Who is the Boss?

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The door burst open with power that would frighten even the strongest woman. And strength was not one of Josie’s finest attributes. She knew what was to come. And in many ways, she welcomed it. Where others were afraid, she knew that there was no reason for fear. There might be darkness, there might be restraint, there might be deprivation and humiliation, but there definitely would be the excitement and heat and pleasure and release that she craved.

Josie had spent the afternoon hoping, preparing for what she was anticipating. The long, warm bubble bath felt luxurious against her skin, relaxing, even though she was not sure she deserved to pamper herself. A plump brunette, she was never satisfied with how she looked. And the rocky road of her past lovers helped foster her insecurity.

Edward, her first, had been demanding of her, twisting her body into difficult positions as he had ripped her cherry. He choked her with his hard cock as he forced her to suck him for what seemed to Josie to be hours. As hard as she tried, Josie wasn’t good enough for him and he made sure she knew it. Her tits were not suitably large. Her ass was too flabby. Her face was too plain. Her clothes were neither fashionable nor flattering. She didn’t know how to please him. He was not alone in feeling that way. Others had mistreated her. And she had gone willingly along. Painful memories shaped her psyche. Unfortunate experiences molded her. Difficult times led her on the path to where she found herself now.

Josie dressed in a silk robe, one of her few nice things she had allowed herself, cinched loosely around her ample waist, with white cotton panties underneath. Not sexy, in fact, rather utilitarian in nature. Her small boobs had sagged over the years, but the perkiness of her nipples remained. Slippers completed her outfit as she washed the dishes piled in the sink. Her mind wandered.

Josie didn’t hear a sound. Snapping into today’s reality, she felt his firm hands on her shoulders, gripping tightly. “What the hell,” she exclaimed, the reality of her excitement merging with her fear. “Quiet, bitch,” he snarled. “I’m here and I am going to take what I want!”

Josie tensed as a tingle ran along her spine. Could this really be happening? She felt one hand grab her robe at the neck and tug it strongly from her shoulders, while the firm grip on her shoulder pressed her to bend over the sink. The voice sounded familiar, his actions did etlik escort not. Her anticipation was coursing through her veins. The heat in her body was rapidly increasing. The heat in her mind was nearing the boiling point.

The sharp movement of his disrobing her had exposed her chubby ass, encased in her unflattering panties. He slapped each cheek once hard. They evoked a murmur from her that she tried to make inaudible. Her butt wiggled, imperceptibly, from side to side and then back to meet his hand, craving the tingle. Each blow came more firmly that the last. Josie needed them.

One of his hands stopped slapping and grabbed the top of her panties and tugged hard, aggressively tearing them off. Off balance, she dropped to the kitchen floor, landing on her hands and knees, her pink ass waving in the breeze, a humiliating posture that Josie knew she deserved.

“Crawl, bitch,” came the familiar deep voice. She complied, feeling that craving deep inside. She turned and came face first with this man’s crotch. Reaching towards it, his words echoed in her head, “Not your hands, slut Josie,” he said. “Only your mouth.”

He could see a slight smile curling from Josie’s mouth, before she used her teeth and mouth to unbuckle his belt, unbutton his slacks and slide his zipper down to remove his cock from his shorts. He reached to caress her back, lightly along the spine, then pinching her excess flesh on her sides moving up under her tits and arms.

“Suck my cock, dammit. And do it good,” came the urgent demand. Josie complied, with a need that hardened her nipples, tingled her clit. She tongued the tip of his cock, swirling around it, pressing against his slit, she then popped the head of his cock between her lips. His cock hardened to fill her mouth, his hands grabbed her ass cheeks harder, squeezing as his thumbs rubbed along her crease.

A groan escaped his lips as she sucked up and down harder, more wetly, pulling his cock deeper into Josie’s hot mouth. He started to fuck her mouth; his hands reach to grab her head, fingers twisting her hair, tugging her soft brown curls as his hard cock slid faster and with more urgency into her mouth. The head pressed against the back of her mouth. “Take it all, bitch,” he moaned. “Deep throat my fucking hard cock!”

Her pussy juices woke up as she sucked. Struggling to comply, she took a deep breath and went back to work, sucking and licking, gaziosmanpaşa escort she soon found her nose pressed into his musky smelling pubes and his swollen balls pressed against her chin. In her mind she told herself, “Fuck you, Edward. You would love this fucking blowjob slut now, fucker.”

Swallowing this hard cock and its oozing pre-cum, Josie was sucking harder. He was fucking her face hard. “Eat my cream, you slut,” he commanded. Pounding her mouth with his throbbing cock, he pulled on Josie’s hair and grabbed her head tight with each thrust. Josie felt her pussy quiver as her clit tingled. Sucking faster and harder, she could sense his explosion nearing. She craved it.

Her knees sore, Josie tightened her throat on the head of his cock, wiggling her tongue along his shaft. “I’m going to flood your slutty mouth,” he groaned. “Here comes my big hot load for your belly, bitch.” He thrust more deeply, grinding his hips faster against her face, his cock swelled even more in her mouth. With tighter sucking, Josie felt his load shoot and tasted his hot cream. One spray, then a second arrived in her mouth and throat. He pulled his cock from her mouth and shot all over her face. Hot cum coated her cheeks. The tip of his cock rubbed his load all over her cheeks.

Gasping for air, her tongue tried to lick the tip of his cock and the cum load on her face. Josie was stunned to find her pussy soaked. A pleading look in her eyes, she was hoping against hope that he would fuck her hard.

He turned away from her, oblivious to her needs and bent over. “Tongue my asshole, you cum-eating bitch.” Josie did not dare disobey. She needed it badly. He spread his cheeks and she flicked her tongue against his puckered shit hole, using light pressure, twirling, before pressing it inside.

He reached between his legs and tweaked her nipples, tugging them harder. It was like a lightning bolt to Josie’s hot wet pussy. She rocked her hips, hoping he would recognize her need.

Instead, he walked away. Reaching to pick up his slacks and boxers, he tossed a sneering, “Thanks, bitch!” over his shoulder at the nude, kneeling Josie. She felt her heart sink, her pussy ached. He headed to the door.

“That bastard,” Josie heard her voice in her mind’s eye. “Just like Edward.”

“Oh, one more thing, slut,” he said. Josie looked up. “You suck one mean cock.”

Staring over his shoulder at ankara escort her, she saw the disdainful look in his eye. Evaluating the scene before him, he got a whiff of her hot pussy fragrance. She wiggled her ass, trying desperately to entice him to give her what she needed, what she craved.

Josie thought she saw a glimmer of hope as his cock began to return to hardness. He walked to the refrigerator and grabbed a can of beer, staring at her exposed flesh.

He took a long gulp and slapped her left ass cheek. The echo resonated in Josie’s head. “Maybe, just maybe,” she thought. His thumb teased her hot asshole. “Yes, more,” she heard the pleading in her head.

He knelt down behind her, one soft kiss to her ass, then a couple of nibbles to her cheeks. “Oh God yes,” she thought.

He pulled back from her rocking hips. He paused, as if to ponder the possibilities. Josie felt the tip of his now hard cock brushing her clit. Or is it in her mind? No touches, no kisses, no caresses, no nothing.

She is so needy. He is such a prick.

Then, smack! Both hands on her ass cheeks. His rock hard cock slammed deep into her aching, hot, wet pussy. A deep hard fucking thrust, Josie couldn’t believe her luck.

“Fuck yes baby,” she screamed, her first audible utterances of the tryst. “I’m so hot for your thick hard cock. Goddamn.”

He rammed her wet cunt, with deeper, faster shoves. His balls slapped against her sticky pussy lips. She rocked to meet each deep hard thrust while he reached underneath to pinch and rub her clit.

“Give me more,” she groans in excitement with each pounding thrust. Shaking her head deliriously, “Fuck, cock, cunt, shit, fuck, more, harder, yes.”

Her hot pussy walls tightened against the ramming tip of his cock, grasping as his shaft jams deeper.

“Oh, hot fuck yes,” Josie screamed. He fucked her cunt faster, deeper, harder, as he squeezed and flicked at her clit. Juicy fuck sounds echoed along with hot moans. Josie felt her peak rushing so fast. Her cunt walls were pulsing, around his throbbing hard cock pounding her pussy. His thumb twisted tightly into her clenching asshole.

“Oh my god, oh god, fuck, oh fuck.” Josie groaned. Josie’s clit burnt, her cunt was so wet, fluttering around his shaft.

“I am cumming, oh, yes fuck,” she screamed as her cunt juices soaked his cock. His thumb curled deep in her asshole. “Oh.”

He fucked harder, right through her orgasm, his balls felt so fucking full. “Such a wet tight cumming cunt, you slut!” he yelled. Josie exploded in passion. “Fill my hot cunt,” she managed to groan. He complied.

Josie added another notch to the handle of her refrigerator. She smiled in anticipation of another day, another man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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