Would That It Were True

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Looking across the desk, he was again struck by the odds. Minutes ago, he had been wondering what his chances of seeing her again would be, and here she was, a few feet away. It seemed that bands of iron were constricting around his chest, a tightness surrounded his heart. As she looked down at the paperwork on her desk, he studied her intently. He had found her confidence alluring and attractive when they were on common ground, but here, in her office, on her territory, it was overwhelming.

She looked up, and the warmth of her smile made his breath catch in his throat. Her eyes sparkled with life. He filled his mind’s eye with the sight of her, each movement a snapshot in his memory.

It took a moment to register her words, so focused was he on her moving lips. “Louis?” she asked.

Embarrassed at being caught unawares, he stammered. “Huh? Oh, I’m sorry, I was distracted.” His obvious admission won him an even more dazzling smile. He didn’t even try to keep the goofy grin from his face.

How the hell is she doing this to me, he wondered. Where is this feeling coming from? It had been just one encounter before this, but never had he felt so sure, so confident in romance. Yes, that’s what this must be, he thought, romance. The word had always seemed old fashioned and he would never have described himself as a romantic, but he could think of nothing else that described how he felt. She sat back in the big leather swivel chair, and put her hands on the arms. The big chair should d have made her look tiny, but no, it looked very appropriate. Like a throne, he thought. He shook his head and smiled at his dramatic turn of mind.

Angelica caught his look and smiled back. “And what are you thinking now? You have a look on your face like it’s Christmas morning.” She leaned in and put her hand on the desk, palm up. Looking down, he imagined her touch would be soft and warm, and without conscious thought, he reached across the desk, and laid his big, callused hand across hers, covering it completely. Her fingers curled around his hand, galvanizing him. Not releasing her grip, she stood up and moved around the desk. “I was so hoping I hadn’t imagined that you felt the way I did when we met last night.” She stopped in front of him and reached out, laying her palm against his cheek. Even seated, he was nearly eye-level with her. Angelica was average in height, but Louis was a big man, well above six feet tall. The expanse of his chest and shoulders filled the chair. His free hand rose, and curled against her hip, drawing her to him. She straddled his legs and her hips glided down to rest on him.

As she lowered herself, Louis slid the material of her skirt up, leaving it bunched around her hips. The sheer silk of her panties was molded to her and she sighed as she felt her mound press against his hardness. Shifting her weight, she fitted herself to him, feeling him swell even larger. He groaned, and buried his face in her demirlibahçe escort neck, breathing her in. The heat of her skin warmed his lips, and he tasted it with the tip of his tongue.

Angelica was burning inside. Every move he made was what she had always hoped a man would do for her. His every touch was sure and so right. As his teeth scraped along her throat, she sighed. Grinding against him, she felt herself opening, moist heat seeking his hardness. His hand gripped her blouse in the back, and he slid the material from her waistband. Quivering from the feel of his strong, rough palm against her back, she was breathless as he slid it beneath her skirt, and then, beneath her panties.

Louis cupped her ass in his hand, gently squeezing. His blood burned through his body, and it took all his strength to hold his emotions in check. With every fiber of his being, he wanted to fill her now, to bury himself inside her, taking her at once. But, he resisted, savoring the moment, wishing for nothing so much as to hear her sigh, feel her trembling, fill her with anticipation and longing. Lips gliding down her neck, he traced the tip of his tongue around the hollow at her throat. Fumbling with her buttons, he felt the gentle push of her hand. Lifting his head, he looked into her eyes in question. She touched the tip of her nose with one finger tip, and then moved in and kissed him. The softness of her lips hid the fervor of her passion for only an instant, and then her mouth opened his, and she pulled him into her. The electric touch of her tongue on his made him clutch at her, pressing her body against his as his pulse raced and his heart pounded.

Breaking the kiss, Angelica arched her back, and began undoing her buttons. Undulating her hips, she did a slow striptease, moving to the music of their passion. She looked into his eyes, and instead of the smile she had expected, he had a fierce and hungry look. Her fingers flew across the buttons, and she pulled her blouse open, giving herself to his gaze. Before she could slide her arms from the sleeves, he pulled her to him, and his mouth found her breast. Sucking softly at her swollen nipple, he gave himself up to his need, filling his mouth with her. Her hand flew to the back of his neck, crushing his lips to her. “Oh, my baby!” The silence broken, she filled his hearing with her excitement. “Yes, my angel, yes. Mmmmm, my God, it’s like you’re in my mind.” Nails pressing into his scalp, she held him to her breast as she rode him, swiveling her hips, wanting him now. An irresistible tide swept through her, and words she had never spoken singed the air.

“I need you now, my angel”, she moaned. “Baby, please, give me your cock, please, baby, right now.”

Moaning into her flesh, he released her breast, looked into her eyes, and stood up, raising her effortlessly with him. She closed her legs around his waist and held onto his shoulders. dikmen escort He laid her upon the desk.. As she lay back, her hair draped about her shoulders and her blouse fell open around her. An almost feral hunger came to his face, and with single tug, he slid her panties down her legs, sweeping them off her. Angelica drew her knees up and drew him to her, her feet clasped across the small of his back. Fingers tugging at his clothes, she fumbled, a frustrated moan describing her eagerness. Together, the undid his belt and trousers, and she slid her palm over his thick length. He held himself still as she closed her fingers around him and pulled him to her. With an almost frantic hunger, she rubbed the large knob against her swelling mound, her juices coating him. “My darling Angelica” he whispered, and he began to press into her. As he fitted himself to her, she released her hold, and reached up to grip his arms, feeling his firm, thick muscles through his sleeves. He leaned his hands on the desk and supported his weight as his rigid cock spread her opening. The muscles in her thighs bunched and moved as she tried to squeeze him into her. As he finally burst passed her tight lips, their moans intertwined, one voice echoing their need.

He had never imagined such heat, such satiny strength. The walls of her pussy clutched at him, and he growled through clenched teeth as he slid deeper. “Oh, my, oh, God, oh my sweet, huge man!” Her cries spurred him on, and with increasing speed, he forced himself into her, releasing his emotions. Their hips met with a loud, fleshy smack, and they held for a moment. Relishing in their pleasure, they stared fiercely into each others’ eyes. With an unspoken agreement, they began to move in unison. Rotating their hips, they ground her clitoris between them, heightening her pleasure as she marked him with her wetness. With a roar, he withdrew his thick cock to the opening of her pussy, just the flared knob trapped between her tight, greedy lips. Holding, he waited.

Sharp nails dug into his triceps, and she frowned at him and pounded her heels against his back. Denying her, he looked down at her a commanding presence. Her face took on an almost angry look as she said, “No, you son of a bitch, you’re not gonna start teasing me now”. He couldn’t keep up any pretense, and with a throaty laugh bursting from deep within his chest, he drove the length of her crushing, satin tunnel. She shrieked and arched her hips at him. Pistoning his hips, he abandoned himself to their passion and battered into her, impaling her again and again with his fleshy spear. The air was filled with their cries and the sound of bodies smacking wetly together. Each smashing thrust of her hips drove her up, towards the crest of her pleasure. A wave built inside her, coming from somewhere deep, somewhere she hadn’t been before, a place within her that had lain unopened and still. A cry rode upon the ankara escort wave, a voice from the same place, that had never spoken until now. Every movement brought him closer to him.

What had begun as an almost brutal invasion of her body had become a trap. There was no escape for him now, and no desire to be free of her. His hands moved from the desk and began to play over her. Palming her breasts, he twisted her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Her cries grew louder, interspersed with whimpers. “Yes, my Angel, give it to me, give me your pleasure, I want it to wash over me.” The movement of his hips changed, the smooth stroking replaced by a pounding attack.

A torrent unleashed itself within her, hurling forth the voice from deep inside her. Pieces of her soul rode out on her cries as she began to come. The pace of his hips slowed, replaced by strong, deep thrusts that reached her very depths. A wonder swept over him, an amazement at her strength. “Angelica, come with me, darling”

“Yes, Angel, yes, I’m with you” she answered back. She sat up and he lifted her from the desk, her body impaled on his.

And they kissed.

Their love flowed through them, a circling current that held them together and washed them clean. As their shared orgasm broke, there was only silence. Their bodies held nearly still.. Searching, fevered kisses were the only motion that betrayed their passion, but deep inside, her muscles clenched him as he pulsed, filling her with his love as she covered him with hers.

Power surged through them from one to the other, and they broke their kiss and gazed at each other. A wonder passed between them as they marveled at the rightness and goodness of what they shared. As their passion crested, a warm, enfolding glow bathed them. “Angelica, my darling, my love, my most precious Angel.”

“Yes, your angel, your love, and sweet baby, you are my Angel.”

They both laughed at the words, knowing how silly they might have sounded had they hear them spoken by others. But from their lips, from their hearts, they sounded, they were! clean and bright and sharp and real.


“Yes, my love?”

“You can put me down anytime now.”

He laughed at her, falling even deeper. As she lifted her legs from his hips, he raised her, freeing himself from her with a reluctant sigh, and then lowered her gently.

Her skirt settled around her thighs, and she looked down at herself and shook her head. “Well, and look what you’ve done to me.” She looked up at him questioningly. “and exactly how a I going to explain all this?” She held her hands out and frowned mockingly at him.

Louis was even more taken by her playful humor. “I think it explains itself quite visibly. You give good interview.”

She swung at him, and he effortlessly blocked the blow, catching her wrist. The smile left his face as it was replaced by a tender, but powerful concern. “I love you”. He kissed the back of her hand. A welling filled her eyes. “You do, I know you do.” Her palm caressed his cheek. “I’m so happy you do, because I love you.”

They stood and held the moment.

Outside, the world ran on. People went about their business. No notice was taken.

But inside, a world exploded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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