Watching Mum Ch. 05

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Big Tits

Chapter 5a.

Having just fucked my own mother with my sister watching from outside I followed my instructions to shower and be in mum’s room in 10 minutes, she was very precise in that I was not to leave my room for 10 whole minutes and then come straight to her bedroom.

Well my dick was soon hard again thinking about what just happened and that it will also lead me to fucking my own sweet sister Gail, I stroked my dick during the shower and wondered just what mum wanted to share with me in her room.

Well nine minutes had passed and I was dry and in my jockey shorts, the anticipation was killing me, I watched the second hand go by on my clock and finally it was time!

Mums room was down the hall and at the end, I had to pass my sisters rooms on the way and was sure nobody was home, as I reached mums door I knocked, it seemed like an age before mum opened the door but slowly it opened and revealed mum in a very sexy business suit and high heeled shoes, her hair was up and she looked very businesslike, she even wore a pair of glasses to add to her costume.

Obviously I was expecting her to be in some state of undress but no, she took me by the hand and closed the door behind me, she turned and kissed my mouth soft and sensually, her lips barely touching mine

“Son, I want to do something special for you, I want to give you what I think you’ve always wanted from mummy. I want to perform for you, I want to do it the way you used to enjoy when you were young, only now you won’t be spying on me”

Mum ran her hand down my torso and let it rest on my bulging pants, “You just sit and let mummy entertain you, and don’t forget, I have a surprise”

Mum flicked her finger out to point to the whicker chair she had at one end of her room, I took my seat and waited with bated breath, my dick was aching to be stroked but I didn’t want to be too hasty, and I wanted to make this last forever.

Mums room had a mirrored wardrobe on one side and softly lit lights on either side of her bed, she walked away from me and stood facing herself in the reflective doors, my view was side on and her profile looked wonderful. The high heals changed her posture to one of dominance and authority and her demeanor was that of a strong confident woman.

It was now clear as to what mum had in mind, she was going to undress and entertain herself as if I were not there, just like the very first time I spied on her through the door. Still facing herself in the mirror she took a hair brush and held it suggestively in her mouth as she reached up to release her hair, shaking her head as it fell she picked up the brush and began to groom herself. Still fully dressed she looked magnificent, sheer stockings, high heals, business suit and a white sheer blouse, the whole picture was already giving me a massive boner let alone what was about to follow.

After only a few minutes she reached for the buttons of her jacket and admired herself as she opened it up to reveal a perfectly see-through blouse, from her position she was able to see the white lace quarter cup bra that cradled her breasts, for me it was also a good view, not only could I view her side-on but by looking into the mirror myself I got a reasonable frontal view as well. Her breasts did look mighty fine cupped in white and lifted to give maximum definition, any man (or woman for that) would not fail to admire her beautiful form.

Still without registering my presence she continued her slow seductive exposure. Knowing of the effect it would have on me and also enjoying putting on the show mum seemed so confident in her manner and also a little lost in her desires, it was becoming almost trance like as she focus on herself in the mirror.

Her face was becoming flush and I could sense her aroused state already so it was no surprise to see mum reach up to caress herself, she ran her hands down from her neck and firmly over her breast, either hand pushing down against the thin material of her blouse causing the material to be taut and accentuating the firmness within her bra. I could now clearly make out the presence of each erect nipple as the bra only just covered them, in fact mums touch did more than just show herself of, it flicked her switch too.

Giving an audible gasp, she again squeezed both breasts only this time she was a little firmer and rougher, she was not so much as caressing but grabbing a handful of breast and flattening it with her palm. Moments later she was undoing the buttons and opening herself up, not only for my pleasure but also for hers.

I think mum was as much into exhibitionism as I was voyeurism, she was most definitely getting as much from this as I was. I was by now stroking my hard cock with nice slow long strokes, my eyes never leaving my mother and her eyes never straying from the mirror.

As she finished with her buttons mum opened up her blouse and returned both hands to her breasts, fingers found flesh for the first time and this pleased mum, her eyes relaxbet güvenilirmi transfix of her own passionate assault, her breathing visibly deepening as she reveled in her own touch, and all this for my pleasure.

Suddenly and strangely my attention was broken. Firstly I noticed the cordless phone on mum’s bedside, I don’t know why this got my attention but it did, usually it was always in its base in the kitchen. Secondly I was wondering just how much time we had?

Needless to say that my attention deficit was short and play soon continued, watching this sexy mature woman act out her own pleasures for me is probable the height of my own sexual fantasies, and it was only going to get better. To this day on, I don’t think a sexier sight can be found than a highly aroused woman undressing to masturbate and reaching her desired climax. What happened next moved things on quite quickly, mums head rocked back as she slid her hands down over her hips and onto her pubic bone, her blouse still open and her forearms causing her breast to form a perfect cleavage, again she gasped as she pressed in against the front of her skirt and still she didn’t offer me so much as a glance. Slowly reaching down she pulled the hem of her skirt up to expose her beautiful toned thighs cover in the sheerest of stocking, then lifting further she revealed to me the sexiest pair of white panties I’d ever seen!

Her stocking thighs looked wonderful but mum was wearing little white panties with the thinnest of materials covering her pubic hair, there were little flowers on the waist band and unlike most panties no panel in the gusset, her entire pussy hair was clear to see. Mum knew this would have maximum effect on me and stood silently for what seemed like an age, both sets of our eyes fixed upon the bulge of her hairy womanhood, the thin material only serving to act as a frame to such a wonderful picture.

Mum went straight to the point of maximum pleasure as she ran both hands over her mound and pressed in against her pussy lips, her arms still closed in on her chest to produce that wonderful cleavage, again she gasped with excitement as a shiver went through her, quickly mum stepped out of her skirt and for the first time turned away from the mirror and turned to face me.

Well, wow what a sight, my own sexy mother was now standing about 10 feet away from me hot and bothered, her cheeks red and her mouth open. The picture is still too good to find word for, suffice to say she was standing there with her legs very slightly parted, patent high heel shoes, the finest hold up stocking, a pair of the sexiest little white panties anyone could wish to cover a dark haired pussy, and a soft thin quarter cup bra holding her beautiful breast in.

As you can imagine I was like a lighthouse, and ready to indulge myself, I motioned to stand but mum put her hand on my shoulder and told me to sit back down, in doing so she took a long good look at my condition,

“I’m right in thinking mummy’s little boy is enjoying the show” she smiled with a dirty smile and moved to within a few feet of my position. Looking up at her sexy body made me want to reach out but again she stopped me.

“Not yet, you’ve not had your surprise, any anyway mummy hasn’t finished her show” mum then took a small step closer so her hips were at my eye level and I took the closest look yet at my perfect panties. I could now distinguish individual hairs sneaking out from the small thin front panel; I could also begin to smell that wonderful scent of a wet aroused pussy, and as mums hands ran over her hips she pulled on the waistband and squashed the material against her wet mound.

The effect of this was dramatic, my cock nearly burst with excitement as it not only did it form a wonderful erotic sight but the material found its way between mums swollen pussy lips and exposed her folds to me. As I mentioned before, mums pussy lips are extremely proud and now the thin material was pushing them apart to expose them in their full glory.

“Do you like it when I undress for you?” one question followed another

“Do you like mummy’s pussy Stuart?” she didn’t wait for an answer

“Does my dirty little boy want to suck his mummy’s cunt?” mum was getting very aroused by now, pulling harder on the panties and breathing much heavier than before.

“Is this like you remember it all those years ago, watching you mummy undress through the crack in the door”

Before I could reply mum slid a hand down the front of her pants and spread her lips wide, her pink wetness was impossible to hide and the effect of her touch was instant, mum was now driven with desire and pulled the crotch to one side, two fingers parted her long lips and exposed her bare flesh to me for the second time that evening.

I was wanking furiously as mum began to slip a finger over her clit, it was then only a matter of moments before she was thrusting her hips into her hand and driving two fingers relaxbet yeni giriş deep into her hot snatch, Mum came hard and loud as she squealed with emotion to a thunderous orgasm.

Wow, what a sight, mum was standing in reaching distance of me and just brought herself off, her long pink pussy lips spread wide and soaking wet and her fingers dripping with her juices, I too was ready to cum and mum knew it, without a word she stepped forward climbed on my lap and guided my hard shaft to her pussy. Still wearing her heels, stockings, panties and bra mum impaled herself on my dick and drew a deep breath as she took my whole length.

Reaching round I unhooked the bra and allowed it to fall to the floor, instantly I flick out my tongue to add to mums pleasure as I licked and sucked on her nipples, her tits are amazing and so responsive and every time I sucked one in she ground her pussy harder against my hips.

Another thing that amazed me was just how wet mums pussy was, after only a few strokes my whole lap and thighs were covered in her juices and the more she fuck me the more of the stuff pumped out, to add to that mums pussy hair was thick and matted with love juice and the panties were also soaking wet and full transparent now, it was truly amazing.

I was by now lost in my fantasy land and this was just so wonderful it couldn’t last for too long before I exploded, I make this clear to mum and she stopped momentarily, “don’t worry son, you’ll get to do it again and again, that for certain” and with that she pulled me into her chest and ground her pussy into my hips. Holding me so very tight she began to moan and whimper in such a way it was almost a cry, no longer sliding up and down but grinding away with me buried to the hilt.

Again she cried only this time much louder than before, “Oh my god Stuart, oh yes I’m cumming, I’m cumming so so hard, oh my fucking GOD!” with that she clung onto me as though her life depended on it, her body shook itself to a shattering climax as her muscles spasmed tightly around my shaft, it was all too much for me and I had to unload, the timing was perfect and as soon as she knew of my pending explosion she released her hold and allowed me to fall back, still deep in her pulsing pussy my dick released a huge amount of spunk as I again captured a wonderful Image of the most sexy woman in my world.

Mum did look fucking gorgeous in her stocking heels and panties, sweaty and hot, her hair had fallen and her chest breathing deeply, at that moment I realized I had achieved the ultimate thrill, not only had I fucked my sexy mum but also satisfied her with a screaming orgasm.

We sat momentarily just looking at one another, my eyes deep in mums, her hands on my chest as she remain seated on my dick, “Darling” she said “That was so wonderful, I’ve not cum like that for years, you will be a great lover”

“Thanks mum” was all I could think of to say, “you are so sexy, you don’t know how much I’ve fantasized about this, and now I can’t believe it’s happened”

I scanned her body and took a mental picture which I can still recall today, my wet crotch fused into one with mums, her long pink lips dripping wet with all the excitement and activity. Her little panties pulled to one side and soaking wet and then her beautiful round breasts, full and firm, topped with dark hard nipples, finally her face, flush and smiling, boy was I heaven

Chapter 5b

Mum gently released me from her dripping pussy and stood over me like a demanding mother telling off a naughty little boy, my dick was becoming a little softer but I knew it wouldn’t be for long. Not knowing how much time we had I wondered if I should make an exit in case Gail returned and caught us.

“Come,” mum called me over to her bed “come and sit down with mummy.”

“Mum” I asked “What about the others, when will they be home?”

“Don’t worry” she said as she kissed me, “they’ll be out until late, and anyway you haven’t had your surprise yet, have you”

“Well whatever it is it can’t get any better than that” I was sure that my world was complete and anything mum did from now could not top what I’d just experienced, and how wrong I was!!

“OK” she said moving away from the bed towards her wardrobe “Do you think you’re ready for it?”

“I think so” I replied confidently as me dick began to swell again.

“Right then, what I want you to do is stand over here and put this on” she handed me a silk scarf, “It’s for a blindfold, I want you to tie it tight and when you’re ready we will begin”

Following my instructions I did as instructed and stood in the center of mum’s room stark bullock naked except for a blindfold, my dick was almost fully erect again and mum checked that all was correct. I could sense her moving around me and every few seconds she would touch me or place a gentle kiss upon my torso. She stood behind me and pressed her breasts into my back, whilst simultaneously running her hand down to relaxbet giriş my dick to feel its hard throbbing girth.

Whispering in my ear she said “You have such a wonderful dick son, do you want mummy to suck it?”

Again she questioned me with waiting for an answer, “Do you want me on my knees like a dirty fucking slut, sucking your fat cock?”

“Tell me, tell mummy you want me to be your dirty little slut; I won’t do it unless you tell me Stuart”

“Mother” I said firmly “Get down on your knees and suck my dick, go on, you cock sucking whore, suck my dick!”

“Oh son, you’re so masterful, so strong, mummy want to do what ever pleases you”

She continued to circle me and touch me, momentarily pausing in silence, adding to the thrill of my blindness, again she stood behind me and kissed my shoulder and neck, her hands found their way to my butt and she gently massaged and parted my cheeks. I could feel her tongue between my shoulder blades on its journey down my back, soon a new feeling was being experienced, mum had slide her tongue between my butt cheeks and as exploring areas I though only the dirtiest of sluts explore.

The situation I found myself in was wonderful, the sexy mature woman who just happens to be my mum was kneeling before my licking my butt and hopefully about to taking my whole length in her mouth, not only that I had a full credit in hand for my sexy slut sister, “fucking hell does life get any better?”

Pushing my legs apart she reached through to caress my ball, rolling them in her warm palm, tossing them around as she kissed my ass and explored me like no other had done before, who would have thought that my mum would be into anal licking?, but then again, who would have thought that she was into fucking her own horny son!

“Is that good son?” she questioned

Well ask any man how good it feels to have your balls fondled whilst a hot tongue probes your ass and the answer is obvious, all I could say was “Oh mum, please don’t stop, that’s wonderful”

Mum stood and walked around to my front, her hands in contact with me all along, she stood so close as to allow her hard nipples to press into my chest, she took a hold of my hard shaft and pointed it towards her wet panties, slowly at first but all the time getting firmer mum rubbed her wet panties against me, breathing heavy and rhythmically grinding her pussy mound against my long fat cock. It was clear how aroused she was as I pulled her closer.

Mum stopped and told me to not touch, apparently touching wasn’t allowed, she took my hand and pulled me towards the bed, turning me around she sat me on the bed and rechecked my blindfold, it had worked a little loose but mum made sure it was retightened.

“Ok Stuart, Mummy wants you to lie down, there’s something I need to do for you, trust me you will enjoy yourself” as she finished she pushed me back until I lay flat on her bed. I could hear mum walking around me as I waited for my pleasure, it was obvious she had joined me on the bed but no contact was made.

“Stuart, I’m going to sit on your face, I want you to make mummy come with your tongue, I want to you lick me, lick me like I like it”

I sensed her movement but instead of just sitting on me she appeared to be squatting over my face, I felt her feet on either side of my head and took a hold of her ankles, slowly she lowered her pussy to my face and soon that horny aroma filled my nostrils. I wanted to pull her down and lick firmly but she wouldn’t allow, oh well I’ll just have to settle for licking my mums cunt as she likes it.

My dick was crying out to stroked but was allowed to just stand tell whilst mum offer herself to me, her fingers parted her pussy lips to expose her hard throbbing clitoris, her wetness becoming more and more obvious the more I probed. Suddenly she lowered herself and firmly planted her dripping pussy on my face, it was even wetter than my last experience there as her juices just seemed to flow and flow, the more she ground the more my face became covered, I don’t know what it was but something made this even more erotic, more sensual and most definitely more likely to make me shoot my load

Suddenly her hands found my shaft and she slowly pulled on my foreskin, her body moved as she lowered her mouth to my waiting dick, I could feel her hot stomach and tits burning against my body as she began to devour my dick. This time it was different, a more aggressive blow job, not soft and sensual like before but more like that of a hungry whole, desperate to feel her mouth full of spunk.

I tried again to take a hold of mum and again my hand were pushed away, mums persona had changed and she was certainly in control of me this time, her pussy was grinding hard against my mouth as she slurped my dick deep into her mouth, my hips began to hump in time with her mouth as did her hips, my face was covered in pussy juice as she began to moan, and boy did she begin to moan, deeper than before, louder that before, every grind of her hips against my mouth took it an octave higher.

Faster and faster her breathing became and the more feverishly she sucked on my dick, mum was behaving like a desperate woman, it was like she was letting go of her emotions and just going fucking wild.

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