Under the Blanket

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This story also contains elements of exhibitionism and anal. Please enjoy!


John and Nicola curled around each other, sitting on the couch, as they huddled under the blanket… Marc’s basement was freezing. Their friends sat around the room, either watching “Die Hard” along with them, or playing on a computer. It was a relaxed night in the dark basement, Terri, Calvin and Gary were sipping on their beers from the other side of the large L-shaped couch, and behind them all Scott and Derek were clacking away at their keyboards… playing online games.

Nicola nuzzled into the side of John’s neck, kissing him very lightly just because he smelled so good. His jaw pressed against the top of her head, just a little, and she knew he was smiling as his hand ran down her side, pulling her closer in under the blanket. Pulling her legs up onto the couch, she curled into half a ball, pressing against him with her hand on his hip. Being so close to him was always distracting… but she tried to concentrate on the movie, even when his fingers started moving in seductive little circles at the small of her back. In acknowledgment of his touch, she tilted her head back and kissed the side of his neck a little more firmly, squeezing her own hand on his side as she did so.

Turning his head, John caught his lips with hers and they kissed as his hand slid down her back and into her pants, gripping her ass firmly and making her squeal a little as she pulled away laughing. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Scott glancing at them and she buried her head back into John’s shoulder with a look of pure innocence on her face… made slightly harder by the fact that John had yet to remove his hand from the bare skin of her ass.

She shifted a little, enjoying the feel of his warm hand against her flesh, lowering her head a little Nicola nuzzled against his chest… and then quickly bit down, aiming for near his nipple although it was a little hard to tell through his shirt. John jumped a bit, his fingers digging into her asscheek and she a little tingle between her legs. Although she was pretty sure that he was giving her one of his looks, she didn’t look up to return it because she didn’t want to draw any attention to them. Then she felt his head move upwards again, back beşiktaş escort to staring at the screen… but his fingers slid lower down her ass cheek, moving inwards to press inside the crack.

Drawing a deep breath, Nicola pulled the blanket up more, feeling safer with it tucked securely around her body… if it had just been a dark room then someone probably would’ve spotted John’s hand down her pants, but with the blanket they just looked cutely cuddled. As long as she didn’t do anything obvious… and she tried to control herself as she shuddered a little, feeling his fingers reach her pussy lips. Scooting herself further into him, to allow him better access, Nicola moved her hand to his thigh, squeezing it hard. He’d never gotten quite this touchy in a room full of their friends, and she found it excited her even as she didn’t want anyone to notice what was going on.

Ignoring the squeeze to his thigh, John began to run his fingers around the outside of her pussy, a little bit up her asscrack, and back. Nicola pressed her head against his shoulder as his other hand found her collarbone, and then slid down the front of her shirt and into her bra. His hand hefted her flesh and his fingers quickly pinched her nipple hard, holding the small bud firmly as she squirmed, squeezing his thigh in reaction as she tried not to make any noise. The painful pleasure in her breast made her even wetter, and his fingers began to move slickly in her underwear, even though he hadn’t touched anymore more than the outside of her swiftly moistening pussy.

Turning her head into his chest, she bit him gently through his shirt again, feeling his slight reaction… and then bit down again with her own as he twisted her nipple. Pushing the blanket up to her mouth, she pressed her lips against her hand to keep from making any noise as he slid his finger back and forth between her pussy lips, teasing her clit with the tip of his finger even though he had to stretch to reach it.

Closing her eyes, she just gave into the sensations as his hand on her breast released her nipple and moved to the other, just tweaking it gently as he stroked her pussy. Nicola felt herself getting even wetter as she peeked through her eyelashes, extremely aware of the other people around şişli escort them who had no idea what was going on as John pushed one of his fingers into her body. Biting her lip she tried to move her hips back against the invading digit, without making too much movement beneath the blanket. She pressed her cheek against the soft fabric of his shirt as he added another finger.

Slowly they moved back and forth inside her as he began pinching her nipple more firmly, twisting the sensitive bud back and forth a little as he finger-fucked her. Nicola removed one of her hands from its place holdin up the blanket to her mouth and onto the bulge at the front of John’s pants. It wasn’t easy getting him unbuttoned and unzipped with his fingers moving so pleasurably in and out of her wetness, but she was absolutely determined to get into his pants.

His flesh was hot and swollen, and she shuddered as her hand closed around his dick, wishing she dared dive under the blanket and put it in her mouth. That would be way too much though… and so far no one had noticed their extracurricular activities… she wanted to keep it that way. Instead she just gently moved her hand up and down his shaft, letting her thumb rub against the underside of the head.

John stifled a low moan and rested his head on hers, pushing hard into her pussy and moving her even closer to him. She almost whimpered as his fingers left her wanting, and then had to muffle her gasp as they pressed against her asshole. Was he really going to finger her ass right here surrounded by their friends? Somehow the concept seemed even more deliciously naughty then what they were already doing.

One finger began working its way into her tight asshole, pumping in and out gently, using her own juices as its lubrication. The other finger slipped back down to tease her wet pussy, making her twitch and clench at he dual assault… she squeezed his dick hard and felt it pulse against her palm as she writhed a little – quickly stopping when she saw Scott glancing their way again. John’s fingers were producing the most intense sensations, coupled with her excitement at the situation, like two small cocks piercing both her most intimate holes.

It was so hard to concentrate on his dick in her hand when he bahçeşehir escort bayan was pumping in and out of her, his hand pressing against her ass every time he pushed home… she could feel her insides quivering as her orgasm started to grow. Squeezing his dick she pumped it quickly, enjoying his quick intake of breath, and then gasping as a second finger popped into her ass, creating a feeling of almost painful fullness.

Lowering her face, she bit down on the blanket as his fingers moved in and out of her, she was no longer concentrating on pleasuring him although she was still aware of the sensual sensation of his cock pulsing against her hand. His hand rubbed against her pussy lips and ass as they moved in and out of her, the double-pronged attack driving her to a heady space in her body where everything was tingling and rushing sensation.

Just as she reached the point of no return he pinched down hard on her nipple and twisted, simultaneously plunging his fingers as deep as he could and rubbing against her g-spot from both sides. Nicola shoved blanket into her mouth to stifle her vocal reaction, closing her eyes and doing her best not to noticeably writhe as she humped back against his hand. John pushed in and out of her several more times as she shifted and twisted, riding out her waves of pleasure and reigniting them with every thrust.

Slowly awareness returned… the overly full sensation of two fingers in her ass and one in her pussy, his fingers now gently caressing her abused nipple, her hand wrapped around his twitching cock, and music coming from the tv just as the final scene began zooming out and into the credits. John’s fingers slipped from her holes, making her shudder one last time with residual pleasure, and he kissed the top of her head before lowering his lips to her ear as he hugged her tight.

“Want to go home?”

Nicola nodded, gently squeezing his cock.

She could almost feel him smile, “Ok well stop that and give me a few minutes and we can go.”

One final squeeze… just to be rebellious and which she would probably pay for later… and Nicola reluctantly released him, quickly redoing his button and zipper. She cuddled up against him, nuzzling her face against his shoulder much as she had done when they first curled up under the blanket…

Only now she couldn’t wait to get home and get under the covers.

Heck… why wait that long? The idea of road-head on the way home sounded awfully exciting too. She smiled mischievously as she waited for him to calm down enough to get up… boy was she going to give him a surprise when he got behind the wheel.

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