While Hubby Was Working Late

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Big Tits

My honey wanted me to write a love story for him. He had to work late this particular night so I decided to surprise him with one. Okay, so I did not start it right away, I started to read stories to get myself into the mood as they always seem to get my juices flowing and my mind racing. After reading a particular story, I realized how horny I was. I decided to go upstairs to get my favorite vibrating egg and when I got up off the couch, the wetness was almost overwhelming. I didn’t realize I was as wet as I was until I stood up and felt my warm juices rolling down my leg.

I stood there for a moment, knowing I was home alone, no one to see me. I reached down to catch some of my juice, rolled my finger around in it, spreading my lips to get more – God, it felt good. I put my right foot on the couch and reached in as deep as I could get, Oh God was I wet. I pulled my finger out and just stood there, sucking my finger dry.

With the heat from the fireplace hitting me, the flames making my body shimmer, I looked down and the juices were glistening as if it was shimmering gold. I did this a few times until my legs became too shaky to stand.

Thinking of my sweetie, wishing he was home so I could have his huge cock buried deep inside me where my finger was. Thoughts were running through my mind, I stood there enjoying myself, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I had to go get my egg. I quickly ran upstairs to get it.

I laid on the bed for a few minutes (okay, maybe it was a half hour, I was not watching the clock) with my egg turned on full speed, pressed very hard against my clit, having one orgasm after another, I am sweating, everything is a blur. I lay there numb, wanting to start my story. After a few more orgasms, I got up to come back downstairs.

As bahçelievler escort I started my story, I sit here with my egg between my legs, having one orgasm after the other. Just the egg sitting there was throwing me into one orgasm after another. I started to type everything I did tonight. Then I started dreaming of us in front of the fireplace, me kneeling down, pulling his jeans down to his ankles. He’s wearing the underwear that I love, the black boxer briefs. He looks so sexy in them. I first grab a hold of his hardening cock through those sexy underwear. Reaching through them to pull out that huge cock that is so desperate to get out.

Wrapping the opening of his underwear around those huge balls so they are clearly visible and accessible. Groping his hard cock, I take one of his balls into my mouth, sucking gently, rolling it with my tongue, and then I take the other one and do the same, caressing his now very hard cock with one hand and cupping the other warm wet ball in my other hand. I start licking his hard cock at the base, slowly going upward, caressing both testicles now.

Juices now starting to glisten in the light of the fire, my tongue reaches it before it falls. Wrapping my warm, wet mouth over the huge head of his cock, sucking slowing at first, pulling it forward to squeeze out more juices. I take him in deeper, caressing his balls a little harder the deeper I take him in all the way.

Feeling his cock swell and harden in my mouth is more wonderful and sexual than he will ever know. I notice my sweetie standing there shaking, it feels like he is going to collapse. We have done this many times before but this time was going to be different.

Sucking his cock faster and harder, balgat escort just when I thought he was at the point of cumming, I slowed my pace so he wouldn’t. Pulling my mouth away, I reach down and start fondling my wet, very, very wet pussy, licking my fingers to absorb some of my own juices. I have always told him that I cannot understand how he can go down on me, but I really can. I love the taste of my own juices. I am sure he knows that by now as he has seen me play with myself and lick my own juices before.

He pulls my fingers from my mouth, grabs both hands and lifts me up slowing rubbing my warm body against his, gives me a sweet kiss and turns me around, presses on my shoulders so that I kneel on all fours. I can feel his hands slide down my back caressing every curve I own. I can feel him kneel behind me, gently kissing down my spine, to my lower back. I can feel him sliding a finger down to caress my lower lips, ohhhhhhhhh that feels so good. He slowing puts one finger inside me, reaching in as far as he can go, finding the spot that only he knows will make me crazy.

After one finger, I feel him insert a second one filling me with so much ecstasy. He reaches around to the front with the other hand and gently caresses my clit throwing me way over the edge, I can’t take it anymore and my arms collapse beneath me, putting me in the position that he can have his way with me at any time. After he notices I am done with my one of many orgasms, he slides his hard cock up and down my ass, spreading our love juices all over me, it feels so soft and so warm. Suddenly, I feel the head of his rock hard cock slip between my lips, “oh, my, God” I screamed, he just left it there for a minute to drive me absolutely crazy, wanting ankara escort it, begging for it!!!!

Slowly, he gives me one inch at a time, making me beg more loudly, begging so much I am almost in tears! I can feel him finally reach the end and it throws me into yet another orgasm, one that reached so high, I couldn’t breathe! He’s so gentle, now pulling it out slowly, with each thrust he pushes a little harder and a little faster. I can feel him grabbing my hips really hard, squeezing them as if he was hanging on for dear life. Slowing his pace down a bit, and finally to a stop, I can feel him let go of my hips and grab my shoulders, licking my back all the way up my spine and down again.

With one hand on my ass, he pulls out, teasing me with his hard cock, rubbing my soaked pussy with it, saturating is cock, he spreads the juices over my ass to get it really soaked. I am so out of breath now wondering what he was going to do next. He had a surprise in mind for me and I had no clue. Ever so gently, he presses the head of his cock inside my ass. I screamed to the top of my voice “Fuck”!!!!!!!!! We had done anal only one time before, it felt good, was painful, but I never thought I would be doing it again! He knows to be gentle with me, so he waits for me to catch my breath and presses further, just a little at a time as he can tell by my breathing if it’s okay to go deeper. Little by little he gets it all the way in.

He is so hard right now and slowly moving in and out of what is so dark and so sacred. My breathing is starting to catch up and I am feeling my hips start to rock back and forth meeting his every thrust, making him go faster and deeper. I can feel another orgasm starting to peak as his cock is the hardest it has ever been. Reaching down with one hand, I can feel his sack slapping against my soaked pussy, slipping my finger inside as far as I can reach, moaning louder and louder, he tells me he’s ready and I respond with please…………NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was like an explosion in my body that I wished would last a lifetime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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