Wartime Diary

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I recently bought a box of old 78 jazz and swing records dating from the 1940s and 50s. As protection the records were seperated mainly by old newspapers, but I also came across what looked like an old school exercise book. I was about to toss it away with the newspapers, but it fell open and I saw that it was some sort of diary. An entry dated Sat. 26th August immediately caught my eye: ‘On sofa with Mum. Me naked, she too except for knickers. Much kissing, etc. Sucked her tits, she wanked me. Came twice.’ I started to get en erection, remembering what I’d done with my own mother, and settled to read the diary in full, the records forgotten.

This is a selection of the entries – many others were mostly repetitious, and I’ve tidied up spelling and punctuation here and there, but otherwise this is what the unknown author wrote.


Wed 5th Jan. Mum caught in rain – legs and feet soaked. Took towel to her room, she pulled up her skirt and sat on bed to let me take her stockings off. Know she likes me stroking her bare legs, and her wet skin v. exciting. Kissed and rubbed my face against her legs and licked her bare feet. Cock got v. hard – tried to rub Mum’s foot against it through my trousers, but she laughed and told me to just dry her with towel. Later wanked 3 times.

Mon 10th Jan. Saw Mum’s bare tits down front of her housecoat. No bra. Went and wanked.

Sat 15th Jan. Uncle Harry on leave for weekend. He had bath, and Mum in bathroom with him for more than an hour. Listened at door and heard him grunting and Mum saying yes, Harry. Mum’s face v. flushed when she came out. Uncle slept on sofa as usual, and heard Mum go downstairs in the night. Crept to top of stairs to find out what they were doing, but all lights were out. Wanked imagining her naked, and thinking about what Uncle was doing to her.

Sun 16th Jan.Uncle Harry and Mum in her bedroom in afternoon. Uncle went back to regiment in evening. Saw bruises on Mum’s neck. She told me not to sulk and kissed me on the lips. Hugged her – sure she had no bra on. Went to my room and wanked.

Fri 21st Jan. Put my arms round Mum from behind and pushed my cock against her bottom again.

Thur 27th Jan. Saw up Mum’s skirt when she was putting on stockings ready to go out in evening – saw she wasn’t wearing knickers, and looked at big clump of hair between her legs. Wanked thinking about her going out with no knickers on.

Tues 8th Feb. V cold, even with fire. Mum and I listened to wireless and cuddled on sofa to keep warm. Kissed her neck and put my hand up her skirt. She giggled and said my hand was cold, but let me stroke her legs.

Fri 18th Feb. Sat on floor and rubbed Mum’s feet to make them warm and kissed her legs. Saw she hadn’t any knickers on again, and tried to put my hand all the way up, but she laughed and slapped my hand and kissed me on lips. Still kept my hand up her skirt, only a few inches from top of her leg.

Wed 22nd Feb. V cold again – slept in Mum’s bed to cuddle and keep warm. Got good look at her tits when she put her nightie on, and saw her looking at my cock when I got undressed. Mum went to sleep quickly – when my hand got warm I put it in her nightie and held her bare tit. When Mum. turned over towards me I put my cock in her hand – afraid I would come, but stayed like that until I fell asleep, my hand on her leg under her nightie.

Mon 6th Mar. Went into Mum’s room when she was getting dressed. All she had on was bra and knickers, and I put my arms round her and kissed her. She giggled and let me hug her.

Thurs 16th Mar. Mum hid the book I was reading to tease me. I tickled her and we wrestled on my bed, then tugged her skirt up and smacked her bottom. She stopped struggling and I pulled her knickers down and spanked her bare backside. Mum just lay letting me spank her for a bit, then got up and dragged her knickers up. She said I mustn’t do that to her, but her face was flushed and she hugged me and kissed me on the lips. Her skirt was still rucked up, and I stroked her leg and then her bottom.

Sat 25th Mar. Uncle Harry on leave again. He and Mum out sahabet güvenilirmi for a drink in evening. In bed when they came home, but heard Mum giggling, then them going into her bedroom. Listened at her door, heard Mum say do you remember when we did this when we were kids, then hurt me Harry, and then he said do you want it up your bum this time Sis, and she said yes darling. Cock v hard – afraid I might come all over door, and went back to my room to wank twice.

Sun 26th Mar. Saw Uncle Harry kissing Mum in kitchen. Her housecoat was unbuttoned, and he had his hand inside squeezing her tit. Stayed in my room all day and wanked.

Thur 6th April. Went with Mum to see film. V dark in cinema, but could see couples, most of the men in uniform, kissing and cuddling everywhere. Pointed them out to Mum and whispered to her, and she nodded and smiled. As a joke I put my arm round her and kissed her on lips. She stayed still, just letting me kiss her, then suddenly she gave me a v. wet kiss w. her mouth open.After few minutes she put her tongue in my mouth, and we kissed like that for v long time. Then we watched film, holding hands between the seats – pulled Mum’s skirt up a bit so I could touch her bare leg, and she rubbed my hand against it. Sat for long time holding hands and rubbing her leg, then Mum whispered in my ear and asked if I’d like to kiss her again. Put my arm round her and we started kissing – undid 2 buttons of Mum’s blouse and put my hand in and held her tit, but she didn’t seem to notice because she didn’t stop me Wanked as soon as we got home. When I kissed Mum goodnight put my tongue in her mouth and we kissed for a long time. Went to my room and wanked again.

Fri 7th April Mum kissed me goodbye in morning, another real kiss, v wet w her mouth open.Could feel she only had on her housecoat, her body v soft. Wanked.

Tues 11th April. Started kissing Mum on sofa after dinner. She kissed me back, then I put my hand up her jumper and held her tit. She didn’t stop me, but after a few minutes she got up and went away, then came back and let me kiss her again. Put my hand up her jumper again, and found she’d taken her bra off, and I squeezed her bare tit. She said the bra was uncomfortable, and asked me if she felt nice, and we kissed like that for a long time.

Wed 19th April. Mum and I kiss properly all the time now. I wank every night thinking about it. Mum came in to my room when I was getting undressed for bed. Saw her looking at my cock, and felt it getting hard. I took a long time putting on my pyjamas, liking her to look at me like that and see my stiff cock.

Fri 28th April. Mum wore just her housecoat after a bath, I put my hand up it and held her bare bottom. She let me for a moment, then told me I mustn’t, but gave me long kiss, hugging me close.

Sun 14th May. Took Mum tea in bed as usual on Sunday mornings, and got in bed with her while she drank it. Started to kiss her and play with her tits. Slipped her nightie off her shoulders and pushed it down round her waist, then she asked me if I’d like to kiss her tits. She said it was lovely, and asked me to lick her nipples and suck them. Pulled her nightie up and stroked her legs.

Sat 10th June. V. hot day, in afternoon decided to lie on bed and asked Mum to come too. went to her room because her bed bigger. Said it was too hot to wear anything, and took all my clothes off. Mum seemed to hesitate then took everything off too except her knickers. Saw her looking at my cock. V stiff. We kissed a lot, and I played with her tits. Rubbed my cock against her bare leg for a bit, but was afraid I’d come. Lay on my back knowing Mum was looking at my stiff cock, and she kissed me for a long time, stroking my chest and belly, her breathing coming v fast. Wished she’d touch my cock, but she didn’t.

Thurs 22nd June. Mum had headache and went to bed early. Went to kiss her goodnight later. Every night we kiss goodnight for 2-3 minutes at least, but tonight I sat on her bed and put my hand in her nightie and squeezed her bare tit, and we kissed like that for much longer.

Tues sahabet yeni giriş 11th July. Unexploded bomb found near school, and we were sent home early. Went into kitchen and found a soldier sitting there. He had his cock out, and Mum was kneeling on the floor in front of him sucking it. Ran out and locked myself in my room. V upset. Later Mum knocked on my door and wanted to comfort me but didn’t want her. Took my clothes off and went to bed, holding my cock. Later got up to go to bathroom then went back to bed. Mum came in and kissed me saying she was sorry. Tried to push her away, but she gave me a long kiss and put her hand inside the bed and held my cock. She kept kissing me, playing with my cock, and suddenly I came in her hand. Afraid she’d be angry, but she kept on kissing me and then rubbed my cock until I came again. Mum got cloth from bathroom and cleaned us, then smiled at me and bent down to give my cock a quick kiss before she went away.

Thurs 20th July. Kissed Mum a lot on sofa and played with her tits. Wanted her to touch my cock, but she said she mustn’t. Wanked afterwards.

Sun 30th July. Took Mum her tea and asked Mum if I could see her with nothing on. She joked and said I’d already seen most of her, but she pushed down the bedclothes and took her nightie off. I touched her all over inc. between her legs and she let me kiss her body. Later couldn’t stop wanking.

Sun 13th Aug. This Sunday much kissing of Mum’s tits while she drank her tea. She seemed more eager than usual, and didn’t stop me when I took my pyjamas off. Cock v stiff, and Mum just stared at it. Let me get her nightie off, and we kissed a lot. Played with her tits and rubbed my cock against her, then came all over her legs. She got v excited – I got a cloth, and she watched me as I cleaned her legs. We kissed for a few minutes, and she rubbed herself against me, then gave me a handkerchief and told me to hold it ready. We kissed some more and I squeezed her tits and tugged at her nipples, then she rubbed me and made me come again.

Sat. 26th Aug: On sofa with Mum. Me naked, she too except for knickers. Much kissing, etc. Sucked her tits, she wanked me. Came twice.

Mon 28th Aug. Saw Mum at upstairs window when I came home from school. She was naked, waiting for me, and said she couldn’t wait to play with my cock. She wanks me almost every day now, sometimes catching my spunk in her hand, or letting it spurt over her body.

Tues 29th Aug. My birthday – Mum said she’d give me a special present. We took our clothes off, and then Mum sucked my cock. Told me she wanted me to come in her mouth, and she swallowed my spunk.

Sat 2nd Sept. V hot again – Mum and I went for ‘nap’ in afternoon. Both lay down on bed with nothing on, kissed and played with each other, got v excited biting her belly. Mum asked me to let her see me make myself come, and watched while I rubbed my cock. Mum v excited, stroking my body, and then made me come all over her.

Tues 5th Sept. Went in while Mum was having a bath, and just watched her, looking at her naked body. V exciting.

Thurs 7th Sept. Flying bomb landed nearby. Mum very frightened, and I went to bed with her to comfort her. Started kissing and playing with each other as usual, and soon forgot flying bombs. I pulled her nightie up, and suddenly my dick was inside her. We didn’t move for a minute, then I started to do it to her. Mum went frantic when I came – sobbing and begging me not to stop, kissing me like mad. Got her out of her nightie and took my pyjamas off and did it to her again, and then again during the night.

Fri 8th Sept. Mum sucked my dick before I left for school. When I came home I fucked her, and then in the evening, and again when we went to bed.

Sun 10th Sept. As well as usual Sunday morning kissing and playing with each other, fucked Mum twice.

Mon 11th Sept. Did it to Mum several times in night.

Wed 13th Sept. Mum and I went to bed, and I fucked her, but she says she won’t let me stay in her bed at night – she can’t get any sleep.

Sun 8th Oct. Mum said how much she likes us sahabet giriş to be naked – we didn’t get dressed all day. I did it to her in the morning, and when she was getting lunch, and when we went back to bed afterwards. Mum whispered that ‘she was going to fuck me’, and climbed on top of me and put my cock in her, and afterwards I did it to her again.

Sun 15th Oct. Mum said she’s in love with my cock, and sucking it and making me come in her mouth. Spent afternoon sucking me – she v excited, came in her mouth 3 times.

Sat 21st Oct. Uncle Harry on leave again for weekend. Came home in the afternoon just as he was coming out of her bedroom, he looked embarrassed. They were out late at night – heard them come home, Mum giggling – she didn’t come up to bed for ages.

Sun 22nd Oct. Heard Uncle taking cups of tea to Mum’s bedroom, and and he stayed there a long time. V jealous. Stayed in my room all day and wanked. Came out when he’d gone – Mum tried to kiss me. Saw the bruises on her neck, and said Uncle Harry’s fucking you, isn’t he, and she said yes. I slapped her face, and she kissed me and asked me to hit her again. I did, and she said she liked me hurting her. I took her clothes off and fucked her.

Mon 23rd Oct. Still angry when I got home. She was already undressed, waiting for me, but I spanked her naked backside, then spent the evening fucking her, and letting her suck my dick.

Tues 24th Oct. Mum begged me to forgive her, said she couldn’t help letting men fuck her, esp. Uncle Harry, but she loved me. Couldn’t stay angry with her, and we fucked all night.

Sun 12th Nov. Long Sunday morning session – we stayed in bed until 11 o’clock, and I did it to her four times, then again in the afternoon. Mum says she’s never known anyone who could come as often as me, not even Uncle Harry. Fucked her again.

Fri 17th Nov. Mum and I went out to get fish and chips for supper. V dark in the blackout, and we stopped and kissed in the street. Mum said she loved being fucked outdoors and the risk that somebody catch her doing it – we went into a shop doorway and I fucked her standing up in the darkness. In the fish and chip shop as we stood at the counter Mum giggled and whispered that my spunk was trickling down her legs, and it felt lovely. We put the fish and chips in the oven to keep warm when we got home, and I fucked her, then again after supper.

Wed 22nd Nov. Mum and I kissed a lot in front of the fire as usual, and I told her I loved her, and would like to marry her. She started to cry and kissed me, squeezing my cock, then she cried and laughed at the same time, saying that it didn’t matter because we were related already. Then she sucked my cock, and I fucked her several times in night.

Tues 5th Dec. Mum met me from school to go Christmas shopping together. Took her behind the bicycle sheds and did it to her standing up again.

Mon 25th Dec. Spent Christmas day alone with Mum. Took her tea in bed in the morning, and we did it twice. Then we did it again in the morning, and went to bed together in the afternoon and did it again. We kissed under the mistletoe with nothing on, and I did it to her on the floor in front of the fire. Went to bed together and I fucked her again.

Thurs 28th Dec. Mum out late, came home tipsy with her blouse torn. Helped her get undressed and discovered she’d no knickers on, and saw bruises on her neck and body. Asked her what had happened. Said she’d met a black American soldier, and lifted her skirt right up and asked him if he liked her legs. He called her a cock-teasing bitch, and she’d gone into the park with him. She said she couldn’t see his cock, but it felt wonderful. She’d told him she didn’t mind if he was rough with her, and she let him fuck her. Got really angry and slapped her v hard, then v rough when I fucked her. Mum said she loved what I did to her when I was angry, and I fucked her again.

Sun 31st Dec. Mum v upset, saying another year gone and she getting older, and soon I’d leave her and forget about her. Told her not to be silly, and fucked her hard, still crying and clinging to me. Fucked her again in the afternoon in front of the fire, and we kissed naked a lot. We had a drink to see the New Year in, then went to bed. Fucked her in night, telling her that I’d always love her and keep fucking her forever.


I wonder if he kept his promise…

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