Writer’s Cramp

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“Ari, could you come help me a second?” Kacey called from the office.

“What do you need Kacey?”

“I need help with this sex scene,” she said.

“Right, Ms. Porn Writer needs help with a sex scene,” Ari said sarcastically.

“No, really. I’m trying to get this one right, and it just won’t work. I can’t get the mechanics right. So, I figured you, the ex-military computer geek, should be able to help. Plus, you’re a guy.”

Ari thought about this for a moment. He and Kacey were on again off again lovers. Sort of friends with privileges. So, her request wasn’t all that off.

“Okay, what’s the scene you can’t wrap your brain around?” he asked.

“I have this Special Ops guy that left the military. He is really good at his job and the military wants him back. So, they send out a team to pick him up. However, he’s hiking up in this remote wilderness and the team they send in is really ignorant of the area. Most of them get killed. One of the survivors is a woman. The Special Ops guy and her are hiking their way out and a relationship develops.”

“Okay, what’s so hard about that? You’ve written that type of scene before,” said Ari.

“Yeah, sorta. However, I need to be in his head more and understand her reluctance or shyness to be with this guy who is not exactly a saint.”

“Oh, I see the problem… You don’t know how to deal with a sweet and innocent? Or, is it the head case?” Ari teased.

“It’s both. I’m use to doing the slam-bang-thank you for the orgasms, slutty crowd. The story originally didn’t have any sex in it. It was suppose to be a story about this guy and how he evades the bad guys. Then it morphed. Now I’m stuck trying to get into the proper head space and I can’t even get the dialog right, let alone the actual sex,” she said getting up from her computer.

“So, how do you want to do this?”

“Well, read what I have so far and then let’s talk. Maybe if I can figure out the dialog, I can manage the sex scene.”

“Okay, pull the story up,” said Ari.

Kacey sat down at the computer and pulled up the story. She set it to page one and walked away. She knew better than to stand over Ari’s shoulder while he read.

Ari sat down and started to read. About ten pages in, this story started sounding really familiar. He turned to Kacey who was in the kitchen and caught her attention. “Hey, I thought you said you were having trouble getting into this guy’s head?”

“I am. Just not in that section.”

“Okay. Cause at this point, it looks like you picked my brain and I didn’t even notice.”

“I… I sorta did. Took all the stories you’ve told me and set them in a framework for this guy.”

“Alright, so we know we have a special ops guy who sleeps with a 9mm under his pillow, has a bit of Post Tramatic Shock going on because he had to blow away a few two many civilian types that aimed guns at him and that while he left the military, the military wants him back.”

“Right. And they have gone to some pretty extensive lengths to try and get him back. And before you ask, I have not set out the reason they want him back. There is a section I’m going to set in when I finally get that bit done. The sex scenes blew that out of the water.”

“I’m going back to reading now,” he said. Reads like my fucking diary he thought as he clicked the page down button. Kacey had a good story going and the gory bits were… gory. She had listened to him probably one time to many. Or, she’d been watching movies like The Hunted. That one made his skin crawl the first time he saw it. Way too close to the truth. Hell, it was like watching himself on the screen. Ari stretched and kept reading.

Kacey watched Ari read her story when she passed back and forth between the office and the kitchen. She still had no clue of how to write this bit coming up.

“Hey! I like the bit where he throws her in the river tied up in the tent. Good mechanism to get rid of any weapons.”

“Thought you’d like that. Took me thirty minutes to figure out that bit,” she said.

“I can believe that.”

Twenty minutes later, Ari walked into the kitchen. He sat down at the table and watched Kacey finish up some supper. She put the bowls of stew down on the table and they started eating.

“Kacey, how about we role play this?” asked Ari.


“Role play. Act it out. Put some paper by the bed if your wonderful eidetic memory craps out on you,” Ari said between bites.

Kacey thought about this for a minute. “Hmmm, that just might work. You willing to play along?”

“Hey, you asked me for help, remember?”

“Yeah. Let’s finish this and then go work,” she said.

Ari nodded and they both worked on finishing the stew.

Kacey sat on the bed. She’d put on jeans, a tee shirt and a long sleeved shirt on. She pulled her hair back in a tight braid and waited for Ari to finish.

“You know, I haven’t played dress up in years,” he said.

“Yeah, but this is for a good cause. My story and we both get laid,” Kacey said with a smile.

“Uhuh. kızılay escort So where do you want to start?”

“Well, they’ve broken into this cabin. Plenty of supplies, wood and a bed. First one either has seen in a week of living rough. It isn’t so hard on him, because he’s use to living a little rougher. She on the other hand is usually a desk jockey. She might be a soldier, but she hasn’t played in the dirt since basic.”

“Okay. So, I’ve taken the ropes off of your wrists and we’ve eaten. Next is to get ready to sleep for the night,” said Ari.

“Yeah. They’ve been sleeping side by side for the last week and neither one wants to admit that there are any feelings of attraction for the other. Oh, and you can’t forget that he got hurt falling down that section of the cliff face.”

“How in the hell am I suppose to play that out?” Ari asked.

Kacey smiled and handed him the duct tape. “Put a piece of it where Diego in the story got hurt. That way when it pulls, you’ll remember that you’re injured. If I touch it, you flinch. Got the idea?” she asked.

“Yeah.” Ari took the tape, pulled his pants down and stuck duct tape in places where the story has him injured. He pulled his clothes back in place and gave Kacey the tape.

She took the tape and put some on her wrist where she was suppose to have scraped it. Her characters had fallen and gotten rather bruised up.

“Now what?” Ari asked.

“You know the basics. Diego and Sara go to bed, He’s hurting and so she offers to massage a cramp. It goes from there and they have sex.”

“Gee, from that description, you might get two whole paragraphs.”

“Oh shut up! This is why I asked for your help. I’m stuck.”

“Okay. Ten seconds until characters. After that, you are Sara and I am Diego. Got it?”

“Yeah. Just stay in character,” Kacey said. Part of the reason she agreed to this is because her own sex life was a bit jaded and trying not to write that into the character of Sara was making her crazy.

“Get your boots off and lay down.” Diego said quietly.

Kacey was still trying to get in the head space and didn’t pay attention to Ari. Next thing she knew, Ari was next to her and had grabbed her wrist. This startled her.


Get your boots off now. I’m tired and not into playing games.” he said gruffly.

Suddenly, Kacey realized that Ari was in character. Damn, that was fast she thought. He jostled her again and she sat on the bed to take off her boots. She got that done and then laid down on the bed. Ari was still struggling with his boots. Injury tape reminded him to move slowly.

“Can you give me a hand?” he asked.


She stood up, and knelt in front of Diego to undo his boots. As she pulled he winced. She wondered why he did that and then remembered that ‘Diego’ was injured and she was suppose to be helping him.

“Where does it hurt?” she began, slipping into character.

“Where doesn’t it hurt?” he asked. “Left hip, knee, left forearm, elbow and shoulder. Oh, and I think that there is a gash across my back. Just haven’t tried to look,” said Diego, listing the injuries from the story.

“I guess you have to trust me to look at them,” she said.

Diego rolled his eyes. He started to unbutton his shirt and fumbled it. Sara noticed.

“Here, let me help.”

“Hate feeling helpless. Dammit.”

“Too damn bad. Not my fault you fell.”

“Wouldn’t have fallen if I wasn’t babysitting you”

“I didn’t ask you to babysit me. You could have left and been home by now,” she said.

“Yeah right. Then I’d have felt guilty for leaving an innocent to die.”

“Bullshit. I’d have made it out,” she said as she got his shirt off.

“No you wouldn’t have. You’re too damn soft.”

“I disagree,” she started and then pretended to see the bruises, cuts and scrape. “Umm, I need to get some water and clean you up. You’re a mess.”

“I guess I am,” said Diego, craning around to look at the supposed damage.

Sara walked to the bathroom got a washrag and then went through the motions of washing the wounds. When she wasn’t gentle enough, Diego grimaced. Once she was done, she laid down beside Diego.

“Lay next to me. I want to have a hand on you.”

“What?” she asked.

“I am not having you run off in the middle of the night. You either lay where I can touch you or I’ll tie you to me,” he said in that low tone he had adopted for the character.

“Fine,” she said and lay next to him. He wrapped his arm around her as best he could and pulled her close. Then he pulled the quilt up over them.

“This is damn uncomfortable,” she complained.

“Oh, and your whiny ass problem?”

“I can’t move and the clothes are smelly and uncomfortable.”

“Welcome to the real world. At least you don’t have back spasms.”

“What? Why didn’t you mention that before?” she asked.

“Why bother. Nothing to be done for them.”

“Yes there is. Roll on your stomach,” she said and tried kolej escort to massage the area he pointed to as spasming.

“Ow! Watch it.”

“It’s hard to rub your back through all these clothes. So just stop bitching.”

Diego rolled away from her hands. He stood up, dropped his pants and laid back down on the bed. All he had on were his bikini briefs and a tee shirt. “Go for it.”

Sara looked at him stunned. She hadn’t expected him to strip down like that. She went back to massaging his back. After a few moments, she felt him relax and after a moment or two more, she stopped.

“How does that feel?”

“Better. Shed the pants and get in bed. You’ll be more comfortable.”

Sara nodded and stripped down to her undies and tee shirt. Then she crawled in bed and tried to keep what little bit of dignity she had. Couldn’t help it that she was rather prudish. Diego wrapped his arm around her again and pulled her to him. She could feel the beginnings of an erection.

“Umm…,” she started to say something.

“What?” he asked.

“Could you roll over the other way?”

“Why?” he asked.

“Well, you’ve got this umm…” she started.

Diego looked at her, looked under the covers and laughed. “We hike through the woods, avoid a grizzly, wolves and an avalanche and you’re afraid of a hard-on?”


“Look, you may not think it, but you are an attractive woman. If you weren’t, that wouldn’t rise to the occasion,” he said pointing towards his erection. “Either take the complement or don’t.”

“I’m not sure its such a good idea for us to get intimate.”

“Who said anything about getting intimate?”

“Well, um…”

“Look, I don’t have a problem with you. You’re attractive. However, our conversation didn’t mention anything about intimacy,” he said.

“Okay, so you don’t want to get intimate with me?” she asked.

“I didn’t say that. Now why wouldn’t I want to be intimate?” he asked.

“Well, aren’t we supposed to be enemies?”

“Only if you believe those assholes up on the mountain,” he said.

“They’re dead.”

“That’s my point. It is only you and I in this cabin. If we wish to explore a relationship, that is between us and no one else. So, would you like to get to know me better?”

“I, um… I’m a bit nervous about this,” said Sara.

“Why? We’ve been doing alright other than that initial dunk in the river.”

“True. I just… Oh hell. I haven’t had a relationship in nearly two years. I’ve got cold feet.”

“Well, get into bed and those will warm up. As for the rest, lay here next to me. Where I come from, no one pushes themselves on another. Make you a deal. If either one gets uneasy, we stop. Sound good?” he asked.

Sara hesitated. “Okay. Sort of like a first date, right?”

“Exactly. We’ve gone to the movies, a horror flick, and had a burger afterwards. Now we’re back at my place and waiting to see which one of us flinches first.”

“You are so unromantic!”

“Hey, I’m a guy. Two heads, no brains. Sue me,” Diego said as he reached to put an arm around Sara.

She moved into his embrace and put an arm around him. Moving the arm up, she touched his face. It was smooth where the skin was not covered by his beard. The beard was soft. She stroked it a time or two.

“That feels nice,” he said, and reached for her. Moving his arm carefully, he brought her lips to his. He kissed her gently. “Now, that wasn’t too bad was it?”

“No,” she said and moved to kiss him again. They spent the next few minutes kissing. Each kiss becoming more involved than the last. Slowly, he moved his tongue between her lips. She opened her mouth and let him in. He explored her lips, teeth and tongue. He held her head close to his so that he could kiss her deeply. Her hands pulled him closer and their bodies touched along their length. His erection pushed against her stomach. After a few moments, he broke the kiss.

“Want to go on?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, trying to catch her breath. This felt so good. She moved to kiss him again and his hand went to her shoulder and then down to her breast. He squeezed it and moved to pinch the nipple growing hard under his hand.

Sara groaned. She pushed herself tighter against his hand. Her hand ran up and down his back from shoulder to ass. As she passed over certain spots, he would hiss or grunt in pain. She reacted because she forgot he was injured and tried to avoid those spots. Sara realized she didn’t know any of Diego’s likes or dislikes.

His lips moved down her throat and across her collarbone in nips and kisses. Sara felt herself heat up under Diego’s touch. She moaned and his hand moved to her other breast. He teased this nipple in the same way. Then he moved his hand under the shirt and pulled her breast free of the bra cup to touch the nipple better.

Sara gasped. It was like electric shocks running through her body. Her hand moved across his hips and brushed his erection. It was Diego’s turn to moan in pleasure.

“Take ankara escort off your shirt,” he gasped.

Sara moved and pulled off her shirt and bra. Diego looked at her breasts and kissed each one in turn. He licked and sucked each nipple. He loved the way they tightened up as he alternated between blowing on them and sucking on them. They crinkled up tight. He put his head on her chest and let his hands wander down to her waist and hips. Her ass was round and firm, and felt nice even through her panties.

“You okay with where we are?” he asked.

“Yes, oh this feels so good. Been way too long,” she said.

“You aren’t the only one who feels that way,” he said moving his hand across her ass and then down her leg. He brought it up the front of her thigh and brushed past her mound.

Sara moaned as his hand moved across her mound and up her stomach. She reached out and touched his erection through the cloth. A low growl of pleasure escaped Diego’s lips. Diego cupped her breast and sucked hard on the nipple. As Sara arched, he moved his other hand around and under her panties cupping her ass. Sara stiffened for a moment and then relaxed. She moved her hand to his erection and kept it there.

Diego took this as permission to keep going and ran his hand around to the front. He felt her pubic hair under his fingers and let his fingertips just barely caress the top of her lips. She was hot and wet. He brought his head up from her breast and kissed her lips.

“You are so wet.”

“You are so hard,” she countered.

Diego slipped his fingers down her lips and thrust them into her. She was wet and they slid in with ease. Sara moaned with pleasure. Diego moved his fingers out and up to her clit where he rubbed some of her juices around that sensitive bit of skin.

Sara moaned and held onto Diego. Her hand moved up to the waistband of his underwear and slid inside. He lifted his hips and let the underwear slide off. His erection slapped against her hand as he freed himself of his underwear.

Sara took his erection in her hand and stroked up and down. Diego gasped and forgot for a moment what he’d been doing. Her hand stroked him and then Sara moved down until her lips just touched the head. She looked up at him as if asking permission.

“What the hell are you waiting for?” he asked.

“Umm… I don’t know. I just,” she trailed off as she turned her lips back to his erection. She kissed the tip which was sticky by this point. She licked her lips and then wrapped them around the head and slid her mouth down.

It was Diego’s turn to groan. Oh god, don’t let me explode, he thought. Sara’s back was towards him as she took his erection as far in her mouth as she could. He reached down her back and pulled her ass towards him so he could trace his fingers across her lips from behind. Sara reacted by opening her legs and giving him better access. Diego slid his fingers in and stroked at her g-spot.

Sara reacted by coming up off of him with a squeak. “Oh!”

Diego smiled, pushed her head back towards his erection and wiggled his fingers again. Sara no sooner had him in her mouth than she squeaked again. Diego smiled and held her head in place. He was strong enough to hold her no matter how much she wiggled. He was getting close to coming when he moved his hand off of her head. He touched the g-spot again and when she squeaked and sat up, he turned her towards him.

“Do you want to go on?” he asked.

Sara tried to catch her breath. His insistent fingers were still deep inside her stroking back and forth. It made it difficult to think. “What?”

“Do you want more?” he asked, pointing to his erection.

Sara nodded and he pulled her up and across him. With his injuries, missionary was out of the question. Most positions were out of the question. Sara got the idea and maneuvered herself until his erection nudged her opening. She slowly slid down his erection until it nudged her cervix.

Diego groaned. She was hot, tight and wet. He grabbed her by the hips and started rocking her back and forth.

Sara started to move with him, picking up the pace. He adjusted her position a bit and brought his erection right up against her cervix again. It didn’t hurt, just felt so good. She started to put her hands on his shoulders and he hissed.

“Oh. Sorry!” she said stopping altogether.

“Just move your hands,” he said.

Sara moved her hands to rest next to his shoulders and began rocking back and forth again. Diego grabbed her hips to speed up the thrusts using his arms instead of his hips. He could feel things reaching that critical point.

Sara loved the pressure of his hand on her hips. He was lifting her up and then she would slam down, driving him in deep. Oh god it felt good. She felt her orgasm heating up and wondered how much longer she’d last. Deep down it felt like someone was pouring hot pleasure into her veins. She felt so good, she forgot where she was.

“OOoooooooohhhhhh…” she moaned.

Diego felt Sara’s muscles clamp tight around him as she orgasmed. He held tight and a thrust later, he came hard and deep. “Grrrrrrrrrrr…. aaahhhhh,” he groaned.

Sara slumped forward onto his chest. “Oh my god,” she said.

“Sara, move off to the side,” Diego said quietly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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