her eyes taking in the sight of her best friend and her brother going to town on each other on the kitchen table.

By now, Samantha was without an immediate reaction. Deuce, who came in right as she stopped, took to what he saw a little bit differently from over Sam’s shoulder.

“What the-ah come on man! The fuck guys, on the table?” Deuce said as he turned his head to look away from his best friend’s sweaty bare ass bent over his younger sibling. Shane and Ashleigh, having been walked in on in the most embarrassing place possible quickly tried to gather some kind of clothing to cover themselves up.


The four of them sat at the table about twenty minutes later, blowing through the breakfast banquet their friends had provided for them.

Shane and Ashleigh had immediately taken off for their bedroom upon Deuce walking in. Sam, however, was no stranger to their sexual hijinks and took the time to admire each of their figures as the two ran past her. Samantha had always had an eye for her best friend, that being the ever-spunky Ashleigh.

The two met in their sophomore years and by the time they were juniors, she was even in on how much Ashleigh lusted after her older brother.

Now the two were exchanging hash browns Ashleigh had quietly stolen from Shane’s plate while right above them Deuce scrolled through his phone showing Shane a catalog of tattoos that would cover the birthmark on his left ass cheek. The two hadn’t been able to convince Deuce to sit at the table, so they sat on the couch.

“Before I forget,” Deuce said, loud enough for the girls to hear him as well,

“I wanna say a very happy birthday to two of my best friends. You two are beyond strange, but you also legit deserve each other. Welcome to the 23 and over club.” Deuce was met with a mock round of applause for his dramatic display, but deep down there was a hint of sentiment that meant the world to the twins.

It felt good to be able to be themselves around someone. They had two of the most accepting and open-minded people alive as the other half of their tight little family.

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