Wilson Peak Pt. 06

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Well now I was in a quandary. I had fucked Suzy’s friend Judy and I thought I should probably follow up with a phone call. But what would I say? ‘Gee, it was great bending you over in my coach and fucking you silly?’

Come to think of it, that didn’t sound too bad. At least not to me. But I’ve never been really good at solving the riddle that is woman.

In the end, I decided to just give her a call a couple of days later.

“Hi Judy, it’s Mike Lowerey,” I said.

“Mike?” she answered, “good to hear from you. I was wondering if you’d call.”

“Wonder no longer, here I am.”

“Good,” she said, “how’s your head?”

“Not good,” I said, seriously, “it may need further treatment.”

“I’ll bet,” she laughed, “tell you what, take me to dinner and I’ll at least take another look at it.”

“How did you know?” I answered, “that’s kinda what I had in mind.”

“I know you can’t see me but I’m wearing my surprised face,” she laughed again, “what night?”

“I was thinking more like Saturday morning.” I asked.

“Saturday morning? Odd time for dinner,” she said.

“You ever been to Keystone?” I asked her.


“I’ve been itching to get out of town for a day,” I said, “so I got my brother-in-law to loan me one of his motorcycles. We can go to Keystone and have breakfast overlooking the lake, then do some cruising in the mountains and be back here before dark.”

“Hmmm, a motorcycle? I’ve never really been on one. I’d be a little nervous,” she said.

“Well lucky for you, I have,” I assured her, “a LOT! I’ll take care of you.”

“I dunno. You may have to buy me a drink,” she said.

“Play your cards right and you might get two,” I quipped.

“Oooooh, big spender. What time?”

“I’ll pick you up at 9am,” I answered. “wear jeans, boots and a long sleeve shirt. I’ll bring the jacket and helmet.”

“Okay. See you then.”

Hanging up, I thought that went pretty well. But I must admit, my innermost thoughts were of Judy in the coach, and that beautiful daughter.


The Placerton airfield isn’t an airport in any sense of the word. It’s just a landing strip with no tower or controllers of any kind. There are two hangers on one end where owners can tie or house their small, private planes. But nobody guides their exits or arrivals. There’s no need, since I’d bet there’s no more than two takeoffs or landings every day.

I drove my coach onto the tarmac and waited for Ray. I just hoped my timing was right.

I had done my groundwork—drove through town making sure I was seen. I even asked a local cop how to get to the airfield. Now it was just a matter of time. As we waited, I explained the plan to Eve, making sure she understood it completely. I climbed on the roof and extended the satellite dish so it could be seen from the ground. Then I went inside and fine tuned it until I had internet reception. A few moments later, I could see Ray’s Beech Bonanza descending and setting down smoothly on the runway. He taxied toward me and I radioed him to turn around and stop behind the coach, which would block him from being seen from the street, about 1/8 of a mile away. When he was in position, I explained what my plan was, asked Ray to keep his engine running and told Danny to come over to the coach. I gave him a baseball cap to wear.

Just as I hoped, a local police car appeared at the driveway with lights and siren on, driving towards me. I waited a few seconds, then told Ray to start taxiing. He moved into sight from behind me and I told Danny to run out of the coach and get aboard the plane. Then Ray hit the gas, started down the runway and seconds later was airborne.

The police car pulled up at my RV and Ricky and his father, Sheriff Thompson got out and watched the Bonanza as it smoothly climbed, then banked into a turn west. I came out the door of the coach with my hands up and said “Sorry Ricky, she’s gone.”

He turned to me with rage in his eyes and started toward me. His father looked at him, saying “Ricky, I’ll handle this.”

Turning to me, he said “My boy tells me you beat him, stole his guns and tried to kill him.”

“Does he now?” I said, looking at Ricky, “your boy’s a liar.”

“You son of a bitch,” Ricky spit at me as he came toward me, “I’ll kill you.”

I held my ground with my hands in the air and Ricky hit me, knocking me to the ground. “Ricky, that’s enough!” barked Sheriff Thompson, as I slowly got to my feet. Ricky backed up and I noticed a pistol in his belt.

“Let’s all go down to the station and we can get everybody’s version of the events,” said his father.

“Okay, but you’re not gonna like what you hear,” I said, “your idiot son tried to murder a young woman, then came to my RV on state property and pulled a gun on me. He even fired a couple of rounds.”

“That’s a lie,” shouted Ricky.

“He’s drunk right now and drove up and down Wilson Peak in that condition. Now, since he’s already served time for two felonies, is on probation, and in this state, possession of a firearm ostim escort by a felon is a violation of that probation, I’d say he’s in deep shit. In addition, he just assaulted me while you stood by and watched.” I calmly said.

Sheriff Thompson looked at me for a minute, then smiled.

“You’re right, that’s a whole lot of serious charges,” he said, “unfortunately for you, there’s no proof of any of them.”

Now it was my turn to smile.

“Don’t be so sure,” I said, “if you look up to the corners of my coach, you’ll notice little video cameras blinking at you. They’ve not only recorded this conversation, they caught the whole incident with moron boy here earlier. If that goes public, it won’t look real good for you or him.”

The three of us just stood looking at each other a few seconds. Then Ricky started heading toward the door of the coach.

“Boy, where are you going?” Sheriff Thompson asked.

“I’m gonna get those tapes so he can’t use them against us,” he said.

“Only one problem with that plan, Jethro,” I said, “there are no tapes. Look on the roof of the coach, you’ll notice a satellite dish. Every bit of this footage is uploaded to a cloud storage server as it’s shot.”

Father and son looked at me blankly.

“If the pilot of that airplane doesn’t hear from me within an hour of landing,” I continued, “he’s gonna forward that footage to another friend of mine, Greg Ingellson.”

“Who’s that, your lawyer?” Ricky sneered, “big fucking deal.”

“Oh I forgot,” I said, smiling at him, “you probably know him as Sonny.”

The Sheriff’s head snapped around to me.

“Sonny Ingellson? The governor?” he said.

“I served with him in the Navy. And I was a guest at his inauguration,” I said with a smile, “I don’t believe Greg will take kindly to the way I’ve been treated here.”

Sheriff Thompson stared very hard at me for a few seconds. Then he broke into a smile and began to chuckle, which turned into a full belly laugh. He turned to his son and said “Ricky get in the car,” as he headed back toward his cruiser.

“But daddy, he…”

“I said get in the goddamn car boy.”

Ricky reluctantly did as he was told. The Sheriff started the cruiser, then looked at me and said, “Get out of my town, out of my county, and don’t ever come back here.”

“Fair enough Sheriff,” I said, “I’ll be gone as fast as highway 145 will take me.”

With that he pulled the cruiser out of there, accelerating quickly toward the highway. I waited until they had turned on the street then ran back to the coach, secured the satellite dish and ran inside.

“Eve? Are you still under the bed?” I shouted as I climbed into the driver’s seat.

“Yes,” came her muffled reply.

“You can come out but keep down below the windows until we get out of town,” I told her as I headed the RV out toward the road.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“Over to route 145,” I said.

“Why did you tell him which way you were leaving?” she said.

“Because your idiot ex-boyfriend isn’t done with me,” I answered. “My guess is that he’ll get some equally stupid friends and they’ll try to catch us before we reach the county line. I want them to see me leaving on 145.”

“Why? Don’t you think they’ll catch us?” she asked.

“Not if I can help it,” I said.

I know highway 145, and I know that if you go north, just outside of town it goes through some curves with hills on either side. As soon as I was out of sight of the town, I turned on a road that runs through some of those hills and hid the coach behind one. From where I was I could see the highway and sure enough, about 15 minutes later we saw Ricky’s old Camaro tearing out of town with two other cars right behind.

I waited a minute, then pulled the RV back out to 145 and headed the opposite direction. I also picked up my phone and called the state patrol. I reported seeing three cars traveling north on 145 at high rates of speed, as though they were drunk.

“And I think at least one of them has a gun,” I added, “the one in the blue car was waving it out the window.”

I gave them Ricky’s license plate numbers and they said they had a car in the area and would check on it right away.

Then I went down to another state highway and turned west, just skirting the town so I wouldn’t be seen.

When I got clear of town I opened it up and set the cruise control on 80 mph. I wanted to put as much distance between us as quickly as possible. That’s when I felt a hand slipping across my lap and grabbing my cock.

“What are you doing?” I said, “someone might see you.”

“I’ve stayed below the windows, like you said,” Eve replied, “but you’ve got me so fucking hot right now I need this.”

“You’re hot because of what happened?” I said.

“Jesus, it was like you were James Bond or something,” she said as she pulled down my zipper and fished out my hardening dick, “those hillbillies didn’t know what to do.”

She began to pull on my cock, pausing long enough to take off her sıhhiye escort sweatshirt so I could see her tits if I wanted. Then she plunged my cock into her mouth and sucked hard on the head. Pulling free, she said “That was the hottest thing I ever saw and it made me want to suck your cock.”

I had that moment of indecision—on the one hand it’s not smart to be this distracted while driving a 28 foot house 80 miles an hour on the highway. On the other, a beautiful young woman probably one third my age was driving my cock down her throat until her eyes watered because she was turned on.

I pondered this for a few seconds, then slid the seat back so she’d have more room to operate and struggled to keep my eyes on the road.

I alternated between watching her blonde head bobbing up and down and slobbering on my cock and watching the road. God it was hot!

“Take off the sweat pants,” I said.

She stopped, gave me that enigmatic look again, then pulled the pants off while looking at my face. Then got back into position and started sucking again. Now she was fully nude.

“Play with your pussy while you suck me,” I told her.

Her other hand went to her pussy and she began to masturbate as she sucked me madly.

At first she gave short, quick strokes, bobbing her head up and down rapidly, then stopping to lick and massage my balls. After a couple of minutes of this, she withdrew my entire cock from her mouth, looked at me with pure evil lust in her eyes, spit on my cock and started jacking me off while watching my face.

She was moaning and humping her other hand as it worked her clit.

I said “Put that cock back in your mouth now you little slut.”

Her eyes widened and she moaned louder before plunging my cock down her throat.

She massaged my balls as she thrust my hot shaft down her throat. Obviously she liked dirty talk, so I continued.

“Look at you, what a nasty little slut,” I said, “naked, sucking my cock in public where anyone could see what a dirty cocksucking whore you are.”

She doubled her speed on my cock and her pussy, now moaning loudly between strokes.

“Take it baby,” I whispered, “take all that big dick down your slutty little throat.”

She moaned even louder.

“That cock owns you,” I said, “you want it in your hot little pussy and don’t care who knows it.”

She pulled her face away from my cock, looked at me and said “STOP!!”

“What the…”


Ahead I saw a little rest area with maybe 8 parking spaces and a couple of picnic tables. I hit the brakes hard and whipped in there. Fortunately we were alone there and I came to a stop about 50 feet away from the parking area. No sooner did I get my seatbelt undone than Eve straddled me and sunk her burning pussy down on my cock.

“Oh god…oh fuck…fuck…ohhhhhh,”she groaned.

Then she started slowly rising up and down, fucking herself with my hard dick.

Anyone outside could have seen us through the huge windshield, naked Eve riding me with increasing pace and fury. I deliberately held still, allowing her to do the work.

And work she did—varying from straight up and down to pelvic thrusts grinding her way down my burning shaft and massaging me with that tight cunt.

“Come on baby, ride that cock,” I growled at her, “show my dick what a real woman is like. Show me what a horny little whore you are.”

Her beautiful eyes were squeezed shut, but she began to move faster, working her clit against my pubic bone. Then, her body began to tense, and I knew it was my turn.

I grabbed her hips and rammed her down on me as I thrust up into her. Her eyes opened in surprise, then rolled back in her head as I grabbed one of her tits with my teeth and bit down on it. I kept thrusting into her molten core as hard as I could until she went rigid and quiet. Then her ass and pussy started to shake and her mouth was making a noise like a siren winding up.

I felt her tight pussy shoot out juices around my cock as she collapsed forward onto me, throwing her arms around my head and crushing me to her breasts while energetically humping me as she screamed, “Oh god…oh god…oh god…oh god…oh oh oh…ahhhhhhhh.”

Then she pulled her pussy off my cock, her body shaking uncontrollably.

I held her for a moment until she got control of her breath, then swiveled my seat around toward the cabin.

“Stand up,” I told her. She did. “Bend over and put your hands on the dashboard.”

“I don’t know if I can take any more,” she said, “that last one was so intense it almost hurt.”

Grabbing her hair and pulling her head backward I said, “Little sluts that demand to suck my cock while I’m driving don’t get a choice.”

She obeyed, looking over her shoulder at me, then groaned lustfully as I sank my cock fully into her abused pussy. From here I could see the trail of her juices on my cock and balls and running down her legs. I started pumping into her slowly, a full stroke at a time. Her tight, hot pussy clung to my gleaming ankara escort cock as it slid smoothly in and out and her breath began to quicken.

Good. That meant she was climbing the ladder again.

She moaned when I grabbed her hips and slammed into her once, holding her in place and moving my cock around in her. Her perfect tits bounced enticingly when I did it again, then again.

Her moans became little cries each time I plunged into her.

“Oh…oh…yes…yes…” she cried.

Then I slowed the pace and only gave her short, quick thrusts, pausing a few seconds between them. Soon I was only giving her the head for a couple of strokes then about half my cock for 1 or 2 more.

She whined with frustration and tried to force herself backward on my shaft. But each time she did that I would pull back more, only adding to her torture.

“Please…” she moaned.

“Please what?” I said.

“Please do me hard.”

I leaned down to her ear. “Do what hard?”

“Do it.”

“I need to hear you say it,” I said as I drove a long hard stroke into her steaming cunt.

“Oh god! Fuck me!”

“What?” I said, plunging into her again.

“Fuck me,” she cried, “fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me…”

I grabbed her hips and started pounding into her.

“Is this what you want you little slut?” I said, “To get your pussy pounded here on the dashboard where anyone can see you being fucked?”

Her eyes flew open and she looked out as though she had suddenly been reminded of where she was being fucked.

“Is it?” I demanded.

“YES! YES!” she wailed, “fuck me hard!!”

“You want me to fuck that slut pussy right out in the open?” I said, thrusting for emphasis.

“Oh god yes!” she screamed, “fuck me like a whore! Fuck me any way you want!”

By now I was ramming her so hard it was lifting her feet off the floor. Her hands flailed at the dashboard and her tits bounced in a blur of motion.

“You like that little whore?”

“Oh fuck yes…oh god…” she said through gritted teeth, “you’re so hard…don’t stop…please don’t stop…oh fuck.”

I felt her body drop toward the dash and engine cover and used that second to lace my fingers through her hair and yank her head backwards while smacking her ass with my other hand.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum,” she yelled, “Ah…ah…ah…ah…ah…”

Then she stopped breathing and I knew what was next. I released her hair and grabbed her hips, pounding her for all I was worth.

The sound started deep in her throat and soon became a full pitched wail. She thrashed about uncontrollably as I continued fucking her hard, feeling my own orgasm approaching. Her hands grabbed at anything, finally pushing herself up from the dash.

I slammed into her about 10 more times before telling her “I’m gonna cum.”

“Yes! Yes! Cum into me! Give me all your cum!” she cried.

And a few seconds later I did just that. Blast after blast of molten cum shot into her scalding, swampy pussy, and now it was my turn to scream.

“Oh baby, baby! That’s it, take my cum! Take it all!” I shouted.

“Give it to me!” she wailed.

And I did. I shot one of the best loads of my life into Eve. The force and intensity caused me to become light headed and I fell forward onto her back.

“Oh…my…god” I finally said.

Eve giggled. “It was good, huh?”

“Doesn’t begin to describe it,” I said, “you’re gonna kill me with that.”

“Mmmmmm,” she said, “What a way to go.”

We laughed together—a good laugh of lovers, full of intimacy and fun. I stood and gently pulled my softening cock from her pussy.

“Oh no,” she said, “my least favorite part.”

“Well we probably don’t want to stay here like this much longer,” I said, “since the whole world can see us.”

“Oh. Yeah,” she said, standing up and looking around, “good point.”

“Besides, we need to clean up and get back on the road,” I said, tossing her a warm, wet washcloth from the bathroom while I peed, “I’ll feel better with 100 more miles between us and lover boy. Put some clothes on.”

“Yeah, speaking of that,” she said, “I don’t have any clothes. In fact, I don’t have any anything.”

“Hmmm. Good point,” I agreed, “we’ll stop at the next department or clothes store we see and take care of that. For now, just wear the sweats.”

Five minutes later we were on the road again. Eve sat silently in the passenger seat, lost in thought. Both of us were relaxing in the afterglow of great sex. After about half an hour, I asked if she was okay.

“Yeah, I was just thinking,” she said, “it was like you read their minds. How did you know they would come to the airfield?”

“Of course I didn’t for sure,” I answered, “but I knew Ricky’s ego wouldn’t let you go. He’d have killed you before he let that happen. So naturally the only way to catch up to us was to tell daddy he’d been attacked. Then I left them a trail to follow.”

“What made you so sure they’d think it was me running to Ray’s airplane?” she asked.

I smiled. “People believe what they want to believe—see what they want to see. That’s how magicians work. I made sure Danny ran to the plane when they were too far away to see detail, and pretty much everyone looks the same in sweats. I knew they wouldn’t search the coach if they thought you were gone.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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