Women Study – Crossover Ch. 01

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Women Study


(To the reader, see my story, “Research and Analysis, Crossover”, an aligned story.)

It looked like Doborah, Bowen, and I had finally gotten everything straightened out in our relationship…now a much more complicated three-way relationship…though satisfying to all of us, nonetheless. Deborah and I loved each other deeply and each of us loved Bowen, as he did both of us…But…Think of the flexibility!

Deborah cancelled her membership in the “Platinum” lesbian dating site mainly because she didn’t want to risk exposure of her true identity. Unfortunately, the beginning of my relationship with her pointed out flaws in the site’s anonymity scheme. Although Deborah never did find out that I had found her because I had been looking specifically for her (Female Rule

, remember?), she still had her doubts…and rightly so…that someone of her stature could truly remain anonymous. Who would know that our “random” encounter would lead to she and I falling in love…even I didn’t know that would happen…which would safeguard her identity. But NDA’s notwithstanding, she felt it was too much of a risk to continue to take.

I, on the other hand, kept my membership, for a couple of reasons:

First, I still had friends who were members, Livinia and Debra, for instance. Even though they had gotten married, we still kept in touch over the website. Neither Livinia nor Debra had ever met Deborah as Gladys, or otherwise, so her anonymity was not at risk when them. With Deborah’s and Bowen’s full knowledge, I still occasionally engaged in having sex with them–individually and collectively. And there was poor benighted June with whom I kept in touch over the website. My hope was that she would find herself emotionally so we could continue into more intimate activities but neither she nor any others any idea about Deborah/Gladys.

Second, Deborah still had an adventurous spirit but it was the anonymity issue that held her back. I suggested that I could be her “point” woman. In other words, if I spotted a woman who I thought would be compatible with her/me/us, I would do the screening. If Deborah wanted to meet with her individually, or with me present, Deborah could wear her infamous balaclava mask. Appropriate explanations could be made to the new candidate and, if they accepted, all would be well. If not, then the new woman and I could carry on and not involve Deborah at all. It sounded like a “cloak and dagger”, CIA, MI6 type of a ploy but it did work–but also backed up with other logistical protocols (remember the notorious “elevator protocols”?), including NDA’s.

I met a woman on the website who I thought was deliciously intriguing. The name she used was “Tawney”, which I thought matched well with my “Tanya”. Her basic bio was:

“Asian-American female, 5’6″ (1.7m)–I know I’m tall for someone of Asian extraction– and all of 120lbs (about 55kg), no boob size to speak of–technically, I would suppose that I am like a 34AA –if there is any smaller cup size, then that would be me. I am 39 years old and decidedly not glamorous, but engaging. I’m seeking lesbian companionship with the potential of a long term relationship, though not necessarily an exclusive one. I am looking for someone in my age group, preferably a stable professional.”

She sounded exotic and honest. I sent her a request.

Now, I learned a lot from my experience on the dating website. The primary thing I learned is to establish a relationship on the website before broaching the topic of a meet-up; the second, not to consider a sexual “hook-up” until the face to face meeting panned out. Sex after a first meeting was up in the air…sometimes a good idea, sometimes not. I had gone from first meeting straight to sex, but I found making provisional reservations to be a big help. This method also gave me a way to screen the women as candidates for Deborah/Gladys, too. In all modesty, I didn’t mind be a “taster”, if I might use that term, for Deborah.

So, “Tawney” and I exchanged a number of texts on the website. I eventually gave her the number to my “burner phone” which, I suggested, she use it only “tactically”, that is just to coordinate actual, ongoing, activities. All the planning and conversations like that would be best done on the website.

Tawney was candid in our exchanges of texts/emails about her history: her failed hetero-sexual marriage, her failed lesbian relationship, and her long “dry” spell. She was honest, also, about her sexual dalliance with a young college student which added some “spice” to her sex life, but she was seriously intent on pursuing a meaningful lesbian relationship. She said that she had felt like a lesbian “prude” too long, and wanted to have some exciting encounters with women– and maybe including men. She wasn’t averse to participating in multi-partner sex. This sounded to me like a perfect person to bring in, all things being equal.

I met Tawney in a coffee bar as she told me beforehand that she wasn’t much for drinking london escorts and that tobacco smoke made her ill. That’s all good in my book. She was true to her word as to her appearance, not glamorous–largely true, more than a little butch looking with her short hair, and in her khaki’s and, blue dress shirt–also true. She looked butch but she didn’t act that way…there was a feminine spirit behind her facade.

“Tawney, I am so happy to meet you at last!” I cheerfully extended my hand partly to greet her but also to find out if she had a “killer” handshake….she didn’t

“Let’s get some coffee and get a booth in a corner so we can talk frankly without people eavesdropping, how does that sound?” I thought to myself that I sounded like an insurance salesman.

“Yes, I think that’s a good idea, Tanya,” she said mildly, but smiling, “one never knows who one might be hanging around.”

Coffees in hand, we picked our table, and sat down. “Tawney, I am really impressed with your communications on the website,” start off on a positive note, I told myself, “you are a very organized communicator.”

“That’s all part of my job, Tanya,” she said modestly, “in fact it is a necessity in my job. My principals don’t like to wade through a lot of verbiage to try to grasp something that can be simply and cogently communicated. Lord knows that there’s enough crap that I have to go through. Why inflict that on others? Besides, my principals are busy people so, they count on me not to waste their valuable time.”

“So, it’s a school system you work for?” I was fishing.

“I’m sorry, Tanya, I can’t say,” her manner firm, “it’s all confidential, NDA variety, perhaps even stronger than that. Still, I can only tell you generally what I do. My work partner does the research and I do the analysis.”

“Well, I think that’s wonderful that you have such an important job and treat it that way, too,” I tried not to sound patronizing, and went on “and it sounds like your very good at it.”

“You flatter me, Tanya,” she said with some modesty, “my job is not my life, but I treat it seriously.”

“Tawney, even with our small talk, My Dear, I can tell that you are a delight, an absolute delight!” I said, moving things forward, “and I know this may sound forward, very forward to you, but I would very much like to have sex with you. Do you feel the same way? I would love to know….It’s our first ‘date’…well maybe not even a ‘date’… but I have to tell you that I find you captivating and the thought of making love to you makes my mouth water. You don’t have to answer now….but I wish you would!”

Tawney considered my offer for all of five seconds, and then said, “Tanya, it’s Friday night, it’s 7:00PM, my night is free, and I have an overnight tote bag in my car–I thought you might ask. Oh, and I can hardly wait to see what’s under your blouse!”

I had already made reservations at a nearby hotel, a place I had stayed in before on a number of occasions–upscale but not outrageous–and they knew me there. We were there in ten minutes and in our room in ten minutes more.

Sometimes I find it awkward getting naked with someone I’ve only just met in person but with all of the preliminary work Tawney and I have had, I felt much less self-conscious. Plus, we both knew what we were there for. Friendly sex was the order of the day.

Once we were inside the door, I put my purse and tote on the chair and Tawney did the same with her things—I refuse to call our tote bags “Ho Totes”

Now, Tawney is 5’6″ and I’m 5’10”; I’m taller but not inordinately so, still, I sensed the lead in other things would fall to me too. I walked over to her, took a hand in mine, raised it to my lips and kissed it. That was a cliche’ of a move but one I’ve found stimulates a certain something in a woman…it does to me. Moving her hand down, I leaned forward and gave her lips a gentle kiss, more of a brush of our lips together but enough to send shivers down my spine and, I hoped, down hers, too.

Tawney, on the other hand was more aggressive, different that I thought she’s be from our texts and our meeting, and I really didn’t mind that a bit.

“Tanya, if we’re here to have sex,” she said straight forwardly, “then let’s get to it!”

With that, she started unbuttoning my blouse and pulling it up out my skirt. She appeared impressed once she got a look and my breasts that were straining against my bra. No big deal for me; I’m used to that kind of reaction to my 36D’s. Tawney peeled my blouse off me, put her arms around me, reached back, and undid the hooks on my bra strap. What’s the old phrase? “My breasts tumbled out”? Well, that’s exactly what happened, too…and I’m used to that, too…But Tawney wasn’t. She looked absolutely astounded at seeing my boobs. Now, my boobs are impressive, if I do say so myself, but Tawney’s reaction, on a scale of 1 to 10, was an 11!

I quickly slipped out of my shoes, skirt, and panty hose. All of those went together on another chair. When I turned london escort to face Tawney, I was totally naked and she was in the process of getting so. She had kicked off her shoes but was wearing cotton khaki slacks that presented a little more of a problem for removal than a skirt. Then, once her pants were off, the buttons on her blue oxford were balky, especially the cuffs, and took some extra effort to undo them. She didn’t wear a bra so she was naked once she got her shirt off. I was staring at her breasts but for a different reason.

She said on her website bio that her breasts were small but, even though she said “34AA”, I took that as being an exaggeration…But they were, smaller even!. They were like a boys boobs, except I’ve seen some boys with ones bigger than hers. Tiny, tiny breasts but with perky, erect, rosy red nipples. She caught me looking.

“Don’t worry, Tanya, I know I have tiny breasts,” she giggled a little, “they’ve always been that way and I’m used to it. Besides, your boobs are big enough for the both of us!”

I thought, “I’m gonna love this girl! What a jewel!”

And I did, and she did, and we did. For a self-styled, self-proclaimed “lesbian prude” Tawney was a voracious lover. There was hardly a square inch of my body that was not attended to by her, fingers, lips, and tongue. At length…no pun intended…she produced a strap-on dildo from her bag and utilized it with skill. Being smaller and lighter than I, she played the man on top and fucked my wits out with it. It was damn near as good as the real thing; the only drawback was that I didn’t get any man-cum to swallow.

In caring for her needs, I was astounded how sensitive her body was, especially her nipples. Even my breath across them sent her into shivers. She was halfway to an orgasm by the time I serviced her clitoris with my tongue. Her orgasm…excuse me, orgasms, plural…were a sight to behold. In the midst of one of them, I would have sworn she was “speaking in tongues” with the sounds of intense pleasure coming from her. If it were just one time, I would been impressed but we had three distinct sex play sessions and we had the same success each time…that is to say, massive orgasms…for both her and me. Believe me, she gave as good as she got!

“This one,” I said to myself, “is a keeper…and I know someone else who is likely to be of the same opinion.”


In the morning, we were having coffee in the room preparatory to getting dressed and packing up to go home. We were wearing the comfy terry cloth robes the hotel had stocked in the room..not as good as the “5 Star” but comfy nevertheless.

Tawney and I were chatting about the website and confidentiality. I had steered the conversation in that direction for a very good reason.

“This confidentiality thing is very important to me, too,” I said, setting the hook, “and also very important to a friend of mine, an intimate friend of mine. Your ethic of keeping confidences might work to the good for us all.”

“I’m not sure what you are getting at, Tanya, are we talking about something unethical? Illegal?” Tawney responded.

“O.K, I will lay it out for you,” taking sips from my coffee, I continued, “it’s nothing illegal in any way but it is a serious matter of anonymity and confidentiality. That’s why we’re on this particular dating website to begin with, am I right?”

Tanya jumped in quickly, “Yes, that is part of it but also my purpose is also to meet sincere women who are interested in a serious relationship not just plain old hook-ups for sex. I can find those practically anywhere.”

Nodding my head enthusiastically, I went on, “Exactly, Tawney! We’re on the same page here. Let me continue. My good friend, actually my lover…as I mentioned… was on the website a number of months ago and, for reasons that are too complicated to detail now, she got a fright as to a possible threat to her anonymity. It didn’t actually happen but it was pointed out to her Now, she is very serious about her anonymity because breaking it could have serious consequences for her, and…others. I can’t talk about why…it is…yes, confidential… so you will need to trust me on this.”

“Well, it is consoling, Tanya, that your friend has such a high regard for that and, clearly, you do as well. I totally appreciate that,” she seemed more comfortable, “I totally understand! It isn’t a problem anymore that I might lose my job just because I’m a lesbian but lesbian, hetero, or otherwise, but I might be in trouble if we were seen to be promiscuous so, confidentially IS important to me, as well.”

“Now that I’ve met you, Tawney, and have spent our time together, I can say unequivocally that you impress me. And I am sure you will impress my friend, too. I would like you to meet her but..and I know this is going to sound totally weird, it needs to be a secret meeting under some strict conditions. Trust me it’s not like spycraft, or anything like that…well, maybe in a way it is…but I will london escort agency lay it out to you and if you say ‘no’, that’s fine you and I can still be friends and sex partners, too”

Tawney nodded, pursed her lips, and said, “Tanya, the thought of having sex again with you makes me weak in the knees. If meeting her means that you and I can keep having sex, I’m half way there!”

“You are SO, precious, Tawney!” I blew her a kiss and continued, “Also, I want you to know that my friend, as I hinted before, is a lot more than just ‘my friend’; she is my lover, closer to me than anyone, so I have a very special interest in doing what’s best for her. I wouldn’t even consider thinking about introducing you unless I thought you are ‘best in class’. Please believe me when I say to you that, after last night, ‘best in class’ is an understatement!”

“As complicated as all this sounds, Tanya, I must admit that I’m both flattered and intrigued,” she said, clapping her hands, “give me the rundown. I think I’m good with the whole thing!.”

“All right, Tawney,” I went on, prepared for anything, “I think you, my friend, and I should all meet. The thing is, though, that my friend will be wearing a mask. Again, it’s not evil, or illegal, and we’re not going to do anything like pagan worship, sacrificing virgins, or anything like that. This is just so she can get to know you in person but anonymously. And I know, a lot about what you are seeking, and having a enriching sexual experience is top on your list. If you want to have sex when we meet, I’m pretty sure my friend will be up for it…if not..that’s O.K., too Again, I know it seems strange but I’m sure you would see the point if you knew what I know about the situation.”

“And…so….?” Tawney looked at me questioningly, “I’m IN….What’s next?”

I hoped there wasn’t too much triumph in my voice when I said, “Watch the dating site message box and I’ll put as many of the details I can there. When we’re ready for the meet, keep your cell phone handy, I may need you to make some last minute changes…I’ll text you, O,K.,?”

“I said I’m IN, Tanya….In 100%!” Tawney’s smile beamed her approval, “This is exiting! Almost as exciting as having sex with you last night!”

We kissed as we left the hotel room and promised to see each other soon.


I set the meeting for the following Friday, 7:00PM–a propitious time–and gave Tawney the details on the website. I stressed the importance of following the “elevator protocols”, up to the sixth floor as the sole occupant of one elevator, switch to another unoccupied car up to the fourteenth floor, and then head to Room 1414. Text me when getting off the elevator on the fourteenth floor.

When I met Tawney at the door I was wearing a “5 Star Hotel” fluffy, comfy, terry robe and matching slippers. Tawney was in her “uniform” which is what I called her butch khakis and blue shirt.

Tawney looked at me and licked her lips.

“Tanya? If your friend doesn’t like me,” as she was looking at my cleavage as she continued, “we’re still going to have sex tonight, aren’t we? I brought my tote!”

“That’s the way to think positive, Tawney,” the excitement in my voice was evident, “and, yes, you and I are having sex no matter what happens tonight!”

Tawney and I walked down the short hallway and into the main room.

Deborah/Gladys was sitting at the little desk in her matching terry robe and slippers, with the notorious black balaclava of hers on her head. She looked sexy…and even more than that…mysterious…which made her doubly sexy to me.

“Gladys, meet Tawney,” I stuck to the polite protocol, “Tawney, meet Gladys. She has told me that she is looking forward to talking with you.”

Tawney didn’t seem at all fazed by Deborah’s appearance, which prompted me to make a note to myself to explore her sexual history a little deeper.

“Let’s all sit down, Tawney…Tanya…here at the table, and chat,” Deborah started off, ” that’s a good way to start off, I think. Tea? Coffee? I have wine, too.”

I accepted some coffee, Tawney some tea, and Deborah had a small glass of rose’.

“Tawney, and I know that’s not your real name just like ‘Gladys’ isn’t my real name nor ‘Tanya’ isn’t Tanya’s real name. I know you understand that I just want to make it clear,” Deborah said in a matter of fact way, “are you sure that’s O.K.with you?”

“Tanya has told me a lot about you,” she paused for effect, “and…she’s impressed…and if she is impressed, I am too!”

After another pause, again for effect, Deborah said, “You know, I think we’ve said enough. Let’s get our clothes off and get into bed. After all, neither of us is kidding the others….let’s have some sex!”

Since we were naked under our robes, Deborah and I were way ahead of Tawney in the getting naked department. We dropped our robes and went to work stripping Tawney. Two heads are better than one and four hands are faster than two when it comes to getting the clothes off of somebody. Deborah went “high” and I went “low”. In ninety seconds we had Tawney’s clothes entirely off, including her formless black shoes, and those execrable black socks. (I made a note in my head to talk to Tawney about that later.)

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