Working Weekends

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She loves the weekends. It’s her chance to sleep in – although for her, sleeping in means getting up at 6:30 in the morning – greet the day at her own pace, reflect and plan. If she wants, she can spend three hours at the gym. She can talk to my friends who are long-distance for free. She can bake lasagna large enough to feed a family of 30, if she’d like. But best of all, she can sit on her couch, savor a large mug of coffee, watch the sun come up and let her mind wander until she decides it’s time to move. It’s her time, in the quiet and near dark just to be. That’s a very rare treasure to possess anymore; so when the doorbell rang at 7:00, she was curious, but more annoyed that she had to tighten up her robe, to see who was gracing her with their presence. The kid standing in front of her looked even less thrilled to be on her doorstep; it was freezing cold and she could tell he was not a morning person. After quickly confirming her name, he handed her a small envelope, and grunted his goodbye, not even waiting for a tip. Pity, she’s an outstanding tipper.

Closing the door behind her and running to cuddle up beneath a blanket, she opened this token of someone’s affection, curious to know what was inside. It was a nice little card and the handwriting was unmistakable. It was Paul’s and the brief message was crystal clear, “9:00, under the glass.” She couldn’t help but giggle. Men are such simple creatures, and she loves them to bits and pieces for that. Give them a good meal, good sex and a chance to sleep, maybe watch sports, and they’re happy pappies. This was going to be fun.

Seeing as she only had a couple hours, shefinished as much coffee as she could before whipping up the steps to get herself ready. She may be the only woman on the planet who truly enjoys shaving her legs (as well as other areas). There’s a sense of power that she derives from the action, knowing that it’s her choice; not just to shave, but to engage in the activities that follow that shave. She’s the one in control of the situation. It took every ounce of self-control to not let the shower head linger too long in any one spot. Why start too soon? Getting dressed was easy. She’s had a dress in the back of her closet for the longest time that was absolutely perfect for today, even with the frigid weather. It wraps around the body and ties closed at the waist. Even with her small breasts, the low-v cut that’s created can be exciting – it’s low enough that you can tell she’s not wearing much of anything under it. Solely for the purposes of staying warm, she added some nylons that were decorated with pin stripes and was very careful when hooking them up – being a clutz now was not an option.

With the heels on, she took one last look in the mirror. Even if Paul didn’t like the image, she was feeling pretty fierce. Besides, if he didn’t approve, she was sure he’d take matters into his own hands. As she shrugged her shoulders and turned to walk out the door, her hips started to understand; her whole body began to understand. Immediately, the tension melted from her shoulders and they dropped to either side; her arms swayed slowly back and forth. All her power dove deep into her hips and lower back. Her legs were mere extensions and props, one step flowing into another, taking her to the car.

When she arrived at her destination, his office, the power was still in her hips. With each step forward she felt the excitement grow – first her hips rocked to the sides just a little more with each step, then the insides of her thighs began to quiver. She started to breathe a bit faster and the smile overtook her lips. Giddy and impatient was not the look she wanted to go for. Waiting for the elevator gave her just enough time to settle down. She inhaled deep, closed her eyes and parted her lips just enough to exhale very slowly. akyurt escort “Breathe, baby girl. Settle down.” A few more deep breaths and she was self-possessed. The elevator took her quickly to hery final destination and she had to press the back of her head into the elevator wall to keep her balance. The doors opened and she walked out. He was very easy to spot, working away at his computer, trying very hard to concentrate on his task. It was adorable to witness and she couldn’t wait to tear him away from it all.

He pretended to not notice she had walked up behind him. It gave her the opportunity to bend over, kiss his ear and peek at the screen. The naughty little boy was making a new friend. Judging by the conversation, she was very intelligent and her picture was very pretty – a rounded face, beautiful cheeks, icy blue eyes and black hair. She was observant and somewhat psychic, too. At the same time that one whispered the question in Paul’s ear, she typed it, “Who’s your friend?” Whoever, she was, Becca already knew she liked her.

Becca smiled and waved to show her friendliness, then remembered the note: “under the glass.” Without another word, she removed her coat and crawled obediently underneath his desk settling in to enjoy the view. She figured it must have been a very good conversation – he was typing rapidly and mumbling a few words that she guessed were French, but who knows? The straight face and little grunts were a good give away, though. Becca was amused.

“Paul, sweetie, you’re alone in your office. The only other person around you is me. Relax, have some fun.” She stroked his thighs and could tell he had started to loosen up. “I know your camera is on, so you don’t have to answer with words, but tell me, is she hot?” He managed a short moan that worked as a “yes.” She worked the massage from the tops to the insides of his thighs and asked, “Is she okay with you having a woman under your desk?”

Since the moan came back rather quickly, they must have just discussed it. Clearly he was enjoying this. The bulge in his jeans began to grow and firm up quite considerably. Of course, it probably helped that her hands had unconsciously gravitated toward it a moment earlier. She continued to grope it as her mind wandered to the possibilities.

“Paul, how do you think your friend would feel if I were to unfasten your jeans? Maybe take a picture of your cock for her? It is a gorgeous thing, you know.” Before answering, she heard more typing, a pause, and then he wordlessly drew her hands to his belt. She purred with delight. Becca thought to herself, ” I REALLY liked this girl.” When ready, Paul braced himself on the arms of his chair, lifting his hips just enough for her to slide his jeans and underwear down past his bum. Sometimes, she wondered if the man wasn’t spring-loaded; how his cock would just jump up to greet its visitor.

She had to swallow a giggle as he passed her the camera attached to his computer. There was no way she was going to release control of that thing until she was good and ready. This woman was awesome and deserved to have a good show, so she tried very hard to give it to her. First, she let the mystery woman see his cock and balls from every imaginable angle – left, right, top, bottom, and tip down, base up. She needed to know just what she was dealing with. Then, Becca let her see how he dwarfed her hand with his thickness, as she stroked his cock, making him even harder in her grasp than before. She got to see every long lick Becca made along his flesh and watched her wrap her lips around his head which was already releasing the most delicious pre-cum she had ever tasted.

Becca didn’t know if she was enjoying the show, but she could tell Paul was beginning to lose his composure. Judging by the cursing he ayaş escort was having a harder time typing; and she took advantage of it by loosening her lips to take even more of his cock into her mouth. Her giggling and moaning vibrated against his flesh in the process. The mystery woman must have caught on to his difficulty as well and proposed a suggestion. Out of nowhere came an angelic voice, telling Paul to relax and enjoy what was happening to him. Evidently, somewhere in the conversation he had supplied Becca’s name. She was soon hearing commands directed at her to give Paul the camera so he could take a picture of the back of her head nestling into his lap. She also told him to take pictures as Becca undressed, still sucking and licking his cock.

After a few moments another direction came over the speakers, “Give her the camera. Becca, hold it under your pussy; keep sucking on his cock….Good, now lay the camera down right under you; finger fuck yourself. Keep it up until you cum…” Not a problem! As she happily rubbed away at her clit and finger fucked herself she moaned and worked her mouth further up and down Paul’s cock. She wondered if they mystery woman was masturbating as she watched. The moans and sighs echoing from the speakers were clearly identifiable. She slipped into some sort of trance where her body rocked and wriggled back and forth and heaven help the poor soul that tried to stop her now. It wasn’t long before she was cumming onto her fingers and spearing her mouth and throat even further onto Paul’s cock, possibly sucking the life out of him. Judging from the echo, their new friend had cum as well; a fun new experience in her opinion. As her body and brain settled back to earth she was pulled back by Paul so she could catch my breath and retrieve the camera for him. A bit of her orgasm had landed on the lens and needed to be cleaned off.

As he cleaned, Becca felt a bit curious. She crawled out from under the desk, turned around on my knees and sent a little message of appreciation to my new friend.

“How do you feel?” appeared at the bottom of the screen.


“Only good? What would make you feel better?”


“How would you like to ride up and down on his cock while we chat?”

She looked back at Paul who was clearly done cleaning and more in the mind of maintenance as he stroked his own cock. Clearly he had kept up with the conversation and replied with only a smile. It was weird for her to even consider having sex with a camera present. She was not exactly the most outwardly proud person when it came to her body. As a rule, she felt better dressed than not. But for this woman, she was willing to suck it in and suck it up to see what would come of it. Knowing she was still quite slick, she stood up slowly, turned her body to face his desk, and reached between her own barely parted thighs to guide Paul’s seemingly massive member inside her, knowing how slowly she would bob up and down at first and how she would feel the burn in her thighs before too long. Apparently, her body was growing accustomed to this and she loosened up quickly, able to take him in further and sooner than in the past.

Now it was time for the tricky part; fucking him and chatting with her at the same time. Luckily, Paul was feeling compassionate and helped guide her hips so there was less effort on her part. It was a nice chat, with brief answers. She described how he felt inside her; and how he felt before. She described how he tasted in her mouth and the one time he came down her throat.

Unfortunately, that’s where their conversation had to end. Her thighs were burning and she knew she couldn’t handle much more. She wanted more, but she couldn’t be the one controlling it. Thoughtfully, Paul bent her over his desktop, ankara escort grabbed hold of her wrists with one hand and grasped her hip with the other. She loved when he fucked her from behind. He could fuck her as hard as he liked, drive as deeply as he liked and control her to his hearts content. She was helpless to do nothing more than enjoy the slapping feel of his balls against her clit and hear the slurping sounds of her pussy sucking him in and bathing him with more and more of her juices every time. She encouraged him to fuck her like a mad man and he most definitely complied. It was amazing, as always and she came for a second time, harder than the first. She could tell by the change in his breathing that he was ready to cum, too, but stopped himself just in time, pulling back out ever so slowly and carefully.

She was hopeful, very hopeful. As he relaxed his grip on her wrists she slowly slid her hands down her cheeks, fingers meeting at the crack. Pulling her cheeks apart she looked back at him to gauge his reaction. His look was all the response she needed. Forgetting they had a viewing audience who must have been on the edge of her seat by now, Becca released one cheek to reach for her purse to pull out the bottle of lube. She handed it to him wordlessly, as this seemed to be a time for silence, so he could thoroughly prepare himself for what he was about to enjoy. Knowing that her first response would be to buck away from him, she reached back so he could grab her arms on either side while she again parted her cheeks to help him maneuver easier. That rush of pain and pleasure drove her crazy. The instinct of fight or flight coursed through her body. But her legs had the final say as they nearly buckled beneath her.

Opting for a different position, even remembering the camera for their friend, she lay down on her back as he lubed up even more and grasped both her hips to try again. The silence was broken by both as soft grunts and moans began to circle in the air above them. Feeling a little more relaxed, but still tense, she began to fondle her breasts, pinching her nipples very roughly. She received the desired effect as her pussy began to stream fluids down into her ass, adding more lubricant to the mix and giving Paul the encouragement to pump faster. By the time her hand made it’s way to hery clit it was already extremely sensitive from everything it had been subjected to earlier and responded immediately, causing her hips and ass to milk his cock for all he was worth. Curious, she carefully slid her other hand between their bodies to finger fuck herself once more. She wanted to know what he felt like inside her body and knew that this would give her a wonderful idea. It all felt so good, she thought she might be going insane when she asked him to fuck her as fast and hard as he would like. Happily, he followed directions and she matched her finger thrusts to his cock, wreaking havoc on her clit in the process. She remembered he had been close to cumming before, so he had to be on the edge of it all now. Just the thought of him soon filling her ass with his hot cum threw her body into overdrive and she could feel the first familiar wave and the wailing building up in her throat. She was going to cum hard and between gasps of breath she told him as much. Apparently that’s all he needed to hear as he pounded into her with all his might and she could feel him begin to cum on the other side of her fingers. Her ass tightened around his cock, and she was afraid she’d cut off his circulation, but he kept cumming and so did she.

When the crescendo had been silenced and began to work itself into a beautiful memory, she became little more than a puddle of glee. Becca was afraid she wouldn’t stop giggling and tried like hell to keep still while he softened inside her and slowly pulled out. It was one of the most satisfying experiences of her life and she wanted to lie on that floor, trying to hold onto it for as long as humanly possible. She just hoped he didn’t mind that she was also about to drift off right there. She had no intention of moving anytime soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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